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World Poker Tour
whiteSaint Laurent du var, France20-07-2018
20:27 UTC
Super plateau, carte très clean. La caisse aussi. Enlèvement sur place 2000e Ou en supplément envoi par palette Ou livraison sur 06 par mes soins.
Power Play
mpv8Hasslarp, Sweden20-07-2018
14:03 UTC
Back glass missing  
Data East
Last Action Hero
tonnerremecaMontrem, France20-07-2018
13:58 UTC
tonnerremecaMontrem, France20-07-2018
13:58 UTC
Hairy Singers
tonnerremecaMontrem, France20-07-2018
13:58 UTC
Hearts Spades
dagreLees Summit, MO, USA20-07-2018
11:48 UTC
Fully working unique machine 
Independence Day
julJura, France20-07-2018
06:28 UTC
Full Throttle
earflapsMelville, Canada19-07-2018
20:47 UTC
The Shadow
garghi84Genova, Italy19-07-2018
13:08 UTC
Piano bellissimo convertito a luci led incluso di manuali decal praticamente quasi perfette prezzo 2300 piu' spedizione
Game Plan
Old Coney Island!
donfoxFox, FL, USA18-07-2018
19:47 UTC
The backbox is damaged and some drop down targets broken. TheCPU is excellent with no acid damage. Battery was replaced with a cap 15 years ago. 
remicafeBeynes, France18-07-2018
13:16 UTC
Je vends pour acheter un autre flipper. Le prix est de 5000 euros. condition parfaite l'expédition est possible
superpoulainLe rochereau, France18-07-2018
09:15 UTC
azbonnerChandler, AZ, USA18-07-2018
05:11 UTC
Fun game with working card dispenser.
Monster Bash
cobrax77BAILLY ROMAINVILLIERS, France17-07-2018
22:14 UTC
Sortie d’exploitation, afficheur neuf. Vente 5000€ ou échange 5500€.  
Pinball Magic
pingodCalgary, Canada17-07-2018
19:52 UTC
Game belongs to a friend,would like me to sell it for him. Shopped topside,has some new plastics.kept the good used ones. Full Led's,with OCD Led board. Really nice cabinet,and play field. No insert wear. 6500.00 Can. O.B.O One half broken target now,waiting on a new set. 
Chicago Coin
donfoxFox, FL, USA17-07-2018
16:36 UTC
donfoxFox, FL, USA17-07-2018
15:44 UTC
Spring Break
justanotheroneDriffield, United Kingdom17-07-2018
12:49 UTC
Class of 1812
philippe40Dax, France17-07-2018
11:09 UTC
Flipper en bon état,100% fonctionnel plateau en bon état mylar 
Gilligan's Island
david83grimaudGrimaud, France17-07-2018
10:29 UTC
NBA Fastbreak
nediKangasala, Finland17-07-2018
07:25 UTC
2900 € 
canadiangamerCourtenay, Canada16-07-2018
23:22 UTC
One display is dead, looking for replacement.
Harley-Davidson 2nd Edition
buyitaly Lecce, Italy16-07-2018
22:30 UTC
Perfect collector condition Ship everywhere
campwayneLivingston, NJ, USA16-07-2018
22:02 UTC
campwayneLivingston, NJ, USA16-07-2018
22:01 UTC
campwayneLivingston, NJ, USA16-07-2018
22:01 UTC
flipnfargoPerham, MN, USA16-07-2018
21:44 UTC
$700 very nice, full LEDs installed 
Tropic Isle
turnedwoodsManteca, CA, USA16-07-2018
20:35 UTC
Purchased from Pacific Pinball Museum. LED upgrade, new rubbers, playfield shopped. Considering doing a cabinet restoration (7/16/18) 
Data East
Guns N' Roses
evelynConfrancui, Italy16-07-2018
18:21 UTC
Piano perfetto senza usura , cassone e testata rosso e in buonissime condizioni , lancia palline rosa e pistola intatte, completo di topper originale in perfette condizioni , solo la rampa sx gialla riparata 4,5k
Twilight Zone
tjohejsanLinköping, Sweden16-07-2018
16:48 UTC
Perfect condition 100% working
Tri Zone
dabomb1Keremeos, Canada16-07-2018
14:36 UTC
Very nice Tri Zone. $1600 Can  
Twilight Zone
juzzo72Salerno, Italy16-07-2018
10:07 UTC
PERFETTAMENTE FUNZIONANTE. nuovo display a led, pulito, gomme nuove,ecc
cambou-ze-catPOIGNY-LA-FORET, France16-07-2018
08:03 UTC
Hot Shot
cambou-ze-catPOIGNY-LA-FORET, France16-07-2018
08:03 UTC
Bram Stoker's Dracula
bwillard01Wellfleet, MA, USA15-07-2018
23:27 UTC
Kings & Queens
rarellanVinhedo, Brazil15-07-2018
22:40 UTC
rarellanVinhedo, Brazil15-07-2018
22:40 UTC
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
crazy taxiHasparren, France15-07-2018
19:23 UTC
crazy taxiHasparren, France15-07-2018
19:22 UTC
Full Led 
Jumaci pinballaraviAVILA, Spain15-07-2018
18:24 UTC
Name: Jumaci Manufacturer: Jumaci S.L. Year: 0 Type: Pinball Subtype: Electro-Mechanical It does not work, it needs restoration very old pinball, 50-60 years approximately
The Addams Family
marco buccilliFoligno, Italy15-07-2018
11:13 UTC
Bell'esemplare! cassone molto bello ma piano usurato nei soliti punti. Decal sull’esplosione e mkrolon. Completamente revisionato. Sempre bello giocarci... un mito di flipper! 15.7.18 Scambio con tz, tom o con cv piú differenza da parte mia.
Monte Carlo
pinwizmanFairfield, OH, USA15-07-2018
05:22 UTC
The game had been in a garage for many years. I'm in the process of cleaning and going thru all the steppers, score reals and switches.  
hiphopOttawa,Orleans, Canada14-07-2018
23:19 UTC
Here we have a outstanding throwback from the past the Bally 1978 playboy pinball machine! A lot of time was placed fine tuning this classic iconic machine from the game play function, game sound , pro restored playfield, new displays, New back glass. The re-stencilling of art outside the box was the last thing to complete on this machine but was never completed, so with that said the outside box are is 100% untouched and is faded exhibiting ware. Ultimately with the attention and application of a Playboy stencil easily available for under $200 this machine can be upgraded to a man cave gem! I have a fair asking price for a highly desirable old school title machine. My goal is to sell for asking price without haggle or perhaps pinball trade and cash. Should I not have a reasonable offer or deal I will simply keep the machine in my collection. Serious inquires only please.
Terminator 2 Chrome Edition
tosman33Bordeaux, France14-07-2018
20:30 UTC
Restauration - En pleine restauration - All is NEW - Version Chrome Edition - Fronton / Backbox : NEW Carte CPU 2017 wpc89 avec roms, nvram et Asics + NEW Board sound Pinsound+ 2018 T2 remasterized avec Headphones station - Télécommande pour régler le son et les crédits à distance + Kit complet Neuf Enceintes Pinsound avec Subwoofer Pinsound + NEW Driver Board + NEW DMD Controller Board + NEW Board Fliptronics I et II + Panel display chrome edition + Dot Led multi color (choix de la couleur en blanc, rouge, jaune, vert, rose, bleu, et de l'intensité) - NEW Translite Chrome edition - Contour Chrome kit 5 pièces - Caisse / Cabinet : NEW Decals complet chrome edition - NEW Playfield direct US with clearcoat - NEW Playfield Protector New Génération - Rebuild kit flipper complet - New Vitre plateau et Translite neuve - Plasma bleu - Kit Mirroirs blade - Pack Full led ultimate direct US by pinballbulbs - Kit complet Full Chrome mirroir réalisé par une société de chromage (pieds, lockbar, hinge, vis, siderails, porte, pistolet) - Couvercle boite à monnaie Chrome - Mod T1000 interactif - Post chrome - Kit Complet 14 pièces convolux RED - Full bobines neuves - Slingshot chrome edition - Bouttons chrome aluminium - Batteurs chrome pinballdecals - Bumper chrome - Cibles sur bumper chrome edition - Canon chrome edition - Porte casque audio - Appron lumineux Chrome edition Pinball dreams - Kit complet élastique transparent Premium - Wire lights mod Blue pour les rampes - Intérieur de caisse peint en noir - Shaker - Notice et schémas complet d'origine - UNIQUE - Pré Réservation pour fin septembre début octobre 2018 cela prend un plus de temps que prévu.. Envoi possible par palette mais vous vous occupez de voir avec le transporteur et du paiement. Prix : 6500 € justifié
Apollo 13
evelynConfrancui, Italy14-07-2018
18:44 UTC
In condizioni eccellenti di piano e cassone tutto smontato pulito e lucidato completo di topper gommini e lampade nuovi le foto le pubblicò in settimana 2,8k  
Cirqus Voltaire
evelynConfrancui, Italy14-07-2018
18:40 UTC
Funzionante in buone condizioni solo da pulire il piano e cambiare i gommini 6,0 k 
Eight Ball
budNarbonne, France14-07-2018
05:28 UTC
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