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16thball   Lanciano 
1848   BochumGermany
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
afonso60   AvareBrazil
albanmews   New albany, OHUSA
amx1   Saint-jérômeCanada
arkuz   Champaign, ILUSAInteresting EM for having sophisticated tic-tac-toe rules, but which also adds technical complexity with lots of additional relays and connections to service and making the game heavier than most. Nice example of pointy people art. Also has a great reset thunk to it because of the heavy reset bar under the playfield for all the extra switches.
atalante  WinterthourSwitzerlandfonctionne mais pas jouable sans gros nettoyage
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baaatman63   Saint germain lembronFrance
baatman17   Cerqueira cesarBrazil
bally.liege   Vaux sous chevremontBelgium  HägerstenSwedenA modified game with two extra 2" flippers, with 7 (5+1+1) droptargets, 100.000 point reels and many more changes. This was done when I was young and didn't saw the value in keeping the game in it's original condition.  HägerstenSwedenwas used at EPC 2007 and SO 2008 in Stockholm. After The Swedish Championship the backglass got smashed some years ago,after unloading it from the truck. I have found a new (used)backglass.  HägerstenSwedenA game I bought without backglass. Backglass wanted.  HägerstenSwedenthis was the first OXO out of two, bought in 1982. and the second since I already had an OXO.  HägerstenSwedenthis is the second OXO me and my friend bought, and the third in total for me since I already had a game.
ballyhoo  SomersetUnited KingdomGreat game,lots of switches inside need tweeking from time to time. Not for sale
ballystic  FontainebleauFrance
ballystic  FontainebleauFrance
ballystic   FontainebleauFrance
bernardin  ToulouseFranceBackglass manquante
bigwhitedogsal  Bend, ORUSA
billaud eric   Colayrac st cirqFrance
bonzo71   Brookhaven, PAUSA
breakfast_club  RogervilleFrance
brewmanager   ScarboroughCanada
bronco-jon   Oklahoma city, OKUSA
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captain b zaar   BodenSweden
casaschiller  NeussGermany#1 Williams 4-Spieler Flipper der 70's (7.8/10). Mein absoluter Favorit der späten 70er. Er begleitet mich bereits seit 1983. 820701 0|05 40474
chris2a   AjaccioFrancepas encore de photos car il est sur la route.........
christophem   BeurnevesinSwitzerland
cindy  CourgeoutFrancerecherche 1 chapeaux de bumper 1000points bleu ainsi que 2 chapeaux de bumper 100point vert
colonel   Holly springs, NCUSAI am now restoring this machine and the schematic I have does not match the unit. I have 2 player units and the schematic only lists one. I have no right side roll over relay yet the schematic lists one. I think I have 2 score reset relays in the back that are not on the schematic. Does anyone have a schematic that matches this unit?
ctu67   Lugano 
cudabee   BorgercompagnieNetherlandsenjoyed it in my youth
culik  ItuBrazil
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
dbeaver  Costa mesa, CAUSALove this game!
denix   LuganoSwitzerlandWas my first pin as a young boy. My parents sold it but it found the way back 25 years later and is now nice set up.
djhp1   Lombard, ILUSA
djhp1   Lombard, ILUSA
dolybloom   Olympia, WAUSA
dragsto555   VezonBelgium
drrocky  Ottawa lake, MIUSANot enough room to have it in play.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
eldritch   KalmarSweden
elduderino   Crawfordsville, INUSA
emilien51   ReimsFranceExcellent état, 100% fonctionnel
emilien51  ReimsFranceFonctionne bien, révisé complètement.
empi59   AnnemasseFranceAcheté en 1979, parfait état de marche
enzo  TarnFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
faju78   ArnouvilleFranceEntièrement restauré mécanique et esthétique chromes neufs
falconfixer86261  Indianapolis, INUSA
flippand   Cormontreuil /reims/champagne !!France
flipperdoktor  HollabrunnAustriaMy first own Pinball. I Love this machine
funwiz   Lakeland, FLUSAback up game
funwiz   Lakeland, FLUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
gazeur01  IssouFranceFonctionnel mais a besoin d'une bonne restauration...
gdlas   AptFrance
glassartist  Bluffton, SCUSAWorked very well until moved just recently.
gorgar  GifhornGermanyJust bought from my colleague "Badebär" from "Flipperliga Hannover". This is a very challenging strategic Pinball from Williams. Happy to have one of these games. Very nice and good looking artwork. Relatively easy to maintain.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
hammerman   Dartington, devonUnited Kingdom
hardy veltrup  HörstelGermanySN.182593, doesn´t work by now, it must be restaured next winter. Leider funktioniert der Flipper momentan nicht, er muss im kommenden Herbst/Winter restauriert werden. Ich bitte um Tipps, an welche Personen/Firmen ich mich wenden kann. Danke
harryvi   VilleperrotFrance
hendog213   Pasadena, MDUSAgot lucky guy bought it at a flea market took it home couldnt get it working said it was going crazy called me to haul it to the dump. so i took it home found out he had 2 balls on the play feild so it kept cycling one of the balls was the tilt sensor ball lol cleaned her up put in new light bulbs new rubber kit got all the contacts working and now shes good to go she shows some wear but its one hell of a machine for its age!
holli8123   CologneGermany
hr  PettnauAustria
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
ingo  RlpGermanyThe second one that i remember to play in my childhood
itshim104   Lafayette, INUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
jar155  Centerville, UTUSA
jclark33   Parkland, FLUSA
jean-mi   ModaveBelgium
jefopel  Sint-truidenBelgium
jerry57   TeterchenFrance
jfg  PaulíniaBrazil
jlg74   AnnecyFranceà la recherche de pièces détachées : plexiglass, boutton, etc
johnhm   RosmalenNetherlands
jufath   Arnouville les mantesFranceRestauré esthétique et mécanique
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
katoenlr   CahorsFrance
katoenlr   CahorsFrance
kaukopoika   KarviaFinlandneeds better playfield
kenth   Chapel hill, NCUSA
kingbing8   Muscatine, IAUSAI just bought this puppy in Valparaiso, Indiana yesterday. The game is working but cosmetically it needs a lot of TLC. The Land of Oz in Muscatine, Iowa is going to take it over for 2 to 3 weeks and bring it back to new!
klokkie  ZandvoortNetherlandsWorking 100% . Is special bought for the wife, special year 1973
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
lagoontrap  ThunSwitzerland
leosac  Wilkes-barre, PAUSA
ljpyro   ArnhemNetherlands
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
macgyver   UlestratenNetherlands
mark62   Commerce twp., MIUSA
mave   Bolzano 
moe1234   Wesley chapel, FLUSAMy first one
montauf45  OrléansFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
nash57  BexSwitzerland1500€
nedi  KangasalaFinland
nedi   KangasalaFinland
nunjobiznezz   Fort wayne, INUSACabinet is rough, backglass rough, plays well. All working
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
ogopogo Metro manilaPhilippines
oldalien   LengdorfGermany
oxo92  Asnières sur seineFranceBonjour. Suite au déménagement de mes parents, je vends un flipper OXO. Il n'a pas été utilisé depuis longtemps et devrait nécessiter une sérieuse révision.
oxoowner   BornheimGermanySerial number 182746
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pabo61   SolothurnSwitzerland
pake67  RimforsaSweden
panos   AthensGreece
pat49  Montreuil-juignéFranceVersion sample, Il lui manque la Backglass et le plateau est rincé
patoche31590  ToulouseFranceRéparation electro-mecanique prévue
perjksd  KarlstadSweden
peter224  BrielleNetherlands
pettan57   StockholmSweden
phil36  Argenton sur creuseFranceUn des meilleurs wms meca produit.
phil36   Argenton sur creuseFrance
pinballfundi   JohannesburgSouth Africaneed a serious buyer
pinballtom   Salem, ORUSA
pindude152   GatineauCanada
pinfix18  Farmville, VAUSAGreat concept bwautiful playfield and backglass
pmoore66   Cannonsburg, MIUSAStill can't get the gate rollovers to fire any of the game X and O. Also the kick outs are not firing but during a mismatched jones plug incident, everything was firing rapidly so I know stuff will work.
poppibaer  DresdenGermany
pstudart   CampinasBrazil
psychopsonic  Raleigh, NCUSAOriginally a project, now a good player! Repro backglass from to replace one that was maybe a 7 or 8 out of 10. Full set of repro playfield plastics courtesy of PinballCenter of Germany! "Sunlight" LEDs from Comet.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
rdalla   BarueriBrazilEstá sendo restaurada pelo Mestre Wando
richardj   San jose, CAUSA
richy53  MayenneFrance
ricky   Barberton, OHUSA
roger72   Le mansFranceMon premier flipper. J'avais 16 ans !
romain145  NiceWales
ron RotterdamNetherlands
rosto   BalanFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
s-symmonds   Springfield, MOUSA
same player   NantesFrance
schlossermeister  AltdorfGermany
silvernutz   Cincinnati, OHUSAFound it in the Parts Department I worked at in a dealership. Some contact cleaner, light bulbs, and then play time!
sirollerich  KoblenzGermanyCabinet & PF needs some slight paint restauration. All mechanical parts cleaned up & working! Wonderfull game!
slurm   Springfield, ILUSA
stefanxr   ViennaAustria
stubbens  HallstahammarSweden
swampwiz   Bogalusa, LAUSA
sweetgirl  Quezon cityPhilippines
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
tieflo   LambersartFrance
timmyvee   Elmhurst, ILUSA
tlk  KovlandSweden
tommy01   BurgdorfSwitzerlandThe plastic covers left and right above the bumpers need to be replaced.
tonnerremeca   MontremFrance
topguns33   Klamath falls, ORUSAI have had it for almost 10 years and it plays great! Used to play a similar one in the 1970's at a pizza joint.
trailmaster   Loveland, COUSA
twinings  StrasbourgFrance
twinotter  WilliamstownCanada
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
uluedema   CologneGermanySerial 178622
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
vampire   FredrikstadNorway
venkg   Heist op den bergBelgium
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
wizard   BurgdorfGermanyMy favorite Williams (em)
wizpab  Bologna 
wrifscreamin   Roseville, MIUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
xelos  CamiranFranceje l'ai mis à regret en vente
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
zacaj   Delanson, NYUSA
zaphod   Portland, MEUSANeed OXO bumper caps, the blue-ish and green-ish 8 lug with correct text. Also need the right side upper long plastic.
zim57  SarregueminesFranceGreat machine with a mint backglass !
zr7cricri  CavaillonFranceAcquis en 2014 pour 1000 euros en parfait état de marche. Transportable dans une 407.

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