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Collezionista: pinbarcelona
Zona: barcelona, Spain (trova sulla mappa)
Specialità': Elettronici con display dot-matrix
Iscritto dal: 06/09/2016
13 flipper
ultimo aggiornamento: 21/09/2023
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ALIEN  Pinball Brothers (Sweden)Montato, giocabile!MaiSV version with lots of mods: blue coated, blue molding, playfield protector, motion traker with display, custom topper, blue beacons, pinstadium, sidedecals, color rubber posts, many toys and figures (extra egg, Ripley, Alien, sentry guns, weapons, etc), extra stickers, Nostromo metal plaque instruction card, green leg protectors and more.  
DEADPOOL PRO Stern (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiPro Model Pinball from my private collection. Very few games. Pristine state. With many mods. Playfield protector. Shaker. Side internal decals. Extra figures. Additional coloured inserts. Side armor with Deadpool letters and Deadpool face. Colour plastic protectors. Extra lights. Topper. And much more.
DIALED IN Jersey Jack (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiSE Model Pinball upgraded as an LE. From my private collection. Very few games. 2nd user. Bought from private collector in France. Pristine state. With extra mods. Playfield protector. Shaker. Mirrorblades. Extra figures (Station 3, corner building). Blue coated legs, lockbar and siderails. Bob sign split in two (can see better). Orange plastic protectors (Convolux). Emoji target decals. Custom topper with blue beacon and electric signs. Plastic shooter sign. Flipper decals.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY PREMIUM Stern (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiPremium Model Pinball from my private collection. Almost no use. Pristine state. With almost all available mods from market. Playfield protector. Shaker. Side internal decals. Extra figures (milano spaceship, little groot). Side armor with Guardians letters. Colour plastic protectors. Extra lights. Figure topper. And much more.
GUNS N' ROSES NOT IN THIS LIFETIME LE Jersey Jack (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiLE model with following extras/goodies: Official pinball cover from JJP (with JJP logo & game rules flowchart). Illuminated topper. Playfield protector. Side decal blades with GNR posters. Shaker. Marshall speaker below coindoor. 2 ramp signs (stage & detour). Guitar miniature over backstage plastic. Foam cover for disc spinner. Little microphone at guitar lock. Guitar picks around playfield. Bullets on apron and shooter lane. GNR keyring. Red LED's below & behin cabinet. Bat decals & new shooter rod pending.
IRON MAIDEN PRO Stern (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiPro Model Pinball from my private collection. Very few games. Pristine state. With many official and unofficial mods. Playfield protector. Shaker. Side internal decals. Extra figures. Additional coloured inserts. Side armor with Iron Maiden letters and Eddie face. Colour plastic protectors. Extra lights on playfield and backglass. Pyramid figure topper. And much more.
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Jersey Jack (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiSE Model Pinball totally upgraded. Private collection. Brand new. With almost all available mods. Actuated chest, disc silencer, scoops lights, cannon shield, black pearl lid, playfield protector, shaker, mirror blades, kraken, ramp ladder, monkey, action button frame, jailhose dog, deadmen sign, hangman with parrot, compass, barrels, flipper toppers, flag, shooter sign, devil's triangle rocks, dauntless deck, personalised topper, pirates keyring, undercabinet leds, cristal themed cover.
RED & TED'S ROAD SHOW Williams (USA)Montato, giocabile!Mai  
REVENGE FROM MARS Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiFully restored. Playfield protector, sidedecals, led lighting, target decals, pisa and eiffel tower figures, new cabinet decals, custom topper, leg protectors, custom glass cover protector. With original PC and CRT display.  
RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT Stern (USA)Montato, giocabile!Mai  
STAR WARS PRO Stern (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiPro Model Pinball from my private collection. Almost no use. Pristine state. With all available mods from market and others created by me. No longer in production. Shaker, Playfield protector, Speakers led kit, External armor (Force letters), Internal decal blades, Plastic protectors, Ramp airball protector, Protector for Tie Fighter, Millenium falcon mod, Light saber mod, Mini screen frame, Custom Topper (Darth Vader), X-Wing & Tie fighter ramp toys, 7 character heads, Boba Fett & Tidirium spaceships, Gate covers rebel & empire, Shooter plastic, Led backlight, Force targets lighting, Through lighting, Mistery hole lighting, Insert colour gels, Flipper toppers, Custom instruction cards.
TWILIGHT ZONE Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiAmazing restored TZ, there are so many mods and add-ons is hard to list, see photos. Basically: Playfield protector, Color Pin2DMD, Flipper Fidelity sound kit, Grey painted metals, Custom Topper, Led strip from topper to under cabinet, Insane quantity of mods and figures following articles from series, game or backglass (car, piano, tina, plane, sword, robot, ufo, radio, trex, dummy, tv, gramophone, street lamps, slot machine, books, camera, clock, cannon, piramid, rocket, etc), Spiral decals covering metals, Spiral flipper decals, Led strips (though, scoop, gumball, metal ramp), Hinges with text, Custom TZ carpet, etc.
WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Jersey Jack (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiSE model with following extras: Wonkavator mod to fill space of physical lock, illuminated and spinning. Double led strip (white and colour) at the back of the playfield for extra illumination. 4 led strips around backglass monitor for extra translite illumination. Yellow plastic protectors (Convolux). WIFI and Bluetooth dongles. Willy Wonka figure. Hat figure. Sweets figures around playfield. Wonka keyring. Bluecoated legs, lockbar, siderails & ramps. Playfield protector. Mirrorblades and Shaker.
NOTA BENE: Questa pagina mostra la Collezione di Flipper da bar del Collezionista pinbarcelona da barcelona, Spain. I flipper a moneta elencati sopra e le relative immagini sono stati inseriti nel nostro database direttamente da pinbarcelona, che rimane il solo responsabile circa l'autenticità di quanto riportato. I flipper di questa pagina non sono necessariamente tutti in vendita: fate riferimento alla quarta colonna della lista per sapere se un dato flipper è disponibile per la vendita o meno. Con ogni probabilità, i flipper di pinbarcelona sono flipper usati, un tempo installati nei bar ed altri locali pubblici; il loro valore varia in riferimento alle condizioni sia estetiche che funzionali di ciascun flipper.
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