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SUBWAY Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiNY version
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1957 BASEBALL Williams (USA)Venduto baseball (pitch and bat)
ACE HIGH Gottlieb (USA)Venduto 
BALLS-A-POPPIN Bally (USA)Venduto Rare game from 1956 featuring 9-ball multiball. Probably first machine ever with real multiball, exactly like the DMD games of today. This one is really in outstanding condition, and now finally rejoined with her sister, Bally Circus :-)
BASKETBALL  Sega (USA)Venduto not a pinball - two player domed basketball game, a classic from the 60's!
BIG BEN Williams (USA)Venduto 1954 version!! not the ugly game from the 70's
BUCKAROO Gottlieb (USA)Venduto New rubbers, completely original and fully working.
CALCIO ITALIA Elettrogiochi (Italy)Venduto Directly from Vierzon 2009 alignment!
CARD KING Gottlieb (USA)Venduto completely restored and playing fast!!
CHALLENGER Gottlieb (USA)Venduto rare pinball, only 110 produced... head-to-head play!!
CIRCUS Bally (USA)Venduto After years of searching for a backglass for my first Bally Circus, another exemplar of this really rare game came up for bids! She was from the David Silverman collection and the picture on the auction site was so tiny that I could barely recognize the game. But hey, it seemed to have a decent backglass, so I took the chance and put a bid on this second game. I was really happy to be the high bidder, but I was even more happy when I received the game and found out that the backglass was, indeed, very good for its age!! Bally backglasses, unlike Gottlieb's, don't hold well with the years (the backglass of my first Circus is almost completely blank!) but this one was sealed back then so it held better than the average. Still it had started to flake (yes, even if triple thick sealed) so I had to work a few hours on it with self adhesive mylar and some touch up. At the end it came out pretty good :) This second Circus had some problems however. Cabinet was partly repainted . The apron was completely rebuilt and did not look very good (I guess it suffered from water damage at some point, as the entire assembly had been rebuilt). Two plastics were home made and looked weird. The two custom deco caps were faded to blank. It had two broken flipper assembly plates. But overall it had a better plalyfield than my other game, so I used my first game as a donor machine to fix all these issues, and now this second Circus looks amazing and completely original. Yay!! 9-ball multiball from 1957. Can you believe it? Real multiball, exactly like DMD games. This game is sister to Bally's "Balls-A-Poppin'" (which I also own) and shares same playfield layout and same multiball system with her (although game rules are a bit different in this one).
CONTINENTAL 1 JUKEBOX  AMI (Italy)Venduto Ami Continental 1 jukebox, 200 selections automatic, immaculate original condition.
DIAMOND JACK Gottlieb (USA)Venduto 
DIXIELAND Bally (USA)Venduto 
ERIE DIGGER  altro (vedi note)Venduto not a pinball... this is a crane from the 30's produced by the Erie Manufacturing corp. in the USA.
FLIPPER CLOWN Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Very nice - almost perfect - playfield and very nice original backglass and cabinet. Fully working, fun game with backglass animation! A true Roy Parker classic.
FLIPPER COWBOY Gottlieb (USA)Venduto 
FLIPPER POOL Gottlieb (USA)Venduto 
FLYING TURNS Midway (USA)Venduto rare game with incredible animation of two running dinky toy cars in the backbox!! very nice all original game
FRIENDSHIP 7 Williams (USA)Venduto Nice under-rated add-a-ball game from the early 60's. On February 20, 1962, John H. Glenn, Jr., became the first American to orbit Earth in the Friendship 7 spacecraft. This game celebrates it and the astronaut can be seen on backglass.
FUN-FAIR Genco (USA)Venduto Very fast pinball machine from the late 50's. Produced by Genco in the USA for the swedish market (game is identical to the USA version, except it has a swedish language apron). Plays VERY fast thanks to the DC solenoids (yes, like modern DMD games....) Very interesting backglass animation where animals disappear when you hit the corresponding target on the playfield.
GOLD STRIKE Gottlieb (USA)Venduto 
HAUNTED HOUSE Midway (USA)Venduto Not the pinball machine - this is a shooting arcade from the early 70's.
HAUNTED HOUSE Gottlieb (USA)Venduto 
HAYBURNERS Williams (USA)Venduto the first of the horse racing pinballs
HI-DIVER Gottlieb (USA)Venduto 
HIGH HAND Bally (USA)Venduto Very rare draw poker console slot machine, vintage 1940. Deposit one nickel and the first hand is drawn. if you don't win at first hand, you can draw a second hand by inserting another nickel, after selecting any card(s) you want to keep. Addictive (of course!) and the ancestor of video poker that ruined many in the 80's. Based on a classic Bally five reels slot mechanism. Pays out in an hidden drawer. Fully original, restored and working - one of an handful still in existence.
IRON MAIDEN Stern (USA)Venduto Very nice condition throughout. has 3D backglass effect. Multiball, etc - very hard game to beat!!!!
JUNGLE Williams (USA)Venduto fully restored and 100% working, very nice playfield and backglass. Has backlgass animation with animals that fall down when corresponding target is hit. One of the few Williams with that odd cabinet!
JUST 21 Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Turret shooter game with black jack rules.
KEWPIE DOLL Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Repro backglass from Shay, beautiful playfield and very nice cabinet, restored and fully working. Fun game and hard to find one
KINGS & QUEENS Gottlieb (USA)Venduto 
LUCKY ALLEY  Bally (USA)Venduto 14 feet big ball bowler from 1958
LUCKY SEVEN  Bally (USA)Venduto not a pinball - dice roll console slot machine from the 60's
MAJORETTES Williams (USA)Venduto A rare machine, Roy Parker artwork (one of the few Williams he made)
MAJORETTES Gottlieb (USA)Venduto 
MATA HARI EM Bally (USA)Venduto rare EM version
MELODY Gottlieb (USA)Venduto 
MIDGET ALLEY  United (USA)Venduto mini bowling game, ball hits the pins! 1 or 2 player. in very good condition and fully working, scores regular bowling.
MINI GOLF Williams (USA)Venduto fully original and excellent condition.
MINSTREL MAN Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Very good original condition, almost perfect original BG, very good playfield, nigger targets are beaten up but I have replacements from PBR. Very good original cabinet. Asking 3000 firm, can ship at your expense or work with your shipper.
NAGS Williams (USA)Venduto rare game with unique feature of a rotating pop bumper table
ONE-TWO-THREE Mills (USA)Venduto Pinball themed slot machine from the 30's - one ball for 5 cents. Ball hitting the passive bumpers moves corresponding reel; when ball enters out hole, if you have a winning combination, machine pays corresponding number of coins in an hidden drawer on the bottom front. Silver plated bumpers on lower play field are spinning for some extra ball action. This machine has an interesting history, as I have purchased her directly from Mills Novelty Co. a few years back! Yes, she was sitting in their warehouse since long time. Very rare game in an outstanding condition. Even has original black legs!!!!
PEPPY THE CLOWN  Williams (USA)Venduto Control peppy, the dancing clown, and dance to his songs! Very good original condition throughout. Audio has been rebuilt (original tape player was missing and would be unreliable anyways) but sounds and plays 100% like the original.
PUNCHY Chicago Coin (USA)Venduto 
ROCKET III Bally (USA)Venduto prototype game (different playfield and features)
ROCKET SHIP Gottlieb (USA)Venduto 
ROTO POOL SAMPLE Gottlieb (USA)Venduto prototype (sample) model with different playfield and backglass, maybe only one still in existence
SHOOT THE BEAR  Seeburg (USA)Venduto Seeburg Shoot the Bear rifle game from the late 40's.
SITTIN' PRETTY Gottlieb (USA)Venduto 
SKI CLUB Williams (USA)Venduto one of the best games Williams made in the 60's, I love the ski theme...
SKILL ROLL Bally (USA)Venduto not a pinball - insert a nickel and flip it up and down on the vertical playfield to score points
SKYWAY Williams (USA)Venduto raro
SLICK CHICK Gottlieb (USA)Venduto 
SPACE FLIGHT  Bally (USA)Venduto Not a pinball - arcade game from 1969 where you land your shuttle in selected moon craters
SPARK PLUGS Williams (USA)Venduto very nice original game with horse race animation
SPOT-A-CARD Gottlieb (USA)Venduto 
SUPERMAN Atari (USA)Venduto very nice colorful game, also a challenge to play!
TEN STRIKE  Williams (USA)Venduto 
THING Chicago Coin (USA)Venduto Nice original backglass, nice playfield, fully working. Knocks hard as hell!!!
THUNDERBIRD Williams (USA)Venduto Another very interesting game from Williams' early pinball era!
TIME TRIALS  Southland (USA)Venduto Not a pinball - very similar to Southland Engineering "Speedway", this one or two players game has two slot cars that run along an 8-shaped track, if one player is playing the "computer" drives the other car!!
TURF CHAMP Williams (USA)Venduto six horses race across the playfield
TWIN HOCKEY Chicago Coin (USA)Venduto one or two player hockey game (1950's)
TWO PLAYER BASKETBALL  Genco (USA)Venduto not a pinball - two players maniking basketball game
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Commenti sulla Collezione di webmaster lasciati dagli altri utenti
 Da integ194 il 18-09-2018 alle 23:36:
A wonderful collection-congrats.
 Da xenor 4 il 31-07-2017 alle 09:03:
Trs belle collection,bravo pour cette passion qui traverse le temps....
 Da specialwhenlit il 06-01-2017 alle 02:47:
Thanks for taking the time to post your collection. Beautiful collection and a very nice spread of titles and manufactures. I really enjoyed the visit. Bravo!!!!
 Da albisfont il 16-07-2016 alle 22:06:
Collezione strepitosa.
 Da gorgar il 30-03-2016 alle 19:20:
Your Collection is unbelievable! Greetings from Germany: Gorgar.
Although in Germany there is and was a big market for "Flipper", many of your machines never reached the german market. Where did you get them? In Italy? I am looking Forward to Holiday this year in italy - spending two weeks in "Bibione". Visiting the lots of "Sala Giochi". Pinball is still found there. Very nice. Yeah....
 Da surfchamp il 28-01-2016 alle 00:43:
A great collection and only fitting for the operator of this wonderful website to have the pick of the day!
 Da oscarspa il 06-05-2015 alle 23:21:
Fantastic collection of EM
 Da dsherack il 23-03-2014 alle 17:04:
Very nice collection of EM's !
 Da pinballslave il 19-10-2013 alle 20:54:
Incredible collection!! And so many set up to play!! I can only dream of having so many games working at the same time!! Thanks for your comment on my collection, it means a lot to hear such words from a clear master like yourself!!
 Da andrew80 il 12-08-2013 alle 19:45:
Gran collezione! !!
 Da jean-louis il 02-02-2013 alle 12:15:
So many great classics. Truly wonderful. Just discovered Balls-a-Poppin for example... Makes me wish I live closer!
 Da mpbola il 01-12-2011 alle 14:24:
Thank you ... This compliment from the person who has the best collection in the world just makes me prouder still of my collection ... Thank you so much ...
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