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Collezionista: daldom46
Zona: Palermo, Italy (trova sulla mappa)
Specialità: Elettromeccanici degli anni '50 e '60
Iscritto dal: 10/09/2008
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ultimo aggiornamento: 07/06/2022
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ACE HIGH Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiLo ho acquistato oggi (26.01.2019) per 900 euro. Funziona ma è fiacco, mancano le gomme ma le ho e le cambierò al più presto, il piano di gioco è molto rovinato, il cassone è originale ma ridipinto. Ci vorrà molto del mio tempo (per me è un divertimento) per renderlo brillante come giocabilità ed accettabile dal punto di vista estetico. Cerco un piano di gioco in buone condizioni e meno che non decida di restaurare il mio.
LAWMAN RMG (Italy)Montato, giocabile!MaiNecessita, le gomme nuove e una ripulita. Restaurerò il cassone e testata, il piano di gioco è stato ritoccato male e richiede un significativo intervento. Copia del Gottlieb Texas Ranger. Uno dei più bei flipper EM con bersagli a scomparsa. Ho deciso di restaurarlo e poi venderlo perché non è del mio periodo.
QUEEN OF HEARTS Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiFrom some who played this pinball when it came out in '52, it is considered the most beautiful woodrail, for me that I started playing in '57 with rototargets, I put it in fourth position after the Silver. Doesn't matter if the playfield is worn out, my game after my tuning, plays like the day one. I'll never sell it!!! I’m looking for scans of Cigar Aficionado Autumn 1996, pp. 320, 321, 323, 324, 327, 328, 331, 332, 335, 336, 339, 341.
ROCKET SHIP Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiMy IPDB rating 10 cum laude, but also look at Straight Flush. I bought my pin in England, it has a very very good playfield, original plastics, original repainted legs, but I had to repaint the cabinet. I played this pin game when I was young in 1958/62. For me it is the best electro-mechanical pinball machine. The title of the game is perfectly suited to the art of the backglass, of the playfield and the skill of the game. Using the four flippers, the ball goes up and down on the playfield like a rocket(ship), The design is unique, you have every scoring opportunity available on lower and upper playfield. It's just surprising when you hit one million or 500.000 points and the score rise up like a rocket. I give also the best audio rating, you hear the continuous nostalgic noise of the rototarget, the bells, the knocker and a very pleasant long gong stroke for each letter lit. Once you start playing this game you can't stop. My optimized restored game plays better than the day it was made! I'll never sell it!!!
SILVER Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiMy IPDB rating 8, 6. I played it in my youth. Now it is mine. One of the best EM. When I bought it in England(already fitted with a beautiful Shay backglass reproduced under Gottlieb licence and a very very good playfield), the behavior was different than I remembered. I found: wrong slope of the playfield, wrong angle of the flippers, an insufficient power transformer to convert to european voltage. I fitted new coils. I optimized the contacts calibration, etc. Now my optimized restored game plays better than the day it was made! I'll never sell it. If you want to sell yours, perhaps doesn't work well (!!!
SITTIN' PRETTY Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiIPDB Rating 8, 9. I bought my pin in England. I don't think this pinball arrived in my country in my youth. Lo ho comprato in Inghilterra. Non penso che ai miei tempi sia arrivato in Italia oldcollections.
STRAIGHT FLUSH Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiMy IPDB rating 10. I am enthusiast about the excellent condition of my machine (except for backglass), the legs too are originals. I played this pin game when I was young in 1957/60. For me it is the best electro-mechanical pinball machine after the Rocket Ship. Rather tedious and difficult to win as a first impression, but if you learn to push properly, you change radically your opinion. After I trained myself, I discovered that when the ball would about to enter one of the lowest narrow rollovers, the only ways through which you could lose the ball, you could bring it back into the game with clever lateral oscillations of the pinball machine. The oscillating push starts from left to right (if the ball goes closer to a left pin), or from right to left (if the ball goes closer to a right pin), and then you must push so that the ball goes against the pins towards the flippers. If you learn this technique, near tilt limits, you can recover many balls. It becames easier to win. In my day very few players were able to use this technique, which was a source of pride for those who knew how to use. On both side of the pinball machine, observer groups were trying to learn. When we were physically tired to play (we used to push like crazy people!), we were used to sell, the won games, to the highest bidder for little money and we used to be very pleased to have played for free. The tamed pinball becomes exciting for the variety of ways you can win! You must read the Flyer: "Total of 18 Ways to score Specials ....". Lastly, the most exciting thing is that lighting any five cards in a row, to the fifth ball in play, it is turned on the button "Special when lit, " so every time you go on it, you win a game. This Gottlieb woodrail has the best machine gun replay win strategy (sometimes it happens in the same game: score, 5 cards in row, red and green card when 5 cards in row, button when lit, it is a game fire, the perfect game, it is an adrenaline rush you are looking to try again and again... Once you start playing this game you can't stop. My optimized restored game plays better than the day one! I'll never sell it!!!.
WORLD CHAMP Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiMy IPDB rating 9. My game comes from USA with a bad retouched playfield and I had to repaint the cabinet. I played it in my youth. One of the EM Top Ten. This is the last Gottlieb woodrail to have a mass-replay win strategy. Looking for a very good playfield. Now my optimized restored machine plays like the day one! I'll never sell it!!!
NOTA BENE: Questa pagina mostra la Collezione di Flipper da bar del Collezionista daldom46 da Palermo, Italy. I flipper a moneta elencati sopra e le relative immagini sono stati inseriti nel nostro database direttamente da daldom46, che rimane il solo responsabile circa l'autenticità di quanto riportato. I flipper di questa pagina non sono necessariamente tutti in vendita: fate riferimento alla quarta colonna della lista per sapere se un dato flipper è disponibile per la vendita o meno. Con ogni probabilità, i flipper di daldom46 sono flipper usati, un tempo installati nei bar ed altri locali pubblici; il loro valore varia in riferimento alle condizioni sia estetiche che funzionali di ciascun flipper.
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 Da ballystern il 02-05-2023 alle 07:16:
belle collection ! jpc
 Da surfchamp il 23-01-2017 alle 16:33:
Great collection! Like the other commenters I too like the added vintage photographs and the visit to your website.
 Da campgames il 12-08-2016 alle 11:55:
You have a nice collection. I love the added vintage pictures of people enjoying pinball in Italy I guess during the 1950's and 1960's. Your website is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
 Da joseallen il 19-10-2015 alle 09:22:
Loved your collection and your website too. Some common interests like scale trains and 45's vinyls. Like them too.
 Da znet il 27-12-2014 alle 18:43:
The corresponding movie still shots, depicting the various games, enhances the photographic presentation of this exceptional 5-star collection. Bravo!
 Da ozuba il 09-07-2014 alle 16:06:
Very nice!
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