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2001 Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiI traded a beautiful Gottlieb Sky Line for this "All Original Condition" 2001 from my collection back around 2002.The backglass needed to be upgraded so i bought another 2001 with a near perfect backglass and installed in my 2001.I sold the other 2001 to a friend that lives 3 miles from my house in Clifton NJ.This game is in all original condition, plays perfect and is one of my favorite too.I remember back in 1971(I was 15yrs old)our local vendor(Vito) UN-boxing this game on the back of his old Chevy pickup truck and hauling it into the candy store for all us foaming at the mouth pinball junkies to give it a try. For sure this wedge head was an instant success. Us players had never seen a pin so spectacular with 20 colorful drop targets that seemed to disappear after being knocked down into the play field. It was a truly magical treat for us addicted players to have at our fingertips such a dynamic, fun, player friendly pinball to play for a dime or 3 plays for a quarter. This futuristic game really gave me my first thoughts of the year 2001 which seemed like so far ahead into the future back then in 1971. I would have to say this wedge head could be one of the best playing 2” flippers drop target games ever produced by Gottlieb and the Add a Ball Dimension is one of the most wanted drop target wedge head on everybody’s want list. When shopped correctly with rebuilt flippers, top & bottom side sling shot kicks, pop bumpers and other moving mechanical components done to perfection the game will play fantastic giving a player a fast, smooth flowing game with plenty of wild ball action not seen on some of the early and mid 1960's games . The 5 colorful kick out holes on the top arch of the play field are enjoyable and do not slow the game down at all adding pleasure to game play, especially since the kick out holes throw the ball into the 100 point pop bumper. One of the nicest features of this play field design is having side sling shot kickers located on the top center and on the lower section between the flippers. Not too many other wedge heads have this dual side kicker play field layout design. I think Target Pool also has this play field layout design where there are two sets of sling shot kickers. You can adjust the SPECIAL to light for either knocking down 3 or 4 colored drop target banks. The SPECIAL when lit light moves from one bulls eye target to the next in the center of the play field and is an easy hit for skilled players or novice players by a flipper shot or lower sling shot side kicker.Basement gameroom collection 2014. Record Book High Score:(5-03)16, 914
AQUARIUS Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiFound this "Original Condition" game on Ebay back about 1999 from a person i think in California.This is a real nice original with great backglass, playfield and cabinet.The game played so well that at the time i did not strip the playfield and rebuild any Flipers, pop bumpers or kickers.I did clean and adjusted all switches and cleaned/waxed/new rubbers and more.I like the playfield design layout arrangment especially the upper playfield kick out holes. Seems like yesterday i was playing this game in the candy store 50 feet from my house and having a blast doing so. This game needs to be shopped out completely and all moving parts must be restored to perfection to get the best playablity from this nice player. The game is quite simple to understand. When a player gets 1 thru 12 number sequence completed the Special lights up and alternates from numbers (1) (3) (4) (11) (12) and on both the kick out holes and the numbered stand up bulls eye targets and side out rollovers lanes. The wide open playfield gets the ball to rolling faster, especially if the game is set up with its back legs slightly higher then the normal. Nice coloring throughout playfield and backglass with cool artwork. Enjoyable game to play because the playfield layout is so different than other games from that year. I have this simple and pure EM playing game in my line up of wedgeheads and always play it when i walk pass it.Basement gameroom location 2014. Record Book High Score:(7-2003)7, 550 (2-2007)10, 364
ATLANTIS  Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiPicked this "All Original Condition" game up in my near mint 1992 Cadillac Seville STS.I put the lower cabinet in the back seat and the head in the trunk.Man..i miss that car.Never should have sold that caddy.A friend of mine in NJ sold me this beauty of a wedgehead from a 3 package deal he got.This game has only 13, 000 super low plays and hasn't seen much playing time judging from the playfield arch wear.There are many great playing EM games that Gottlieb made in the single player wedgehead model that could be a good choice for the best drop target game ever and Atlantis could be one of them.The asymmetric playfield layout on Atlantis is wonderful with many skilled shots on drop targets, stand up targets, top arch rollovers and the right side section numbers 1 thru 9 and more. When a player hits a blue and white drop target at the same time it will award a player 5000 points which is a nice feature in a drop target game.The player must know the top arch rollover shot from the ball shooter rod and lane to advance the numbers 1 thru 9 sequence in hopes of lighting the special when lit feature. Making SPECIAL isn't easy on Atlantis but once a player does get the SPECIAL lit a player can beat the game for replays at three different locations throughout the playfield. The SPECIAL lights on the drop target bank, left side out lane and special alternates from all three stand up targets, which a player has to time just right to hit for a replay.In my opinion Atlantis could be the best drop target game Gottlieb ever produced during the drop target era, but be careful because there are many other great drop target games from Gottlieb that could give Atlantis some competition.Challenging fun player for sure.Will keep you coming back for more. Totally restored "All Original Condition". Basement gameroom location 2014. Record Book High Score: (6-06)137, 630
BANK A BALL Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!Mai
BIG HIT  Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiMy first Big Hit i bought from a long time collector in NJ who an outstanding collection of restored and original condition wedgehead collection, but it was the what we called the white playfield one.I stumbled across another Big Hit from my 'wanted dead or alive' flyer i posted around places in NJ that was donated to a frat house in NJ that up ended needing some extensive repair that was performed by many drunk college students that thought they might give a try at trouble-shooting some issues the game developed during it stay there. This Big Hit had a great condition non white playfield, so i bought it on the spot.I swapped out the white playfield and dropped in the playfield from the frat house game and ended up making one real nice one which i have today in my collection.I installed a NOS backglass and NOS drop targets from Steve at Mayfair Amusements.The coloring and artwork etc are very nice on this late 1977 wedgehead and are pleasing to the eye. This game is player friendly and extremely fun to play. The ball doesn't go out to often and having both 3" flippers at the top of the playfield and at the lower playfield make for some wild and powerful smacks with those big 3" flippers, especially at the top of the playfield. I do not recall too many other Gottlieb wedgeheads or Gottlieb EM'S games that have the 3" flippers located at the top of the playfield except for Jumping Jacks and Jack in the Box. If a player has great eye and hand reflexes they could have an easy but fun time smacking down those nicely colored labeled drop targets at the very top of the playfield which is a wider playfield because of the cool right flipper kicking out hole action of the ball being shot into the playfield (instead of the manual spring loaded ball shooter). I really like the vari-targets and even though they aren't directly in line with the flippers to be hit. It makes the game more challenging where the vari-targets are located. If set correctly the vari-targets do not need much power to push back and pin the metal lever for a home run. There are other ways to make a home run on Big Hit but none better with very accurate power flip pinning that vari-target all the way to the top of the homerun plateau. Also i like the pop bumper arrangement and find it to be quite different then the normal set up. When this game is pitched slightly higher on its back legs tilting the playfield forward the game plays very fast and quick making it more challenging and fun to play with some not so often seen flipper action. If you are into player friendly games and want a nice Gottlieb wedgehead drop target game then Big Hit should be on your want list. How can you go wrong with shooting for specials at the very top arch corner rollovers of the playfield which can be made with the bottom or top set of flippers. What a skill shot!Totally restored "All Original Condition".Basement gameroom location 2014.
BLUE CHIP Williams (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiFound this "All Original Condition" (no painted cabinet, no repro BG, no touched up playfield) game sitting in a basement home since 1978 here in NJ with a little help from a friend in the amusement business.I normally seek Gottlieb wedgeheads to add to my collection but couldn't pass up this amazing condition Williams single player.Everyone knows my collection these days is all about near perfect original machines with low plays and this awesome condition pin was a must to have because of its like factory new state it was in when i first laid eyes on it.The game only has 18, 000 original plays and is in like new condition. I poured over 70 hours of restoration time to bring this game back to like factory new condition.All flippers and pop bumpers etc... have been rebuilt to perfection and spinners fine tuned for spectacular fast and furious movement. The top arch on the playfield has no wear at all and really can't be seen by the naked eye.Check out the pictures of this awesome DC voltage player from Williams back in 1976. At first i wasn't sure if i wanted to even go look at this game , but when i found out it was a single player i gave it some consideration. A few months had passed and i forget to inquire about this game because i wasn't sure if it was a good player after viewing pictures of the game on line and i really didn't have any room for another game with my total collection maxed out at 42 machines and 4 gamerooms in the house already. One day i was cleaning up around my computer desk and stumbled across the phone number for the Blue Chip on a piece of scrap paper.At that moment i dialed the number and the previous owner answered. They said they had the game for over 35 years and could send pictures immediately. After viewing these pictures i saw a gem of a diamond in the rough and just had to have this game regardless my situation at the moment. After playing this game for awhile i found out that Williams put a lot of clever thoughts into this simple but challening flipper pin. The 1 thru 8 squence is awesome because when a player lights any number it activates a feature into the game play for exciting rewards. For instance when a player lights the targets numbered 2 or 5 they lite the left and right spinners for a 1000 points which can come in handy for reaching high score values for replays. Players making targets 1, 2, and 3 will light the right upper kick out hole for 50, 000 points or making targets 1 and 4 lites double bonus at left lane and targets 3 and 6 lites double bonus at right lane. Completeing the sequnce and lighting all 8 numbers lites Special when lit at the kick out hole and alternates on the lower right and left side out lanes. This DC votage powered EM makes for a powerful fast playing machine with lots of quick ball action throughout the entire playfield and keeps the EM player having to use their best eye and hand coordination at all times. I think thsi game is for an EM has great playability and is much different than my 27 Gottlieb wedgeheads when it comes to speed and power. The game is always challenging me to keep a close watch on whats going on inside the playfield and for sure has me focusing at level that i am not use to because of the quickness of the ball play. The artwork is not the normal draw for the player, but is more geared towards the working class mature man in his trades and accomplishments and contributions to the world. In the begining, i wasn't sure about the coloring and artwork because it's not the usual themes like card games, outer space, hot girls, tropic's, s and so on, but actually has grown on me and i enjoy the theme a lot being a working HVAC engineer by trade in large corporate building for over 40 years. High Score 1, 100, 000
BUCKAROO Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiWhen I play my Buckaroo in my collection i get flashbacks to the time when i played this game in the candy store just 50ft my house on Summer Ave in Newark NJ back in the mid to late 1960's and 70's. In 1999 i traded a fully working Gottlieb High Hand and Free Fall plus cash for my Buckaroo.I stripped the playfield and rebuilt all flippers, pop bumpers, kickers, roto-target and must have near 80+ hours into my total restoration on this great player .The backglass, cabinet and playfield are in very good condition, but i am looking to up grade to a better Buckaroo in the future to match all of my other like factory new condition games in my collection.The games best feature is trying to make all seven numbers buy shooting at the roto spin targets and even the best EM players in the world find this difficult to accomplish, which makes this game challenging and frustrating most of the time. This game is not an easy game to beat for replays. The ball spends most of its game time at the lower section of the playfield and the main objective is to try to hit as many roto spin numbered targets as you can. This is one game that puts up a good fight against a player even when a player is trying very hard to compete against it. Here is a wedgehead that is extremely popular and is a must for any collectors who seeks Gotttlieb wedgeheads. Tough game to beat and not so player friendly. I remember playing this game on location back in the 1960’s and took a lot of quarters from me without giving back many replays. Good money maker for vendors because as a player the game would almost always get you close to beating it for replays which in turn made you want to play another game. An attractive backglass animation along with beautiful vibrant coloring throughout entire game. Another wedgehead that is a simple game to understand the rules. Making A B C D top arch rollovers lights center rollover for SPECIAL. Having the 5 point spin dead bumper at the center of the top arch makes it a little tricky to get the ball to go through the center rollover SPECIAL when lit, so a player must have good shaking skills which is a requirement with any EM game. The pop bumper arrangement isn't the greatest and doesn’t keep the ball in play in pop bumper area to long, especially having the left and right 10 point dead pop bumpers in the corners which seem to die the ball out a little . I still get a thrill though when I have the top arch center rollover lit for SPECIAL and get that center pop bumper to knock the ball up and down through the center top rollover SPECIAL (pop, pop). The games best feature is trying to make all seven numbers buy shooting at the roto spin targets and even the best EM players find this difficult to accomplish which makes this game challenging. I have this game in my collection and when i do play it, i know it will be for more than just one game unless i beat it bad on my first try. The ball spends most of its game time at the lower section of the playfield and the main objective is to try to hit as many roto spin numbered targets as you can. A player can win a replay for the (1, 2, 3, 4) (2, 3, 4, 5) (3, 4, 5, 6) (4, 5, 6, 7) or that almighty quadruple win for the sweet sounding pop, pop, pop, pop, when a player has the 1, 2, 3( )5, 6, 7 and makes the number 4 to complete the 1 thru 7 sequence. Every time i am finished playing this game the palms of my hands are red and sore from shaking the game so much trying to beat it by score or SPECIAL. This is one game that puts up a good fight against a player even when a player is trying very hard to compete against it. Mid 1960's Gottlieb classic animated wedgehead for sure! Totally restored all original.Basement gameroom location since 1999.
CENTIGRADE-37 Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiI purchased this game from a New York City pinball collector in 2004.This game has a really nice playfield, cabinet and backglass.I stripped the playfield and rebuilt all flippers, pop bumpers, new rubbers, cleaned/waxed and ended up with at least 90+ total restoration hours into this great player. This is one fantastic playing late 1970's animated wedgehead that is a players dream come true game.This game could be one of the best playing wedgeheads in this late 1970's series of player friendly 3" flipper Gottlieb games. So much to shoot for with many skilled flipper shots throughout entire playfield and lots of strong ball action. I will try to explain how this game is played. Here we go! Making A B C D advances the thermomter 5 steps and lites the 500 points drop targets (one per letter)to advance thermometer one or two steps depending on if a player has the double advance feature lit and also lites the green 1000 point value in top right kick out hole for a total of 5000 points(nice feature).Knocking down the four bank set of drop targets will light the stand up targets to give a player a chance at resetting the drop target bank or lighting the double advance feature. A player should try to hit the stand up target to light the double advance before hitting the stand up target to reset drop target bank(most important shot). Once a player has reached the top of the animated thermometer in the head of the game it will light the special in the kick out hole and the kick out hole becomes another the key shot. The kick out hole is always an important shot to make during the game and a player must be able to make this skilled shot at will to beat this game real bad for replays and points. The kick out hole will sometimes drop the ball into the 5000 point right side rollover lanes for points or advancing the thermometer if needed(another important feature). When this game is restored to perfection and all moving mechanical parts are working like factory new and everything is fine tuned it will play super fast and powerful with tons of top quality action. A lot of the late 1970's drop target wedgehead games were more player friendly and really fun games to play because i think Gottlieb at this time period wanted the players to continue playing pinball machines instead of the new video games that were just starting to take over the coin op industry in the 1970's. This game in my opinion could be one of Gottlieb's best late 1970's wegdehead and is right the top of the list of the other great ones which are only separated sometimes by a fine line. If you really want a all around great player, skilled shooting, good ball action, backglass animation, drop target wedgehead from this era look no further and find one of these sought after EM games. This game stands proud next to my Atlantis, Volley, Big Hit, Golden Arrow, Sure Shot, Jacks Open and other late 1970's wedgeheads in my collection. This beautiful looking masterpiece of a game will excite you for sure if your a true pure EM player at heart! This game in my opinion is one of Gottlieb's best late 1970's wegdehead and is right the top of the list of the other great ones which are only separated sometimes by a fine line.This beautiful looking masterpiece of a game will excite you for sure if your a true pure EM player at heart!Totally restored."All Original Condition".Basement game room location since 2004.
CENTRAL PARK Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiThis is my third Central Park i've owned.I waited 7 years for a person at work to sell me this game.They had it in their home since 1969.The cabinet, playfield and backglass are near perfect.I stripped the playfield and rebuilt all flippers, pop bumpers and have around 100+ hours of restoration time into it.The game plays and looks as close to factory new as a I could get it. I have been to many pinball shows and visited lots of peoples collections in the last 20 years and have not seen a better condition Central Park anywhere. I played this in the candy store just 50ft from my house growing up in Newark NJ back in late 1960's also. This game stayed on location for a while at the candy because it was hard to win free replays on and a real money maker for the store owner and vendor. Nice NYC theme and great backglass artwork including the animated monkey ringing the bell. The tilt bob must be set at the lower setting for home use so that the player can be allowed to shake or nudge the ball free from draining out. I like having the side sling shot kickers a little higher up towards the middle of the playfield which in turn makes for some wild ball bounces and also can be kicked back up to the top of the playfield to knock out numbered stand up targets 1 thru 10.Check out my pictures and judge for yourself.This games makes you want to play it over again because it's challenging, hard to beat and super fun, especially when you can beat it good. Here is a nice feature maybe you players out there don't know about...After a player gets either 1 thru 5 or 6 thru 10 targets out to light SPECIAL a player is awarded a free replay every time after they again knock out the numbered stand up targets 1 thru 5 or 6 thru 10. One of the harder games to beat on high score consistently, especially if the game tilts to easy because the tilt bob adjustment is set to high. Again you won't be getting both SPECIALS lit that often but when you do it's quite easy to hit the stand up target for a multiple replays. Players must know the correct shot for making top rollovers 2 and 4 or 5 and 7 to help advance to light SPECIALS. Lots of good skilled flipper shots throughout playfield and a friendly set up between flippers with those diamond like look metal posts blocking the ball from going out. This games makes you want to play it over again because it's challenging, hard to beat and super fun, especially when you can beat it good. Another must have wedgehead in your collection. I've got one! Do you? This game is in "All Original Condition" (no painted cabinet or repro backglass or touched up playfield).Basement gameroom location since 2005.My high score is 2408 with 12 replays and both specials lit back in 2006.
CONEY ISLAND (3 CARD BINGO)  Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!Si!
This 3 card bingo pinball machine with 3 extra balls feature was the 2nd game ever produced by Bally in 1951. The 1st bingo game ever produced was Bright Lights a 6 card game(no extra balls).The game is much smaller in size than most bingos because there just weren't that many features on this bingo to pack in the backbox and is easy to move around too. Fast pace action game with just 3 cards, but oh having the luxury of buying in on 3 extra ball makes this game an outstanding player friendly bingo and almost always gives a player some replays every game. Nice USA east coast summertime resort theme. Decent artwork for 1951 and attractive coloring throughout entire game with the roller coaster artwork on the cabinet.Come on it's named after the one of the most exciting amusement parks of the century called "Coney Island" you can't go wrong with this sweet playing bingo. The 3 cards on the back glass have all the same number combinations that all the standard 6 cards games have which makes this bingo a 6 card players dream game. If you enjoy shooting for 5 in a line which is the main objective on any bingo machine then this is the game for you. A good bingo player or novice will have a chance at shooting 5 in a lines frequently because of the 3 extra ball feature which a player has to buy in for at the end of the first 5 balls.This is a simple bingo to learn how to play and understand the rules. If you are in the market for a bingo and don't what a complicated game to play and want a bingo that is player friendly where a player can win replays most of the time then look no further. Great looking and playing wood rail bingo pinball machine. I have one in my collection and is more fun to play then most of my bingo because of its simplicity. Garage gameroom location 2014.
COUNT DOWN  Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiI sold this game around 2002 and bought it back Nov 2014.I needed to repair some problems and shop it out again.I had to buy 3 CountDowns in 1999 to make a near perfect one that was in my collection for only a few years.I enjoyed the game even though it was a solid state game and was without a doubt fun to play.This solid state game looks and plays like an EM game.I enjoyed having the DC voltage in an EM game which produces much more power to the flippers and pop bumpers and makes for a fast hard hitting flow throughout the playfield.Located in the 4th gameroom on family room level makes for easy access to play.The game came with 31" legs which are the wrong size. I called back my buddy and asked him to see if he might still have the 27" legs which are factory spec and the ones i gave him when i sold him the game.Syre enough him found them and gave them to me. Since installing the correct size 27" legs the game plays sensational!last night i must have played 25 games in a row and can't believe i sold this game one time.It's going to be hard to ever sell this great playing drop target game again.This time i will be holding on to this game for a long time.High Scores:
CROSS TOWN Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!DipendeI got an email from a NJ resident that had seen/read the newspaper article that the Record and Herald news did on my collection of pinball machines on April 2nd 2015.It read i have an old pinball machine that has been sitting for over 20 years and i wanted to know if i can get it restored or sell it. After contacting the person they said it was a Gottlieb Cross Town. At the time i didn't really have room for another pin but thought i would go look at it. Of course after viewing the game i had to have into my Cadillac STS backseat went the cabinet and the head went into the trunk. I have to mention that my close friend JR helped me by meeting me at the guys home. I am restoring the game and already have upgrade the playfield and backglass thanks to another close collector friend in Belleville NJ i've known for 20 years. Pictures and more to follow.....This memorial day weekend 2015 i touched up the cabinet which took about 6 hours and it came out really nice. I have about 60 hours of restoration time installed in the game and need about another 10 hours of fine tuning of perfection before the game came make into my basement wedgehead gameroom collection along with my other 24 wedgeheads. I complete the restoration today 11-11-16 and brought the game down into the basement wedgehead collection gameroom. It went into the line up where the Royal Guard used to be. I sold the Royal Guard a few weeks ago to a great guy in the UK that I know will cherish the Royal Guard for for a long time. When I get some time I will take a picture og the Cross Town in its new spot.
DOMINO Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiPlayed this game to death at my local corner candy store(50ft from house)back in Newark NJ around 1969 when it first came out. I have this great player in my collection like factory "All Original Condition" (no painted cabinet, reproduction backglass or touched up clearcoated playfield on this beauty).I bought this game on Ebay in the 2002 and had it shipped to forward air in Newark NJ.When i got the game home i noticed it didn't need a total rebuild because it had very low plays on it.I did install some new playfield flipper switches.When shopped or restored to play like near factory new or better this Gottlieb wedgehead is a very good player, fun, challening and is more player friendly than Buckaroo and other mid 1960's roto target games. A player must be able to hit the lit stand up targets and go through lit rollovers to advance the domino around to light SPECIAL in the kick out holes and side outlanes. Also a player can hit a matching domino or star on the roto spin to advance the domino around to light SPECIAL or sink the kick out hole to advance the domino around to light SPECIAL too. This game provides many skilled flipper shots including back hand flips for a player to advance the domino around to light SPECIAL. The pop bumper arrangement is spaced nicely and when pops are rebuilt correctly they provide good ball action and great sounding one and ten point bells. The 100 point gong bell also adds a powerful sounding ring(5 times) as a player sinks the ball into the kick out hole for 500 points on that great sounding 100 point gong bell. Basement gameroom location 2014. Record Book High Score:(2-03)11, 263
DROP A CARD Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!DipendeA good friend and pin collector buddy sold me this "All Original Condition" game from his private colection.He told me he bought the Drop a Card from a vendor he worked for and had it for a long time.It's in real nice original condition.I remember this game being on location at the candy store I played pinball at for the longest period of time out of many pinball machines they had there through the years. Operators and vendors have said to have made the most money ever from a pinball machine on location with this game. The reason being is because it is a very difficult game to beat by score or special and is challening the player the entire game. It is also decieving when a player looks at the playfield lay out has seen this game for the first time and might make a player feel like it would be a easy game to beat. A player would think it looks quite simple and easy to knock down the 13 drop targets which lights the two side rollover specials on the top section of the playfield and it's not.I have a very nice original in my collection today and is another favorite game of mine to play.Basement gameroom location 2014. Record Book High Score:(3-05)13, 387
FLIP A CARD Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiI was looking for a Flip a Card for a long time before finding this real nice "all original condition" example.I stripped the entire playfield and rebuilt flippers and pop bumpers etc.Once again I played this game on location in the early 1970’s and can still feel the excitement this game brought to us addicted pinball players back then. Play field design lay out is superb with a good balance of bull eye stand up targets and rollovers. The main attraction on great card game by Gottlieb is the spin feature in which a player has a chance to make 10 of the 13 suited club cards. Three different ways to score SPECIAL makes this wedge head a EM players dream game. Skilled flipper shots are everywhere and the side kickers if working to perfection will kick the ball into or “up and down” the right side Ace of club rollover for 500 or when going “up and down” a 1000 points or when SPECIAL is lit two replays (pop, pop). Right side return flipper lane is so nice when lit for SPECIAL and what a cool treat it is for a player to shoot or side kick the ball in the spin hole with hopes it will stop on the Ace of clubs for a replay by SPECIAL. This is a player friendly game with just the perfect pop bumper arrangement too.I like everything about the game including the purple colored back glass artwork which brings me back in time when I was 14 yrs old when glancing at it reminds me when everyday life wasn’t so complicated. Simply a challenging, fun, great player with plenty of nostalgia and charm. Basement gameroom location 2014. Record Book High Score:(7-04)13, 112
JACKS OPEN Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiHere is a game I never played growing up because in 1977 when it was manufactured I was 21 yrs old and by this time extremely addicted to playing 6 card bingo pinball machine only which I played daily. Man did I miss out on this game back then.I like the idea of shooting for a pair of jacks, 3 queens, full house and of course the best hand in poker a royal straight flush. Card games ruled the pinball industry for decades and Gottlieb magically again came up with a terrific, challenging and fun player. The best way to score your highest score possible is to only make any 3 top arch rollovers at onetime. Making all 4 top arch rollovers reset the top arch rollovers and the target value drops form 4000 points per target to 1000 point per target. I have been blessed though to have found a Jacks Open that has never been on location and is a real nice (like factory new) "All Original Condition" machine.Just 22, 350 plays on the game meter. The story behind this game is a close friend I worked with for over 10 years said to me that he knew of this game when he worked on a warehouse loading dock many years before I met him. I ask if he could call his old boss to see if the game was still there at the leading dock /warehouse company. he told me that the game was new in the box being stored at the warehouse and that the vendor after a few that passed never came and picked this game up. so what happened next was the owner of the company claimed the game for his own use to do what ever he anted with the machine. That be said he unboxed the game and put it in his office for all to play and enjoy. Well, somehow the game broke down and laid dormant until I came along and bought it. I got a stiff neck from looking back at the game when I was driving home with it to my home that day. I'll never forget this find. Truly this game is as close to HUO that you could ever find. This game is the center piece of my basement gameroom. Record Book High Score in May of 2002 was 293, 650 & 15 replays or free games. Yes I pinned the credit wheel to the max position!
JOKER POKER Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiI had just completed restoring a Gottlieb King Pin in Jan 2018 and rented it out to fashion designer in March who needed a bowling theme pinball machine for picture and video shoot in a vintage NYC bowling alley location. After this rental was over and I got the game back into my collection for safe keep, but I went to Classic Pinball Corp in NJ to hangout on a Saturday afternoon that week I got my KP back and saw this Joker Poker there and ended up trading my King Pin for it. The JP had some minor issue and needed to be shopped out which I didn't mind at all. About 15 years ago I had a chance at buying a Joker Poker from a homeowner in NJ, but passed on the deal because the game wasn't in great condition. A couple of years ago I think in 2015 or 2016 I played a fully restored JP at the Florida APE SHOW and knew then what a sensational player it was and thought it would be nice to have in my collection someday. I recently finished up my restoration on this beauty and have been playing it for a week straight everyday and at least 10 game per day. This game keeps you wanting to play it over and over until you have that great game. I turned the score around to a million plus points and was ecstatic with pleasure. This game is going to be brought form my garage game room to the inside family level game room next to my Count Down and 1978 Playboy. More come soon....including pictures.
KING OF DIAMONDS Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiI bought this "All Original Condition" game from a home owner in Toms River NJ which is about 5 miles from Seaside Hts boardwalK in NJ.This is a game that i distinctly remember in my mind playing as a kid on a wooden milk crate back in 1967 at the Casino Arcade Pier on the boardwalk in Seaside Hts NJ.I played this game back then because i knew if i dropped a dime or quarter into the coin slot i could beat it for a few replays and extend my playing time which was my main objective to curing my addiction.The KoD in my collection today was from a phone tip from another pinball collector from New York who grew up playing AAB's.He asked me if i bought the game through his connection, would i sell him a game that was already in my collection that he wanted.I told him yes in a heart beat.The SPECIAL when lit on this top of the line wedgehead will award you a free game at any of the (alternating card lights) bulls eye targets 10/J/Q/K/A or at one of the alternating side flipper return (SPECIAL when lit) lanes or depending if the 10/J/Q/K/A appears on the roto target for a replay when hit. Lets not forget that you can also be awarded free replays at four different high score levels for that cool knocking sound all us truely addicted EM pinball players long for. This makes the King of Diamonds one of the few games out there that can turn that knocking sound into a temporary madness.I totally restored this game and it came out excellent and plays sensational.The King of Diamonds could be the "KING" of all wedgeheads ever produced by Gottlieb. Basement gameroom location 2014. Record Book High Score:(7-03)3, 121
LADY LUCK Williams (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiFirst time i laid eyes on this nice "All Original Condition" mid 1960's Williams pin was at a garage sale in my town.I left my name and number with the guy and said to call me for a price quote on buying it.A couple of years go by and wanting to buy this game i went looking for the guys house but when i got to the street i didn't remember exactly which house was his.Rang bell of the house that i thought it might be but no answer.So i left a note in the mail box with my name and number and explaining that i was the person a couple years back at their garage sale that was still interested in the Lady Luck and wanted to know if if was still available(i know long shotbut i couldn't give up on this game).Well i didn't hear from them after that for sometime and forgot about seeking this pin.Another year or so goes by and i go back again to what i think is thoer their house and ring the bell again and this time a guy answers the door and tells me i got the wrong house and explains the person with the pinball machine in their basement lives next house over.Finally know i have the correct house!When i inquired about the game the guy was moving and was thinking of me but couldn't find my number to call me to come buy the machine.It was all about timing getting the LADY LUCK because the guy was moving within the next week. I took the Lady Luck home that night and was thrilled to get even though in my mind i thought it wouldn't be there once i found the correct home it was in.Williams Lady Luck pinball machine plays just like the card game Black Jack is played. The double digit score reels are the players Black Jack points in his hand just like if he was playing a Black Jack card game in a casino. The dealers hand card points comes up on lower right hand section of the backglass after each ball is played, usally the dealer has 17, 18 19 20, or the dealer can "bust" giving the player a free ball even if the player has also busted beyond the 21 point limit or has nowhere near 21. If a player goes above 21 points in his double digit score reels during the ball being played the right side lane gate opens. If the ball goes through the right side open gate during that time it allows the player to shoot the ball over again. When the player does shoot the ball back up into the top arch again there is a switch that resets the the double digit score reels back to zero giving a player a chance once again to get 21 or beat the dealers hand at the end of the ball played. If the player makes 21 on his double score reels during any of his 5 balls he must at that present time let the ball drain down without hitting or letting the 21 card value change. Once this is done the player is awarded a free game, plus a extra ball to be played over for letting the ball drain.Garage gameroom location 2014. Record Book High Score:(7-04)6, 480
LITE A LINE (6 CARD BINGO)  Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiI remember playing many Lite a Lines that were located throughout the big city of Newark NJ growing up back in the 1960's, 1970's and early 1980's.I bought this "All Original Condition" bingo pinball from a guy i knew in Utah when i was collecting bingo's in the early 1990's.Lite a Lines are hard to find in all original condition because they were very popular from 1961 to 1971 and were the only 6 card game Bally produced during that 10 year stretch of making bingos.I've been looking for an original backglass for many years and still haven't found one.Most lite a Lines were change over to the SINGLE COIN backglasses in them which were bootleg.This tough to beat bingo game is for a real good bingo player who has over 10 years of bingo pinball knowledge and skills as a player. It is also much smaller than most 6 card games in size and has a woodrail look to it even though this was the first year Bally came out with the shiny metal cabinet side rails and painted red metal legs. The girls on the backglass artwork look awesome dancing perfectly in line and remind me of the first bingo Bally ever produced in 1951 called Bright Lights which was also a six card bingo machine. This six card bingo game was a real money maker for vendors back in its day and were in operation on routes for many years, especially since most all the vendors shut off the only feature Lite a Line had called the center spot number which i never seen light until i bought my own lite a line for my collection.Oh yeah it did have another feature called the yellow lines. This yellow line feature was on every card and allowed a player to get paid out 4 in a line for making a 3 in a line and 5 in a lione for making 4 in a line.A player always get cards 1, 2 and 3 for three coins but cards 4, 5 and 6 cost extra coins to light. Payouts on cards 4, 5 and 6 were alot larger than cards 1, 2 and 3.Garage gameroom location 2014.
MIBS Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiAnother Gottlieb wedgehead game I played in the candy store many times growing up from 1963 to 1973.Gottlieb manufactured two other machines with the same playfield layout but different artwork, those games were Bowling Queen and Rack a Ball. When i played a Mibs on location for the first time in the 1960's, i immediately like it because all a player had to do to light SPECIAL was to hit all 3 stand up targets and would give the player a shot for a free replay on one of the alternating SPECIALS on the side out lanes.I restored this "All Original Condition" game in my collection and it plays like factory new.It isn't easy and doesn't happed very often to get all 12 balls to kick out in the backglass or is it easy to get a really high score.Recently in April of 2013 i found a better backglass for my Mibs and now this game has jumped to a higher level in condition.The playfield and cabinet are very nice on this game and with the addition of the better upgrade on the backglass it makes this in sensational condition now. I delete picture #6 of my old backglass with all the touch ups and flaking and will install a picture of the new backglass i paid cash and a trade for a vintage sign. Adding this new backglass to my game has increased the value of this game condition a great deal and now looks amazing in my line up of wedgeheads. Basement gameroom location 2014.Record Book High Score:(11-05)8, 674(all 12 balls scored)
NEW CONTINENTAL GOLDEN (6 CARD BINGO)  Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiI got this "All Original Condition" game in a 12 game package deal i bought from a vendor in Newark NJ.This 1990's manufacture game from overseas is packed with features never seen on any six card EM bingo machine and was made by G.A.A. in Belgium.Digital bingos have so many features it allows a player to win or lose a great deal of money in one complete game.The betting can go up to the hundreds or thousands of dollars in one single game depending on how much the player is willing to invest or gamble and bring the multiplyer up to its max position.I have the game programmed to allow a player to win over 20, 000 replays(cash value is 25 cents per one replay)and the setting can go higher if an operator wants to allow it.I have this game set up and playing next to my Bally Bingo Pinball Machines and is a lot less noisy then the older EM mechanical bingo's.I remember when i first got this game i could play it late at night when our sons were very young and would never wake them up from any type of noise. A player when set up with the key pad system could buy in for 5 extra balls which could make for some really large payouts, but of course could cost a player lots of his cash to accomplish.Located in my garage game room 2000 to 2014. The date today is Oct 24th 2018 and i am looking for anyone that might have some knowledge when it comes to trouble-shooting these oversea electronic bingo pinball machines.My game has worked for over 12 years and at the present time will not boot up and start a game. Please contact me if you think you might now where i can get some help. Jan 2nd 2019: I repaired my NCG and it is working 100% again. Go to Vic Camp Pinball on youtube to view the game play of this great game.
NORTH STAR  Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiI bought this North Star and it came with a painted cabinet in May of 2012. I hope to upgrade this cabinet by finding another North Star with a nice original cabinet.It is a low played game for sure because of the tiny bit of wear on the top of the play field arch and beautiful vibrant coloring of the play field paint. I have added a few pictures of the North Star for your viewing pleasure. I shopped the game 100% top to bottom and repaired all problems and now it plays sensational.My high score in May 2012 is 3576 with 15 relays which maxed out the credit wheel and i didn't have the "ALL ROLLOVERS special lit that game. I think i can get a higher score in the future too.This is one of Gottlieb best wedgeheads for playability made in the early 1960's. I remember playing this game this game in my favorite candy store back in the late 1960's like it was yesterday.The excitement it brought to us player back then was top of the line. This was a game that there was always a waiting line to play with many quarters lined up on the playfield glass.No wedgehead collection is complet without this top of the line Gottlieb EM!Located in basement gameroom 2014
PLAYBOY Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiA pinball collector friend that lives two miles from my house restored this "All Original Condition" game 10 years ago for his nephew who found the game at the curb that someone threw out from their home.His nephew story is it was in the dead of the winter and the game had a lite coating of snow on it when he first saw the game while driving to work.Anyway i bought the game up last night 9-30-14 because my wife seen the game and wanted it after i received pictures in an email.I had to restore the machine to my liking and did some extra cleaning with magic eraser and super clean to the playfield.It came out really nice.I also rebuilt the pop bumpers and flippers and of course fine tuned and cleaned all necessary switches etc. The game plays really fast and powerful now I am especially enjoying this early Bally solid state.The playability on this game is better than most other games from this era.I know it's not an EM but it sure plays like one but alot quicker.located in the 4th gameroom on the family room level makes for easy access to play. High Score to date:
SHOW BOAT Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiI bought this game while vacationing at our beach condo in Florida. I western union the money to the seller and closed the deal out. I been wanting to upgrade my Gottlieb Show Boat in my collection for 15 years and I knew this was the game I was waiting for. It is super clean inside and out for a 1961 wedgehead and I put 60+ plus hours into it getting the game to play and look like factory new. The game meter shows very low plays on it and judging from the games condition it just might be correct? Take a look and judge for yourself. The game came form the previuos owner who had the game for 10 to 15 years and the owner before him had the game for the longest time. I am proud to have this game in my collection since Show Boat is the game that was in my grandmothers house in the mid 1960's to 1970's. I played it there over a thousand times and more.Here below is the a run down on how to play the game and what a player needs to do to win replays.The Show Boat wiring on the flippers is factory original. When a player presses left flipper button, both left flippers between rollovers "A" and "B" swing forward at the same time. The right flipper button when pressed swings both right flippers between rollovers "B" and "C" forward at the same time too. I know of other collectors that have altered the original flipper design and prefer the factory design, which to me is easier for the player to get use to. I found out through the years that most collectors/players find the game not desirable mostly because of the flipper arrangement. It takes some practice to get acclimated to the flippers arrangement and once you do this game becomes a sensation player. The six pop bumper arrangement which all six pops are close to one another makes for exciting ball action for the player and executes the sequence of rolling under the color gates. Normally in Gottlieb EM's you will only have one or two roll under gates on a game, but Show Boat has four. The first time all four colored roll under gates are made it allows the center "B" rollover located between the flippers to increase from 100 point (which a player automatically gets at the start of the game) to 200 points. The second time a player rolls under all four gates it lights the first Special in the center "B" rollover. The third time a player rolls under all four gates it lights the second Special in the center "B" and the fourth time a player rolls under all four gates it lights the third and final Special for a total of three Specials awarded for making the center "B" rollover. Wait there's more....when a player rolls under all four gates for a fifth time they are rewarded a replay for doing this and if a player rolls under all four gates a sixth time or seventh time or eight time they will receive a replay every time. Ok...this games sequence of operation even gets better. Normally when a player has a great game and is accomplishing rolling under all four gates multiple times as listed above and is receiving replays and sounding off the knocker each time by the amount of Specials lit, the player can not forget that they will be reaching the four high scores for replays too. Let me explain what this means..... not only by making the "B" rollover with the three Specials lit for three replays, but the player is also collecting 200 points in the "B" rollover which will add to the high score and give a player replays for high score. Lets say the player has all three specials lit in the "B" rollover on his fourth ball in play and at the moment his score is 1300 points and he will receive replays at 1400 and 1500 points (according to the score card), so when and if the player drops the ball through the "B" rollover on their fourth ball in play they will get 5 replays at one time. Yes.....It will sound off the knocker 5 times (pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, ) and if the his last 5th and final ball he drops through the "B" rollover he can extend his replays to four or five more. Now your thinking this game couldn't possibly offer more to the player...but here comes the finale or icing on the cake with the great playing wedgehead. If a player makes all three rollovers "A" "B" "C" they are awarded an extra 100 points to their total score and lights two match numbers at the end of the game. Yeah it has a double match feature. Oh, I almost forgot to mention about the long stretched out triple rollover lanes on each side of the playfield that score 10 or 100 points depending on when the 10 point pop bumpers are lit. The pop bumpers will light for ten points and alternate when a player rolls under any colored gate. The long stretched out triple rollover lanes score 10 or 100 points. The credit wheel on Show Boat goes well over the standard 15 digit wheel (maybe as high as 28 credits) on most all other wedgeheads and Gottlieb needed to do this because Show Boat is a game I plan on beating for more than 15 replays in one five ball game. If anyone really gives themselves a chance to get use to the flipper arrangement on this game, they might think different about what kind of player this wedgehead truly is.
SKILL POOL Williams (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiHere is another great playing reverse wedgehead from the early 1960's that is challenging and fun to play. The playfield layout with 15 rollover buttons could be the most rollover buttons on any game ever produced and the two ball kickers by the flippers with the sling shot kickers gives a player plenty of action during ball in play. A player must shake and nudge constantly to increase his/her chances of having a excellent game especially when the ball get anywhere near those two gobble holes which are always trying to suck up the players ball.Sweet sounding bells while a player is scoring which seems to be always happening because of all those rollover buttons right smack in the middle of the playfield keeps a players attention. This is a nice pool themed game with a good set of rules towards making special is a must if you like Williams early 1960's single player games, but the backlgass and cabinet is not in great condition.The playfield is nice though.Garage gameroom location 2014 Record Book High Score:not available yet
SPIN A CARD Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiMy uncle had this game in his home back in the early 1970's. I played it there and at my local candy store too.This wedgehead in the pictures i bought off a guy back in the 1990's along with a shuffle bowler and Space Invaders video game.The game didn't work well at all and needed a good shopping out.I bought two other Spin a Cards one had with a better playfield then my game and the other had a near perfect backglass.After up grading my game i ended up repairing both games and was able to selling both games to local buyers.In the long run after many hours of working on 3 Spin a Cards i made myself this beautiful condition machine that stands proudly in my collection today.Games like this one made Gottlieb the leaders in the pinball industry and still today could be the best EM's around.This is a wedgehead for sure...even though it doesn't look like one.Totally restored all original.Basement gameroom location 2014. Record Book High Score:(5-02)13, 446
SWEET HEARTS Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiThis game was the first game i ever owned. My father and i purchased our Sweet Hearts from a vendor in Newark NJ called R&Y Amusements back in 1969 when i was 14 yrs old for the price of 125.00. I totally restored this game including painting the cabinet and new reproduction backglass.My highest score game was 2856 points and 15 replays maxing credit wheel out. There is a pinball players trade secret to this game for making highest possible scores and highest replay totals. Here is the secret for those of you who don't know....when the ball goes through the left 6 card side out the player can hit the ball off the folded corner of the card tray just in front of the outhole bring the ball back up into the playfield.In doing so the player can continue the same ball in play allowing a player to increase their high score and replays wins. This kicking of the ball off the corner of the card tray takes timing and just the right bump to the machine without tilting the game. I have done this 2 or 3 times in a row in a single game. Basement gameroom location 2014. Record Book High Score:(5-02)2, 856
TARGET POOL  Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiI had 3 other Target Pools but not like in this "All original condition" This Target Pool in my collection Looks and plays like factory new! Picture # 7 is a Target Pool i sold to a good friend that has a painted cabinet and reproduction backglass.This is a game i restored to perfection after hauling it down four flights of steps from the owners attic where the game layed dormant for years.When i got it outside in the light to load in my truck i was amazed at the condition and couldn't wait to get it home to start my restoration.I must have over 50 hours of time into the machine but worth every minute i spent on it.This game is a non stop scoring madness with plenty of fast moving ball action because of its 27 stand up targets and playfield design layout. It is very fun to play without a doubt, especially chasing the yellow moving arrows for 300 points on the sides and front bulleye targets located right smack in front of the player on the playfield. For sure is one of the most player friendly games Gottlieb made in the late 1960's with it's larger longer stretched out ball return flipper lanes always giving a player a easy chance at winning multiple free replays by score or special, but never letting a player get bored. Basement gameroom location 2014. Record Book High Score:(7-03)12, 844
TOP CARD Gottlieb (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiPicked this second owner "All Original Condition" wedgehead up from a guy in New Jersey who had the game since 1977. The playfield top arch has hardly any wear at all and the game meter reads 22, 187 plays which seems correct for this long term home use only pin. The backglass had alot of missing ink in the white section where the score reels are located and other flaking throughout the glass, but Steve from Mayfair Amusements had a NOS Top Card backglass in stock, so i bought it. The cabinet is solid with sharp edges and slightly a hint of yellowing but had some scratches that i might be able to touch up. The game played fine except the outhole relay had a switch that needed an adjustment to gat the game to work 100%.I cleaned the playfield with magic easer and super cleal and waxed it and it came out awesome and looks magnificent. The rubbers were newly installed and just needed a cleaning and the game played really good for a game that i didn't clean a switch on. I plan on uploading some pictures soon of this senationally fun player, but want to shop it out correctly and get it to play like factory new like the rest of my wedgeheads.This is one wedgehead i always wanted and i'm glad i found a nice one to add to my collection.What a great player this Gottlieb EM wedgehead truly is. This pin has many skilled shot at stand up targets then other games from its era and the star rollovers play a big part in the game along with the pop bumper scoring when lit.The special when lit feature is spectacular especially having the star rollover between the pop bumpers and stand up target along woith the flipper return lanes too for special.Everything about this game screems great playablity for an early 1970's 3" flipper wedgehead. A player will enjoy the non stop flow of the ball and appreciate the well thought out design of this sensational player.Location in Family Room gameroom 2014. The Top Card has joined the other 24 wedgeheads in my basement gameroom bring the total to 25 wedegeheads. It looks great between to the Atlantis and El Dorado and is in chronolocical order. Record book HIGH SCORE:176, 540/REPLAYS:15(max credit wheel)
TROPICS United (USA)Montato, da riparareSi!
I got a lead from another jersey collector about this 1953 United bingo pinball machine. The game looked nice in the pictures but the previous owner stated that the machine has been sitting dormant since 1961.After receiving some additional pictures and information i thought i would make plans to view the game. Upon my first look at the game in person i thought it would clean up nice but for sure mechanically was going to need a lot of work. I bought the game and took it home and have been working my way through the years of it not being played and finding out it there were more issues than I thought there would be. These days I have not found the desire or passion in the year 2017 to continue to push forward getting the game working 100% at the present time the game is working about 75%. I did finish all the cleaning of the entire machine cabinet, playfield and backglass, which came out really nice(see pictures here on web page).Be on the look out for updated pictures and more information about this sweet playing /looking woodrail bingo pinball machine in the future.
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2001 Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I bought this 2001 because it had a perfect mint original backglass from a great pinball friend in PA. We were always looking out for each others want list and have done deals over the years with ease. My 2001 in my collection had a backglass that wasn't great but still very nice, but I wanted one without a flaw on it. I shopped the game out and sold it to an outside electrical contractor that was working for me in the corporate building I was operating here in NJ for the payroll company ADP. We actually became good friends since he lived only 3 miles from my home in Clifton NJ and ended up helping each other with work that needed to be done around each others homes. I repaired his leaking evaporator in his a-coil mounted on his heating system and he did some much need electrical work for me. He is a extra nice guy that enjoyed playing pinball when he was a young boy. A few years back I called him to see if he might want to sell his 2001 and his answer was are you kidding.... never! He told me he loves his game and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
4 ROSES Williams (USA)Venduto Bought this Williams reverse wedgehead pinball machine at a garage sale after a close friend of my closest friend at work called me up and gave me the address after seeing the game sitting on a table in a backyard. As you can see in the pictures the game needed a backglass for sure and most likely a 100 hour restoration too, but the playfield would have been extra nice after I worked my magic on it. I didn't have the space for it, otherwise i would have got it up and running after hearing from another seasoned collector what a great player it was. I figured the next best thing to do with this game was to get it to one of the northeast EM wedgehead collectors for a restoration and possibly a chance for me to play it someday. Well I knew just who to contact and before you knew a close friend in the hobby added this game to his collection. Of course I sold it to him for what I paid, which wasn't much at all. I seen him at the show this year(2017)and asked about the 4 roses. he replied I really want to do the game and set it up know how it is these days. Hopefully he will pull the game out of his pile and get it going for all to see and play.
4 SQUARE Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Had this game shipped to Allentown Show in PA back around the year 2000 from a fellow collector from another state here in the USA.I totally restored this all original condition game including stripping the playfield and rebuilding flippers, pop bumpers, kickers, etc.Backglass is near perfect except for tiny inperfection.Another great playing wedgehead from Gottlieb. Simple playfield layout and easy to understand the rules.Light 1 thru 4 on playfield four times and SPECIAL is lit. Sounds easy to do but really isn't. Challenging game but once SPECIALS are lit it's a real fun player especially if you like the sound of the replay knocker getting whacked. Targets and rollovers everywhere with a nice pop bumper arrangement too.Backglass artwork is as 1960's as it gets with fantastic coloring throughout the entire game. Setting this game back legs a little higher than the normal will make it play fast and hard with plenty of action.The game must be shopped out or restored mechcanically correctly to evaluate or test the games playability.Played this game at my local candy store back in 1970 and have this game in my collection today, couldn't live without it.Basement gameroom location 2011. Record Book High Score:(7-04)8, 274 (11-09)9, 919
A-GO-GO Williams (USA)Venduto I bought this game in the late 1990's from a home owner here in NJ. The game was on their indoor front porch when i arrived to look at it. Its condition was nice with a near perfect backglass and playfield.I had it in my basement gameroom for a about a year or so and i ended up selling it to make room for another machine. The four flipper arrangement took a little getting use to and the roulette wheel was a nice feature, but slowed the game down a bit. The coloring throughout the entire game was attractive and caught your eye in a line up of other pins. After I sold the game my wife tells that it was one of her favorites at that time. Every now and then I see another one go up for sale but they are in not so good condition, so I'd pass on them. Who's knows you never know when a beauty of a game will show up to buy again.
ABRA CA DABRA Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I got a call from a collector here in NJ that I've known for many years about this Abra back in Dec 2015 but the deal fell through. His cousin wanted the game so I forgot about it. Then a couple of weeks ago in April of 2016 he called me back to see if I was still interested, well the rest is history. I went a grabbed the game the first chance I had at it. This machine had many problems at first glance and the playfield looked decent but I knew I would have to work my magic touch on it to get it to look great. The backglass had some flaking in the wizards cape but the rest of the backglass looked nice. I called Steve from Mayfair and bought a NOS backglass for him. The cabinet looked real nice but had a few scars and nicks that I knew I could touch up to perfection. Plastics by flippers were chipped. I am in the process of restoring the game at the present time but repaired all the electrical problems ahead of time so I can play a few games before the tear down and rebuild procedure. Added pictures today 6-18-16 and the cabinet looks great after a extensive cleaning and tiny bit of touch up with just the right matching colors making it hard to detect where I needed to work my artistic magic. I installed a NOS backglass from MAYFAIR AMUSEMENTS and it looks sensational!I still have a little fine tuning left on the restoration but I am coming to a close and the ABRA will be looking for a spot in the line up of the 42 machines. I might be forced to sell a game from my collection to fit this great player in the line up of wedgeheads. The problem is I am not sure there is anything I can sell from my present 41 game collection. For sure this game is a keeper and won't be going any where soon. Game play on this wide open playfield design is outstanding giving the player skill flipper shots on like no other wedgehead I have in my line up.(see IPDB for my rating)The artwork and colors on this dynamite player really stand out from other wedgeheads and is pleasing to the eye. So glad I have added this machine to my collection and just love playing it too! Finally got to the ball count unit which was mangled like a bear had its paws on it. The large spring had to be taken off and bent back to factory shape in a vise and with the help of two sets needle nose plyiers. I needed to clip a tiny portion of the metal spring off to get it to work to perfection, since the tiny section of the spring was weak from being mangled by the previous owner?. The switches were bent way out of proportion and was refusing to let the tooth gear rest at the stop position pin which is located on the reverse side of the tooth gear. After setting the switches up correctly and repairing the spring and re-adjusting, I got the gear to rest at zero position. This took some time, but the end result was rewarding and the game went into game over mode when the 5th ball landed in the out hole. I still need to take apart the shooter rod assembly and restore it to perfection with new springs and there are a few other fine tuning things I want to do to the game. At least now the game is playing 100% all the way through, including the match feature. I sold the game to a young guy from South Jersey who's favorite Gottlieb wedgehead is(you guessed it)Abra Ca Dabra. I know the game is good hands now and will get the extra love it deserves.
ALIEN POKER Williams (USA)Venduto Got this game from a house in NJ and repaired all the little problems these types of games have with the help of my pinball buddy who knows alot about trouble-shooting and repair.Played the game in my garage gameroom for a few months and then sold on MR PINBALL because i only wanted the EM replay games i played as a kid growing up in my collection.
BALLY BEAUTY Bally (USA)Venduto This is a great early 1952 wood rail bingo pinball machine.This three card bingo has good action is fast paced and there are plenty of features in this game has to excite any true bingo player.Super Scores, 4 corners, Select a number and more makes this one of the better of the 5 three card bingo produced by Bally.Artwork is excellent with the babes standing proud on the backglass and nice coloring throughout the entire game.Had this game in my collection for a while but has been sold to a collector in PA. This person also bought my Bally Dude Ranch bingo the same day.If i had the space for both these games i would have never sold either one.
BATTER UP Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I was hanging out at Kevin's "Classic Pinball" store in Clifton NJ around the year 2000 and noticed this game sitting in the corner of the store along side a pack of other wedgeheads.It was in beautiful original conditon but I saw it would needed a shop job and cleaning up to make it look outstanding.I asked Kevin if it was for sale and he said it wasn't his game and that he would ask the owner if he wanted to sell it to me.Sure enough he made a call and i walked out of the store with the game the same day. I Had this game in my collection for a while and liked it a lot, but was looking to sell it, because i was selling off all my Add a Ball games in my collection and wanted to collect only replay Gottlieb wedgeheads which were the games I grew up playing in Newark New Jersey back from 1963 to 1973. I always liked the Gottlieb baseball themed machines and have had a few of them through the years. Today in 2017 my collection has what I think might be the best baseball themed wedgehead by Gottlieb called Big Hit and Gottlieb made I think 8 baseball themed wedgeheads. Pictures and more information coming soon if possible.
BEACH CLUB Bally (USA)Venduto This game was sitting in a warehouse space in PA and needed just a little TLC.I was there buying a Night Club bingo for my collection and spotted this beauty. I had the game for a very short time before letting it go to a friend at work that wanted a woodrail bingo pinball. This friend at work here in NJ had it for a few years and needed to sell the game.I knew another bingo lover here in NJ that played as a kid growing up that wanted a nice bingo, so he bought it and now has it in his collection of games. If i had room the Beach Club i would have bought this excellent condition super fun player. I love the side cabinet artwork on this game and the backglass too.Worked 100%
BEAT THE CLOCK Williams (USA)Venduto This Williams reverse wedgehead is a great player and i knew i wanted to add it to my collection the first chance i got.Bought this game at the 1998 Allentown Show in PA from a collector who always came to the show with a box truck full of machines.Still to this day 2014 the same guy brings a box truck full of machines.Had this game in my garage gameroom up and playing great.Stayed for about 6 months and traded it to a friend in the hobby only because i needed the space in my garage gameroom for new machines coming in.My friend in PA has a mint condition original Beat The Clock in his collection and when i visit him i get to enjoy one of Williams first multi-ball games ever manufactured.There is a collector here in Union NJ that has two Beat the Clocks and i also visit his collection often.When i am there i play the hell out of both of his Beat the Clocks.It's nice knowing a bunch of other collectors in driving distance.
BIG HIT Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I wanted a Big Hit in the worst way and knew a friend wedgehead collector here in NJ that had one for sale after he found another Big Hit with the woodgrain playfield. Even though it was one of the Big Hit's with what we call the "white playfield" games i still made sure i bought it. I knew in my mind i could find another Big Hit with the woodgrain on the playfield in time. After having this game for only a few months i got a call from a person wanting to sell a Big Hit. This person was a student at a frat house in NJ.When i met with the student the first thing out of his mouth was the game doesn't work. It didn't matter to me after viewing the nice condition woodgrain playfield in the game. He said that him and his friends had to much to drink and tried to repair the game when it broke down during a frat party. When i got the game home i could believe how messed up tons of switches. When i tried to start a game the machine acted really strange like no other machine i ever worked on. I finally got the game working 100% and swap the playfield with the game in my collection.
BIKINI Bally (USA)Venduto Had to have this game and finally bought one from a close collector friend from PA who enjoys the bingos just as much as myself.The game worked perfect when i got and i maintained it through the years i had it my collection.Sold it to a guy at work that remember playing a Bikini bingo growing up and he just couldn't live without it.I really didn't want to sell this top of the line Bally bingo pinball machine that was sought after by every serious bingo collector around.I miss this bingo the most out of the 20 or so bingos i used to own back in the 1990's.Great player for sure!I rate Bikini in the top 5 pick and my reason is because as a collector of bingos you want a game that is extremely challenging, full of features and it has to have that special feature to keep you interested in playing it alot.This bingo will make you want to play it all over again and again and again.Bikini has such a great options like the "futurity game" which enables the player to build up this fantastic high payout game loaded with odds and features and with just one push of a red button located on the lockdown bar.It took me a few months of playing to reach the highest level on the Futurity game but when i did the reward was ever lasting.Today in 2014 i have had the blessing to pick up a beautiful Silver Sails which i like just as much as the Bikini i use to have in my collection.I wouldn't mind having both games one day side by side.If you are thinking about a bingo machine for your collection and want one that is rated on the all time top 5 pick then Bikini, Silver Sails or Golden Gate will meet that requirement for sure.
BLUE CHIP Bally (USA)Venduto I bought this low played beauty yesterday 6-13-15. I thought i might be able to added this sensational condition 6 card bingo to my collection, but i think it might be out of space and i have it up for sale at the present time.Someone is interested in it already since i only have it for sale a few days.I brought this game home and cleaned it up some to make it look even better than it did. I have played this bingo on route back in the 1970's and remember it being a good player. Since playing the Blue Chip here in my collection i've got the chance to really learn all about the features Bally packed into this attractive 6 card bingo pinball machine.This bingo has the 4 corner features, spot a center number , super lines and double or nothing.After playing the hell out of it i also learned the game would spot a center number on any card at random, which makes the game draw a player in even more to wanting to play this cool bingo pinball. The artwork on this game really projects outwards to the naked eye and seems to look like you are viewing it through a 3D effect. See pictures attached.It is going to be tough to not find a space for this beautiful looking and playing bingo pinball for my collection.If i can't fit in, i guess the new owner will be excited to own this sensational player!
BRIGHT LIGHTS Bally (USA)Venduto I got this game in the large package deal in York PA i sealed with a collector who loved bingo pinball machines and one ball horse race games.This was the first bingo ever manufactured by Bally in 1951.It's a six card bingo with beautiful backglass artwork and day glow coloring throughout the playfield. I wanted to keep the game but the number combinations on all six cards were a little different than what i was used to playing growing up in Newark NJ back in the 60s and 70's.The game is much smaller in size than many other bingos produced by Bally because there wasn't much mechanical equipment inside the game.Bright lights was a game without any features and was tough to beat for replays.I'm sure the vendors made a good profit when they had this game on route.I have the second bingo manufactured from Bally called Coney Island. The games bingo cards on the backglass have the number combinations that Bally used until they stop making 6 cards bingo with Dixieland in 1979.
BUCK ROGERS  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Another game i got out of a basement here in NJ.Had this game in my collection for a while and fixed it up, but sold it to a friend at work.The backglass had some flaking but cabinet and playfield were nice.I think he still has the game.This is the same friend i sold my Count Down too.Decent player and nice artwork too.Stayed a short period of time in my garage gameroom because i needed the space.Back then i was bring in about 3 new games each week from hustling around NJ finding machines.
CAPTAIN FANTASTIC  Bally (USA)Venduto My friend who i sold my Count Down to from work at ADP knew of a guy from his old job at IBM who wanted to sell a Captain Fantastic.I had this game in my garage gameroom for a while before selling the game.It never made it down into the basement gameroom because it wasn't in top of the line condition and i really didn't have much space in the basement which packed 25 machines.It had many mechanical/electrical problems when i purchased the game and had to i fixed them all like i always did to games that i found in need of repair.Enjoyed playing the game before it went to its new home here in NJ or was it NY. I remember hanging out with Kevin Mc from Classic Pinball here in NJ who had a mint condition HUO one in his living room that i got to play when i was over his house.
CARD WHIZ Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Just picked this game up last night April 8th 2019. It looks super clean inside and out. I repaired a few issues and got the game playing 100% correctly. Afterwards i started cleaning switches and adjusted flippers etc. I ended up cleaning and waxing the playfield and installing new rubbers and i have a few more things i wants to do it to make it play better. For now, its up and running in my collection since may 2019 without any issues and today's date is Aug 29th 2019. More to come on this excellent condition original game. Well, time has been flying by and today's date is 3-13-20. I haven't done much more to this game except play it. I can't believe what a great player this game turned out to be. The playfield with the kick out hole, drop targets, Joker stand up targets, left midway rollover lane, right side out free ball gate and more makes this game a blast to play! The three different colored stand up target Jokers play a big part in the sequence and will light the kick out hole for a replay on special and adds extra 1000 points on scoring. The nine drop targets when all down lights five different card combinations in scan bonus feature and exposing stationary plastic block targets for more 1000 point scoring. This games production run was only 3, 250 compared to the sister 4 player game called Royal Flush which they made over 12, 250.
CENTAUR Bally (USA)Venduto A vendor in East Orange NJ called me after seeing my wanted pinball poster in a store near by his shop.He said if i wanted the game i had better get here soon or he was throwing the game into the garbage because he said he made his money off the game and now it needed to much work to get it back up and running and he wanted the space it was taking up.When i got there and looked at the game i noticed some parts were missing and i was kind of going to pass on th game, but the guy made me an offer i coundn't refuse.After making the deal i realized the guy might be connected to the Italian Mob and reminded me of an actor on the Souprano's HBO show.I know of these kind of people from growing up in the North Ward in Newark NJ where they hung around in them social clubs ouside on the sidewalks in the nice weather.He treated me like a kid brother and was very fair and friendly but firm.I had this game a very short time in my collection and was one of the few games i did not get up and running before i sold it, so i traded it for my Williams 1963 Skill Pool that's in my collection today and glad i did.I shipped it out with my forward air account for about $90 back in the 1990's to a good guy in Utah who just had to have the game after viewing the pictures i sent him.I know i have some pictures somewhere(got to look) that i can scan...if so i find them i will post them here.A collector here in NJ has a mint top of the line CENTAUR that i got a chance to play at his pinball party this year and man is this a great player!
CENTIGRADE 37 Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I jhad this game in my collection for a short period of time before trading it for another machine that is in my collection today.  
COMET Williams (USA)Venduto Bought this game off a guy that managed a store that i was hanging up my pinball wanted signs in.One day he called my number on the pinball wanted sign and said he was going to call the police if i didn't stop posting the signs in the store. I stopped posting signs for about a year or so in the store and thought it was time to go back to the store and post a pinball wanted sign again.Well after posting the sign sure enough i get a call again from this manager at the store. He tells me this time he had a game at his home he wanted to sell.How about that..i ended up buying his game and i never had to worry about posting signs in the store he managed.The backglass was faded but the playfield and cabinet were nice(see pic's).Fixed a few minor problems and it stayed in my garage gameroom for a two months before selling it to a person in South Jersey.I enjoyed this game as a player and our two young sons liked the game too, but again it had to go because my collection was for games i played growing up as a kid only.
CORRAL  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Bought this game from the Allentown Show from Nick Rash in 1997 in awesome condition.Every serious EM collector knows Nick is the best on the planet even though there are many other talented restoration people.I kept the game in my basement collection for 3 years years until i traded to a collector friend in NY for my ROYAL GUARD which i still have in my collection today.Corral looks like an add-a ball but isn't.Tough game to beat by special.The flipper arrangement isn't the normal on this wedgehead but makes the game challenging for sure.The game is somewhat of a drain monster to a the average player.If i had the space i would have it in my line up of other games.I traded it because i didn't remember playing it as a kid growing up in the 1960's and wanted a Royal Guard really bad. I made the trade and never looked back. Royal Guard is a better player than Corral in my opinion.
CROSS TOWN Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I was at one of the Classic Pinball Summer Shows in Wayne NJ and had a beautiful restored Target Pool i had set up on free play for all to play.Attached a sign that said NOT for SALE.At the show was a seriuos pinball collector that i never met but heard of and he was very interested in my Target Pool even though the sign on the backbox read NOT for SALE.Throughout the day of the show this collector offered me crazy money for my Target Pool but i had to decline because i loved the game and had just spent over 70 hours of restoration time, which i just completed the day before the show.The show ended and this collector interested in my Target Pool some how got my phone number from someone who knew me.Well to make a long story short i ended up trading for his Cross Town after he made me an offer i couldn't refuse.Afterwards I missed the Target Pool so much that i trade a 1948 Seeburg juke box i had just picked up from a home in NJ for another Target Pool that a collector friend got from me months ago.When i got this Cross Town home i had to go through the entire game and work my magic getting the game to look and play like all my other wedgeheads in my collection.Once in placed into my line up it shined and stood out from the rest. I enjoyed the game play and really didn't want to sell it after having the game in my collection for a few years but it was the same old story i had limited space and new wedgeheads were flocking in like unwanted birds and needed to be place into my collection after restoration. Who knows what the future will might be another Cross Town! I miss that game and regret letting it go.
DIAMOND JACK Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I waited over 5 yrs or maybe it was longer for this Diamond Jack and never really knew what game it was until the guy finally let me in to look at it.I remembered being at a garage sale and asking the guy if they had any pinball machines in his home.He said he did but he couldn't let me in because he wife was sick.I asked him the name of the game and he replied something Jack and wasn't really sure.I gave him my number and told him to call me.Well a year went by and i attended his garage sale again.At that 2nd garage sale i begged him to let em in to look at the game, but said he was sicker then ever and didn't let me in to see it.I think i left him a letter in his mail box to not forget about my interest in his pin and call me when he is ready.I think i might have attended a 3rd garage sale at his house but told me the same old story about his wife being sick.I told him i totally understood.Well by this time i thought i never would get to see this Jack or something game and wanted to give up on trying to see this the pin.Anyway one day out of the blue the guy calls me and said his wife had died and that if i am still interested in the game i could come see it.The rest is history.I cleaned the game up and repaired all the problems and played it in my garage gameroom before selling to a close friend in the hobby for the price i bought it for which wasn't much.The guy gave me a good deal on it.
DIXIELAND (6 CARD BINGO) Bally (USA)Venduto This 6 card bingo was the last EM bingo Bally produced. The game is loaded with features for a EM game and has a 11 coin max limit. The player could win $600.00 in a single 5 ball game for just dropping in the 11 coin max limit of $2.75. Let me explain how this happens. I was playing this bingo called Dixieland and just cracked open a fresh $10.00 roll of quarters. After shooting out 4 of the 5 balls while playing a game i needed the number 21 hole for a five in a line win on the sixth card which would pay me (300 replays) if i made it, plus i made the lit magic number which doubles your wins automatically which would pay me now ( 600 replays), then by chance the sixth card was paying a double-double card feature that was lit which would make the wins (1200 replays) if i made the number 21. Well, after making the 21 "like the ball had eyes on it" and completing a five in a line. I then had the nerve to double down on the double or nothing feature that flashes up at the end of the 5 ball game which turned my 1200 replays into 2400 replays. Thats right, the total pay out was 2400 replays at 25 cents a replay which equal a cash out payment of 600.00, not bad for putting in the maximum coin limit of 11 quarters into the game which is $2.75. This game is the very best EM 6 card bingo Bally ever produced and without a doubt the most fun to play. A bingo player will never get bored playing this 6 card bingo because of the unlimited amount of number combinations throughout the game to shoot for. This bingo will almost always give players a winning number combinations if you always drop in the 11 coin max limit.This is the KING of all EM 6 card Bally bingo pinball machines ever produced.Garage gameroom location 2014.
DOMINO Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I bought this game just for the center plastic form my good friend Dave M. I needed this center plastic for my near mint original Domino which is still in my collection today(2017).The machine was very clean inside and out, but the cabinet was painted bright yellow(see pic's). You would almost think if you could remove this yellow paint you would find a perfect original condition design from the factory. The edges on this game were un-damaged and very sharp to the feel while sliding your finger up and down the edge. I sold or was it traded this game to the same collector friend that bought my Sinbad, Williams Beat the Clock and Gold Rush that I traded for a Dixieland bingo for. Not sure what he ever did with the game but maybe next time I see him I will ask. Knowing him he should still have it stashed along with his other 300 machine collection
DUDE RANCH Bally (USA)Venduto Played this cool mechanical sounding nickel two card bingo in Royal Arcade on Seaside Hts N.J.(FUNTOWN PIER)boardwalk back in the late 1960's. The arcade owner would pay you out in Cigarettes instead of cash and i rememeber winning a carton for a 100 replays.I also was lucky enough to find a DUDE RANCH in the basement of a dollar store about a mile from my home a few years ago in very bad mechcanical condition for $75.I restored it and played it for a while before sending it to its new home because i had to make room for a Bally Bikini.Had this game in my collection for a while but has been sold.Pictures and information coming soon.This is one bingo i miss because of sentimental reasons.I won't have any trouble finding another one but the problem is (like always)i don't have any place to set up with near 40 games in the house already.I always wondered if this Dude Ranch could have been the actual game that i played on the boardwalk in Seasisde Hts?
EIGHT BALL Bally (USA)Venduto This is the first eight ball i found 20 years ago in a home here in NJ.Repaired some connectors and the game powered up and played, so i shopped it out and played it for a few months.I forget who and where i sold it to.Artwork it real nice and was a decent player for that era.
EIGHT BALL  Bally (USA)Venduto Ok...check this story out.This true HOME USE ONLY (HUO) 8 ball in this posting(SEE PICTURES) was a game that i found at a house sale here in NJ. I took pictures of the game and proceeded to strike a deal with the ownwer's son.We settle on a deal for $450 for the game and gave him the cash.I started taking the the head off of the game and was walking out to the truck to put the head safely away for transport and the owner of the 8 ball comes over and says that his son made a mistake on the price and handed me back my cash from payment. pinball hunting days had to been good to me and i didn't get mad that i was about to be stripped of a beautiful HUO 8 ball that was not going to be added to my collection.I brought the head back inside and mounted everything back together. Would had been a sensational keeper for sure!This game needed a easy clean up and wax and would had been a museum piece! Check out the pictures closely and see for yourself what a gem condition game this was "You win some and you loose some".
EIGHT BALL  Bally (USA)Venduto Found this 8 ball at another home here in NJ.I fixed a few problems and play the hell out of it.I liked the coloring and artwork.Had this game in my collection for a while but has been sold.Pictures and more information coming soon.
EIGHT BALL CHAMP Bally (USA)Venduto Just picked this Excellent condition Bally Eight Ball Champ. It is a blast to play. I will add some pictures soon of this like new condition game.  
EL DORADO Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Found my very nice "All Original Condition" El Dorado in a basement here in N.J. The game had a vending sticker on the card tray that said R & Y Amusements(located in Newark NJ). My father and i bought my first game ever back in 1968 called Sweet Hearts from R & Y which made the El Dorado find all the more sweeter 30 years later.Not much to dislike about this beautiful looking and playing Gottlieb wedgehead. Nice artwork throughout for a 1970's western theme pin and fantastic playfield layout.The game is hard to beat by score and even the top EM players have trouble getting over a 150, 000 points consitantly or ever breaking 200, 000 points, but lighting SPECIAL is easier to make for sure.I really enjoy the competition of trying to beat this game by score and this is what makes me want to play it over and over again. The four flipper arrangement is awesome and gives a player a whack at the ball from a different angle especially the top playfield flippers which are just close enough to the top arch drop targets to get a quick skill flipper shot every once in a while if the ball is played correctly by the player. A player must be observant constantly looking around the playfield to find the correct flipper shot etc...because of the yellow and white moving 5000 point when lit drop targets and rollovers and much more too.Basement gameroom location 2014. Record Book High Score:(1-02)144, 710
FAR OUT  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto A little old lady from West Orange NJ called me up on this game and said she had the game in her home since the late 1970's. When i first saw it looked nice and i knew a clean up and repairing would make it a keeper.I took it home and worked my magic on it and got it to look and play real nice.There was a collector here in NJ that i became friendly with and i thought i would make him a deal he would never i sold him my King Kool and the Far Out both cleaned and shopped for what i paid for them which was a very low price.I wanted him to know how close of a friend he was to me and how much i enjoyed his friendship. I had this game in my collection for a short while before passing them along to this guy. I sure hope he appreciated what i did for him and hoped he had as much fun playing the game as i did.
FLIGHT 2000 Stern (USA)Venduto I remember getting a call for this early Stern pin from one of my classified adds i had posted in my town back around 1999.It was stored in an outside garage of an 3 story apartment building for many years and seemed to have took a toll on the backglass some.The women who i spoke to said it was her sons game and that he wouldn't be back from a trip for a few weeks.I went back another time when the son was there and wanted more than i wanted to pay for it, so I packed up and went home. I told him to see if he could get the money he wanted and if not to please call me back. Well again i didn't hear form him for over a year or more and thought to give another call back myself. The timing was perfect since he said the game has to go because they were moving and it couldn't go with them. He said he would except the price i quoted him the last time I was there. Back then there weren't to many people looking for these solid state types of pins and were not as popular as they are today in 2014. I ended up giving it to a close friend collector who flipped or traded the game instead of getting it working for play. Don't forget back in 1999 getting information and parts for the solid state games wasn't readily available as it is today in 2014. The good thing is I met a collector who had a sensational collection of just early Stern games that played like factory new. I got an invite to his home after he got an invite to my home and had a chance to play his Flight 2000...Man that game is a good player. So were many other of his early Stern games. U ad quite an experience that day at his home playing all those early Sterns. It made me want to go out and buy a whole bunch of them for my collection, but that wasn't going to happen since I was already out of space with 40+ machines and 4 gamerooms in my house.
FLIPPER POOL Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Bought this game off Classic Pinball in Clifton NJ around 1998 along with my first Central Park which i ended up selling to Nick Rash in PA.I had the flipper Pool in my collection after i did a total restoration on it for about 3 or 4 years.It was a sensational player for an Add a Ball and only sold it because i picked up a beautiful Bank a Ball.I was brought up on replay games living in the large city of Newark NJ back in the 1960's and remember playing Bank a Ball which was the replay version and remembered playing Bank a Ball on the boardwalk in Seaside Hts shore area of NJ.If i had the room i would have both games because they have different game play and Flipper Pool for sure is a top rank Add a Ball in my opinion.
FREE FALL  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Got a call at work one day back around the year 1999 and the person said they had an old Gottlieb game called Free Fall and was located in West Cadwell.I asked the guy if he was available at that moment and explained i was at work but could meet him in ten minutes.Well...that's right i zoomed over to his place which was very close to where i was working at the time. The price was right so all i did was pay him and load the game in my work van. Brought it home that night and cleaned it up and fixed all the probelms and was playing the game by 9pm the same day.Life was good back then!Ended up trading the Free Fall after having it for a couple of months along with a High Hand i had in my collection at the time for a Buckaroo and cash.
FUN LAND  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I got a call from a women who said the game was her ex husbands who loved the game dearly. She also mention that she won it in the divorce and wanted to sell it for a dollar to me she could tell him that she sold his beloved game for a buck and stick it to him where the sun don't shine......I know it seems pretty mean, but I didn't mine at the time and i really wanted a Fun Land real bad. I met her during my lunch time break from my day job and she insisted that she help me carry the game out the basement. Not sure why she wanted to help out but it sure was easier then humping the game up the stairs on my hand cart alone. When i first bought the game someone had painted the cabinet a bright red color, who knows when that happed.I removed all the red paint on the cabinet and to my surprise and the original painted artwork was in beautiful condition once exposed.I did take many hours at a slow careful pace to get all the red paint off, but it was worth the effort. I had this game in my collection for a while but has been sold to bring another new game in to take its spot in the line up and missed it dearly not having it anymore to play.Oh well, i could always seek another Funland for my pinball pleasure in the future I thought.I really enjoyed this game and i remembered playing this game too in candy store located 50 ft from my home in Newark , New Jersey on Summer Ave back in the late 1960's.If i had the space today it would be in my collection of wedgeheads. It has a great amusement artwork theme on backglass and a fun spin unit in the center of the playfield like Flip a Card does. This year I visited Nick Rash out oin PA to see/play his collection and I noticed a beautiful all original Fun Land in his garage workshop where he does all his top of line restorations for all of the most serious collectors around the globe and is the USA. I mention to my good friend Nick that if the owner of this Fun Land ever wants to sell the game to let me know. That game would fit in perfect in my collection. Pictures and information coming soon hopefully.
FUN-FEST Williams (USA)Venduto Picked this game up from a home in NJ. I had it in my garage gameroom for awhile and like the play. It had had more features then most 1970's pins. The lower cabinet was full of stepping switches, relays, trip banks, etc.This game was heavy than most 1970's pins too. I sold it to an HVAC outside contractor i hired to do some renovations from my large corporate building that i operate at my real job.He had it in his collection for a few years.He was moving inrto a new home and couldn't take the Fun Fest with him so he said i could have it for free.I didn;t have any space at the time , so i gave it to my boss at work for free. This game is very colorful and ais a real good player too. If i had the room i would have put it back into my collection.
GATOR Bally (USA)Venduto Picked this up last month.Nice condition for sure. Check out pictures. I enjoyed owning this game for the short time I had it. It was a fun player and had some cool ways to get the ball back into the shooter lane for a do over ball.The zipper flippers is a great design and for sure many people are looking these types of EMM's to their Bally collections.If I had the space for this game I would have never sold it.
GAY TIME Bally (USA)Venduto I picked up this Bally Gay Time bingo pinball machine form a 10 game package deal here in NJ on 10-7-15. I cut out two stepping units from the backbox for the coils and still have the stepping switches in my parts pile, minus the coils.I also cut out the coil and assembly from underneath the playfield for the number 7 hole. I just needed the spring which I used on my Gay Time in my collection and have the coil and assembly for future use. The playfield is missing the plastic posts, springs and light towers and is in nice condition. I am thinking the right person could get this bingo operating correctly again with some time and effort. If someone doesn't show any interest soon, I am going to have to strip it for parts. I will post some pictures soon of the playfield cabinet and backglass incase anyone is interested in trying to restore this great player. The game has no legs.  
GAY TIME Bally (USA)Venduto This early five cents 1950's Bally woodrail bingo pinball machine is a blast to play.It's a multi coin bingo which means a player at the very start of the game can drop as many nickels into machine as they desire. The more nickels a player drops into the game will result in more features for larger payouts.This 1950's woodrail bingo is a exciting game to play.Having 4 moving lines and being able as a player to jump the ball from numbered hole to numbered hole across the top row of numbers 1 thru 7 is just awesome and the best features this game has to offer.Red and Yellow scoring feature, corners, two extra odds scoring, 3 extra balls and other features set this bingo apart from some of the other early 1950's woodrail bingos. True bingo players will love this game because of the way a bad game could turn into a great game(gotta play it to understand what i mean). Bally enginerring staff did a sensational job thinking out want the player wanted in a bingo when they manufactured this one of a kind bingo. Gayety is the only other bingo that gives a player a chance to jump balls from one numbered hole to another, but doesn't have all the extra features that Gay Time has but still is a geat bingo. I sold my Gayety and missed it so much that i just had to find Gay Time to take its place since it had many more features then Gayety and that's what i look for in a bingo. It was amazing that in no time i came across a Gay Time for my collection what a great condition game i found too. It had a few minor mechcanical problems when i brought in home but is playing sweet now since i have gone through the game.I adore the great looks of this machine (coloring /artwork) but by far is a fantastic player for sure.If anyone ever has a chance to play this outstanding woodrail bingo then do so, but beware you might be looking to add this top of the line player to collection! This beautiful "All Original Condition" woodrail bingo is one of my favorite one card games made in the early 1950's.Was in my Garage gameroom location from 2006 thru 2014.Sold to Nick Baldridge in Virgina 7-15
GAY TIME Bally (USA)Venduto A collector friend who was at one of my Thursday Night pinball gathering played my Gay Time and wanted to add one to his collection. I found this one of a kind condition Gay Time for him in Ohio from a customer of Jeffrey Lawton. This older gentleman who was in his late 80's had stated he had the game for over 50 years in his home.Judging from the pictures he looked to be telling the truth.After Jeffrey personally delievered the game to my buddy in NJ we knew the story was true after seeing and playing this like new condition bingo.My buddy is moving to an other state after he has this bingo about a year or so and asked if i would likek to buy it. Well i did and i am ever so happy i did. I spent about 6 hours cleaning it up from top to bottom and it came out spectactular!This early five cents 1950's Bally woodrail bingo pinball machine is a blast to play.It's a multi coin bingo which means a player at the very start of the game can drop as many nickels into machine as they desire. The more nickels a player drops into the game will result in more features for larger payouts.This 1950's woodrail bingo is a exciting game to play.Having 4 moving lines and being able as a player to jump the ball from numbered hole to numbered hole across the top row of numbers 1 thru 7 is just awesome and the best features this game has to offer.Red and Yellow scoring feature, corners, two extra odds scoring, 3 extra balls and other features set this bingo apart from some of the other early 1950's woodrail bingos. True bingo players will love this game because of the way a bad game could turn into a great game(gotta play it to understand what i mean). Bally enginerring staff did a sensational job thinking out what the player wanted in a bingo when they manufactured this hole hopping and moving numbers bingo. Gayety is the only other bingo that gives a player a chance to jump balls from one numbered hole to another, but doesn't have all the extra features that Gay Time has but still is a geat bingo. I sold my Gayety and missed it so much that i just had to find Gay Time to take its place since it had many more features then Gayety and that's what i look for in a bingo. Check out the pictures of this sensational condition bingo from the early 1950's.
GAYETY Bally (USA)Venduto This is a beautiful looking woodrail bingo and a spectacular bingo game to play especially because of the feature called Magic Pockets. The Magic Pocket features allows a player to move the ball from one hole to another hole or (back and forth)on any of the numbered holes on the top first row 1 thru 7 by a touch of a button on the lock down bar when this Magic Pocket feature is lit. This bingo also has the Magic Lines feature which allows a player to move the numbers lit on the first three lines vertically up and down giving the player many many options to make a winning number combinations throughout the one card.This game stayed in my collection for 5 years and then i sold it to a person that remembered playing it as a kid growing up.He was from NY STATE.I now have GAYTIME in my collection so i do not miss the game anymore.
GOLD RUSH Bally (USA)Venduto Found this game in a NJ home basementand it didn't have a playfield glass on it, but I could see through all the dirt on the playfield that it would clean up almost like new.The playfield was very dirty and alot of things needed repairs, but the playfield artwork and coloring were very nice(see pictures)I got the game going with some help from a my closest pinball friend and the Gold Rush ended up Staying in my garage gameroom for about 5 months. Traded to a collector friend in PA for a nice conditon fully working Bally 6 card Bingo pinball machine called Dixieland. Everyone that has some kind of knowledge about bingos or collects them knows Dixieland is the last 6 card bingo pinball machine Bally manufactured back in 1978. I played bingo pinball machines for over 20 years on route in Newark NJ and found Dixieland to be my favorite 6 card game along with Bally 1961 six card game called Lite a Line. He was very happy with the trade and so was i.
GOLDEN ARROW Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I bought this low played beauty yesterday 6-13-15 with only 16, 000plays on the game meter.I needed to renovate the garage gameroom to get the Golden Arrow set up and playing. It took me more than 3 weeks to clear out and re-organized the outside wooden shed and garage to fit the GA in.The game is finally in it's new home standing proud with the other 40+ plus pins in my collection. The playabilty on this late 1970's wedgehead is spectacular! The game originally was found by jrpinball in Sparta NJ and restored by jrpinball in NY and sold at the Allentown Show in PA.Our close friend who lives in Sparta(yes that's right the game went back to Sparta)bought it and added this beauty to his 20+ collection of near perfect mint looking machines.It became available for sale to me after our buddy from Sparta was moving out of New Jersey to Florida. So now the Golden Arrow is in my collection and still here in NJ. Sometimes these games get around and you never know where they will end back up. Hopefully it will stay with me for a long time.Since owning and playing this game for about 5 months now to my surprise i found out what a great player this late 1970's Gottlieb wedgehead really is. A player must master the top arch rollover numbers 2 and 3 to complete squence and obtain "Special When Lit" features to win replays or free plays. Once the player gets the 10 number squence completed the fun starts and the player can win on any numbered rollover when yellow/golden arrow is lit.A player can move the lit yellow arrow form one number to another by getting the ball to move over the star rollover in the center of the playfield or by sending the ball through the left top and right top spinners.for this game has some nice skilled target shots on the stand up targets number 1, 4, 7 and 8.There are also two green bullseye stand up targets that will score 10, 000 points when lit and will sound the big gong bell when hit. Yes, this game has chimes and a large gong bell too.The flipper return lanes come in handy for the player and can be scored by a soft semi kind of back flip which can cuase the ball to go up and down the rollover number 6 and 9 scoring double points or replays.I like the way the pop bumper arrangement is and a playeer will gets a thrill making rollovers and targets at the top of the playfield. Soon i will post my highest score to date.
GOLDEN GATE Bally (USA)Venduto This early 1960's bingo is a magic screen game and is at the top of the list when it comes to collecting Bally bingo pinball machines.The golden game feature on this sensational playing bingo pinball is also on the sister game called Silver Sails which i have in my collection today.(see above)I Had this game in my collection for a while but needed the space and let it go for a low price.Pictures coming soon if i can find them.  
GRAND LIZARD  Williams (USA)Venduto A women called about this pin from one of my locations where i posted Wanted Pinball machines Dead or Alive.The game was located in Upper Saddle Brook NJ and was bought new by a Hollywood Rapper who had made it big in the recording industry.After getting bored with the game he gave it to his full house keeper who sold it to me.When i went to the houise to pick up the game i couldn't believe the size of this place.The house was worth about 2 Million dollars on the NJ market.The game was in excellent conditon and played perfect too.I Had this game in my garage gameroom collection for a while but ended up selling it to a person at work for thier collection.Got to look around for some pictures of the game. I do remember taking some but maybe the are not digital.
GRAND PRIX Williams (USA)Venduto This Grand Prix o got in a package deal of three machines.The other two games were Williams UPPER DECK and SPACE MISSION.All three games were in awesome orignal condition see pictures posted here if available.Had this game in my collection for a while but has been sold to a local buyer who love cars etc..and he put it in his man cave.Pictures and more information coming soon.
GUN CLUB Williams (USA)Venduto A home near where i used to work in Roseland NJ is where i bought this game.It was another one of those little old lady deals where the husband had pass on and it was time for her to sell off his pride and joy.The game was very dirty when i started my restoration, but came out really in nice condition. When i was done with the cleaning and shopping the game worked 100% and played great too. If i remember correctly i think it sold to someone in another country.I might have pictures of it all wrapped up and packed for shipment. I was glad I had the game in my collection for a little time so that I could get a feel for an older game I would have never played on location.
HAUNTED HOUSE  Williams (USA)Venduto I remember finding this game in a basement home here in NJ.The game was in nice condition but didn't work when i powered it up at the basement home.When i got it home and checked it out all it needed was a fuse to be changed and it play perfect with maybe a few imperfections that i repaired in no time.It was a nighmare lifting this widebody pinball machine which weighed alot more then the pinball machines i was use to finding in basements, but once in my truck i was a happy guy for sure.I was smart enough to bring a close co-worker friend who was 6' 2" and over 240lbs to help lift this monster of a game up the longest set of stairs i had seen in awhile.Had this game in my collection for a while but has been sold to a person in PA.Pictures coming soon if i can locate them.
HI DEAL  Bally (USA)Venduto I found this really nice 1970's game from a home basement in NJ.The game was in awesome condtion without any wear at all throughout the entire game at first glance and for sure wasn't on location at all for any length of time. I knew if I brought this game home I could make it look and play like factory new, but at the time I was hauling in many games per week and quite possibly didn't have any room to even bring it back to my garage. Since it wasn't a Gottlieb and at the time that was all I was interested in I ended up selling the game to my closest pinball hobby friend on the spot at the owners home when i closed the deal. He still has the game and I hope someday he will shop it out and I would get a chance to play it. Pictures and information to follow.  
HI-FLYER Chicago Coin (USA)Venduto Picked a Hi Flyer in 1997 that was in excellent condition. Will post pictures if I can find them.  
HI-LO ACE Bally (USA)Venduto This game has a great story behind it but is much to long to post here. I will sum it up in some quick words though.Many years back i found this game in a home here NJ.I got it very cheap even though it played great and looked good.The person was in a rush to get rid of it so i helped them out with a small cash payment on the spot.Had this game in my collection for a while but i got a call form Kevin Mc at Classic Pinball who was located in my home town of Clifton NJ.Kevin said a close friend of his who i never meet wanted to buy the game.I didn't really want to sell it because i liked it as a player and its looks too.So the deal was off.Then about a week later a guy called me saying he was friends with Kevin and he was the one that wanted to buy my HI LO ACE.He said he had a lead on a KING OF DIAMONDS in Toms River NJ just a few miles from Seaside Ht boardwalk shore area and thought it could be the game i rememered playing as a small kid back in the late 1960's. I wanted a KoD badly at the time and he would give me the information and lead if i would sell hime the Hi Lo Ace for what i would pay for the KoD if i closed the deal.Well the reat is history. i ended up with the KoD and got my Hi Lo Ace and we are still best friends in the hobby almost 20 years later.Life is good!
HIGH HAND  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto This is the last game i remembered playing on location at the candy store 50 feet from my house on Summer Ave in Newark NJ in 1973 when it was manufactured.Through the years i have had three High Hands and for some reason i ended up with this beauty and i am glad i did.I made a trade for this like factory new "All Original Condition" High Hand with my close friend in New York.I lost a really nice Williams single player early 1950's woodrail called TIM BUC TU in the deal.Some vendor operating pinball machines in New York turned this replay game into a add a ball game but was must have been a flop with the NY add a ball players and because of this it has very low plays.I totally restored this cream puff from top to bottom with over 50 hours of hard labor.The results were outstanding.This is a must wedgehead for any EM pinball collector that is very good player and likes a challenging game to beat by score or SPECIAL.In late 2011 i re-wired the game back to being a replay game and glad i did.Having wired to play like a add a ball was fun for awhile but sometimes the game would extend to long of a period.These days i just want to play a 5 ball game which only takes 2 to 5 minutes and move on to the next game. Basement gameroom location 2014. Record Book High Score:(3-05)542, 720 points in add a ball mode. High score set on replay version will be posted soon.
HIGH HAND Gottlieb (USA)Venduto This is High Hand #1. I bought this pin from a Dr. on the west coast.I had it shipped through my forward air account in Newark NJ back in the 1990's.It had been restored by someone on the east coast. The webbing was done thicker than factory spec. It had a nice playfield and backglass.It stayed in my collection for about a year or so and needed room for another new wedgehead coming in.So i had to list it for sale.I can't remember who i sold it to though.
HIGH HAND Gottlieb (USA)Venduto This is High Hand #2.I picked this nice condition High Hand up from a guys home in NJ that was close to the building i worked at back in the 1990's. I ended up trading this High Hand plus a Free Fall and cash for my Buckaroo thats in my collection today.
HOLLYWOOD  Bally (USA)Venduto I picked this game up from a home here in NJ and was part of 3 game package deal.The owners were moving and their grown children didn't want the games that they grew up on playing for some reason.It stayed in my garage gameroom after repairing a few problems and getting it working 100%.The funny thing about is when i sold the game to a guy in PA it became part of another package deal that he and i had going on at the time. The game was a decent player and was in excellent condition throughout.
HOLLYWOOD HEAT  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Another game i pulled out of a NJ home from a classified add i had up in the town of East Hanover...which was the next town over from where i worked in Roseland NJ. I brought this pin to my garage gameroom where it didn't not stay long enough for me to repair. I never got to play this nice conditon machine and ended up selling it to a collector in NY who saw my listing on MR PINBALL. At one of the Allentown shows someone brought a Hollywood Heat there and i got to play a game or two on that one.
HOT LINE Williams (USA)Venduto My close childhood frind who doesn't collect pinballs know of a person at the Jersey Shore who had this game for sale.I took the info down and wrote it on a piece of paper but lost the paper.I calld back up my friend and he siad he threw out the paper he had the number on of the guy wit the HOT LINE.A couple of weeks went by and i called my buddy back up and said please see if he can contact the person he had got the number from the first time he called me.Well...i didn't stpr huanting him until he finall got the number again.Once i he gave me the number again i called the person to schedule a meeting.Found the game not working correctlyu and missing the back door but the playfield looked good and i got it cheap so off to my house it went. Iremember it was a cold damp rainy day at the Jersey Shore when i picked the game up. I took my youngest som Michael with me and maybe my oldest son Victor too.We had a great trip rounding up that game.Had this game in my collection for a while but has been sold to my closest friend in the hobby.He ended up selling the game to Randy from WILDWOOD NJ.My buddy brought the game down from NY where he lives all the way to WILDWOOD NJ and we all meet at Randy FASCINATION arcade on the boardwalk that bright sunny warm summer day.Me and my friend spent the rest of day at the beach with our familys and was just picture perfect.What a great memory i will never forget.This is what makes this hobby and pinball so special to me.Pictures and information coming soon.
ICE REVUE  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I got this game in a two for one game trade.I had just restored a Target Pool and had it set up at Classic Pinball Summer Pinball Show in NJ and a collector there at the show that day just had to have it. I didn't want to trade this beautiful Target Pool, but he made me an offer of a two for one trade i couldn't refuse. The next week after i let my Target Pool go i had to find another one and i did. A close friend in the hobby had Target Pool close by and i traded him my SEEBURG trash can juke box for his Target Pool. His Target Pool needed a ton of work. I totally restored this Target Pool but ended up selling it after i only had it a couple of years.I found another TARGET POOL in near perfect condition in NJ that i have in my collection at the present time and this one isn't going anywhere.Anyway i had this ICE REVUE which is great player in my basement gameroom for years before giving it to a close friend of mine in this great hobby.I did a lot of work to this game to make it play like factory new after i received it in the trade.
JACKS OPEN Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Bought this SAMPLE game from a collector from Canada on Rec-Games pinball after they posted. I met him at the Allentown Show in 2010 and picked it up there from him.I brought it home and shopped it out completely. I played it for a while and really had it sold before hand but couldn't help myself and had to repair it and play it to ease my addiction.It ended up going to a friend of a friend and he brought it to Florida. I believe it came up for sale on Ebay in 2013. This game had mylar throughout the playfield and because of this it kept the playfield in real nice condition. Over all the cabinet playfield and backglass were in excellent condition.I wonder who bought this game off of Ebay and where it might be located today.
JET SPIN Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Got this beautiful original condition Jet Spin(see pictures of this near mint game) on a trade before selling it to my good friend who bought my Kin Pin and restored Target Pool who lives just 2 miles from my home in Nutley NJ.I had this game in my colection for 5 years and loved everything it had to offer a player.Could be one of the best 4 player games from Gottlieb in that era.I can go play it anytime i want too.It was tough to let go this beauty but if he ever wanted to sell the game he has to call me
JOCKEY CLUB Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Found this game in a New Jersey basement laying on the floor next to a boiler.The legs were off the game and the machine was buried with junk on it.The condition looked bad, but when i got it home and cleaned it up it came out nice.I never got the chance to shop it out and play the game because i sold it quickly to a woodrail collector in South Jersey shore area.He loves the double award games that Gottlieb manufactured. I know there weren't that many types of these double award pins produced, so i had to pay top dollar to get it..
JOLLY  Exhibit (USA)Venduto A women called from my classified add i posted in one of my lucky locations.She said if i came look at the game i could have it for some small cash.When i got there the game had so much stuff on it i couldn't see the playfield.I told her that before we move off the stuff how much was she asking.She turned to me and said all i want is 50 bucks.I couldn't reach in my pocket fast enough.This game really cleaned up nice once brought it home from a basement house here in NJ.It had no playfield glass but the playfield managed to stay in excellent condition like the rest of the game.
JUMPIN JACK  Williams (USA)Venduto Found this game in a NJ home basement around 2001'.Cleaned it up and repaired all the problems.The game stayed in my garage gameroom for 6 months before selling overseas to a collector in another country.Liked it as a player and the artwork was awesome too.If i had the space it would had been another pin i would have never sold.
KING KOOL  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Grabbed this machine out of a house here in NJ and had this game in my collection for a while after i cleaned and shopped it out.It was a fun player for a multi-player game and i loved the backglass artwork and coloring.The four flipper arrangement was different and made the game player friendly.
KING PIN  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Picked this game up in a home here in NJ.Sold this game to a close friend to add to his collection.Had it in my garage gameroom for a while and it almost made it into my basement gameroom which houses 25+ wedgeheads.Great player for sure.
KING PIN Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Picked this game up from a collector friend here in New Jersey on Nov 2nd 2017. It needed a back door and metal channel door rod, lock down bar, out hole mechanical arm assembly. It must have been sitting for 30+ years and hadn't been played since that time. The backglass was in excellent condition and I've never seen a better on a 1973 King Pin. The playfield was in nice shape but had the common wear marks on the top arch from the kick out holes. I had to clean and adjust the major relays "F" "A" amd a few others. The ball count unit switches were doing the opposite of the normal functions and cleaned and adjusted it properly. The light bulb sockets were in great shape, but the lenses needed to be cleaned from underneath the playfield with Q-Tips because of the dirt there. Drop Targets looked to be in amazing condition and shown no signs of wear at all. More to come....
LINE DRIVE Williams (USA)Venduto This early 1970's pitch and bat is a fantastic player with good quick ball action and a player could adjust a knob inside the lower cabinet for strong bat power. Playfield design is wide open for plenty of clear powerful solid hitting. The shiny metal homerun ramp is so nice to have along with the colorful bull eye targets that light up with bases loaded. Lets not forget to mention about the sound board in the back box can be adjusted in volume so a player can hear the fans cheering, fireworks sounding off, siren screeming.There is also a backglass light animation show of the fireworks lighting up when i a player gets a homerun.This pitch and bat was in horrible condition when i got it in a trade around 1997.The previous owner had cut the entire cable harness that connected the head to the cabinet.This game was in poor condition and a lot didin't work throughout the entire game.I did a total restoration and fixed every problem and there were many.I kept it in my collection for 5 years and then sold it on Mr Pinball.Great player for sure and i miss it alot. If i ever get the chance this is a game i would want to put back into my collection.It doesn't get any better when it come to pitch and bats.
MATA HARI Bally (USA)Venduto I got this game out of a home about 3 miles from my house in Bloomfield NJ.The person had seen my sign "Wanted" pinball machines Dead or Alive posting.When i saw the game for the first time i knew it was in like new condition.Take a close look at the pictures of this low played beauty.I traded this one of a kind condition machines for a decent Gottlieb Melody that needed alot of work.After many hours spent on the Melody i ended up trading this Melody for a very low played Gottlieb Volley in near perfect original condition.If i had the room this beautiful condition Mata Hari would have stayed in my collection and i would have just bought the Melody out right. I always wished i had more space so i could have kept some of these super lowed played clean pinball machines i was finding in homes in and around the New Jersey.
MELODY  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Picked this game up in a trade from my close friend and traded him a near perfect condition Mata Hari for it.Had the game in my collection for a while but traded it for a beautiful Gottlieb Volley which is also in near perfect original condition.The Melody was traded to another amazing restoration specialist here in New Jersey who did a sensational workmenship job on it. I seen and played this Melody after i traded it and could believe how much it looked and played like factory new.Great job Mike B!
MISS BOWLING TURBO altro (vedi note)Venduto I had 9 Miss Bowling Turbo's which came in a package deal i got from a vendor in Newark NJ.These games were in his warehouse for a long time after he took them off location because all the NJ bingo players were use to playing 6 cards for many years.I sold 8 of them and kept the best one for me.The game is manufacted by either WIMI or Sirmo.I had this game in my collection for a while and enjoyed it to no end.I sold it to make room for another machine after having it in my collection for near 5 years and regret badly.If i had the space at the time i would have never let go of this sensational player.Awesome game that i miss dearly.Heck, who knows someday i might buy back one of the 9 i sold someday.
MISS UNIVER  Bally (USA)Venduto I got two of these 18 hole Bally bingo pinball machine that were part of a giant deal i had going with a long time collector in York PA. I drove a large box truck 6 hours round trip and bought 28 games that day.Man did i sleep good that night.I had the games in my hands for a very short while before selling both of them to the same person.  
MONTE CARLO Bally (USA)Venduto This was a game i bought from someone at work that was moving. The year was about 1986 when i first started out in the hobby. The condition of this game was very good. A guy from Chicago bought the game from me off of Mr Pinball and drove to NJ with his son to pick it up. The guy ended up driving into NY city to take his son to a RANGERS hockey game. They stayed over and drove back to Chicago the next day. About 1 week later a got a letter and inside were pictures of the Monte Carlo in its new home. One of my favorite things about selling games was meeting new people and seeing the smile on their faces after getting thier machine to bring home.I have sold over 100 machines and met some people from all walks of life and enjoyed every minute of it.
MYSTERY Exhibit (USA)Venduto Got this 1947 game from a home basement in 1998.It was buried under all kinds of cardboard boxes and bags that and you wouldn't have know it was a pinball machine under there.The guy told me it was his fathers game and he played it as a kid growing up and that was it was 30 years ago when his played it last.I cleaned off some of the heavy dust and saw how beautiful it looked.Brought it home and got it to work and played it for a while.It was taking up space that i needed for new games that were coming in so i listed it on Mr. Pinball and it sold in one day. The lucky buyer was David Silverman.He wrote me an email and thanked me for selling him such a nice condition woodrail for a below average price and that worked 100%.
NAPLES Williams (USA)Venduto Got this game in a big package deal i had going with a guy just staring out in the pinball bussiness in PA.I had this game in my collection for a while but had been sold to a guy that lived in Naples florida that just had to have it. I brought it to the Allentown show for him and he picked it up there. I love the backglass artwork and the game play was good too. If I had the room for the game I would have never sold it. You can't have them all....
NASHVILLE Bally (USA)Venduto I bought this game off a collector in Maryland.We met on the NJ turnpike on a hot summer day.I used blankets to shield the sun after i had set it up at the gas station we met in.I brought a 200 foot extension cord to get power at the nearest outlet in the gas station.I bought a Stock Market Bally bingo too that day from him.Both games worked perfect so i loaded them up in the truck and brought them home.Had this near perfect like factory new game in my collection for a while but sold it because i wanted a Bally Dixieland bingo.Pictures and information coming soon.
NASHVILLE Bally (USA)Venduto This is the second Nashville i've owned. It came in a large package deal i got in York PA. I brought the game back home with me and ended up in my friends collection who lived 2 miles from my home. I think i got pictres somewhere and will post them if i locate them.
NEW WORLD Playmatic (Spain)Venduto I picked this 1976 New World game up from the previous owner who said they bought it "new in the box" for the State of New Jersey to use in their rec centers. It was first put in a YMCA in South Jersey and didn't get played much there. It stay at the YMCA for about a year and a half. It was then moved then to a Summer Camp for boys in Monmouth County, NJ and stayed there for only a few weeks. The removed the game from the Summer Camp because the boys would not stop playing the game and didn't want to do any other Camp activities, so they removed the game. The previous owner was a supervisor for the state of New Jersey and ended up bring the game to their home in late 1979 where it stayed until I picked it up. This machine is in near perfect condition and plays 100% now since I have gone through the games components top to bottom. It plays fast and furious.
NIGHT CLUB Bally (USA)Venduto This game is the only game i have in storage and is in storage as a parts game.The cabinet is in my attic and the backbox is in my shed.I had the game powered up and did play but needed some switches cleaned to make it work 100%. The backglass has been modified by a vendor years ago and isn't original looking. I have pictures of tht BG somewhere and will post if i find. I needed a couple of coils for my other bingos through the years and took them from the game. The playfield is worn and all the hardware on the playfield has beed removed and boxed. This game would make an easy project for the seasoned EM specialist tech.This 1956 nickel wood rail bingo by Bally has back light box animation called Magic Squares or what us players call the moving or turning corner numbers and is a sensational player and a must for any serious bingo player or collector.I had another real nice Night Club in my collection for over 5 years, but traded for a beautiful Jet Spin that was in my collection for a while before selling the Jet Spin to a friend who lives about a mile from my home. Don Hooker with his genius mind once again did an outstanding job making this bingo such a challenging and fun playing game. Bally loaded this bingo with so many exciting features that it made it hard for a player not to get addicted to this game right away. The double, triple and quadruple scoring feature is simply superb and when a player gets a big win on this feature the replay meter sounds like a machine gun firing off.In this 1950's time period bingo players around the globe wanted as many features Bally could put into a game so they including Before 4th or 5th ball and After 5th ball which meant a player could move all 4 magic square numbers which equal 16 total numbers. There is also two spotted numbers feature (2) and (18)and extra ball in Bally hole number(16) rewarded a free ball when lit.The game also including the 4 corners pays 5 in a line feature and the 3 extra balls at the end of the 5 ball regulation game.Game was in storage from 2001 to 2015. This game is no longer in my collection and went to a good home where it was restored to 100% working order. The new owner now has a game he always wanted and is being loved and enjoyed.
NIGHT CLUB Bally (USA)Venduto This 1956 nickel wood rail bingo by Bally has back light box animation called Magic Squares or what us players call the moving or turning corner numbers is a sensational player and a must for any serious bingo player or collector. I had a beautiful condition Night Club in my collection for over 5 years and played it constantly and for long periods at a time. Don Hooker with his genius mind once again did an outstanding job making this bingo such a challenging and fun playing game. Bally loaded this bingo with so many exciting features that it made it hard for a player not to get addicted to this game right away. The double, triple and quadruple scoring feature is simply superb and when a player gets a big win on this feature the replay meter sounds like a machine gun firing off.Had this game in my collection for a while but has been sold.Pictures and information coming soon.Traded this game to a guy for a near perfect Gottlieb Jet Spin.
NIGHT RIDER Bally (USA)Venduto I can't remember ho I acquired this EM game, but do recall having it set up and playing. The game a clean machine and I had it working great. The one thing that sticks in my mind as the loud buzzer sound a player got to hear after reaching a certain goal. Hopefully my memory allows me to think about more details where and when I got this game. Not sure if I even have a picture of it either. I guess out of over 150 machines that passed through my hands this is the one that I have the least information about. I do now I had the game at my day job in the main electric room and was playing it there. It might be that I picked the game up at lunch time and sneaked it into work, fixed it there and sold it to some in the building that I worked with in the same day.  
NITRO GROUND SHAKER Bally (USA)Venduto This game still sits at my sisters house in NJ and plays perfect everytime i visit there.We bought the game from a friend my father knew back in the late 1980's.The backglass is perfect and the playfield is very nice with original factory mylar on it.Cabinet is solid but has some fading on one side more then the other side because my sister had it by a window for many years..This year 2012 i re-rubbered the game changed some light bulbs and waxed it.Super fast with the DC voltage and fun to play.Next time i go there i will take some pictures and post them for all to see.Great backglass artwork for the time period.Located off gameroom site at sisters home 2014I was at the Allentown show this may 2017 and was talking on the phone to a friend in Florida when I over heard a conversation with 3 guys standing next tome. It seemed like one of the guys was looking to buy a Nitro Ground Shaker but said he didn't have one to sell. That's when I said excuse me but I have a Nitro Ground Shaker that I might be interested in selling. Well the rest is history. We struck a deal and the guy drove from PA to NJ and picked up the nitro ground shaker that I owned for more than 30 years. I also asked him if he wanted a working 1972 Seeburg jukebox that was the first juke I ever bought over 25 years ago. He said yes and he went home with to working nice machines for his gameroom. I can't wait until he sends some pictures of these two machines at their new home In PA.
OLYMPICS  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Bought this game off a guy in NJ that listed the game on MR Pinball.When i got to the house the game was in the basement and i thought it might be in nice original conditon, but to my surprise it wasn't very nice and didn't work correctly.Bought it anyway and was glad i did.I liked this game when i played it back in the 1960's.This game for sure is a great player.Great pop bumper arrangement.This pin a not easy to beat by Special and is very challening.I really want this game for my collection...but i already have to many pins at 32 games the last time i counted.
PAUL BUNYAN Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I just picked this game up on April 16th 2019. I have 50+ hours into this 1968 Gottlieb 2 player and it is so much fun to play with the six flipper arrangement. The game is working 100% and I can't stop playing it as of lately. Giving the player six flipper to use during play makes the game feel like it has 3 different playfield levels. The ball spends most of its time in the center of the playfield and the player gets to whack the ball around with the middle set of flippers there and for sure it feels great that you can actually control your shots at multiples of targets , pop bumpers rollovers from the center of the playfield....If your looking for a really fun game that you can play against another person, then this is a game you must try out and play. I like the carry over feature with the A B and C scoring sequence too. The backglass is in very nice condition but has some flaking in Paul Bunyan's shirt sleeve that can be easily touched up. The cabinet is in excellent condition. The playfield isn't so good and will ne a seasoned artist to touch up the missing paint to make the playfield look better. This is a sample game from the factory and has low plays. It was located in a New Jersey home since 1970 and didn't get played much. For sure this back glass artwork is very attractive and pleasant to the eye. I have many other pictures of the game and can send them out and or post them here real soon.
PLAYBALL  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto This game came to me as a part of a three game package deal. The other two games were Bally Eight Ball and Bally Quarterback.Got it home and cealed and shopped it out.The game stayed in my basement game room for about a year or so and ended up selling it to make room for another new game coming in. I also played this game in the candy store by my house back in the 1970's in Newark NJ.
QUARTERBACK Bally (USA)Venduto Picked this game up in a 3 game deal.A close friend of mine in the hobby wanted this game for his close friend that owned a football team. He wanted this game to add to his collection of football coin op machines.I cleaned and shopped the game before going to its new home.
ROAD KINGS  Williams (USA)Venduto A friend at work who was the facility manager at the time siad his girlfriend had a pinball machine she wanted to sell. I asked if i could cal her and check it out. I set up an appointment to see/play the game at her home in NJ.The game was in very nice condition and worked except for one error code. I gave her a fair price for the game and home it went with me. I had the game in my garage gameroom playing perfect and my two sons who were only 7 and 9 had a blast with this digital pin. I ened up needing the space and sold it to a IT guy in the Building i worked in.I ened up selling IT guy 3 other games down th road when he was building his collection.
ROLLER DERBY Bally (USA)Venduto Got this Bally magic screen bingo in NJ that was from a 10 game package I was selling for a friend. The game works great and has a nice playfield. The backglass is only in fair condition and the cabinet has been painted almost to the original design , but color is wrong.  
ROYAL GUARD Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Traded my beautiful Nick Rash restored Corral for this excellent "All Original Condition" Royal Guard to friend in NY.He still has the Corral in his collection of add a balls so i get to play it when i visit him every year at his pinball gathering.I've heard a rumor that this game was supposed to have backglass animation of the soldiers legs swing back and forth as if they were marching.Again another great playing wedgehead that doesn't get enough credit for playabilty, but in my opinion is a fun and challenging game to play.I remember playing this wedgehead at the corner candy store in Newark, New Jersey were i lived from 1963 to 1973 and the players then loved this Gottlieb EM.I know everY pinball machine that passed through that store and most of all of them were Gottlieb wedgeheads and in "brand new condition" right off the pick up truck and de-boxed before they set up them up inside the candy store.I liked this game alot when it first came out in 1968 and still today love to play it to death.Those side large fan target SPECIALS are so cool to score on when lit, especially when you can score a special bya flipper shot or by the side sling shots kickers..... knock, knock, knock! All original and totally restored. Basement gameroom location at presnt time.Record Book High Score:(4-03)4, 524(11-09)6, 700 The Royal Guard was sold to a great guy in the UK and I know it will be cherished for a long time by him. Before it was picked up by the shipping company I played the game non stop for a day and ended up pinning the credit wheel for the max of 15 replays. Oh what a feeling!
SEA ISLAND Bally (USA)Venduto I got a call from an older gentleman from my classified add i had posted in my town back in the late 1990's. I have been playing Bingo Pinball machines since 1969 and was stoked when this person said he had an old 1958 Bingo called Sea Island.When i got to the house to view the game i seen it was in excellent conditon except the backglass had a lot of flaking and the game didn't work 100%. The playfield and cabinet was reall nice though and thought i got to have this game. After chatting a while about my love for the bingos and about how i collect these types of games the guy said i could have the game for free since it meant more to him that it was going to a good home that would care for it.I argued with the guy to please at least take $50 and take his wife out to dinner.I took the game home and repaired all the probelms getting it to work 100%. I also bought a NOS backglass from a operator in Georgia for the game and dropped that in making this bingo a beautiful condition original game. I had the game in my collection for 5 years and sold it to a guy in NJ that played this game as a kid growing up in the late 1950's.
SEA RAY Bally (USA)Venduto I remember having this game in my garage gameroom.Need some time to think about where i got and who i sold it to. I think the game came from Classic Pinball Corp in Clifton NJ.Back then Kevin Mc was bring in games EM by the boat load.  
SHOW BOAT  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Must have played this game thousands of times back in the late 1960's. My grandmothers house just a few houses from my house had a Show Boat in the basement for years back in 1967 that my uncle bought.I remember thinking what a great feeling it was to go there anytime(never refused)which was daily for a couple of years until my father bought me a pinball machine of my own for our house in 1968.This is one game that brings back so many great memories for me, but i got to tell this game is a great player and i'm not saying that because i have some sentimental feeling for it. I totally restored this "All Original Condition" game to the best of my ability and it plays super nice.If a players goes under all the wire colored gates three times it will light the red specials inthe center rollover lane "B" and will sound off the knocker three times pop, pop, pop!Looking to upgrade my playfield and backglass if possible in the future. Just picked up another Show Boat on MAY 5TH 2018 to restore and will be selling this one from my collection. The game works perfect and plays like factory new. It has been taken care of threw the years and will bring joy to anyone who buys it. It has never broken down for over 15 years. It has been in my private collection for near 15 years. Basement gameroom location at present time. Record Book High Score:(2-04)2, 383 I just picked up another 1961 Gottlieb Show Boat that is upgrade from this Show Boat I have for sale at the present and will be restoring it to perfection.
SILVER SAILS Bally (USA)Venduto My buddy Jim from Del Music Co. got a call from a guy here in NJ that he wanted to fix or sell this "All Original Condition" Silver Sails he got from his brother that moved out of NJ and gave him the game.At first i wasn't sure if i wanted to even look at the game but after talking to the guy i went to look at the Silver Sails anyway.After viewing and repairing a few problems at the guys house i knew i had to have this game.I owned a Golden Gate and remembered how great a player the game was and Silver Sails is the same exact game as Golden Gate.The only real problem was the guy had broken the backglass trying to get into his basement.I search around and came up with a near mint condition NOS silver sails back glass from Karen in Indiana who's father once owned and operated a coin op business back in the 1950's and 60's, so i bouhgt this glass from herand had it shipped to my house.I got the game home and had it set up on plastic horses which didn't hold the game up for very long and it ended up on my garage floor after i notice the horses started to bend etc...I will post some pictures soon after i completed my total restoration and explain how the game features work etc...To add this game to my already 36 game collection i had to move around 3 other machines to make room for it.I am thinking it will be all worth while once i complete all the work and get it into its new location in my attached garage gameroom where i have all my other Bally bingo's and Williams games..My 26 Gottlieb wedgehead flipper game are all in the basement gameroom.I finally completed my Silver Sails and added the pic's 10-8-12 for everyone's viewing pleasure.This game has been blessed to have the worlds most popular bingo pinball machine guy and author of the two Bally/United bingo pinball machines books Jeffrey Lawton helping out with some hard to repair problems including a complete course of all the features this top of the list bingo can give a player.I also have to mention Jim owner of Del Music was present that day when Jeffrey was there and contributed his expert bingo pinball machine trouble-shooting skills and knowledge.Thanks Jim for the lead on this beauty of a bingo pinball machine.Hanging out on the final days of completion of the Silver Sails with Jeffrey and Jim is a day i will remember for a long time.I am in contact with another collector and i could be trading a Silver Sails playfield for my game.Dennis D came through and i made the deal with him for a excellent cond Silver Sails playfield. Dennis was so kind to me and was the easy deal i ever made.He also sent me some much needed instructions/score cards for all my bingo machines. Thank you Dennis!My Silver Sails looks sensational now. I will post some new pictures of the Silver Sails playfield soon.Pictures of the Silver Sails playfield have been installed 12/2014.Please check them out. Location Garage gameroom at the present time and going nowhere soon.
SINBAD Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I bought this game from a home in NJ.The condition of the game was HUO(see pictures). I never got to work on the game and get it going.It was taking up too much space.I listed it on MR PINBALL and it sold the same day to a guy in PA.This guy and i became friends in the hobby and made many other deaks throughout the years.I have been luckly and have had the pleasure of meeting so many great people in the hobby. Sharing the same passion makes for a good friendship most of the time.
SING ALONG  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Four years ago i restored and added this like factory new "All Original Condition" wedgehead to my collection after buying it off a nice guy from PA.I drove a 12 hour round trip for the game but was worth it for sure after i cleaned it all up.Little did i know at the time that this game would be the last game i bought from 2009 until 2013.This "all original condition" SING ALONG was in home use since 1969.If you blind folded my eyes and asked me if i could by listening to the sounds of the scoring what game it was Sing Along would be the easiest one to identify. The kick out hole scoring would be the dead give away to identify the game especially when a player has two or more colored numbers lit in each of the kick out holes.When the game does counts the scoring in the kick out holes when jumping across to each of the four kick out holes the game produces a musical song like melody like no other wedgehead.If this game had some sort of back glass animation it would be at the top of the list of best wedgehead ever produced by Gottlieb. Looks and plays like factory new.No painted cabinet or reproduction backglass on this beauty or playfield touch up.This is truly a gem of a wedgehead and a top of the line player. Basement gameroom location 2014.Record Book High Score:
SKY KINGS Bally (USA)Venduto Purchased game from a home here in NJ.The condition didn't look that good when i first looked and the game becuase it was covered with 20 years of dust and dirt.IT was sitting on the floor of garage for all that time.I shopped the machine and it cleaned up and it came out awesome and could believe how it shined.Decent player for a Bally and fun to play. I gave this game to a close pinball friend from the hobby who i known for many years.Didn't have the space for it at the time and he had helped me out so many times in the past.
SKY RIDER Chicago Coin (USA)Venduto Got a call from a teenager that his parents say it was ok to sell this machine that was in their attic when they purchased their house recently. The game was in excellent condition with a beautiful cabinet, playfield and backglass. The only issue with this beauty was the playfield lens were starting to sink a little on the playfield.I cleaned and shopped this game and had it in my collection before selling it locally here in NJ. It looked sensational after i worked my magic on the game and played good even though it was manufactured by Chicago Coin.
SKYLINE  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto This game came in a 8 game deal that i conducted in the late 1990's.Stayed in my line up of weedgeheads for a couple of years.I had the pleasure of being a proud owner of this nice original condition Sky Line which stood noticeable in my line up of 24 American made wedge heads back then. This attractive game has outstanding coloring and artwork throughout the entire game and is enjoyable to view and fun to play. The comical light box animation on this classic 1960’s wedge head has two separate moving animated mechanical devices in one game with the elevator doors opening/closing and the arrow pointer indicator stepping up/down for each floor as player is rewarded during game play. When looking at the playfield with its perfectly polished metal jewel posts for the first time gives the player the impression that the five pop bumper arrangement would have lots of quick ball rebounding action , but I think because there is a dead pop bumper and wire rollover pinwheel type unit between the five pops that it tends to die the ball out which isn’t appealing to me.The game also seems to have a luck factor once the player gets the special is lit, as it quickly races around the playfield at random.
SPACE INVADERS Bally (USA)Venduto Picked this game up from a home here in NJ around 2002.It didn't play but powered up and tried to start a game.Cabinet, playfield and backglass were in excellent condition.My buddy helped me get this game out of the house and when we brought it back to my garage it stayed there for a few hours and went home with my buddy that night.I remember playing a Space Invaders on route back in the day and liked its play.  
SPACE MISSION  Williams (USA)Venduto I had 2 space missions.I sold the first one i got back in 1994 to a friend across the street from me. I think he still has it and there are pictures of it here on this site.The pictures are the first three on the page..The other real nice game in my collection for a while but has been sold to a guy here in NJ just 3 miles from my home.Pictures and information coming soon.
SPACE MISSION Williams (USA)Venduto This is the first Space Mission i picked up from a guy here in NJ around 1995. I had it for a while in my garage gameroom and sold it to a friend who lives across the street from me.
STAR POOL Williams (USA)Venduto Another home game found in NJ.I went through the game and got everything working correctly and it cleaned up real good too, especially the cabinet.Stayed in the garage gameroom for about 2 months and sold it to a person who wanted a game for the child.
STOCK MARKET Bally (USA)Venduto My friend who lives across wanted a 6 card bingo so i bouhgt him this Stock Market when i purchased my first Nashville. The game came from a 20 hole bingo collector on MD.We drove down the NJ Turnpike and met John R. on the highway. I brought a 200ft extension cord and plug the games in at a NJ Turnpike gas station to check them out and make sure they were working 100%.My friend had a Chevey Blazer at the time and we managed to fit both games in the Blazer. Of course we had to put the lower cabinets on the roof.It's a trip i'll never forget, especially since it was my first owned bingo in my collection.I think Stock Market was the first 6 card bingo with the double or nothing feature.I remember this game coming out back in the early 1970's and thinking how nice of a feature to double your replays at the touch of a button located on the lockdown bar.Had this game in my basement collection for a while back in the late 1990's after my friend wanted to sell it and i bought it from him. It stayed in my collection for a few years, but sold it because i wanted a Bally six card bingo called Dixieland and found one.
SUPER SCORE Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I picked this game up at the Jersey Shore area. It was in the seller home for 50+ years and not played in 40 years. Hopefully the mechanical and electrical components do not need to much of my service. This 1967 Gottlieb 2 player is being restored at the present time. The playfield and back glass are in excellent condition and the cabinet will clean up nice. I intend on touching up the cabinet where needed to make this game look all around in great condition. It might take a 100+ hours to do so, but it won't be the first time I worked on a machine for 100+ hours. The backglass artwork is awesome with the artist placing some of Gottlieb's pinball from the 1960's. The good thing about this game is I lean towards games with 4 flippers. I had a 1966 Williams A Go Go which looks a lot like Gottlieb's Super Score and enjoyed it's playabilty. See pictures on my page here.
SUPER SOCCER  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto This game was a Gottlieb Soccer and not a Super Soccer.I remember getting this game in the late 1990's from a close friend i worked with who knew a guy selling some machines. I had this game in my collection for a while but as i was constantly bring in a new game one in the line up had to go. I had a friend at work that started to collect pinball machines and sold the Soccer to him. He had it for the longest time and sold it to another guy that worked with us who started to collect too. It is good solid player and had a nice flow to the play. I just found out the other day the game has been sold again to another New Jersey collector. I actually had a change to buy ti back twice but of course with 40+ machines in my home, which is the limit, i had to pass on it even though i wanted it back.
SUPER STAR Williams (USA)Venduto I Bought this pinball from a VP at work that was having a giant tag sale at his home.The game was in awesome condition and worked perfect too. I had to take it out the back door of the home so none of the other buyers at the house sale knew I prepaid for the game the day before.After a cleaning and wax the game played so fast for an EM.It stayed in my collection until i sold it back in 1999 to a collector who I think still has today in his collection.
SURE SHOT  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Found this "All Original Condition" wedgehead in a home in Essex Fells NJ.Through the years i had a total of 3 Sure Shots and this one was in amazing condition and as close as you can get to HUO. The inside of the machine is so clean you might have thought it to be a HUO game. I traded my first C-37 from my collection for this awesome original condition Sure Shot which i gave to a friend when he helped me get a Addams Family one day with his van.I hoped someday i would get this Sure Shot back in my hands again and trading him the C-37 i had at the time made it happen.This wedgehead is not easy to beat either by score or special.It will challenge a players EM skills to the extreme and will make you want to play another game.The artwork and coloring is very nice on this 1970's machine.This one in my collection is in sensational condition and plays like new.Check out the pictures and if your ever in NJ drop me an email to come by and play it.Totally restored.Basement gameroom location. Record Book High Score:(8-06)185, 690
SURE SHOT Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Here is a second Sure Shot i had but can't remember at the present time where it came from. I do remember who i sold it to though. I had it set up and playing in the garage gameroom for sometime and enjoy the gameplay even though it wasn't a game i remembered playing as a kid. The game was in nice condition and very clean inside the cabinet.
TARGET POOL Gottlieb (USA)Venduto I have owned 4 target pools. Here is the green stucco painted cabinet as i remember it and my 3rd one on the list. I stipped this stucco paint off and re-painted the cabinet around 1999. I had it in my collection for a while and sold it because i found the Target Pool that stands proudly in my collection here in 2014.
TARGET POOL Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Here is the first of four Target Pools i bought.It came from my pinball buddy who lives 2 miles from my house.My buddy didn't want to sell me the game because the lower cabinet wood board was pushed through and the motor board and electrical parts were hanging out the bottom of this game, but i had to have it.He sold me the game for what he paid which was too much, but i didn't care at the time. This game needed a ton of work to get set up and playing, but after 50 hours it was up and running like a champ and looked decent too.The cabinet was only in fair condition but once again solid structure wise. The backglass and playfield turned out decent too.
THE ADDAMS FAMILY Bally (USA)Venduto A person called me about selling the game from one of my classified ads.Went and look at the game and bought it on the spot.Repaired the flipper problem and cleaned it up with new rubbers.Look and played great after i went through the game.Kept it in the garage gameroom for a while and then brought in down into the basement gameroom.Stayed there for 6 months and ended up selling it to a person from NJ.It went to a good home and i made a friend out of the deal but i never forget the crying faces on my two sons when the guy took the game away in his truck.I liked the game but needed the space for another EM i was adding to my collection and i got tired of playing a 3 ball game for over a half hour each time i would coin up.
TICKER TAPE Bally (USA)Venduto I bought this game off the same vendor i bought the package deal of 12 digital bingos in Newark NJ.It worked perfect but didn't have the nicest playfield.He had it on route for many years dating back to the 1970's and must have made a boat load of money too.I must have spent my entire youth growing up playing 6 card bingo from 1969 to 1990's.Had this game in my collection for a while but has been sold to a friend i grew up with in Newark NJ who also loved playing the bingos back in the day.
TIM-BUC-TU Williams (USA)Venduto Got this game and a game called Naples in a big deal i had going on with a person in PA.This game stayed in my basement gameroom for a few years and even made it in my upstairs pool table room.Great player for a 1950's woodrail and had about 13 ways to hit a special for a replay.I traded it to one of my closest buddies in the hobby for the beautiful all original condition HIGH HAND(see pictures here)that is in my collection today, but miss it dearly.Someday i will get to play it again.
TOP SCORE Gottlieb (USA)Venduto Look at pictures 2, 3 and 4 in my below listed Top Score here on my page. Those pictures are of the Top Score i found in Sea Side Hts, New Jersey shore area in a shed in the backyard of a home very near the ocean. The game has rust throughout the machines including all the springs on relays. I thought to myself when i got it home and plugged it in that it couldn't ever work.To my surprise the dam game fired up and tried to play a complete game through.Man..them Gottlieb were built to endure failure.I guess that why Gottlieb was the front runners in the pinball world.
TOP SCORE  Gottlieb (USA)Venduto This game came in the home find package deal i got with the Jumpin Jacks.Went through the game and it cleaned up nicely.I kept it in my garage gameroom for short period of time before selling it to a collector here in NJ.The machine went to a good home and i made another pinball buddy.
TURF KING Bally (USA)Venduto This game came in my 20 game package deal back in 1999 from a top bingo pinball machine collector who lost his warehouse space or was getting out of the hobby. Actually there was two Turf Kings in the package but one he said had the back cabinet dropped of a truck some years ago smashing the backglass. Turf King is a one ball machine.Bally made these one ball machines in the 1940's up to 1950 and then Bally started manufacturing the Bally bingo machine in 1951, was designed after the one ball horse race themed games mechanical and electrical engineering by Don Hooker .I shopped the game out and got it working perfectly. I Had this game in my collection for a while and enjoyed the game with its one ball fast paced type of play.I needed to sell a game to bring in a new game, so the Turf King i sold to a friend's cousin who lives close by my home here in NJ.It has been over 10 years since i sold the game. It might be time to give this buyer a call back to see if he wants to sell it back to me. For sure it was a cool Bally gambling type pinball machine which i enjoyed a lot.
UPPER DECK Williams (USA)Venduto I bought 3 games off a older person here in NJ.He told me he bough the games back in the late 1970's and had been in their house since then.Just take a look at the pictures of this low played beauty.Meter reads what i think is the true plays on this one of a kind condition late 1970's Pitch and Bat.Garage gameroom location. ALL original totally restored. *Sold to fellow collector here in NJ.
VARIETY Bally (USA)Venduto Bought this game out of a basement home in Allentown PA.The lady said her husband was an operator and he took the game off route with hardly any plays on it.I kept the game in my collection for 5 years and sold it to a collector friend in PA that has an awesome collection of coin op machines.He still has the game too.For a 1954 woodrail bingo this one looked and played like new.I had to make some repairs when i first got the game but it worked flawless after that.
VOLLEY Gottlieb (USA)Venduto A few years back I had a MATA HARI that was as close as you can get to Home Use Only. See pictures on my web page here to view this near perfect MATA HARI.I thought about keeping the MATA HARI but at the time I didn't feel like installing all new pins on the connectors and work on the boards, so I traded the game for a Gottlieb Melody (add a Ball)that I knew was in demand and very sought after by wedgehead collectors. The Melody needed a complete restoration which I performed but didn't complete 100% and set up in my collection for a while just to see what kind of player it was and if it would be a keeper. Even after I worked my magic on the Melody it wasn't in collector quality like the rest of my games. Don't get me wrong it looked real nice to the ordinary person but a true collector could find it imperfections quickly at a glance. Another serious wedgehead collector from NJ wanted a Melody for his collection and he knew he could restore the Melody to like new condition with a cabinet paint job and a playfield paint job and clearcoat which I never did. He had an outstanding like factory new "All Original Condition" wedgehead called Volley with only 17, 000 plays on it that we ended up making a deal on. Check out the detailed pictures of this super nice Gottlieb Volley on my web page here. I had never played this colorful late 1970’s drop target game until i added it to my collection. This game at the top arch reminds me a little like Jacks Open with the open side area where the ball can be brought back into the top rollovers. The drop targets banks are designed close together nice and tight for super rebounding bounces and crazy ball motion from one drop target bank to another when most of the drop targets are down. Almost like playing like the real game of Tennis does (sort of). Knocking down the drop targets are easy to do which I always find fun though and is especially nice that they always reset after you get all three colored banks down.I got to say some of the 1970's big flipper Gottlieb wedgheads are player friendly and not drain monsters at all, especially this game. Take a good look at the top arch on my Volley, it does have hardly any wear mark which is an indication this game truly has 17, 000 plays on it and is close to HUO. Volley doesn't get much attention with Gottlieb wedgehead collectors for what ever reasons, but I have tell you it's a sensational player! Totally restored all original machine is located in my basement gameroom in 2014. Record Book High Score:(4-07)306, 240 My Volley has gone to a new owners home where it will love and cherish. I had the game from 2007 to 2019 and enjoyed it a great deal.
ZIP-A-DOO Bally (USA)Venduto Bought this game off an older women in NJ. She also threw in a old Seeburg late 1960's jukebox for free as part of the deal. I don't remember what i paid her for the Zip a Doo but i don't think it was much.I do remember how nice the cabinet, backglass and playfield were though. Take a look for yourself in the pictures i posted.
NOTA BENE: Questa pagina mostra la Collezione di Flipper da bar del Collezionista campgames da Clifton, NJ, USA. I flipper a moneta elencati sopra e le relative immagini sono stati inseriti nel nostro database direttamente da campgames, che rimane il solo responsabile circa l'autenticità di quanto riportato. I flipper di questa pagina non sono necessariamente tutti in vendita: fate riferimento alla quarta colonna della lista per sapere se un dato flipper è disponibile per la vendita o meno. Con ogni probabilità, i flipper di campgames sono flipper usati, un tempo installati nei bar ed altri locali pubblici; il loro valore varia in riferimento alle condizioni sia estetiche che funzionali di ciascun flipper.
Commenti sulla Collezione di campgames lasciati dagli altri utenti
 Da gorgar il 07-02-2021 alle 14:12:
Super-nice collection! Those were the days! Would like to play some of your machines of which i think they never ever reached germany. It's very interesting reading your "machine stories". I fully agree with you selling the TAF !!! EM rules. And: Boys don't cry! Had to laugh when i read about the "Haunted House" Monster! Yes - Gottlieb pins are heavy, very heavy - but HH tops it all! Must have been HELL! Broken back! I will spent a few hours today and the coming days to read all your stories here. Come visiting me if you are ever in germany. You are welcome! I am living near the capitol of Volkswagen in the Wolfsburg/Braunschweig area. With regards: Gorgar.
 Da patblote il 22-08-2020 alle 00:10:
this must be the best collection of classic Gottlieb games on the planet; I really appreciate how your collection is not "over-restored" so everyone can appreciate how a well maintained machine could look even after several decades of enjoyment...well done!
 Da balligator il 23-05-2018 alle 22:53:
I went to Vic’s most recent pinball party at his home. I met so many great pinball collectors and had some great conversation. Vic couldn’t have been more gracious, he opened up his vast collection to all at the party. Vic has inspired me to add to my collection (currently I have 2 pinball games), and to have a room dedicated to pinball in my house. He has agreed to help me with my search for the games I’m looking for and I’m really looking forward to the next party at his house.
 Da balligator il 09-03-2018 alle 17:47:
What an incredible collection of games. I can’t wait to meet and talk pinball with you Vic. I want to make my basement a pinball room now too!!
Bill Braga
 Da flippy il 01-12-2017 alle 19:51:
Got a Central Park for my birthday & Vic was kind enough to call & talk me through transport & setup. This guy knows pinball! And his love for it is contagious. Spent nearly an hour helping me out which was much much appreciated.
 Da glen28462 il 04-10-2017 alle 15:24:
What superlatives can I add that haven't already been said about your collection? Your approach to originality is spot on. I only hope I get to see it in person before I go into a wheelchair at "the home". Thanks for sharing your tech help, too.
 Da otaku il 15-09-2017 alle 03:54:
Vic is a good friend of mine and has one of the most elite pinball machines collections in the universe (if not "the"), although he is too genuine and humble to ever admit that himself or say it to anyone. A time spent at Vic's is ALWAYS a good time. Vic has been my biggest mentor in pinball and spending much time at his collection helped me look at my own collection in different ways and really drive me to collect only Gottlieb wedgeheads that are fully original like he does due to the sheer beauty of them, as well as making sure they play like a dream and perform regular maintenance. Not only this but time spent at Vic's has shown me you don't have to be so caught up in the crazy pinball online community world to enjoy pinball and have an amazing collection that you can be proud of. There are so many hot-heads in the pinball community caught up in the silly mix with much to brag or complain about, and even while Vic's collection (to me and many others) outranks all of their collections possibly in size and definitely in quality & effort, he's a gentleman - he doesn't brag about it, he's VERY humble, kind, and most importantly a great down-to-earth friend and buddy who does not judge and offers lots of good advice, pinball or not. I never seem to leave Vic's house without a satisfied pinball heart, some good advice, and some great stories. I am blessed to have Vic Camp in my life and he is a great friend. Even without both of our collections and pinball connections, I am sure we would still keep in touch and be great friends, and I plan to do so as long as possible! What a guy! Thanks Vic for all you do for yourself and your pinballing friends. Your hard work and effort over the years has not gone un-noticed and is, in a real honest sense, amazing. Thank you and I can't wait to spend the next pinball party at Vic Camp's wonderful home surrounded by great friends as well as his wonderful family who has been nothing but incredibly kind to me each time I am there to visit. The NJ Parkway North is never as exciting as when I know I'm heading to Clifton, NJ to see Vic and his elite collection of pinball and bingo machines! Thanks a million, Vic!
 Da billyboy il 25-12-2016 alle 10:37:
Hello just a quick comment on vic camps fabulous collection of machines. Also it's always a great pleasure talking with him regarding all things pinball and all things in general life. He is a wonderful genuine guy who has amassed an unbelievable amount of skill and knowledge of pinball and is only too happy to help you with his expertise. A thoroughly wonderul guy on every level. Next time I am on the east coast of America I am going to try and meet him in person and I would love to see and possibly play some of his collection. Look forward to speaking with him again soon.
 Da joseallen il 22-10-2016 alle 09:22:
A magnificent collection and maybe the best descriptions on Pinballowners. A pleasure to look at and read. A collection that I am following for several years. Recommended by our common friend Joe as one of the best pinball collections. Congrats from Portugal.
 Da beelzeboob il 20-08-2016 alle 14:23:
Vic has the most stunning collection of ORIGINAL EMs I've ever seen, and a passion for the hobby that is unparalleled. I want to be him when I grow up. ;) Thanks for sharing your collection and your love of pinball with me, Vic!
 Da maio54 il 16-08-2016 alle 08:08:
fantastic collection and great way to restored your machines, congratulations.
 Da surfchamp il 14-08-2016 alle 00:24:
What an amazing collection and great pictures!
 Da spiroagnew il 07-12-2015 alle 15:53:
Great collection of games, Vic. You are an asset to the hobby.
 Da banditboy il 09-11-2015 alle 17:55:
Fantastic collection of top quality machines.........
Wish you were my neighbour :-)
 Da em-pinman il 24-10-2015 alle 01:50:
Wish I could see and hear Vic's collection and stories in person but for now I will have to settle for the awesome pictures, video, and emails. Vic is the Gottlieb Wedgehead King for sure! Great games and a great guy that go hand in hand. Vic has been very insightful over the years helping to guide me on decisions regarding what Wedgeheads to buy and for that I am grateful for his help.

Talk to ya soon Vic,

 Da nbaldridge il 09-08-2015 alle 17:55:
Vic's collection is something incredibly special. I got the opportunity to play his games last week, and am still amazed when I think back about the condition of the collection.

His bingo collection is varied, with the New Continental Golden solid state all the way back to Coney Island, the second bingo produced by Bally. I had never played any of the bingos in his collection, so it was a special treat to play Dixieland and try to hit the magic number for highest scoring potential, or line up 5 in a row on the playfield on New Continental Golden.

His collection of low play Gottlieb wedgeheads - there is no other word for their condition other than 'exceptional'. Each game is arranged in roughly chronological order, and the games are _all_ beautiful and so very well maintained that one would be hard-pressed to find a difference in flipper or pop strength, for example. Every game, moving down the rows, plays so very well that any visitor will have a hard time tearing themselves away.

Vic has put in so many hours, not just in accruing this fabulous collection, but also in his maintenance, cleaning and fine tuning.

He was nice enough to open some of the games and show me the insides - you can smell the freshness of the wood inside! Everything from coil stops to score motors are bright and shiny and work absolutely perfectly.

He leaves detailed notes in every game, documenting the work completed along with the date, which is a fantastic idea for maintaining such a perfect collection.

I hope to make it back up there soon, once is not enough - like visiting a fine art museum with exhibits you can play, you can't do it all in one day. Extremely player-friendly tilt settings and Vic himself is such a nice guy, encouraging you to roll the machines' scores.

Next time I'll get a five-in-a-line on your Dixieland!
 Da pinballhowie il 11-05-2015 alle 15:57:
Being from Texas and attending the Allentown pinfest was an unbelievable treat for me,why there are EM'S everywhere! However the biggest treat of all,was a little road trip with Ken Head to Vic's place after the Allentown show!
I've often admired Vic's collection from a far! So upon arriving & entering Vic's basement,I couldn't believe what my eye's were seeing,for I was in PINBALL HEAVEN!! Just imagine being transported back in time & seeing all of these beautiful games, I'm like "Scotty please don't ever beam me back up"!!
Not only is Vic,the most gracious host,his infectious enthusiasm & knowledge for these games is larger than the state I'm from!!
Vic Thank you so much for an incredibly wonderful evening & a special thanks to your friend Joe for arranging a visit!
 Da pinhead52 il 08-05-2015 alle 19:21:
Vic, thanks for the impromptu visit after Allentown, a super way to cap off the day. I was torn between playing your beautiful games or listening to your adventures to find the games. Will need a second helping of both real soon. You are a very gracious host!
 Da steveb il 02-04-2015 alle 14:21:
I've had the pleasure of playing all of Vic's "collector quality" wedge heads and I am truly amazed at how well maintained they are, especially considering how many he has in his collection. Vic has an incredible number of stories to tell about the 150+ games that have been a part of his collection, and it is both informative and entertaining to hear them. Vic has a unique passion for the hobby and is willing to spend time with anyone who needs help in repairing a game or just location one. He is an "ambassador" for the hobby and was a major influence in getting me involved with collecting vintage pinball games.
 Da pins4vr il 14-03-2015 alle 03:06:
Nice job on an awesome collection of some really great, great machines!!
 Da culik il 08-03-2015 alle 17:45:
Parabens linda coleção - Luiz Culik- Itu - SP - brazil
 Da wolverine il 08-03-2015 alle 13:25:
Wow...what a collection of pins! All of his games play as they should which has opened my eyes to games I had written off. Silverball Museum needs to hire this guy to mentor their staff...if just half of the games at SM played like Vic's I would become a regular customer. Vic also has a great knowledge of Bingo machines that he loves to share. I had no idea about how these games worked and Vic gave us about a 30 minute tutorial. With his pointer in hand he explained the different bets and when pressed even hit a few numbers and made it look easy!!! This guy is the real deal...THANKS!!!
 Da crigzpinz il 14-01-2015 alle 19:32:
Vic Camp has one of the most amazing collections I have every seen. Each game looks like it just came out of the factory and each game has a story behind it. From a game he played in the Candy Store as a young child, a game he played on the Boardwalk and always wanted, to a game he had to have because of the ability to win lots of free plays.
Not only are his games pristine, but his knowledge of the games and how to restore them is superb.
He knows the ins and outs of every game he owns. When I play his games, it brings me back to the days when I used to spend hours in the Arcade on the Ocean City Boardwalk. Thank you Camp for being a mentor and for keeping the game of pinball alive. You are a good man my friend.
 Da budman il 31-12-2014 alle 13:03:
Pinball Nirvana. What a superb collection ! Vic, your passion for excellence shines through in every single pin in your collection. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!
 Da pinhead52 il 26-09-2014 alle 19:55:
Vic, very nice work on the Blue Chip. It certainly is a labor of love. 1500 restorations, wow. I think Ive done 50. Your collection is the envy of us all.
 Da redrolloverlit il 16-06-2014 alle 22:38:
A carefully chosen, superb collection, of the highest quality games. I particularly like the bingos, as they are my true passion.
 Da njpinwiz il 04-06-2014 alle 14:14:
What an awesome collection of pins! Hope to get a chance to see them & play them very soon. Thanks Vic.
 Da pincalendar il 29-01-2014 alle 16:11:
I think most people in the pinball community know Vic has an incredible collection of beautiful machines. What makes it extra special is the time taken to document each machines history. These stories are great fun to read. Always helpful and informative, Vic obviously has a great love for pinball.
 Da bandwagon il 07-01-2014 alle 17:55:
A really great collection.
Beautifully presented with perfect photos and interesting stories about it.
 Da creativeone il 24-10-2013 alle 11:12:
Nice collection and summary of your vintage machines.
 Da retired il 20-03-2013 alle 17:49:
I have had the pleasure of playing Vic's collection. It is truly amazing how every machine looks like it just came from the factory and they all play so well. Vic has the ultimate pinball heaven !
 Da pinballparlour il 23-01-2013 alle 19:26:
Wow what a great collection of pristine machines. Wish we could find stuff in this condition over here in the UK (where everything has been kicked to death!!)
 Da twindavid il 12-12-2012 alle 03:10:
Vic - You have an beautiful collection! I like the way you think!
 Da into pinball il 08-10-2012 alle 01:18:
Stunningly beautiful collection... And right in my neck of the woods too. I would love to have an Atlantis in my collection of pins. Haven't played one of those since I wad a kid at my Grandfather's store.
 Da hanky il 09-06-2012 alle 16:25:
Awesome collection Vic!!
 Da fred66 il 03-06-2012 alle 23:38:
Une magnifique salle avec des flippers très bien restaurés, les photos montrent bien toute la collection.
+++++ Bravo +++++
 Da bally table king il 06-05-2012 alle 03:29:
Wonderful! This is my idea of Pinball Heaven.
A truly stunning collection of beautifully restored and interesting games.
Keep up the good work.
 Da jokerpoker il 30-04-2012 alle 13:08:
Wow what an amazing collection. Love reading all the stories associated with the games
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