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Collezionista: fishbulb
Zona: Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom (trova sulla mappa)
Specialità: Elettronici con display dot-matrix
Iscritto dal: 27/11/2012
Sito web: fishbulb
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ultimo aggiornamento: 08/04/2024
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ATTACK FROM MARS Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!Maifully restored - new playfield, LED's, decals, plastics, ramps, translight, etc. Colour DMD
DEADPOOL PRO Stern (USA)Montato, giocabile!DipendeHOME USE ONLY, Goody-bag still attached to cabinet, a true modern classic, may sell if offered a price that i could not refuse?
FISH TALES Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiA great game that needs refurbishment but a solid and tidy machine waiting to be uncovered!?  
JOHNNY MNEMONIC Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroDipendewaiting restoration, cab tatty broken plastics etc.  
MUNSTERS LE  Stern (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiHome use only and if your of a certain age it brings back fond memories of Saturday morning TV in the uk and a game that anyone can enjoy? never understood the negative press on this game as its just perfect for the home and average player!!
PINBALL MAGIC Capcom (USA)Montato, da riparareDipendeReally fun game been after one for years goin to fully refurbish it, poss. new decals if i can source at a sensible price?  
RICK AND MORTY BLOOD SUCKER EDITION Spooky Pinball (USA)Montato, giocabile!DipendeHome use only a really great humoured game with some extras like topper, speaker lights (spooky) and plastic guards
RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT Stern (USA)Montato, giocabile!DipendeAlways wanted this one to play again but hard to get hold of as quite rare. may sell if offered the right money as this is a top example  
STRANGER THINGS PRO Stern (USA)Montato, giocabile!Dipende  
STREET FIGHTER II Gottlieb (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroDipendeIn the queue to be refurbished  
TALES FROM THE CRYPT Data East (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroDipendeNeed a fair bit of work, and being done now but slowly  
THE ADDAMS FAMILY Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!Maimy first pinball, the picture shows it being used in as one of the competition machines in the UK Pinball open 2011
THE MACHINE: BRIDE OF PIN*BOT Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroDipendecomplete game but needs to re-decalled, now planning to convert to BoP 2.0 now a new run of kits are planned.  
TRON LE  Stern (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiNo. 294 Home use only. my favorite game ever, nothing is addictive as this machine! PLEASE DONT ASK ME IF I WILL SELL IT BECAUSE WONT UNLESS I GET 15, 000 UK POUNDS
WIZARD Bally (USA)Montato, da riparareMaiperfect playfield and backglass 100% working and plays well, the best example of this game I've seen
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4 SQUARE Gottlieb (USA)Venduto a few faults need attention, playfield is very good and make a simple project for someone
AC/DC PREMIUM Stern (USA)Venduto HOME USE ONLY and A long term Keeper, fantastic game
ALIEN LE Heighway (UK)Venduto Superb in the LE format as this one is, Its just fantastic and one of THE best games of the 2010's the mood and film integration are top notch, only selling as could use the money to fund another project, not pinball related, NO silly offers please happy to hang on for the right price for this rarity as so few genuine LE's made, and a rare chance for you to own this piece of pinball history?! £11, 500 GBP
AUSTIN POWERS Stern (USA)Venduto Nice example and fully shopped out and LED'ed G.I. £2350
AVATAR Stern (USA)Venduto Late run machine from 2013, led's, some nice playfield figures fitted, very tidy machine overall and hugely underrated  
BANZAI RUN Williams (USA)Venduto complete refurbishment, many new parts fitted, including NEW ramp, a complete Led upgrade, new top playfield subway, Full new licensed plastic set, all new rubbers, all mechanisms and flippers dismantled, parts replaced as reqd. and serviced, remote battery holder etc. and still has all matching serial numbers on the boards! also a great cab for a machine well over 30 years old. Just try and find a better one, for sale!!
BATMAN Data East (USA)Venduto needs a little work to bring back to full working order  
BIG BUCK HUNTER PRO Stern (USA)Venduto home use only and in perfect condition, currently less than 1000 plays £2350
BLACK KNIGHT Williams (USA)Venduto boots up, but needs work as it freezes up and need refurbishment
BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA Williams (USA)Venduto   
CLASS OF 1812 Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Fantastic example of this machine and none of the usual playfield wear that effects most of these games, shopped and rebuilt all new rubber fully working. contact me if you wish to purchase it.
CONGO Williams (USA)Venduto needs new plastics, if anyone has a set i would be very interested to buy them
CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Bally (USA)Venduto great cabinet, will be a real beauty when completed  
CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Bally (USA)Venduto FULLY refurbished, leds, Stunning example plays like a dream,
CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Bally (USA)Venduto Fully refurbished and top example of this game, upgraded illuminated pop bumpers with green matching caps. mint cabinet
CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Bally (USA)Venduto Just been fully refurbished new bowl. Full new plastic's set fitted, full playfield LED upgrade
CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Midway (USA)Venduto all new plastics, fully striped down, cleaned and rebuilt
CSI Stern (USA)Venduto  this machine is in perfect condition and has been meticulously looked after and cherished by its previous owner. It comes already fitted with the highest quality LEDs from Comet in the USA. There are no marks on the cabinet; it has been serviced and thoroughly checked over and new rubbers have recently been fitted.
DEADPOOL PRO Stern (USA)Venduto Home use only Pro version
DIRTY HARRY Williams (USA)Venduto fully refurbished, all new rubber, Led's, flippers rebuilt, flame polished ramps, plays beautifully
DOCTOR WHO Williams (USA)Venduto FOR SALE 1200 uk Pounds, plays well, no topper unfortunately  
DOCTOR WHO Williams (USA)Venduto Just FULLY stripped down refurbished, many new parts including Expander motor/gearbox, full Playfield LED upgrade (G.I.+ inserts). ramps flame polished, new slingshot plastics, stunning cabinet with no fade - VERY RARE!! only offers over 2000 GBP considered for this beauty
DR. DUDE Midway (USA)Venduto For Sale FULLY WORKING and super example of this fun game, all new rubber and play beautifully, lovely cabinet colours too, redy to plug in and play
DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Bally (USA)Venduto **FOR SALE** This is a very rare opportunity to own this machine, due to the theme it highly sought after and quite a collectible pinball machine (only 2000 ever produced), i have fitted a complete new original plastic set fitted, NOT a reproduction set! there are even the promotional plastics and keyring fob left for you! It has been serviced and checked over everything is works as it should, the displays are bright and in perfect working order, it is now 30 years old and as all machines this age has some signs of use to the cabinet and playfield, so please come and view it if you want to be certian of its condition? but no topper unfortunately,
ELVIRA AND THE PARTY MONSTERS Midway (USA)Venduto Brilliant classic, huge fun to play. This one is full working and fully refurbished. has some playfield wear just above the flippers though this never stops me enjoying it when played BOTH SCREENS are BRAND NEW
EMBRYON Bally (USA)Venduto Great example of this rare game, MINT original cabinet! 3 new Alltek circuit boards fitted, full rebuilt lower flippers, plays without fault or errors
F-14 TOMCAT Williams (USA)Venduto nice condition example with a sound fault that will be repaired as soon as i have space to set it up and work on it  
FAMILY GUY Stern (USA)Venduto Beautiful example
FAMILY GUY Stern (USA)Venduto Fully working with led's fitted, nice cabinet,
FIRE MOUNTAIN Zaccaria (Italy)Venduto been after this one for a while, such a great alpha numeric game! £950
FISH TALES Williams (USA)Venduto NEEDS NEW cabinet but playfied V. good, and does play a game when plugged in! now have S/H cab to prepare for new decals, so probably wont sell at the moment.
FISH TALES Williams (USA)Venduto Fully working and a nice example, has suffered some cabinet fading as they all do unfortunately. For Sale  
FISH TALES Williams (USA)Venduto fully working example and with working topper, FOR SALE - £1495
FISH TALES Williams (USA)Venduto nice example
GALAXY Stern (USA)Venduto bit of a wreck but might be able to get a working game, depends on the acid damage to the board when i get round to testing it  
GHOSTBUSTERS PRO Stern (USA)Venduto lovely condition, great game even though somewhat brutal!  
GODZILLA Sega (USA)Venduto Very rare machine, full new plastic set, new rubbers and fully shopped out, and great fun to play with all the multi-ball modes, £1, 995 would be the selling price or very near offer.
GORGAR Williams (USA)Venduto Part Exchange machine GOOD playfield but cabinet a bit tatty for my liking, a great playable game. make me a sensible offer for it as it is?  
GUNS N' ROSES Data East (USA)Venduto stunning example of this game PERFECT G ramp. a full refurbishment has made this an outstanding example of this Pinball and probably the best in the UK. and been after one for years. Led's fitted to G.I and all inserts IT IS ALSO FITTED WITH THE VERY RARE FACTORY TWIN HEADPHONE UPGRADE, less the 150 of these machines has this fitted! it could never be replaced by one of the same standard. It plays beautifully and EVERYTHING works as it should, so no silly offers please as this a very special example if this machine
HURRICANE Williams (USA)Venduto 
INDEPENDENCE DAY Sega (USA)Venduto nice condition machine will sell if offered sensible money as the new film is coming out soon!
INDEPENDENCE DAY Sega (USA)Venduto fully refurbised and most inserts led'ed as well as some G.I. plays perfectly would take a sensible offer, silly ones will be ignored
INDIANA JONES: THE PINBALL ADVENTURE Williams (USA)Venduto FOR SALE - Fully working nice example of this machine, just been over it and sorted out all the little problems and plays very well now. 2950 GBP  
INDIANA JONES: THE PINBALL ADVENTURE Williams (USA)Venduto This has the best original example i have ever seen! An extensive refurbishment has just been completed and this has to be about as good as one of these will get with beautiful original playfield and un-faded cabinet?! lots if powder-coated parts, Full Led upgrade to all lamps, gold leg bolts, Has the often missing back panel, (or "lost plastic") with the lamps behind, all flame polished ramps and plastics, full re-rubber, all new star posts, FULL flipper rebuilds, remote battery been a real labour of love this one. It is FOR SALE FOR THE RIGHT PRICE and for some thing this original and unique!
INDIANA JONES: THE PINBALL ADVENTURE Williams (USA)Venduto FULLY refurbished and superb example throughout, still has nice colour on the cabinet, led's fitted
INDIANA JONES: THE PINBALL ADVENTURE Williams (USA)Venduto stored waiting refurbishment, will sell when all the work is complete and machine is currently folded up for space reasons so cant take pictures yet!  
INDIANAPOLIS 500 Williams (USA)Venduto Fully refurbished and 100% working. all playfield inserts now have LED's as well as some GI LED's. Apart from the usual cabinet fade this must be one of the best ones around anywhere. would sell for offers over £1500 as it is truly stunning
INDIANAPOLIS 500 Midway (USA)Venduto stored waiting refurbishment will sell when all the work is complete and machine is currently folded up for space reasons so cant take pictures yet!  
INDIANAPOLIS 500 Bally (USA)Venduto Fully working, including the troublesome light-up targets some cab fade on R/H side, screen a bit gassed but very useable  
JACK*BOT Williams (USA)Venduto Fully working with a great playfield, the cabinet is also in good condition for its age. Full LED upgrade and it is FOR SALE
JACK*BOT Williams (USA)Venduto recent refurbishment and full led upgrade  
JACK*BOT Williams (USA)Venduto Plays perfectly, LED's fitted to playfield controlled lamps and general illumination, cabinet has some faading and the odd mark but nothing to bad.
JUDGE DREDD Midway (USA)Venduto needs a good clean and check-over but all there and will make a nice machine with some work  
JUNK YARD Bally (USA)Venduto Dead CPU- need's a new one! otherwise a nice example  
KINGS OF STEEL Bally (USA)Venduto trade-in machine needs a little work, but should make a good playable game. Perfect back-glass, great cabinet but a small amount of playfield wear.  
MARY SHELLEY'S FRANKENSTEIN Sega (USA)Venduto Refurbishment nearly completed, will be for sale when done and play tested.
MEDIEVAL MADNESS Williams (USA)Venduto colour display, great condition for a completely un-restored machine, all playield inserts have Led's
METEOR Stern (USA)Venduto needs refurbishment but good general condition  
MONSTER BASH Williams (USA)Venduto great condition for a completely un-restored machine no drac track or mosh pit wear at all
MUSTANG PRO Stern (USA)Venduto Pro Version, Mega rare in the UK, with some nice extras, Inc. LE translight, cars, speaker lights and cobras, all round speaker upgrad to really show off the new revised sound on this machine.
NBA FASTBREAK Bally (USA)Venduto Needs refurbishment but working fine  
NO GOOD GOFERS Williams (USA)Venduto For Sale FULLY WORKING and super example of this fun game, all new rubber and plays beautifully, lovely cabinet, ALL playfield G.I.and inserts Led'ed full topside rebuild and clean, no slam ramp ware or overlays! got to be one of the examples anywhere, contact me if you want to see/buy the machine
OPERATION: THUNDER Gottlieb (USA)Venduto some Led's, and pretty reasonable example
PHOENIX Williams (USA)Venduto needs some power board repairs
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Stern (USA)Venduto nice machine fully working £3250  
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Stern (USA)Venduto Great game in fantastic condition, been after one foe a while and it hasn't disappointed, would sell for 3500GBP, but no less
POOL SHARKS Midway (USA)Venduto fully working and will soon be shopped out for ready sale  
RED & TED'S ROAD SHOW Williams (USA)Venduto being refurbished, no wear to kick-out area by the fish which is very rare,
REVENGE FROM MARS Bally (USA)Venduto Fully Working superb cabinet and playfield, Has had the monitor upgraded to a LCD screen, so no screen worries, and it is For Sale  
RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT Stern (USA)Venduto just purchased but not set up but now sold  
RIVERBOAT GAMBLER Williams (USA)Venduto lovely working example of a really fun and quirky game. A real pleasure to play with great sounds and music
SCARED STIFF Stern (USA)Venduto Fully restored, all new rubber, FULL led upgrade to inserts and General illumination, plays perfectly 3.500 uk pounds would secure it, but no less
SCARED STIFF Bally (USA)Venduto Nice fully refurbished example
SHANGRI-LA Williams (USA)Venduto basically all working, needs a service and rubbers etc.  
SHREK Stern (USA)Venduto A simply cracking example of this rarely available pinball machine. A real gem of a game that has all the quotes and characters from the films. The Donkey mini pinball table is a great feature along with multiple multi-ball modes and challenges to complete. The game was and designed by Pat Lawler who also brought us Addams family and Twilight Zone, so you're in safe hands with this pinball. You can also install Family Guy software on this table (its the same layout) so it's two games in one! If you wanted to swap it over in the future, see here, where I have done this on a previous machine. I have completely refurbished this machine; fitted new rubbers and flippers mechanisms; LEDs have been fitted to all lighting and I have flame-polished all the plastics and ramps. It plays flawlessly.
SHREK Stern (USA)Venduto super example CAN BE SET UP TO PLAY FAMILY GUY. So 2 machines in 1 really FG translite included as well as some playfield figures when running as family guy, 3750 will be sad to see it go but run out of room to keep all my titles set up
SOUTH PARK Sega (USA)Venduto fully functional, in very good condition, but already sold
SPACE INVADERS Bally (USA)Venduto needs some tlc but has a perfect playfield and the cabinet is superb for a machine of this age.
SPIDERMAN Stern (USA)Venduto Home use only
STAR TREK ENTERPRISE LE Stern (USA)Venduto may sell if offered the right money? loaded with factory extras like: traditional mirrored backglass; metallic powder coating to metal work; full colour-changing LEDs in the playfield inserts; interactive vengeance ship; wireforms; laser feature during main multiball (11:04 in video). It comes with the original manual, goody bag and instructions, and so on. Additional extras are: shaker motor; coin-taker interactive backglass illumination kit and illuminated topper; 'Bird of Prey' pinball mod by Mezel Mods; plastic protectors all round; Cliffy's; Superband rubbers for long life, etc. have been fitted.
STAR TREK STARFLEET PRO Stern (USA)Venduto HOME USE ONLY ST pro, perfect and unmarked condition goody bag and ALL documentation present inc. proof of delivery to its original local local owner, additional easy break plastic protectors fitted. truly amazing game and about the best so far by Stern in PRO format. 4700 UK Pounds
STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Williams (USA)Venduto extremely nice example of this machine, no fade on the cabinet, minimal neutral zone wear and playfield is generally one of the best i have seen.  
STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Williams (USA)Venduto This is a super minty example, all LED's perfect cabinet, mint restoration in the past and works perfectly, METALWORK MIRROR POLISHED, new rubber all round within the last 6 months new decals, £3200
STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Williams (USA)Venduto A beautiful example of a Star Trek Next Generation pinball machine, and fully refurbished. LEDs have been fitted to all playfield General Illumination, controlled lamps, and flashers. The cabinet has nice vibrant colours and is in way above average shape considering its age. The playfield is also in top condition. This is pinball at its best - one of the most enjoyable pinballs ever made and consistently in the top pinballs ever made! It has just undergone a comprehensive deep clean, strip-down, wax and full refurbishment. New rubbers have been fitted; all three flippers have been fully rebuilt and a new backglass translite fitted. All three ramps are NEW, the plastics have been flame polished, NEW cannon covers fitted and NEW lane extenders fitted to make gameplay even better. It plays beautifully without faults or errors.
STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Williams (USA)Venduto FOR SALE, This is a super minty example, nearly all LED's perfect cabinet, was a ex- Pinball Heaven mint restoration in the past and works perfectly. extended lane guides fitted, new rubber all round within the last 6 months P.O.A.  
STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Williams (USA)Venduto stored waiting refurbishment will sell when all the work is complete and machine is currently folded up for space reasons so cant take pictures yet!  
STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Williams (USA)Venduto all working, needs tidying up though
STAR WARS Data East (USA)Venduto An absolutely fantastic pinball machine, especially if you are looking for a Star Wars themed pinball. This has to be the best one to own from the classic 90s era. S Super nice example, currently has Pinsound fitted with upgraded speakers and sound awesome full Led upgrade, latest revised code making the game far better to play, no faults or broken plastics, would only sell for top money!  
STAR WARS Data East (USA)Venduto needs a clean up, some new plastics but nice machine underneath and no playfield wear.  
TALES OF THE ARABIAN NIGHTS Williams (USA)Venduto An absolute peach of an example!! and NEW:- Playfield ! Complete plastic set, Ramps, Rubbers, Genie, Lamp & turntable, Full Led upgrade, Fully rebuilt flippers, all new targets, plus more?? been after one for 10 years+ and its NOT FOR SALE, pics soon
TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY Williams (USA)Venduto A great game that needs refurbishment but a solid machine waiting to be uncovered ? will sell when all the work is complete and machine is currently folded up for space reasons so cant take pictures yet!  
TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY Williams (USA)Venduto Great machine underneath 20 years of dirt!! will be nice when refurbished  
THE ADDAMS FAMILY Bally (USA)Venduto FOR SALE 3795 UK POUNDS, Mansion area in great condition, generally a top quality machine.
THE ADDAMS FAMILY Midway (USA)Venduto  fully working, and play superbly, nice cabinet and perfect cloud topper, NO magnet burn, Some extras, Fitted with Gold Edition collectors software - so lots of additional features and sounds over the standard game! It has just undergone a genuine, comprehensive deep clean, strip-down and full refurbishment. All new rubbers have been fitted, flippers rebuilt, all controlled lamps and ALL general illumination are now fitted with high quality LEDs. All ramps and plastics have been flame polished and new star posts fitted along with a new remote battery holder. There are no broken plastics, ramps or topper! Extras include: illuminated chair hole, illuminated swamp, Chair kick-out protector and swamp ball trap eliminator. The cabinet is in fantastic shape for its age with no scrapes or missing wood. The playfield is in great condition too, The screen is also in perfect working condition The machine plays beautifully without faults or errors. This is a rare chance to own this highly sought after pinball in superb overall condition. possible trade against a modern DMD machine such as TOTAN, CFTBL, Iron Man, but anything considered
THE ADDAMS FAMILY Midway (USA)Venduto The machine that everyone remembers and about the most desirable machine to have in any collection. This example has been fully striped down refurbished with LEDs fitted throughout, rebuilt flipper mechanisms and all new rubbers, Flame polished ramp and plastics, cloud topper in good shape Gold software has been fitted for an enhanced game experience; see Thing's hand take the ball, defeat the Power!. It plays just as it should with no faults or errors.
THE ADDAMS FAMILY Midway (USA)Venduto Good machine and just fully workshoped. LED´ed and it is for sale at £3500 ovno contact me for details.  
THE ADDAMS FAMILY Midway (USA)Venduto needs work and a tidy up but all there and will make me a nice project to move on later  
THE ADDAMS FAMILY Bally (USA)Venduto plays well, and fairly good mansion cabinet a bit rough on back and one corner, will tidy before selling hopfully  
THE AVENGERS PRO Stern (USA)Venduto FOR SALE, probably the nicest example of this machine i have ever seen in the UK, it is in stunning as new condition and based on the Marvel comic Super Hero's? FULL G.I. and controlled lamp upgrade led's, Perfect cabinet with no marks at all, It LATEST game code installed and really makes this a great game to play, new rubbers fitted, Perfect DMD, the only blemish on the whole machine is the Tesseract plastic cube has been repaired, and works perfectly and is purely cosmetic, i have a new one on back order (currently out of stock) which i will fit to the machine when it arrives.
THE FLINTSTONES Williams (USA)Venduto Fully refurbished, New ramp, bowling targets etc.
THE GETAWAY: HIGH SPEED II Williams (USA)Venduto Needs tidying but would be a nice machine when done  
THE GETAWAY: HIGH SPEED II Williams (USA)Venduto £1450 in great condition and working perfectly, latest roms fitted, just fully restored and many new parts fitted, this one has the very rare cabinet decals on the front (fitted at manufacture), and rare original playfield fitted so grab this one while you can
THE GETAWAY: HIGH SPEED II Williams (USA)Venduto Fully Workshoped and a great example of this game but now SOLD
THE GETAWAY: HIGH SPEED II Williams (USA)Venduto fully refurbished, new rubbers, LED's fited, plays perfectly,
THE LORD OF THE RINGS Stern (USA)Venduto Lovely machine, fully upgraded with LED's Plays perfectly, with no faults or errors
THE LORD OF THE RINGS Stern (USA)Venduto MINT machine picked it up with just 900 games from new looks a nd plays as though it just came out of the box, you will never find a better one anywhere!  
THE SHADOW Midway (USA)Venduto A superb example of the pinball with excellent cabinet and generally in stunning condition for its age, basically collectors quality, full controlled lamp upgrade to LED's, you would be looking for a very long time to find a better one anywhere.
THE WIZARD OF OZ Jersey Jack (USA)Venduto   
THEATRE OF MAGIC Bally (USA)Venduto FOR SALE nice example i have just finished a full refurbishment on it, and have done the following: all new rubbers complete set of new playfield plastics new star posts, lane guides and posts playfield GI lamps have high quality led's playfield inserts have high quality led's full top half strip-down and clean all ramps cleaned and polished no faults or errors trunk works perfectly no wear around the flipper buttons which is rare and lower cabinet is mark free with just a couple of tiny nicks on the head but nothing serious at all 3400 GBP  
THEATRE OF MAGIC Bally (USA)Venduto Beautiful example i have just finished a full refurbishment on it, and have done the following: all new rubbers complete set of new playfield plastics new star posts, lane guides and posts playfield GI lamps have high quality led's playfield inserts have high quality led's full top half strip-down and clean all ramps cleaned and polished no faults or errors trunk works perfectly no wear around the flipper buttons which is rare and lower cabinet is in great shape with just a couple of nicks on the head but nothing serious at all 3850 GBP
TRON: LEGACY Stern (USA)Venduto trying to source the hard to find ramp ATM  
TWILIGHT ZONE Williams (USA)Venduto FOR SALE 3850 UK Pounds, Fully stripped down and refurbished plastic's flame polished. NO faults,
TWILIGHT ZONE Bally (USA)Venduto UNBELIEVABLE MACHINE. almost every modification and upgrade fitted!! currently has Pinsound fitted too, a real one off TZ and a visual feast during play!
TWILIGHT ZONE Midway (USA)Venduto Superb Machine, Too Many upgrades and mods to list, but 100's of pounds worth!! Cliffy's, lovely play field, cabinet is also solid and just suffering some of the usual fading. A genuine beauty this one will sell for the right money for a machine such as this?  
WORLD CHALLENGE SOCCER Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Nice Tidy Machine  
WORLD CUP SOCCER Midway (USA)Venduto FOR SALE, All seems to be working and plays well could do with new rubber's and a good clean which i will do soon if i get time , no ding's or gouges and only the odd minor it does have a noisy motor motor for the spinning ball so have turned it off for now as does not effect the game, DMD works fine but take a few seconds to warm up, coin door with working mech. PLUG & PLAY Machine that will/would make a decent game with a few hours of TLC. or just a decent playable game as it is. make me a sensible offer for it as it currently stands, as not a game i enjoy so no real enthusiasm to fully refurbish at the moment!  
WWF ROYAL RUMBLE Data East (USA)Venduto Now fully refurbished and FOR SALE, full strip-down, all new rubbers star post, flame polished ramps, playfield GI now has Led's fitted. cracking example of this title
NOTA BENE: Questa pagina mostra la Collezione di Flipper da bar del Collezionista fishbulb da Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom. I flipper a moneta elencati sopra e le relative immagini sono stati inseriti nel nostro database direttamente da fishbulb, che rimane il solo responsabile circa l'autenticità di quanto riportato. I flipper di questa pagina non sono necessariamente tutti in vendita: fate riferimento alla quarta colonna della lista per sapere se un dato flipper è disponibile per la vendita o meno. Con ogni probabilità, i flipper di fishbulb sono flipper usati, un tempo installati nei bar ed altri locali pubblici; il loro valore varia in riferimento alle condizioni sia estetiche che funzionali di ciascun flipper.
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 Da dbillig il 24-08-2013 alle 05:09:
My congratulations on your collection! Very happy for you!
 Da fo il 27-11-2012 alle 02:25:
compliments. excellent collection
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