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The X Files
renatobruVelletri (rm), Italy09-04-2020
13:01 UTC
Vendo come da foto 100 &
Revenge From Mars
dani78Cuneo, Italy09-04-2020
10:23 UTC
Revenge stupendo, vetro originale, pc perfetto aggiornato a versione 1.5, piano straperfetto. Monitor crt come nuovo. Vendo o scambio con flipper tommy.  
Black Rose
harleycoast10Lytham St. Annes, United Kingdom09-04-2020
10:13 UTC
Nice condition , has manual , spare rubbers , spare balls, can deliver 
Stranger things
chemidiciRoma, Italy09-04-2020
06:44 UTC
Pro model NOB, Makrolon, UV Kit, Mezel mod . Looking for trade with total nuclear annihilation, jurassic park premium ,mmremake, twd premium, deadpool premium thx 
World Cup Soccer
fred77SALAUNES, France09-04-2020
06:32 UTC
Trs beau plateau, slingshot gardien et ballon neufs, 100% leds plateau et fronton. Afficheur OK Aucune erreur. 2250  
House of Diamonds
flipperserviceHerentals, Belgium08-04-2020
09:27 UTC
Space Jam
albi1997Lugano, Switzerland07-04-2020
19:41 UTC
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
jimmieSala, Sweden07-04-2020
11:19 UTC
Chicago Gaming Co.
medieval madness
whiskeytangoOrlando, FL, USA07-04-2020
00:41 UTC
Rescue 911
bosshog2379King, NC, USA06-04-2020
22:54 UTC
Metallica Premium Monster
ghiandalfMilano, Italy06-04-2020
20:02 UTC
I sell my Metallica Monster Premium Led it's perfect, no signs or defects. my request is 8500 and I'm available to trade it. I look for a Indiana Jones Williams restored or not but I want a perfect playfield Mods: Cointaker set led on playfield Makrolon Launcher protector Plate on launcher Light targets Yellow Convolux protector Violet Screws and bolts Violet Painted Legs Violet Painted Lockbar Violet Painted special Siderails with Metallica logo Cross pots Coffin with skeleton 2D Snake sticker Snake mouth red light Cemitery Flasher upgrade Snake's teeth and tongue Blu hammer light Metallica inox plate under ramp Anti airball Fire fuel indicator colored Original Legs Original Lockbar Original Siderails Color LCD Monitor Speaker upgrade with bass volume Headset kit with volume Speaker light RGB Cabinet lights Target decal Premium carbon balls Supermirrored blade Violet Superbands Silicone Violet rubber set Keychain :)
Lunar Rescue
znet Voorhees, New Jersey, NJ, USA06-04-2020
18:17 UTC
1973 Sega Lunar Rescue. This is the alternative and scarce version of Sega's Attack and Attack II. The former features a spaceship on the lunar surface whereas the latter game sports an animated tank on a military terrain. In both games, the player utilizes the joystick to maneuver the vehicle so that the barrel strikes the illuminated perimeter targets in sequence within the time-limited gameplay. The 10 targets light randomly to designate the next wreck to be rescued. Upon contact between the rescue vehicle and the target, a sound effect is heard and the score is indicated, as a flash of light illuminates the playfield. Photo 1 shows the game, prior to cleaning, upon arrival in my collection. The legs and external coin box have been powder coated. I restored the cabinet graphics to their original color. As shown in photo #1, a prior owner repainted the cabinet in a darker blue. The original blue was more sky blue as opposed to outer space blue, even though the latter choice would have made more sense. Unlike most Sega EM arcades, Lunar Rescue has a painted, as opposed to a more resilient formica-type cabinet. To me, the lunar rescue vehicle resembles the Oscar Meyer wienermobile. If you've never seen it, I encourage you to Google image it. I'm thinking about creating a sound card which, when a free game is awarded, the player hears: "If I were an Oscar Meyer wiener, everyone would be in love with me. . ." No, not really. ; )
Monster Bash
simone81Rovigo, Italy05-04-2020
18:58 UTC
7k o cambio con Stern recenti LE 
totomix Verona, Italy05-04-2020
10:13 UTC
Completamente ristrutturato, Il cassone stato riparato da un artista e il piano perfetto con macrolon. prezzo 3.000
Cue Ball Wizard
totomix Verona, Italy05-04-2020
10:05 UTC
Spooky Pinball
America's Most Haunted
favtasticFort Collins, CO, USA05-04-2020
03:44 UTC
Target Alpha
chknlilKansas City, MO, USA05-04-2020
00:58 UTC
Fully working, shopped, and fun to play! There is some cosmetic wear, but does not impact game play, perfect back glass and plastics.
Team One
blind dog fultonMustang, OK, USA04-04-2020
20:58 UTC
This is basically the Add-A-Ball version of Abra Ca Dabra. Too bad that the playfield art is so hideous. It's all right I guess if you like soccer. However, my machine does have a NOS playfield installed. This machine is going to be converted to WIZARD (AAB version of Abra). Playfield of Team One (NOS) is for sale but has been partially populated by the previous owner. 
Sea Hunt
blind dog fultonMustang, OK, USA04-04-2020
20:54 UTC
Picked this up an a package deal. Absolutely fantastic playfield. Cabinet is nice but the very bottom edges are rough. Interesting machine but does not match may collection. 
The Shadow
phaOttawa, Canada04-04-2020
16:44 UTC
Sharkey's Shootout
jonte67Tobo, Sweden04-04-2020
09:05 UTC
Simpson stern
zebco60Bailly, France04-04-2020
07:57 UTC
blkmachSilverdale, WA, USA04-04-2020
02:06 UTC
Nice playfield, fun machine, full Led's.
Star Trek: The Next Generation
blkmachSilverdale, WA, USA04-04-2020
01:34 UTC
Nice Star Trek TNG, has leds, and newer rubber.
High Speed
gas85Bassano del Grappa, Italy03-04-2020
21:24 UTC
Flipper completamente smontato, pulito e lucidato, elettronica in ottimo stato e migliorata, topper presente e funzionante. Richiesti 1400e trattabili
Bumper Pool
wizpabBologna, Italy03-04-2020
20:20 UTC
Piano molto bello, cassone testata riverniciato 😡, 100% funzionante 800
Eight Ball Deluxe
wreaboldPalmerton, PA, USA03-04-2020
13:12 UTC
Ultimate restoration 
sonnycorRovigo, Italy03-04-2020
12:46 UTC
Dopo il restauro verr venduto. 
Nuova Bell Games
sonnycorRovigo, Italy03-04-2020
12:45 UTC
Restauro quasi terminato. Gioco bellissimo. Per privati senza manie di collezionismo. 1200 non trattabili 
Card Castle
sonnycorRovigo, Italy03-04-2020
12:38 UTC
Riverniciato a nuovo. Bellissimo. D'impatto. 1500 non trattabili
The Sopranos
wrgameCesenatico (FC), Italy03-04-2020
11:35 UTC
Ottime condizioni, revisionato completamene da professionista, completo di makrolon. Prezzo non trattabile 3300
Family Guy
wrgameCesenatico (FC), Italy03-04-2020
11:35 UTC
Ottime condizioni, revisionato completamene da professionista, completo di makrolon. Prezzo non trattabile 3300
Bram Stoker's Dracula
fras Tezze sul brenta, Italy03-04-2020
05:02 UTC
Led, elastici al silicone, prototype plastic, manuale! 0 errori Vendo 2300e non spedisco! No shipping
Indiana Jones
wrgameCesenatico (FC), Italy02-04-2020
16:56 UTC
Ottime condizioni, revisionato completamene da professionista, completo di makrolon. Prezzo non trattabile 3500
Jacks Open
rickbBoca Raton, FL, USA02-04-2020
13:35 UTC
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