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GILLIGAN'S ISLAND Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiOur Third pinball machine purchase. We have an entire room devoted to "Anything & Everything" GILLIGAN'S ISLAND related, to include this machine, autographed by DAWN WELLS. ALL GILLIGAN'S ISLAND OWNERS UNITE --- Let's take a 3-hour tour together. As much as I adore & collect GI memorabilia, as Sir Sean Connery said when referring to his return to the silver screen as 007, NEVER say never again (translation: perhaps this pin is for sale --- for the right price). As with most of my other machines, I have a really cool framed presentation of BOTH sides of the GILLIGAN'S ISLAND flyer together with a signed picture of Bob Denver as --- who else? --- Gilligan himself.  
HARLEY-DAVIDSON Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiThis is the Sixth, and perhaps the last, addition to our "small kine" pinball machine collection. Oddly enough, although the most recent (& again, perhaps the last) addition, this machine is the one I have wanted since the beginning. As an avid supporter and rider of Harley-Davidson motorcycles (my lovely & supportive wife, Mia, & I have two: 1993 FLSTN Heritage Softail, Moo Glide & 1996 FLSTN Heritage Softail Nostalgia) & as one who has experienced STURGIS Black Hills Motorcycle Rally (in 2013; both my wife, Mia, and I also appeared on the Travel Channel's STURGIS RAW, Episode 2, "Chrome & Glory"), owning a H-D pinball machine is certainly a must. Most folks criticize the first Generation H-D machine by Bally, but as a purist, I like having the one that started it all, no matter how simple and uncomplicated the machine may be.  
HOOK Data East (USA)Montato, giocabile!DipendeOur first pinball machine purchase. We have owned this pin for well over a dozen years. Our now adult daughters "cut their teeth" & developed a love and respect for the nostalgic game of pinball. ALL HOOK OWNERS UNITE -- Let's create a Facebook page, or something. As is my custom, I have a beautiful frame presentation of BOTH sides of the HOOK Flyer, and included in this unique presentation is a gold coin piece (aka movie prop) which was actually used in the movie. Very cool, if you ask me.  
MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL Data East (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiOur fifth Pinball machine added to our "small kine" collection. Although by no means rare, it took me perhaps the longest to locate this machine (although I will say that to find one with the original topper is very difficult, and in my case, I actually bought, stored & saved the topper years before I actually bought the pin). As with each of our pinball machines, this one was bought because I related to it as did & does my 'Ohana (Family). I ran the MNF party at a Club I am a member of in Hawaii for well over a dozen years; consequently, what better machine to own. huh? It is "boxed" only because it was shipped from Seller to NOR. CAL and still awaits unpacking. Seller even produced a Utube video for me ONLY of the machine as it was being refurbished (with complete LED lights; shopped on Steriods, actually). We own an original MNF Back glass, currently hanging next to 2 other original back glasses, in our "small kine" game room with 3 of our 4 machines in HAWAII. Now, after running our weekly MNF viewing & food feast at WYC for over a dozen years (as I said), I have this machine.  
SAFE CRACKER Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!DipendeOur forth pinball machine purchased. While at an estate warehouse sale of pinball & arcade games, most if not all on almost everyone's top 25 collectibility list, a pal who restores pins as a passion part time purchased this machine. Given its rarity, and knowing my pal would chase down all the necessary parts (to include the rare prize tokens and even rarer safe door wings on the back glass cabinet), I purchased it after its refresh. ALL SAFE CRACKER OWNERS UNITE. This machine now means more to me than perhaps any other pinball machine I own. The pal who refreshed ( & really almost restored) it was a WEST POINT graduate U.S. Army officer in the Army Corps. of Engineers. One of the coolest & brightest young men I ever knew who dreamed of the day, when he got "old & grey", when he would own a small arcade full of pinball machines which he would of course service & maintain. We talked often of his dreams, but as has happened to far too many military members who risk their lives for our protection, this wonderful man lost his life far too young. Each time I play this rare machine I fondly think of how great this young man was, to me, his county and his wonderful 'Ohana (family). RIP, my pal.  
TALES FROM THE CRYPT Data East (USA)Montato, giocabile!DipendeOur second pinball machine purchased. Given my passion if not fanaticism for TFTC ( both the "Black & White" comics done "Back in the Day" by William F. Gaines [ along with Tales from the Vault] [later, the creator of MAD MAGAZINE] AND the HBO series), this machine was a "no brainier" & "must have". Also have a cherry presentation framed with both sides of the TFTC flyer and an autographed picture of The Crypt Keeper, John Kasir (who years before voicing the HBO series, beat SINBAD on the Ed McMan talent show). TALES FROM THE CRYPT OWNERS UNITE --- Let's stick together.  
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