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ultimo aggiornamento: 22/02/2008
  Collezionista: pinballfarmer
Zona: Sarnia, Canada (trova sulla mappa)
Specialità': nessuna in particolare
Iscritto dal: 22/02/2008
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CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Midway (USA)Montato, giocabile!DipendeMy 3rd Pinball. I got this for a relatively good price from an operator in Michigan. It had some wear above the flippers but not FROM the flippers. That will soon be repaired. It also had bad damage at the top of inlanes from the ball crashing down. I made mylar decals and applied them. The cabinet is a 9. I replaced all the plastics with new ones and replaced the clear PF window and decal. It still needs Lights for around the bowl and the light string at the rear of the big ramp does not work and seems unrepairable?  
DEMOLITION MAN Williams (USA)Montato, giocabile!DipendeThis was my second pinball purchase. It the best condition of the games in my collection. Its only defect is the backbox decals. Someone actually has a NOS set on ebay recently and i missed it!! So i might make my own(different artwork). The plastics are good other than a small crack and chip on a 2. I MODed this game so the ball travels up the locked car shot. This can be undone. Plays GREAT! A very underrated game.  
SINBAD Gottlieb (USA)Montato, da riparareDipendeThis was my 4th pinball. I've done a lot of work to it. i got it for 300 which turned out to be too much. I have replaced the power supply with a RottenDog, the rectifiers and the small transformer. And it still doesn't work! I might buy a Pascal all in one board. But it seems more than the game is worth. I touched up and cleared the playfield but there are permanent ball swirl marks still there. I Made my own middle plastics but a set is available. BG is perfect. Cabinet is a 9, coindoor has a concave dent and doesn't close well. I got this as a impulse ( I had no money and wanted another game. As of 2008 it is only an attractive piece of furniture.  
WHITE WATER Williams (USA)Montato, giocabile!DipendeGot this in 2005. My first pinball. It was a piece of junk, black with dirt. I was a Noob and got shafted. Now it is in good shape. Still needs new cabinet art and side rails. Also the bigfoot ramp is blown out under the top boulder but has a metal guide so its fine. Usual damage at goldmine outhole but repaired.  
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