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Collezionista: stumblor
Zona: London, United Kingdom (trova sulla mappa)
Specialità': Elettronici di prima generazione
Iscritto dal: 22/09/2018
5 flipper
ultimo aggiornamento: 06/04/2021
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CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiTidiest Creech ever? Complete rebuild from the ground up. Cab re-inforced, new cab floor, resprayed internals, transformer refurbed, all cables wrapped, new planetary decals, rescreened backbox warnings, 2 process powdercoat (prismatic) on all armour and legs, CPR mirrored backglass and speaker panel, upgraded speakers, Pin2DMD (colour), upgraded hologram light, new green hologram (repro), new rottendog power and mpu, afterglow nano and GI (LEDOCD), Stumblor "Chase echo" (chase mod), Stumblor "The Rippler" (hologram lighting mod) and Stumblor "Move Your Snackbar" (snackbar lighting mod), Swinks snackbar mod, all mechs replated and rebuilt using new parts, ball guides mirror polished, new hologram window, new CPR plastics, wire ramps 2 part powdercoated (prismatic), Comet LEDs throughout including strip lighting, pop bumper lights, sling post lights, outhole UV lights, snackbar hole light, MRS switch on bowl, apron decals & backpanel decal re printed and re-screened by hand using correct neon green ink, transluscent rubbers, teal posts, cliffy pink post rubbers, cliffy protection on all gobble holes.
DINER Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!DipendeReally beautiful original Diner. Screen print cab still in great condition, will try to keep it this way. It has the yellow wireform ramps but its not a proto. CPR playfield and brand new repro cup waiting.
FISH TALES Williams (USA)Montato, da riparareDipendeBattery damage fixed, exploding sound board capacitors fixed, cab in a state, playfield needs changing... this one should be fun!
FUNHOUSE Williams (USA)Montato, da riparareMaiDecent pre resto done, needs a new playfield and a bunch of other work done to bring it up to mint. NOS playfield waiting, looking forward to making Rudi shine.
THEATRE OF MAGIC Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!DipendeLovely TOM, gold everything (legs, rails, ramps, screws, washers, locks, door). 3D spinning tiger saw mod. Colour DMD (pin2dmd). Afterglow, Comet LEDs. Auto eddy boards. Trunk fix. Unbreakable trunk mod. Playfield perfect, plastics perfect. Just lovely.
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CONGO Williams (USA)Venduto Lovely Congo. ColorDMD (LCD), Afterglow Nano & GI (LEDOCD), NVRAM, Invisiglass, Gold Mirror blades, full playfield protector, Green legs & gold bolts (front), Little Hippo and base plate, All (x3) new ramps, targets replaced, Full LEDs, All new plastics (none are broken, key candidate up near the blue gorilla is protected), Full cliffy set, Green/jungle in/out lane plastics to replace the standard bare metal, Fitted new coloured star posts (green and orange all round rather than the standard black items), Fitted a new (improved) volcano popper, Added a custom LED mod to the volcano, Build custom DC-3 plane with navigation and cockpit lighting (this has come loose from it's mounting, but still working) Replaced IDC connectors where required Cleaned the inside of the cabinet, Replaced all orange targets with brand new items, Re-built all pop bumpers with brand new items, Re-built all flippers with brand new items, Fitted a brand new full rubber set (including the yellow stop rubbers on the ramps), Polished all metal parts Used new nut/bolts/screws in the re-build, Rebuilt lower playfield - including fitting new decals and mylar to add protection, Restored, treasure cove polished and waxed (3 layers) playfield, Volcano has had a repair - looks very good! Looking for a trade +/- cash (MBR, Sopranas, BSD, LOTR, ACDC, TNA, TOM.. or surprise me!) or a straight sale.
ROBO-WAR Gottlieb (USA)Venduto The good * Playfield in fantastic condition. Anyone who knows this game knows that they usually have intense wear between the flippers. The playfield on this is immaculate. * Boards all good. The MPU has had some repairs, but they are cleanly done. I replaced the reset circuit a while ago, and it's been solid ever since. * Playfield stripped and rebuilt (before me). Pops look brand new, as do the drop targets, every thing clean and nice - new posts, rubbers etc. * No broken plastics * Displays 100% The not so good * Cabinet is a bit scruffy. There are some scratches, a large on on the RHS, and some of the lettering on that side has been retouched. * The translite is old and fragile. It has a few cracks which are not noticeable behind the glass, but would not deal with being too manhandled. PeteB is doing repros now if you wanted to replace. * No door lock (backbox key is present) 1500 GBP
VECTOR Bally (USA)Venduto   
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