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Collezionista: jokerpoker
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JOHNNY MNEMONIC Williams (USA)Montato, giocabile!Si!
STAR WARS LE Stern (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiHUO Star Wars LE #469 and this thing is mint. 38 lifetime plays! Has the all important Stern limited edition topper #121. So hard to find the toppers so Iím glad it already had it. Stern custom shooter rod. Iíve gone nuts ordering mods! EL light up side rail kit from my mate Robert at Hooked plus his destroyer ship. Full plastic protector set. Speaker cover to match the side rails from Modfather with his light up tie fighter. Speaker light kit from Doug. Quiet fan, a must have from PinMonk. Light up flipper buttons. Light up shooter surround mod from Beatmaster. Chrome blue flipper batsÖÖ.and Iím sure more to come. Great game and love that hyperloop, insane mech!  
WHO DUNNIT Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiA beautiful example from the best. Fully restored by HEP in 2021. I had a Japanese version years ago and always wanted another. This is gorgeous with clearcoated original playfield and original silk screened cabinet, all new plastic set including main ramp. Full LEDs with OCD board. Chrome legs, lockdown bar, side rails and hinges. Laserrific topper. ColourDMD LCD. Custom shooter rod. Just a beautiful game to look at and plays perfect.  
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APOLLO 13 Sega (USA)Venduto A great game and those 13 balls coming at you during multiball. Wow lots of fun.This machine is stock standard and needs a little cosmetic work. This machine was sold to make way for another  
ATTACK FROM MARS Chicago Gaming Co. (USA)Venduto HUO AFMRLE #293 Aaaaataaaack! Wow what can I say about this LE. CGC knocked it out of the park in my opinion. Picked this little beauty up from a mate, 74 total plays and only 2 months new out of box. Clearcoat is very impressive on this game. This game came with the 3D translite which are really amazing to see up close. Pix definitely donít do it justice. Has the Pingraffix power blades, again a fantastic mod. The original equipment spec is really good, upgraded sound is awesome, large colour DMD is a very nice touch. Donít get me started on that topper, it is dare I say.......out of this world. Iíve played some very very nice fully restored originals and I would go out on a limb and say this is better, way better. Love all the extra adjustments in the CGC sub menu. Not much more I can add. A modern classic or a classic made modern!! Sold to make way for Deadpool LE
ATTACK FROM MARS Chicago Gaming Co. (USA)Venduto HUO AFMRLE #960. Yes I know Iíve already owned one, I just sold it way too soon. Best topper in pinball. Looks great next to BKLE! I had the mirrored backglass from CPR ready and waiting before the game arrived this time. Looks fantastic, itís an LE after all and deserves the full treatment. Fitted Mr Tantrums custom coindoor decal, flipper toppers and Vuk building cover mod. He even did a custom sign, ďHarryís cafe de WheelsĒ Itís an Aussie thing. Light up shooter housing from Beatmaster. Chrome legbolts, coindoor bezels and shooter housing from Chris at HRA. Great build these CGC games and having owned all three Iíd say this is the best to date, for me anyway. PDI glass to finish it off. No dimples lol. Aaaaaaaaataaaaaaack!! Sold again and miss it already. :)
BANZAI RUN Williams (USA)Venduto I have looked for one of these for years, finally found a good one so...Another U.S. import from a collector. This machine has been really well looked after. In a private collection for 15 years and it shows. Have wanted one of these for so long and am very proud to finally have a great one. All original coils, all boards have matching serial numbers and very clean with no hacks. Even has all the original identity tags hanging off the various wiring looms. Play-field is a glamour with no wear, back-glass is a solid 9.5.Cabinet has had some moisture at some stage but still looks great all original cabinet artwork intact and glossy. I have put Led's through out even the back box and it looks fantastic. Bonus was the plastic over the bumpers is even signed by Pat Lawler. Very happy as you can tell. Sold to make way for Spider-Man....But i will get another one day!
BATMAN Stern (USA)Venduto The Dark Knight. Personal import again. Couldn't find one NIB in Australia. Full LED's.Last of the quality Stern's before the cost cutting started. Gameplay was a bit too easy for me. Love the crane feature.Sold to make way for another.  
BLACK KNIGHT SWORD OF RAGE LE Stern (USA)Venduto HUO BKSORLE #580 Not on my radar at all and then I played it!! Wow loved it and a game that keeps you coming back for more......and then they released that TOPPER!!!! Yep I was a hooked. Found an immaculate one with barely a hundred games on it. Stern topper and Stern shooter rod. The rest was stock, until I got it. Fitted plastic protectors, flipper toppers, flail mod from Mezelmods. Speaker lights and acrylics from Translucent Titans with red on the flippers. Had to get custom bumper caps from Robert at Full teardown and clean upper playfield as It looked cloudy, nope just never cleaned properly from factory. Now it looks great. Chrome red flipper buttons from Pinballhaus. Gold legbolts and gold coindoor bezels from Chris at HRA. Rivet decal accents from Tilt. PDI glass. Light up shooter housing by Beatmaster. Coindoor decal from Mr Tantrum Such a great game. Sold to make way for another.
BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA Williams (USA)Venduto Very nice playing BSD with new cabinet decals, black powder coated armour. New translite, new speaker panel, new plastics set, bling balls fitted, full playfield protector, FF speaker upgrade inc Sub. LED colour DMD. Really good fun game. Fast and sometimes brutal. I love this game :) but sold for a great offer.
CAPT. FANTASTIC AND THE BROWN DIRT COWBOY Bally (USA)Venduto This was a personal import by me from a collector in California. He had owned for 30 years. A NOS play-field had just been installed. I fitted new bumper caps, drop targets, rubber kit and a couple of new coils and sleeves. Back-glass perfect. A few minor marks on cabinet. A truly beautiful and original machine to have in the room even when not being played. A classic in extremely good condition.A difficult decision but... sold to make way for Theatre of Magic.
CAPT. FANTASTIC AND THE BROWN DIRT COWBOY Bally (USA)Venduto Fully restored with brand new clearcoated CPR playfield. Full cabinet restoration inside and out with 2 pack paint and cleared over the top. Amazing reflection and so much better than new. New plastics set, new bumper plastics and skirts, new drop targets, full strip down clean and servicing of all stepper units. Near perfect backglass. All stainless polished to hi gloss chrome look Coin door, lockdown bar and brand new chromed legs, feet and side rails. This has come up very nice i can't believe how much clear is on these playfields. Sold to make way for fully restored MM.
CIRQUS VOLTAIRE Bally (USA)Venduto Fully restored CV. Clear coated playfield like glass. Full PDI chrome kit inc legs, side rails, lockdown bar, hinges, upper glass chanel, lift channel and coindoor. New plastics set, new ramps. Rebuilt flipper kits. New cabinet decals and clear coated over the top. Just a really nice game that is even more amazing with the extra work. Lasserific topper, backbox bell mod. LEDís and Titans throughout. Sold for a very nice offer.
COUNTY FAIR Bally (USA)Venduto Played these as a kid and always wanted one. They are very hard to find here as most were dumped at the end of their lifespan. Well I was surprised to see one come up for sale, he had owned it for the last 25 years and it was/is in full working order. 50yrs of grime and nicotine to Clean off. Check out the heabox rail half way through cleaning. Got all 138 globes working in behind the backglass. Fiddly job getting all the old polish and grime off the playfield but it has come up nice. Printed some new artwork for the apron to finish it off nicely. Shame someone has painted over the cabinet artwork, if I get time and the inclination I would sand back to reveal the old art and use it as a stencil for repainting. This probably wonít happen!! First game with the OK screen feature. What a nightmare when you look in the backbox, and I thought EM pinnys were hard. Amazing how complex these are and what they are capable of doing without a computer.
CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Bally (USA)Venduto A really nice Creech. Playfield in excellent condition. Brand new Hologram fitted. KAHR board fitted to regulate 5V issues. New Decals to be fitted originals are very nice. Mirror blades, new side rails, LEDs throughout. 3rd owner, the last one had it for 22 years. Full playfield protector fitted then. Not bad. IF I get around to it a full resto will be done. Great fun game and cool retro music. "Move your car". Sold as Iím not going to get around to doing a full restoration on this.
DEADPOOL LE Stern (USA)Venduto HUO Deadpool LE #105. I Wanted something completely different now that I maintain a smaller collection. This one had 9 games played running original code. So yeah like NIB. Had the Stern topper weeks before the game lol. Stern artblades. Stern glass which is very good but I still put a sheet of PDI in. Love the mirrored backglass and drop targets. Fitted Titans and Superbands throughout. Gold legbolts, gold coindoor bezels gold shooter rod and housing. Light up shooter housing from Beatmaster. Have Hooked CNC pop Bumper caps coming. Also speaker acrylics, plastic protectors and flipper toppers. Love the layout, itís fast and lotís of fun with the cheesy call outs. Some really great unique shots. A hit with everyone that comes to play. Traded for MBRLE
GAME OF THRONES LE Stern (USA)Venduto HUO Game of Thrones LE #308. Second owner and only 98 original plays and looks NIB. This game has me hooked and coming back for more, a very underrated game in my opinion. One i am enjoying more that i first thought. Added shaker and Sub woofer. Had to get the amazing topper from Stern which I love even though itís very expensive. It just suits the game so well. PDI glass. So much to do I think it will be a keeper for a while. Orange plastic protector set from Pinbits. Battering ram mod, moulded castle wall mod, flipper toppers and gameblades from Mezelmods. Translucent Titans throughout. Colour DMD LCD from Randy now fitted. Very nicely made 12/5v powertap for Spike colourDMD by Mezelmods. Rockcustom undercab lighting kit is sooo good, thanks again Chris. Gold Lion speaker grills and sword above ramp from the Modfather as well as moulded door in front of battering ram. Gold leg bolts and flipper buttons, Gold coin door bezels from HRA. Custom shooter rod from Mikeincali. Gold shooter housing with Beatmaster light up mod. Custom coindoor decal from a mate. For all the complaining i am actually very impressed with the quality of this game from the cabinet to the playfield it is very very good. Sold for a very good offer.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY LE Stern (USA)Venduto HUO GOTGLE #390 picked up from a good mate of mine and absolutely immaculate. After trying to buy it for a while the deal finally got done. Now I get why people rave about this game. Such a fun, addictive, just one more game please. Cherry bomb multiball is insane, love it. Didnít have to fit any mods as my mate is as mad as me and just bought every mod from Mezelmods!!! Stern topper, Stern shooter rod and Stern Custom side rails. Light up shooter housing by Beatmaster. I have changed out all horrible black rubber for Translucent Titans. Chrome legbolts and coindoor bezels from Chris at HRA. Coindoor decal from Mr Tantrum. Nothing more to do. Well PDI glass is a must. Fitted sub for that extra oomph! Light up flipper buttons and flipper toppers fitted. Oh yeah!! Fantastic and really glad I have this in the lineup. Sold it then bought it back 2 months later. Just too good to let it go permanently yet!! Sold to make way for HUO NGG and another HulkLE 🤦‍♂️
HOUDINI MASTER OF MYSTERY American Pinball (USA)Venduto HUO and 210 plays total. I had heard power supply issues had plagued the game. Well I was pleasantly surprised. I had my eye on this game for 12 months as it just sat for sale. It has all the Modcouple mods, some which are no longer available. Topper from Laseriffic. Coindoor decal from Mr Tantrum. Game needed some tweaking, pop bumper spoon switches adjusted to get a bit of action going in there. The lower pf stand up targets for magnet switches closed a bit to get it working with the slightest touch. Now itís playing well, I had no issues with the milkcan shot. Iím am at 99% itís missed 2 times in over 80 games. Not bad when you consider some games Iíve read about. Josh from AP was very helpful in my decision making process and even offered support should I have any power supply issues which I havenít. Four multiballs in play and milkcan shot still makes it with magnets pulsing. It really is a rewarding game to play when you get it right. Build quality is very impressive. Iím not sure itís a long term keeper. Lol they never are with me just look at my history!! Glad I took the risk as it turned out it wasnít risky at all. Sold to make way for another. Great game I will miss.
INDIANA JONES: THE PINBALL ADVENTURE Williams (USA)Venduto This was my first attempt at a restoration. Fully stripped out and restored cabinet. New decals fitted. Chromed legs, side rails, back box hinges, lockdown bar, gun shooter and all bolts. Re zinc plated most internal cabinet brackets and hardware as well. Playfield was very nice so a full stripdown and rebuild with new plastics set and plastic protectors set, all new white rubbers fitted, new bling balls, new bi plane, new ramp set, re-set all mechs on path of adventure. All boards sent away to tech for checkover and clean. This machine had no hacks but i just wanted to be sure they were all in as new working order. No resets. Game has come up really nice and looks stunning and plays with no errors. Pre-sold before I had even completed it. Buyer was very keen. I would liked to have kept it a bit longer.
IRON MAN Stern (USA)Venduto I was never a fan of this originally. Then VE came out and really grabbed me. Love this game now with the extra bit of code. Fitted 3D Laseriffic topper, gold speaker grills, gold flipper buttons, gold coindoor bezels. Interactive speaker and undercab lighting kit from Pinball Refinery. Gold shooter housing with light up mod from Beatmaster. War machine mod, whiplash mod, CNC metal bumper caps all from Hookedonpinball. Sub-woofer is fantastic. Candy apple metal apron and light kit from Pinball Refinery. Titan and Superbands throughout. Finally got around to matching the rest of the armour to the candy red apron. 2 pac paint and 3 coats clear. Beautiful. 2nd owner HUO. Finally managed to talk Pinball Refinery into selling me a refinery edition coin door, thanks Steve...Yahoo. These things are sooo cool on this game. ColourDMD LCD and PDI glass now installed...AMAZING. Sold but I missed it so a trade was done with STLE to get this back. And itís sold again for an offer too good to refuse.
JACKS OPEN Gottlieb (USA)Venduto The first machine I ever bought, Has been protected by Mylar since new so a fantastic play-field.The cabinet on this is very good for a 35 year old machine. Back-glass has no sign of flaking. A beautiful machine. This was bought from a group buy of games that were in storage for years. Wish I had taken pix. A very difficult decision to sell but...Sold to make way for another. I actually came across this game years later. It was purchased through a friend to a friend type deal. Still looks and plays great. One of the best drop card games from the kings at the time. Gottlieb!!! I owned this game the longest. 25 years. I might even try to buy it back now that i know where it is?  
JOKER POKER Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Herb Silvers restoration.New drop back-glass, new bumper assemblies, new flipper assemblies, new playfield plastics. Full chrome package, Legs, top apron, side rails and coin door.Better than new. Absolutely gorgeous.Sold for an offer that was....unbelievable
JUNK YARD Williams (USA)Venduto A fluke pick up. Sold a machine and not really looking for another , then a real stunner turns up for not a lot of money for a mint looking game.No cabinet wear, Nos plastics set, Nos car plastics, Nos cars, New legs, pincab protectors(love these for covering up where some people never used protectors at all??)Now full led's, zero playfield wear. A really good fun game. Sold to make way for Flintstones
MEDIEVAL MADNESS Williams (USA)Venduto Fully restored inside and out Dec 2013. Gold class Mirco playfield with 6 coats of clear on top.New cabinet decals. All new ramps, new plastics, new Pinbits plastic protectors, all new purple posts and new purple post sleeves throughout. Re-plated wireforms. Colour DMD LCD. Lasserific topper. Full PDI chrome kit including coin door and upper glass channel. PDI glass, PDI target decal set. Moat protector mod, Pinwize 2 headed dragon mod, light up trolls mod, Merlin mod, Catapult mod, Troll mod plus added figurines. Mirror blades. Custom painted castle, custom purple powder coated apron and power box + transformer base and internal custom painted cabinet internals. All underside metal either re-plated or tumbled. PinPro full speaker upgrade. Speaker acrylics. This game is truly amazing to look at but doesn't shoot well??? Plays like a dog new owner advised of this before he purchased. So MMR maybe for me. Still sold for a great offer!
MEDIEVAL MADNESS Chicago Gaming Co. (USA)Venduto HUO MMRLE #790 Had to try one of these as a mate bought one and i was really impressed with how smooth it played. I have added Laserrific Topper, Mantis protectors and Cliffy's as well. Light up Red troll with Green eyes from Pinwize. Really nice playing game and NIB smell. Only 124 play when i purchased.Titans, Rock Custom undercab lighting kit and PDI glass to finish it off. Very well made game. I like it but not as much as STLE so i traded this to get my old one back.
MONSTER BASH REMAKE LE Chicago Gaming Co. (USA)Venduto HUO MBRLE # 570. Traded my DPLE for this one. Always wanted a really nice MB and canít speak highly enough of the remakes. Stock standard LE, so shaker, LEDs, topper, powder coat all included. Added some gold accents, flipper buttons and legbolts. Pinstadium lighting fitted WOW really nice addition. PDI glass and nothing else to do really. Beautiful game. Sold as itís a bit too easy. But what a gorgeous machine and plays buttery smooth. Remake any day for me.
NO GOOD GOFERS Williams (USA)Venduto HUO No Good Gofers (undocumented) Coming soon!! Playfield is amazing. No wear at slam ramp or anywhere else that I can see. If it saw a route it was very lightly played. Has been owned previously by an avid golfer with some very interesting/unusual mods. Has golf club driver heads for feet. Has golf club iron for shooter rod. Custom airbrushed coin door with bud and buzz on it. I may get a chrome door from Chris at HRA later not sure until I see it in person. Laseriffic topper, full chrome trim. PDI glass ready to go plus full translucent Titans. ColourDMD LCD from Randy of course itís a must have mod. Iím sure I will think of more once it arrives. It will be on a ship soon. Coming from the good ol USA!!  
PARAGON Bally (USA)Venduto Original cabinet, original playfield in very very good condition. Plays fast and strong, best one I have ever played. Backglass is nice but does have some minor flaking, not bad for a 30 year old machine. I might get another backglass and plastic set to lift it to match the beautiful stencil job that was done. Who says widebodies are slow. This is a sweet game and brings back memories of my mispent youth! CPR backglass and new plastic set now fitted. Really really nice game. Still can't get over how fast this one plays. Sadly sold to make way for another.......I will regret this Iím sure!
PINBALL MAGIC Capcom (USA)Venduto Great players condition machine. I fitted new drop targets, titans, new sling plastics some flipper links and coil sleeves and just a really good clean. Good fun with plenty of trick shots. Someone tried to remove mylar and damaged playfield art work near encore. Shame, sold to make way for another.
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Stern (USA)Venduto POTC 2. Loved this game before so..... Had to get another. Beautiful HUO game (197 plays) Fitted topper, mirror blades, heap of back alley mods including speaker panel, custom shooter rod, LEDs throughout, led speaker mod. Great fun game with a deeper rule set than most people realise. Sold cause I was culling the herd :)
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Stern (USA)Venduto POTC 3. Yes I know I've had 2 already but it was too good to pass up. I small glitch in the original playfield under the clearcoat but otherwise perfect. Faded cab on one side but plays like new.Sold to fund the CV
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Stern (USA)Venduto POTC 1. I am the 2nd owner HUO, full LED's A great theme and I just love the way the ship sinks into the playfield...something a bit different. I removed the protector plastics around the ship for a much cleaner look. No air balls(Cannon fire) yet!! Definitely one of the better Stern machines. Like New.Traded for TF LE
RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT Stern (USA)Venduto Always wanted to try one but guess it just wasnít my type of game. In and out in a month.  
ROYAL FLUSH Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Herb Silvers restoration, New back-glass, new drop-targets, new fixed targets, new bumper assemblies, new flipper assemblies, new playfield plastic.Full chrome package, Legs, top apron, side rails and coin door.Magnificent.....Sold to make way for Xenon
SCARED STIFF Bally (USA)Venduto This was a full restoration. New CPR playfield and then 6 coats of clear to really get it right. Full PDI chrome package inc coindoor. New ramp set, new plastics set, new plastic protectors, new star posts, full led, s throughout, custom light up floating eye shooter rod, custom 3 skull interactive topper, dancing boogie man mod, skull pile mod, candle mod, new white rubbers and bling balls fitted.Cabinet was fully restored and new decals applied, colour DMD. All metal zinc plated or chromed. This came up very nice and will be sorry to see it go. Sold cause I am delusional. Why oh why.
SPIDERMAN Stern (USA)Venduto 2010 production run.340 plays and like NIB, webbed flipper bats, alternate sling plastics. Matt McKee topper Flipper Fidelity speaker upgrade, Led speaker panel mod, Mirror blades, Led flipper button mod, target decal set, shaker motor. Great game so much fun.Hard to sell this one, but the pirate was calling me again....Arrgh
STAR TREK ENTERPRISE LE Stern (USA)Venduto Star Trek LE #152. Had a chance for another of this great game. Not HUO try 15000 plays!!! Wow Iím impressed with how it has held up. Someone really took care of it onsite. Couple of small marks on cabinet and legs but nothing to take away from that WOW factor that is STLE. Beatmaster vengeance mod of course, some playfield figures, custom shooter rod. Zitterkopf Bumper caps fitted. Pinbits sling plastic protectors. Itís had flipper and sling rebuild kits. Plays furiously fast. Playfield is fantastic with no signs of wear. Shooter lane has had protection from early days as no wear there either. Tilt Topper v2. White Titans and superbands. ColourDMD and PDI glass to finish it off nicely.
STAR TREK ENTERPRISE LE Stern (USA)Venduto HUO Star Trek LE #278 2nd owner. AMAZING. What can you say. A modern Steve Ritchie classic. Best light show on a Stern pin ever. Fitted shaker and Sub. CNC bumper caps from Zitt (awesome must have mod). Undercab interactive lighting kit from Pinball Refinery. Light up shooter housing, Vengeance led mod is awesome and easy install all from Beatmaster. Klingon bird of prey x 2, Pinbits blue plastics protectors set fitted. Colour DMD LCD from Randy and PDI glass. Chrome leg bolts, chrome coin door bezels, chrome flipper buttons, chrome shooter rod housing from HRA. Custom shooter rod. Topper from Tilt Toppers V2. Apron wrap decal, matching artblades and flipper toppers all from Tilt Graphics. Blue laser mod and flasher covers (warp coil) from Mezelmods. Translucent Titans and Blue bands on flippers. Love this game. Sold and then traded MMRLE to get this back. I really missed this game. Fast flowing and beautiful. Sold again for a really outstanding offer. I will miss it again!
STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Williams (USA)Venduto This is a partial restore at the moment with concentration on the workings of the game.Internal cabinet restored. New subway fitted with all optos checked and or replaced. Homepin trough opto board fitted and NO ball spitting out when not supposed to. New plastics and plastic protectors set installed. New bling balls, all Vuks and pop bumpers serviced. 3 New flipper rebuilds kits with new coils added. Superbright Led's through out playfield. Colour DMD (of course).Lasserific topper. Playfield is all original and is a very nice example with no signs of wear except some around neutral zone now fitted with a Cliffy. Catapult lane Cliffy fitted as well. Illuminated apron. Needs a full exterior cabinet resto to bring it up to scratch.Plays fault free and a real nice game.Sold, I just couldn't get into this one.
SWEET HEARTS Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I was looking for any pinball from 1963 as I thought it would be cool to have a machine manufactured in the same year as me! I really fluked this one as it was literally wrapped in a blanket for 25 years.I am the 4th owner. Cabinet is almost perfect. I have just sourced a new back-glass for it from Shay to bring it back to almost perfect for a true original machine. Playfield has no wear, still has the original Leisure and Allied Industries embossed playfield glass (Australia only). A real Gem. One I am very proud to have in my collection and ultra reliable. It really is a Sweet Heart! Looks better than I do! Sadly sold to make way for ? My most regretted sale as they just don't come along at all. Damn I wish I could find the guys number, I'd buy it back in a heartbeat.
TALES FROM THE CRYPT Data East (USA)Venduto This was a very nice full cabinet restoration. Black version cabinet decals. New coin door. Playfield is in fantastic shape as were all the plastics. TFTC topper full LEDs and Titans throughout. New rails. Few little extra rats added not much to do really. Just enjoy. Sold as the wife didnít like it!!!
TALES OF THE ARABIAN NIGHTS Williams (USA)Venduto Really nice TOTAN with new cabinet decals, purchased new ramp set, new plastics set, new plastics protectors, cliffy's at bazaar hole and orb hole, new play-field decals, new apron decals, new gold lock down bar, new gold side rails, new gold legs, new sword topper, new genie spinner but never got around to fitting them. All new rubbers, purple posts, flipper bats, new Bling balls, new PDI play-field glass. A really great game that deserves it's cult status. Will get another of these one day!!!
THE AVENGERS HULK LE Stern (USA)Venduto HUO Avengers HulkLE #234 Coming soon, yes itís the 3rd one 😂 4th if you count the Premium, yes itís still my favourite all time game. Mirror backglass, shaker, custom green metal flaked armour and all standard back then. Only one better is STLE! Goody bag still stapled to cabinet, itís like a time capsule this one. Hardly been played and like NIB with one owner itís entire life. I have ordered all my usual stuff. Robert at Hooked for the light up tesseract mod, Loki light up staff mod, see through inlane plastics and the remade Loki light plastic so you can actually see the Ironman shot......the one I keep missing. Chris from Rockcustom has an interactive undercab lighting kit on the way. Translucent Titans of course. Already have Randyís ColourDMD LCD here. Speakerlightkit and acrylics in transit. Custom Hulk shooter for my good mate Mikeincali on pinside. Beatmasters light up shooter housing. Awesome speaker grill and gameblades from Tilt Graphics. PDI glass. Special thanks to Lisa Britt and Michelle at Cointaker for making me up an original Laseriffic 3D Topper 👍. Chrome shooter housing, legbolts, flipper buttons and bezels from Chris at HRA. Iím not selling this again. No really!!!😂ÖÖ.but I did!  
THE AVENGERS HULK LE Stern (USA)Venduto HUO HULKLE #179 and like NIB, I sold one and had to get another, still think this is one of the best LEs of the Sam era before cost cutting started. Standard with REAL mirror backglass, great green powder coating, shaker motor. Speaker light kit and acrylics from Light up green shooter housing by Beatmaster. Undercab lighting from Rockcustom. Hooked Tesseract mod, see through LOKI slings, Loki light up figure and Loki lock mod, custom CNC pop bumper caps, Roberts mods are awesome. Translucent Titans and green Superbands. Laseriffic 3D Hulk topper (last one brand new from Marco, so lucky as I have to have my toppers!!) Custom green chrome flipper bats and buttons from PDI. Ninja polished carbon balls. ColourDMD from Randy of course and a great rendering on this game. PDI glass. Chrome coin door for that extra bling. Custom shooter rod from my old mate Mikeincali. Speaker grills and Artblades from Tilt. Game was tweaked to perfection by previous owner and hasnít missed a beat going on 3 years now. Just a really good fun game. Pinstadium now fitted.....let there be light. Amazing difference to this very dark playfield. Sold and I know I will regret it. Another green game coming for the second time. Aaaaatttaaaaccckk
THE AVENGERS HULK LE Stern (USA)Venduto This is one pimped out Hulk. Lightly routed by a mate of mine but still like new. Green everywhere. Awesome game play. Tesseract mod, interactive speaker and undercab lighting all from Pinball refinery. See through LOKI slings, green titan rubbers and Superbands. Laseriffic 3D Hulk topper. Hooked custom bumper caps. Custom green chrome flipper batsand buttons from PDI. Custom shooter rod. Sold to cash up for CV
THE AVENGERS LE Stern (USA)Venduto This Avengers Premium was to good to pass up. This (224 total plays)machine has Blue powder coated hinges, rails, lockdown bar and legs. Blue T moulding, mirror blades, Pinball Pro speaker upgrade. Led speaker panel mod, super hero figurines added(a nice touch) and to top it off the Avengers Lasserific topper. A great addition to my collection and great game play and NO HULK issues. Sold to buy X men Magneto #11
THE FLINTSTONES Williams (USA)Venduto A really nice surprise, this was purchased as a last thought but ended up being a good fun machine. Fully gone over, rebuilt flippers, led's all boards very clean as I said a bit of a surprise. My wife is unhappy about sale but I need the room for another.
THE FLINTSTONES Williams (USA)Venduto An immaculate example of Fred. Beautiful cabinet almost perfect, headbox perfect, playfield amazingly unmarked. Full led's, mirror blades, bling balls, bronto led mod, new legs, new dmd, new coils. Plays fantastic.
THE LORD OF THE RINGS Stern (USA)Venduto  HUO 1st run machine from my friend in Melbourne.Still like the day it was NIB. Very Happy to have this machine in my collection. One of Stern's best.10 years old and only 480 total plays.....Wow. Fitted mirror blades, white rubbers the odd led, speakerlightkit and acrylics, Found a Matt McKee topper. Pinball Pro speaker upgrade, target decal set, custom shooter rod, love the deep rule set on this game. Such a fantastic machine. Back traded to a mate for an Immaculate Flintstones.
THE WALKING DEAD LE Stern (USA)Venduto The Walking Dead LE #58 came up from being lightly routed. Had to get another after missing my premium. Great price so I grabbed it. Has Stern fishtank topper. Sooooo I fitted some mods.........ColourDMD from Randy. PDI glass. Shaker motor. Train track mod from Matt at back alley creations. Woodbury sign mod, Barn roof mod, Barn hinge mod, Bycicle girl light mod, Crossbow mod, Light up bycicle girl deflector mod, R/R crossing sign mod, Zombie outbreak sign mod, Quarry sign mod, Hooked CNC Bumper caps, Burning barn mod (Robert does great stuff), Undercab lighting kit from the best Chris at Light up shooter housing from Beatmaster. Tilt graphics artblades. Coin door decal, Custom zombie shooter rod from Mikeincali, Speakerlight and acrylics from Titans and super bands throughout. Aaaaaannnnnnd after all that......what a great game this is. Wow this could be a long time keeper. Great shots great flow. Numerous ways to attack this game. Deeeeep rules. Just awesome even if it is BRUTAL at times. Play better they say!!! Sold to get a great deal on STLE.....again!!
THE WALKING DEAD PREMIUM Stern (USA)Venduto This is one over the top TWD Premium. Wow and where do I start. Governors alternate translite, Stern fishtank topper, ColourDMD and PDI glass. Shaker motor. Train track mod, Woodbury sign mod, Burning barn mod, Rv mod, Watchtower mod, Barn roof mod, Barn hinge mod, Bycicle girl mod, Alternate butt ugly well walker mod (so cool), Crossbow mod, Lucile bat mod, Light up bycicle girl deflector mod, Express mart sign mod, R/R crossing sign mod, Zombie outbreak sign mod, Quarry sign mod, Woodbury sign mod, Hooked CNC Bumper caps (Robert does great stuff), Undercab lighting kit from the best Chris at Rockcustom. Light up shooter housing from Beatmaster. Tilt graphics artblades. Coin door decal, Custom zombie shooter rod, Speakerlight and acrylics from speakerlightkit. Titans and super bands throughout. Aaaaaannnnnnd after all that......what a great game this is. In Lyman we trust. Wow this could be a long time keeper. Great shots great flow. Numerous ways to attack this game. Deeeeep rules. Just awesome even if it is BRUTAL at times. Play better they say!!! Sold to get a great deal on STLE.....again!!
THEATRE OF MAGIC Bally (USA)Venduto Treasure Cove full restoration. An absolute masterpiece!A stunning piece of machinery restored to better than new.Full gold trim package, gold spinning tiger saw, lighted mirror mod.Full Coloured LED's.New Gen translite. Clear coated super fast play-field. Nothing more could be said! A work of art. Allen and Ray Shope really do excel. Sold to make way for fully restored White Water.
TOP SCORE Gottlieb (USA)Venduto A great example of Top Score. No flaking on back-glass cabinet in great shape and playfield almost perfect due to mylar being fitted 25 years ago. This was purchased from a group buy that were in storage for years. Wish I had taken pix as it was a beautiful game. Sold to make way for another  
TRANSFORMERS LE Stern (USA)Venduto HUO Transformers Combo LE #110 of 500. A nice addition to my collection. Much better game play than the Pro version. I even like the split colours as it goes well with the play-field and back-glass. Would love to get a Decepticons version one day. Nice to see Stern spending again.Traded for HUO LOTR first run absolutely immaculate.
TRON: LEGACY Stern (USA)Venduto Picked this up from a collector mate of mine and after tracing it's history found out it it was originally purchased by another friend of mine and he saved me a bunch of time and money modding it to be as close to the LE as possible. 5th owner and still HUO. ELI wire kit, LE light up apron, mirror blades, Lasserific topper, 3D and chicks translite, PDI Arcade 3.0 mod, PDI target decal set, PDI Caster with light up cane, PDI Gem figure, PDI Clu figure, PDI light up recogniser, PDI Flynns sign, PDI Clu ship, PDI target bank top decal, PDI Light Cycle mod, Pinball Refinery Tron insert mod, Custom shooter rod, Translucent Titans and Blue flipperbands, light-up flipper buttons, Speaker light kit with lightcycle acrylics from speakerlight kits. LEDs throughout. I have just installed Pinbits protector set, Pinbits "devo" bumper caps, speaker panel decal from Tilt. ColourDMD LCD from Randy. PDI glass. Fantastic game with that pack a punch just want one more game a bit like IMVE. Brutal at times but a really great game. Sold.....damn you Gem shot!!
TWILIGHT ZONE Bally (USA)Venduto A really beautiful example of Twilight Zone. Fully restored including a Kruzman clear coated play field. Cabinet restored inside and out back in 2006 with the playfield going in 2009/2010. Piano mod, gum ball led mod, gum balls, Robbie the robot mod, camera mod, slot machine mod, car mod, Ingo clock mod, TV mod. Titans and Superbands throughout. PDI target decal set, new coin door and decal, lamp and diverter decal, PDI spiral sign mod. Cliffy in slot machine and gum ball holes. Plays really nice. Chrome legs. Full LEDs throughout. Tried to like this game but not for me so sold to make way for TRON.
WHITE WATER Williams (USA)Venduto Wow this WH20 is insanely good. Fully restored cabinet inside and out, new decals, NOS clear coated playfield upper and lower. Brand new plastics set, new ramp set, new boulder set, new star posts, new plastic protectors and PDI glass. ColourDMD LCD from Randy. Full PDI chrome kit from Joey including coin door, metal upper glass chanel and h chanel. Chrome flipper buttons, chrome leg bolts. New topper dome. Mirror blades. New flipper and pop bumper kits. New bumper skirts and plastics. New Bigfoot inc motor. A very very nice looking game. Better than new. Plays fantastic. Sold to make way for SS. (I should never have sold this one. I still regret it years later)
WHO DUNNIT Bally (USA)Venduto This machine was bought from a passionate collector here in Australia and in extremely good condition. A very underated pinball in my opinion. With lots to shoot at and the amount of speech programmed into this makes it a lot of fun to play. Cabinet/Playfield and Backglass all immaculate. Sorry to see this one go and sorry I never took pix. But.....sold to make way for another  
X-MEN MAGNETO LE Stern (USA)Venduto HUO Avengers X men LE Magneto #11. 3rd owner. 635 plays. I have fitted Speaker acrylics and speakerlight kit.Custom shooter rod from Mikeincali. A great topper by pinheadpuckguy. This game with the new code is absolutely amazing.Love having a proper back glass again Mirrored too! Interactive speaker and undercab lighting kit from Chris at Rock Custom (his kits really are the best) Sold to make way for STLE........Ok so fast forward 3-1/2 years and I just had to buy it back. Still a pristine game and only another 200 games on it. Fitted light up night crawler mod just before I sold it and still working great. WOW. Forgot just how nice a game this was. Blackbird scoop led. Cliffys. Fitted gold coin bezels gold legbolts. Gold shooter housing and flipper buttons from PDI. Speaker panel decal from Pinballhaus here in Aus. Artblades, apron triangles and flipper toppers from Tilt Graphics. ColorDMD LCD from Randy and PDI glass. Custom painted Wolvie and Magneto courtesy of Mrs Modfather. Stripped playfield just to give it a good clean and fitted Translucent Titans and Superbands. PDI LED backbox kit is really nice in this. I must finally be a better player as I can make the Storm shot regularly now lol. Fast game. Sold to make way for TWD Premium but maybe I should have kept this. Insanely great condition game.
XENON Bally (USA)Venduto HUO Xenon and I am extremely happy to say that I am the third owner. Originally purchased for HUO in California and I recently purchased off a collector here in Queensland Australia. All original matching boards, pristine back-glass, original play-field plastics and drop-targets are like new, perfect cabinet with zero fade. Original manual and key ring. The inside is so clean I could eat my dinner off it!! I have fitted led, s throughout (I could not resist as they look so nice in this game) Small blemish on playfield in red area above flippers (common) otherwise flawless. I did not think I could find an original game this good here in Australia! It goes very well with my all original 1963 Sweethearts. WOW I feel very lucky to have found this amazing machine. Sold to make way for Banzai Run.
NOTA BENE: Questa pagina mostra la Collezione di Flipper da bar del Collezionista jokerpoker da Nowra, Australia. I flipper a moneta elencati sopra e le relative immagini sono stati inseriti nel nostro database direttamente da jokerpoker, che rimane il solo responsabile circa l'autenticità di quanto riportato. I flipper di questa pagina non sono necessariamente tutti in vendita: fate riferimento alla quarta colonna della lista per sapere se un dato flipper è disponibile per la vendita o meno. Con ogni probabilità, i flipper di jokerpoker sono flipper usati, un tempo installati nei bar ed altri locali pubblici; il loro valore varia in riferimento alle condizioni sia estetiche che funzionali di ciascun flipper.
Commenti sulla Collezione di jokerpoker lasciati dagli altri utenti
 Da pinoffski il 08-09-2015 alle 07:39:
"Wow" Looking at your collection of Pins...
Past and Present..
You must be blest as all of them are in immaculate condition ...
 Da whizzervic il 25-08-2012 alle 18:53:
WOW!!! what a beautifull collection! Card games are always a winner! Great restaurations! Lots of people would love to find a Royal Flush around here! The Sweet Hearts is actually much more than a "SWEET HEART"
 Da 70corvette il 22-12-2011 alle 15:50:
Thanks for the compliment, can you post some pictures of your pins, I would like to take a look.I too would love to add a Joker Poker to my collection some day.

70 Corvette
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