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Collezionista: redrolloverlit
Zona: dudley, United Kingdom (trova sulla mappa)
Specialità': Elettromeccanici di qualsiasi epoca
Iscritto dal: 30/08/2013
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ultimo aggiornamento: 25/07/2015
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2001  Gottlieb (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroDipendeCurrently undergoing total restoration including full cabinet re paint to original specification. Playfield is undergoing airbrush and clearcoat to repair kick out hole damage. New legs, levelers & bolts. New coin door / bar / shooter trim. New playfield plastics & posts & new pop bumpers. Back glass is very good. Game will be excellent when finished, est. late 2014
AEROBATICS Zaccaria (Italy)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiR.A.F. RED ARROWS themed game. This is a rare game. Restoration is virtually finished. It is playing again after being in storage for 30 years. The pop bumpers are DC, and the game plays fast, as the late Zaccaria EM games do. It has an electronic sound card with the Biri Biri when four million poimts are reached. It has an electronic card to flash the pop bumpers and various playfield inserts. It has a very nice original cabinet, an absolutely mint play field and back glass. Legs have been sand blasted & powder coated. Everything else is very nice. Original sound card & flasher board. It will be a very nice game when it is finished. SOLD.
AQUARIUS Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiThe game is finished and playing superbly. Play field has had the kick out hole wear spots touched up and Mylar patches applied to stop future wear. Pop bumpers have had Mylar discs applied, loose type as original. The game was rebuilt internally three years ago with some replacement plastics, new pop bumpers, flippers etc. and some new chrome. I have gone through it again, but found little that needed more work or new parts. This is a fantastic game to play, very challenging, and it has that 'just one more game' quality. It is a very underrated game, not on the 'magic list', but it really should be. SOLD.
BANK-A-BALL Gottlieb (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroLo scambiereiThis is the second Bank A Ball I have. It has been sat in a bedroom of the last owners house, unplayed for years. It needs a thorough clean. It has a very nice original cabinet which needs only very minor touch ups. The playfield is virtually unmarked and only needs a good clean & polish. The back glass is nearly perfect, and I will do the minor touch ups it requires. It has a full set of pool balls on the trip bank on the lightboard. It is playing OK, but I intend to go through it completely. It will have a set of reproduction legs, a coin door, coin bar and shooter rod housing from PBR. When I have completed the restoration, it will be a superb example of the Gottlieb wedge head classic. Pictures to follow.  
BANK-A-BALL Gottlieb (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroLo scambiereiAnother game I have that needs lots of work. It's all there but needs a cabinet repaint, only very minor back glass touch ups and a good clean / polish of the playfield. Lots of replating needed as well. It will make a nice game when all the hours and money have gone in to it.
COMBAT Zaccaria (Italy)Montato, giocabile!MaiGame is in superb condition. Unmarked play field, back glass and near perfect cabinet. Has the correct sound card, the small add on card for the explosions and the card to flash the pop bumpers. Game has been completely gone through, it is all now working as it should. Back glass near perfect 9.5 / 10. Play field stripped, cleaned & polished. Plastics cleaned & polished and are perfect. New rubber ring kit & pop bumper Mylar rings fitted. Play field is an easy 9.5 / 10. Cabinet cleaned, structurally perfect, art work excellent 9 / 10. All stainless steel cleaned & polished. Legs cleaned & polished new levelers & bolts fitted. The game is very clean inside, all timber still fresh honey color, even the cabinet base. Back door is like new as well. This game is in stunning condition and plays perfectly. SOLD.
COVER GIRL Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiWhen I bought this game, I had no idea how good it is. It is a superb game, and surprisingly fast for a 1962 EM. This one is excellent electro mechanically, and I'm really surprised at how great a game it is to play. The artwork has to rate amongst the best on any wedge head, and when lit, the game looks stunning. It is a really underated game, in my opinion, it should be in the top ten of all games made. The lower playfield needs some touching in (they all do, this one is not too bad) and the cabinet has now been touched up and looks much better, but I may repaint it sometime in the future. I have fitted a fantastic Nickel plated PBR reproduction coin door, frame, plated nuts & bolts assembly. The legs, leg bolts and levelers are also PBR parts. The coin, coin return & blank plates have been polished & re Nickel plated. I've fitted new lock down bar end caps. The back glass is excellent. I cannot wait to have it looking like new again, and am slowly restoring it to as good as I can get it. I'm after a NOS playfield, if anybody has or knows of one. Pictures added.
CROSS TOWN Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiThis game is totally original, and in very good condition. It plays fast and hard, just as it did when new. It has been totally restored electro mechanically, has had every lampholder repaired or replaced. I've spent countless hours refining every bit of it so it performs just as it should. It is one of the best games Gottlieb ever made, I reckon. The gameplay just flows so well. It has excellent design, is very hard to beat, and just has that 'just one more game and I can beat it' quality. It has an excellent playfield, cabinet & back glass. I've fitted a new playfield glass so it can shine like the star it is. I've fitted Williams polished metal flippers, which match the metal star posts perfectly. It is a beautiful example of a classic mid 1960's Gottlieb wedge head. SOLD
DING DONG Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroLo scambiereiThis game has been dry stored for thirty plus years. The cabinet is in excellent condition, it only requires a good clean & minor touch ups. The playfield is very dirty, but otherwise in very nice condition. The back glass has some minor issues, but I will touch those in and it will be very nice. The game is complete, but needs going through totally electro mechanically. It will have powder coated legs. It will be a very nice example of this classic 60s Williams when I have finished it.
FIREBALL Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!Lo scambiereiThe cabinet on this game is structurally sound and the art is very nice. The playfield and back glass are near perfect. The game is functioning exactly how it should, it is very fast and a riot to play. I have cleaned & polished the play field and fitted a new ring kit and pop bumper Mylar rings. The front door assembly has been stripped, cleaned, polished & rebuilt. Cabinet has been cleaned and has come up very well, with no fading of the colours. Very minor touch ups have been done and made it very nice. I have gone through the game electro mechanically, including all sixteen score units. I didn't even have to replace a coil sleeve, the units were so good. This game is finished and it is a superb example of this classic and iconic game.
FLIP-A-CARD Gottlieb (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroDipendeThis one needs some work. The play field and back glass are OK. The cabinet has been glued, clamped & repaired. The wiring has been cut off in places and there are four missing relays. More pictures to follow.
GIGI Gottlieb (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiGame is complete and mostly working, but needs going through electro mechanically. Cabinet is structurally sound, would touch up but would really benefit from a repaint, which I will do when I restore it. Play field needs a few touch ups, nothing major. I have a new set of bumper caps from PBR to be fitted and a good used dead bumper body to replace the broken one. The back glass is a Perspex which seem to last better than glass. It has faded over the years, but there is no crazing or flaking. This game needs a proper restoration, after which, it will be a very nice example.
HEAT WAVE Williams (USA)Smontato, funzionanteMaiNeeds a cabinet repaint. Playfield is nice. Back glass flaked quite a bit, I need a good used or reproduction. Will be a lot of work but worth it to end up with a nice exmple of a great game. I am looking for a very good or NOS or REPRODUCTION BACK GLASS and a SET OF PLAYFIELD PLASTICS (or the top left and centre right, above moving target) for this game.
HURDY GURDY Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!DipendeFull restoration completed. Playfield is mint, back glass is a superb Perspex original, cabinet has had total re paint to factory specification. Genuine export UK version. This game is now looking superb and playing like new. This is a very rare machine that is a real players game. The back glass and playfield have some of the best Gottlieb art & colours, I am very fortunate to own it.
MONTE CARLO Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiThis is the 1963, manual ball lift version, not the much more common 1974 game. They only made 1050 of this one. I have gone through the motor board, under playfield & back box. The motor board was stripped of all components & labels, sanded & rebuilt. The play field has been stripped, cleaned, polished & rebuilt with new lane guides, pop bumper caps & rubber ring kit. It is now playing properly, all functionomg as it should, and is a very nice game to play. The back glass has had repair work, but it's not too bad at all. The game has been repainted as original Game is complete and now in really nice condition. It looks stunning and plays perfectly. SOLD
ON BEAM Bally (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroDipendeA Bally 'ON BEAM' EM pinball game. Dating from 1969, the year man first went to the Moon, this space themed game has it all. The animated back glass has four beams and a space station and rocket appear in the beams. The object of the game is to get the station and rocket in the same beam and dock the rocket to the station by using playfield features. This wins higher scores and free balls (Specials). The playfield has inserts to show which beams the station and rocket are in. A free ball won is kicked out on to the playfield from between the flippers, normal balls are fired to the shooter lane. High scores win replays and are adjustable to suit player skill levels. This game has an excellent back glass, playfield and cabinet. When the restoration is completed, it will be a stunning piece of space themed pinball nostalgia from the late nineteen sixties.
PALM BEACH Bally (USA)Smontato, funzionanteMaiThis 63 years old game is in amazing original condition. It is the first bingo where Bally used the super cards feature. Most of the EM mechanism is in the cabinet on this game, with only a few steppers in the back box. Virtually every component is in the back box on later bingo machines. The sides of the cabinet on this game have removable doors to allow access for maintenance. A nice touch are four original large internal lamps that can be switched on when working on the game. I am going through it all and have now completd the trip bank. I found two broken armature springs, one coil link wire (never soldered at the factory) on one of the coils that meant the yellow star wouldn't light, and a burnt out coil that meant the spot 17 could never light. I also fitted a new coil on the score extra step index as that was burnt out. The game is all gone through now and working fine. The back glass has to be slid up after removing a top section to take it out of the game. The cabinet would touch up well, or could even be left original as the art is pretty good. The playfield is nice, and has needed only very minor touch ups. The back glass is a nice quality reproduction. It has the original wooden legs, again structurally good, and they have cleaned & polished nicely, as has all the wood on this game. It is a great player, with pick-a-play buttons on the front panel, red for general game cycling, blue for odds, yellow for spotting and green for extra balls. When I got the game, the yellow button was missing, replaced by a later metal one. A fellow collector found me the very rare correct marbled button. I can't thank him enough. They didn't use the pick-a-play buttons again until the very late magic screen games, where a big thing was made of them. Yet here they are on one of the earliest Bally bingo games. Any or all of five numbers can spot during game cycling. It also has star rollovers that can spot all five numbers, 2, 5, 15.16 & 17 when either the red, yellow or both of the rollovers are lit and hit. Bally bingo enthusiasts will notice how although number 16 spots along with the other four numbers, no combination of them and another can be used to form a line! This game retained the different scores for 3 in line vertical/horizontal/diagonal wins from Spot Lite, and is the second and last game with this feature. It means that although it has only white lines and no multi colour individual odds, if three in line vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines are all lit up, it will pay out for any one and add any higher score won for another. This is a great early Bally bingo with lots of features, and it's a privilege to own it and real fun to play it.
PRO-FOOTBALL Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!Si!
Cabinet has had light touch ups and now looks very nice. The play field is excellent. Back glass sealed & has had touch up work done. It's better than it was, but I may buy a bgresto glass for it at some time in the future. With that fitted, it would be a very nice example of a Pro Football. Legs sand blasted and powder coated silver. New levelers & bolts. New locks. Game all gone through and working as it should. New parts fitted as required including coil sleeves, coils, flipper & pop bumper parts etc. Game now looking good and playing very well.
SING ALONG Gottlieb (USA)Smontato, funzionanteDipendeRestoration started. Cabinet fitted with new base and repaired. Ready for prep' & re paint. Electric and mechanical work all done, now all working as it should. Play field touch ups under way. Back glass is very nice, needs only very minor touch ups. Will be a beautiful game when completed.
SKI JUMP Zaccaria (Italy)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiThe last Zaccaria EM, they made EM and SS versions of this game. Very few EM games were made, the vast majority being the SS version. This EM example has an excellent cabinet. The very nice condition back glass needs only very minor touch ups. Everything else very nice. The playfield has been stripped, cleaned & polished. It has been rebuilt with new pop bumper Mylar and lamp holders and a new rubber ring kit. The plastics have been cleaned & poished and are perfect. The pop bumpers have been rebuilt. Every insert has been cleaned, every lamp checked, blackened & dead ones replaced. I have re capped, changed two diodes and the pot on the flasher card. I fitted a new pot to the sound card. I have rebuilt the drop targets and the replay unit. New score & instruction cards have been fitted. Every contact in the game has been cleaned and the gaps checked / set as required. Every stepper has ben rebuilt, as have the score reels. New trims were fitted to the back glass. The game is now playing perfectly and is very quick. The legs have been sand blasted & powder coated. The original sound card & flasher board are now fully working. I have finished this game and it has turned out to be a very nice example. It is a very rare game.
SPANISH EYES Williams (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiThis lovely old game has a very nice cabinet and playfield. Backglass has a bit of fade in the reds, but is nice apart from that. I may buy a reproduction for it as it is a game I would like to have in great conition. The legs need replating. The game is very clean inside. It will be a really nice game when I've finished it. Restored pictures to follow.
SPIN OUT Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiGrand Prix themed game with super back glass art, featuring racing cars from another era. Beautiful condition cabinet. Very nice back glass, sealed and minor touch ups done. Play field has had one small touch up to wear spot from kick out hole. Very nice condiition legs & other Nickel plated parts. Rare roto target replay game which is great fun to play. They're rare here in the UK. Game now finished. Playfield rebuilt with NOS plastic set, new pop bumper bodies & caps, side lane guides, flippers & ring kit. It is playing very well, it is a great game to play and a real looker. SOLD.
SUN VALLEY Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!Mai1957 Bally Sun Valley bingo pinball, it has magic squares A, B, C & D and magic lines E & F, meaning every number on the screen can move if all the feature letters are lit. It also has an after 5th ball time tree, corners score green 5 in line and green 3 in line scores green 4 in line, if those features are lit. Add a possible 3 extra balls and it's one of the all time greats of the Bally bingo world. Just completed a total restoration which took me 180 hours. It is now in superb condition and plays perfectly. I purposely did not refinish the wood, just cleaned and polished it, as I wanted to keep a bit of patina on the game. I have just fitted a set of NOS buttons to complete the game restoration.
TRAVEL TIME Segasa (Spain)Montato, giocabile!MaiThis is the Spanish version of Williams Travel Time, which I also own. The cabinet has been repainted by a previous owner, not perfect but good. The playfield is in nice condition, very little wear and has cleaned up nicely. The back glass is a poor translite type reproduction, I may get a bgresto reproduction. The game is now playing as it should as I have gone through it all. It is a nice alternative to the normal limited number of balls game. Instead, time is what decides when the game ends. The more won, the longer the game. There are lots of adjustments to make the game easier or harder, including liberal / consrevative plugs, the speed at which the clock counts down the time and the amount of time a new game starts with. Lighting the TRAVEL or TIME inserts lights the kickout hole for special, which is 50 time units, hitting the top centre rollover gives 10 time units. High scores cab be set to give replays or extra time. The knocker fires for every ten time units won. The clock can be stopped by the kick out hole mid playfield and draining a ball. It is started by the top rollovers, two mid playfield rollover buttons and a kicker between the flippers. It's hard to get used to not bothering about draining a ball, but in this game, it really doesn't matter. Much more important is stopping the clock whilst the extra time features are lit and more time put on the clock. There is a three chime box for sounds.
TRAVEL TIME Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroDipendeThis game has an extremely good back glass, it's Perspex, and that's why. The cabinet will touch in. The coin door is good, legs need re plating. The playfield needs a bit of work, but it will come up nice. Plastics are all good. The game is currently fully working, but the play is so weak, it's unbelievable. It needs completely going through, and when that is done, it will be playing as it should once again. I will check and maybe replace the components on the clock timer circuit board, as they may be well out of spec' after over forty years. More pictures to follow.
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ICE REVUE Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Restoration now finished. PF cleaned & polished. Touch up to small k/o hole wear. All metal tumbled, plastics cleaned & polished. Back glass near perfect, one spot touch up in a none lit area. Cabinet has had fairly major touching up, but has come out well. New coin bar, cleaned & polished door, shooter housing. All gone through electro mechanically and now working great. Rebuilt pop bumpers with new Mylar discs, rebuilt sling shots, rebuilt flippers. Legs cleaned up & polished. New bolts, recent levelers. Has turned out very well and a great game to play. Game is now in a hospitality suite at the Hilton Hotel, Charles De Gaulle airport.
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 Da dex-jay il 19-01-2019 alle 11:03:
Nice collection and some great looking restoration done too!
 Da surfchamp il 01-10-2016 alle 20:04:
Wow!!! The cabinet on your Sun Valley is nothing short of amazing. Great collection!
 Da bonelesschicken il 23-12-2015 alle 22:57:
Fantastic your collection.
 Da gorgar il 11-04-2015 alle 16:31:
Great collection! Never had the chance to play any of this machines. They are found rarely in germany. With regards: Gorgar
 Da bandwagon il 24-11-2014 alle 20:58:
It's nice to see these beautiful pinballs back to their old splendor. Great work, and interesting reports and pics from the machines and their restoration. Congratulations!
 Da kangourou il 18-06-2014 alle 06:22:
Only one word : attaboy !
 Da corral il 15-06-2014 alle 18:18:
Good collection EM . Perfect restoration work.
 Da integ194 il 14-06-2014 alle 22:47:
Lovely collection and tremendous restoration work
 Da campgames il 07-11-2013 alle 21:07:
Great work on your restorations including the Ball Bingos.The original Cross Town is in sensational condition. Enjoy and play you pins.
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