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collezionista zonanazionalitànote
.cri   OlotSpainFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
5701pin  ViennaAustria "Gold Edition"
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
70corvette Westminster, MDUSAThis 2005 HUO LOTR is in right out of the box mint condition. Gandoff the White riding on Halifax, target decals, solid brass shooter and assembly, gold leg levelers, gold leg bolts, gold flippers, gold flipper buttons, playfield plastics protectors, no playfield wear, cabinet is perfect without a scratch.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
8ballchamp   NidderauGermanywear on side rails, rest in good condition. Shaker implemented.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
a.stebel   BarrieCanadaHUO Lord Of The Rings. Added a bunch of characters to the playfield, and eliminated all the zip ties. Spare NOS playfield.
aahgo   Hartford, WIUSA
aarja  OsloNorway
abys   VersaillesFrance
ace  SundsvallSwedenFully working but will be shopped.
adamper  AvestaSweden
addegbg   GbgSweden
ag1209  MünsingenGermanyNice machine.
ajonh   PlaillyFranceHuo , full mod , full led
akltm1  BremenGermanyPerfect original condition! Gold plated ramps, Backbox lightning kit, mirror blades, playfield + backboard leds, original cabinet decals, golden legs, Visaton subwoofer, non-reflective playfield glass, PoD-Mod, Palantir-Mod.
aladinice  NiceFrancemagnifique : état huo !
alan31   OdarsFrance
albel75  Candelo (bi) Custom decals and restoration
alexccll  Roma 
alexis88   MelunFrance
alfinou11  EvianSwitzerland
algrande CalgaryCanadaBeautifully LED’ed, full cliffys, gold flippers, custom shooter rod, target decals, Back Alley Creation’s powder coating with free hand on the lettering all the way down both of the side rails, Army of the Dead figures. It’s perfect!
algrande  CalgaryCanadaHUO...Ablaze Premium Ghost Buster LEDs,McKee topper, target decals, sword decal, mirror blades, shire decal, full cliffys, speaker light kit, plastic protectors, LotR Path of the Dead Deflector, LOTR key chain, custom shooter rod. approx. 700 plays, upgrade flipper coils, A REAL knocker , a extremely nice pin
alphajerk   Omaha, NEUSA
alucinoff   MadridSpain
amg  WissenGermany
andrea11   Roma 
andrew77  Bergamo 
andrew791   Follonica 
andrewg   Loveland, COUSAHUO
andymac   Roma Perfetto!Full led
anejo68   Terni 
antique   Washington, DCUSA
anve   HakadalNorway
arcadetreasures   Pelham, ALUSAPurchased NIB first run and one of the first ones off the assembly line.
arcanis   HeidelbergGermany
arrow67   SaverneFrance
arsenio_lupin_69   Milano 
aston ParisFrancePlateau magnifique full Led Échange possible
aston  ParisFranceKit gold
attilak   Lumberton, NJUSA
avspinball   Reno, NVUSA
azaque   CartagenaSpain
azaque  CartagenaSpain
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
b1gman LeedsUnited KingdomFantastic condition Heavily Modded: Gold Metal trim to side rails, lockdown bar and top trim, gold legs, ColorDMD LCD upgrade, Invisiglass, Pinstatium lights, Large sword mod, LOTR Gold speaker inserts with LED lights, Shaker motor, Fully LEDed, LEDOCD board fitted, GIOCD fitted, Gandalf with feature lit staff, The One Ring Shooter Rod. This expertly hand-crafted-in-the-USA rod is an 18-karat gold-plated tungsten ring fused to the crystal, Convolux Edge illuminating plastics fitted, all original plastics replaced with new. Translite LED mod, A fantastic LOTR TOPPER, Chrome Thumbscrew lock, Upgraded speaker system. Unique upgraded LOTR lit apron, trough lights. (original apron also provided). £1000's of extras fitted to this machine. £7,250 obo
backrush   Charlotte, NCUSA
badbilly27   Prospect heights, ILUSA
bagnouf  MulhouseFrancebeautiful playfield , and sound corrected with new card
bagss   Philadelphia, PAUSA
bajen_mange  StockholmSweden
balintfr  HarkanyHungaryNice condition
ballofsteel   MadridSpain  HägerstenSwedenI bought this game 2005 and traded it for a Terminator 3 and some cash. I still have the T3 and I love it.
bally1992ify  ChibaJapanPart replacement, cleaning complete
ballyclown YvetotFranceBeau plateau sans traces 9.5/10, électronique 10/10, caisse 8/10. Vendu 4200 euros, 2017.
baptur   Boadilla del monteSpain
baseball1970   Rochester, NYUSA
bay78  WinnipegCanadaLE version of LOTR. Nice shape. Currently have ColorDMD in it. Just needs to be shopped. Very important for this game to be level. Will have a bunch of minor issues if it's not level.
bbozzy  Boynton beach, FLUSAHUO - perfect
beaker   Cedarburg, WIUSAHUO....dialed in!
bejelit   Viterbo 
belov anton  MoscowRussia
ben91  EvryFrance
benetnath   IllkirchFrance
bennybee   WellingtonNew Zealand
benygraff   La rochelleFrance
bertone   HamburgGermany
biba   IngelmunsterBelgium
bidousse  Mont-de-marsanFrancebel exemplaire, DMD couleur, kit orthanc
bil  LorientFrance
billy   BenidormSpain
binos  Neauphle le chateauFrance
binos Neauphle le chateauFrance3200
birdman   HalifaxCanadaLE, Pinblades, Color DMD, Mt. Doom Volcano mod, modfather interactive sword mod, speaker lights, shaker motor, titan silicone rings
bluesea  RennesFranceJe suis le deuxième propriétaire et cela fait partie de ma collection depuis 2011. Le flipper est en excellent état.
bluevegas   Elk grove, CAUSAHUO game!! Mint condition!! Custom shooter, target decals,Color changing Palantir Globe, pinball pro sub woofer, plastic protectors
boat   CalgaryCanadaLE huo
boaz   ToulouseFranceLimited Edition, Jay's Palantir mod, DMD Color LCD, full set of figurines, path of the dead mod, full led (pinball bulb kit), Pinsound card an speakers, RGB speaker led. Really nice machine !
boaz   ToulouseFrance
bondto   HeinolaFinland
borgonovi   Sao jose do rio pretoBrazilMaquina Zero ! Linda edição especial com tudo dourado !Minha maquina preferida
boz   GöteborgSweden
brett2280   NewcastleAustralia
brian_carscadden   Oakland, NJUSA
brigante82   Bari Perfetto stupendo!
broncoman   MelbourneAustralia
bubble   Milano 
bundy  SandvikenSweden
burgern  GardermoenNorway
bustel1980  MarkeBelgium
buyitaly  Lecce 
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
cafesix   ParisFrance
caleb   BrugesBelgium
camel  WinterthurSwitzerland3800Euro
camel WinterthurSwitzerlandThis L.O.T.R is still available. the other has been sold. 3600 Euro
canep89  San bonifacio Funziona tutto perfettamente. Il piano è bellissimo senza segni o altri problemi (basta vedere le foto per capirlo). Il cassone presenta qualche graffietto ma niente di troppo invasivo: io sono pignolo e vado a vedere anche i puntini... Per chi non lo sapesse il gioco è semplicemente spettacolare. Un pinball a mio parere di prima categoria.
captainronaldo   Long beach, CAUSA
cazzi   VichyFranceSuperbe - dmd Colors - side mirors
cazzi   VichyFranceQuand on aime on ne compte pas :-)
cbr900rr   Olathe, KSUSAMint, LED Conversion,HUO!
cece034  Saint seriesFrance
ced54    bout-de-brousse creekFrance
cfc0d3r   State college, PAUSA
chahoua   Seattle, WAUSAHUO
charlymatic   Corrales de buelnaSpain
cheese_wizardpq  North hatleyCanadaGame in great condition. only scratch on the right aide of the cab. All LEDS POTD mod. Boromir mod. Gandalf the White mod. light flipper buttons. brand new stickers on targets. Mirror Pinblades. ''Sting'' shooter rod. Color DMD. 2 toppers. RGB LED Speaker Light Kit with golden acrylic rings in it. Plays flawlessly
chiefjoseph  DiepenbeekBelgium- Palentir mod - Path of the death (add 6 warriors with 2 led/warrior) - Change shooter by red one - Add plexi plate of ring - Add Arwen & Frodo on horse - Add Legolas - Add Gimli - Add Boromir - Add knifes to merry, Pippin, Sam and frodo - Add sword of Aragorn - Add staff OF Saruman - Add gandalf lighted staff - Add Rider Of Rohan on Horse - Add whip with ledwires of Balrog - Add stickers to targets ( Eye, Shire, ringwraits, ring) - Add stickers to shire patch protector - Cliff protectors (gimli kick out, tower vuk hole) - Replacing 2 orks by 2 of Saruman - Sticker sword tip decal - Adding 2 extra death riders - Adding Frodo in shadowworld - Adding sharku on warg - Adding Sauron - Speaker lights kits stern square - Gameblades left and rights side, with pingfraffix powerbladez-light effects - Adding leds strip in mainbox and red strip on eye - Color DMD screen - Add Speaker Panel Decal - Upgrade Game/Display Rom set to V10.0
chobin Lombardia Lord of the ring in ottime condizioni, piano pulito, elastici e lampadine nuovi, plastic set ok, vendo o scambio con CC, MM, Circus, Tales, Scared o Attack. Exchange with other piball. Good condition, playfield clean and wax, new lamps and rubber, no broken plastic, sell or exchange with mm, cc, Cirqus, MB, Scared or Attack from mars.
chris15  WeyerFrance
chrisd  Long island, NYUSANice routed machine, all figures present, full LEDs, cliffys,speaker ring mod, laseriffic topper
chrismo1   LeverkusenGermanyVery good Condition
chrispacker400 California, CAUSA
christian123204  StockholmSwedenFantastic condition. One of a kind.
christophe94190  Villeneuve saint georgeFranceTrès bon etat,mods: full led spots réflecteurs 22 figurines dont l'armée des mort lumineuses flasher oeil de sauron dans le fronton bâton lumineux pour gandalf speaker insert speaker light tout les décors neuf siderail avec protection des doigts,pieds neuf et lockbar neuve Led cabinet Échange possible contre : Game of thrones pro/premium,xmen pro/Le,spiderman,kiss,mettalica,acdc,deadpool...
chuchunain  ToulouseFrance
chucky   VierzonFrance
ciccio1980   Palermo praticamente nuovo
ciccio1980   Palermo praticamente nuovo
claudius   WeinsbergGermany
claudius   WeinsbergGermany
coaster   UlmGermanyPerfect HOU
cobra99  CalgaryCanadaAfter market plunger, Cliffy protectors installed. LED kit installed.
cogoo   RimboSweden
colocole   Leander, TXUSA
colonelmikey   Carmel, CAUSA
corrado38  PortugalPortugalechange lord of rings contre addams family gold .
cotcho  NamurBelgium
court-circuit   AubonneSwitzerland
cptdoom   TownsvilleAustralia
crapou   MendeFrance
cronos39   Lons le saunierFranceThe Precious is mine
cyberdome25   WeertNetherlandsHUO, beautiful playfield and cabinet.
cyberdome25  WeertNetherlandsHUO game with beautifull original cabinet and no wear on the playfield. Installed colour dmd, speaker lights, palantir mod and the flipperbutton protectors. Has the potd mod.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
daftgames  Randazzo Little scratch in pf in THE ring Very nice condition , Price 3799 Delibere cost 199 For all Europe Accept pay pal and possibile inVoice
dalbo75   IpsachSwitzerland
damarsh   DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesLOTR LE HOME USE ONLY
dandrimontp   WasquehalFranceCertainement le meilleur flipper de Stern !
danes77  Veneux les sablonsFranceEquipé tout en GOLD Topper,shaker,leds. Etat collector.
dani74   Firenze 
daniandre  Genova Vendo 3300 perfettamente funzionante
danjan   örebroSweden
dannyelmonarca   Phoenix, AZUSANice shape
danschki  TraunAustriaRestored, New Cab Decals, Army of Dead Mod, Palantir Mod, Speakerpanel Mod, Gold Plated Ramps,Shaker, Invisible Glass, Sound Mod, ...
danypinball  Castellina marittima necessita di conversione led
darkwizard   Bethlehem, PAUSAHome Use Only, Projected Palantir Mod, Path of the Dead Mod, Custom Topper with Fellowship, Custom One Ring Shooter Rod (red).
darthboman  TäbySwedenA fine machine
darthvad  AthensGreeceMy interest is to trade it with scarred stiff. Moreover it sells for 3200 euros
dave astill   CollingwoodCanadahuo
dave_m  ChristchurchNew ZealandMint with led's, gold trim, figurine set, path of the dead mod,pin blades and ring shooter rod.
dave_s10s   Barrie onCanada
davidspins   Sherman oaks, CAUSAHUO great game. Lots of mods.
davidville   VillenaSpainFull restoration, with leds
davino   Effingham, ILUSA
dayvdeath   Wellington cityNew Zealand
dc   MeulebekeBelgium
decibels   BoulocFrance
degen   UmeåSweden
derroland   SchwabachGermanymy own present to my 40. birthday! With crystalglas ball for palandir, strong fingers, leds and SW. My wifes favorite pin.
deveric  BeynostFranceEtat correct avec caisse non abimée!
deveric  BeynostFranceLOTR Quasi HUO Kit led, miroir, armées des morts.
dex82  Candelo Pezzo da 90 come nuovo! Makrolon e shaker rampe d'oro grazie bro andrea :)
dgarrett0   Geneva, ILUSALimited Edition.
dhornshuh   Raleigh, NCUSAHome Use Only, Excellent, Full LED lights
diaphane   BielefeldGermany
diddol79   Follonica 
didgy35 VitréFrance
didier  HazebrouckFranceCaisse et plateau magnifique avec de nombreux mods ajoutés tels que : figurines , playfield protector pour protection du plateau de jeux , éclairage à led et anneaux sur les enceintes , boutons de flip à led , full led plateaux , élastique translucides et révision complète effectué Echange possible contre un jersey jack Hobbit ou Woz avec ajout de ma part a définir
diecirobi   QuaregnonBelgium
digital_live   MunichGermanyin very good condition!
dino5   MontrealCanadaHUO - December 2006 run date. Purchased new from Starburst Montreal.
dj dns  Locust grove, VAUSALOTR LE with extras. Will sell or trade. Trade (Wizard Of Oz LE, Monster Bash, Medieval Madness LE) or $(SOLD)
dlsmith   TorontoCanada
docrings  Atlanta, GAUSAColor DMD, LED kit, Sting sword mod, path of the dead characters. LED backlight mod.
doghouse   Gibsonton, FLUSALOTR LE. Bought with only 600 plays on it.
dom78 78 yvelinesFrance
dos.reboot   TecumsehCanada
dp  SkopjeMacedonia
dpa2310   Spokane, WAUSA
dr. evil   NorderstedtGermanyWow, what a amazing game :-)
dragonheart   BruchköbelGermany
drano  TorontoCanadaPurchased this in Oct. 2012 2nd run HUO with under 600 plays at that time. Game is pristine.
drtom4prez   Grand forks, NEUSA
drummers Sabaudia vendo lord of the ring funzionante e in buono stato. possibile spedizione in italia-europa..I sell lord of the ring working and in good condition. ... can ship in Italy-europe.....
dsaintos   Downtown, MAUSAPerfect machine
dthunder   LaholmSwedenGame:1
dthunder   LaholmSwedenGame:2
duffy  AchimGermany14k-goldramps, Pinsound-Board, ColorDMD, pinsound-board, shaker, LED-backboard, signed
dunegro   OxelösundSwedenReally nice condition. Clearcoated playfield, new ramps, cabinet is in really good shape. Like new.
durendal57   GuenvillerFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
eagles77   CalgaryCanada
eas   UddevallaSweden
eaterpinball   TorontoCanadaLimited edition GOLD! no glare glass
ed   MoyenmoutierFrance
edii23  Empoli 
edmost   Vienna, VAUSA
elf  BudapestHungary
eliagavi San prospero Il flipper non e' in vendita: sono in vendita le mod che vedete in foto. PINBALL NOT FOR SALE, ONLY MODS ARE. PM ME IF INTERESTED. Condizioni pari al nuovo, piano perfetto, decals originali perfette, elettronica perfetta. Full LED by comet PInball,custom blade, mod fortezza, mod path of the death.
elmax75   BléhariesBelgium
elmax75   BléhariesBelgiumLord LE pinsound , color dmd et mods 2niro
elvis  Roma piano e cassone in ottimo stato...tipping floor and in excellent condition...
elwood   AuroraCanada
elwoodbe   CourcellesBelgium
emixam  LavaurFrance
enaud   Alabaster, ALUSA
enterprise   JerxheimGermanyLE
epevadi StanddaarbuitenNetherlandsNew decals, paintbrushed metal work(black with golden flakes), full led, speaker inserts with LED, playfieldprotector, LOTR pinblades, path of the dead mod, full figure set, convolux, custom shooter, cabinet protectors, button protectors, new balls, new silicone rubbers, cliffy`s etc.
eric91   Savigny sur orgeFranceAcheté chez un pro en 2009 pour 2900€, vendu en 2011 pour 3500€. 2 pannes sur l'anneau et usure plateau. L'ambiance est top, et les multiball générent une réelle addiction. nombreux mods. A terme, parties un peu longues (40 à 90 minutes de jeu !) Finale difficile.
ernest01  LentFrance
etta   Como Gold edition number 75/500
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
fab31   ToulouseFrance état collector :full leds + peinture personnalisées aérographe (porte ,panel speaker,cotés interieur du flip) + topper leds +baffles avec inserts éclairés
fabien06   MagagnoscFranceLe précieux est arrivé! Un bijou en superbe état, reste à ajouter des mods et améliorer l'éclairage
fabiofpc   São pauloBrazil
fandeflip   ToulouseFrance
fandeflip   ToulouseFrance
fanofpinball  Milton, WAUSA
fasted   TorontoCanadaHUO
faudas  San mango piemonte convertito a led,completamente revisionato e funzionante il cassone presenta qualche graffio
faust  EnschedeNetherlandsHUO LoTR LE with several extra's: -shaker motor -Path of the dead figures + lighting -extra figures, playfield protector, convolux, gold shooter, topper, speaker upgrade, demirrored glass, mount doom 3d printed mod, extra figures,full LED
favtastic   Fort collins, COUSA
fefeuille   MarquilliesFranceExcellent flip, voir mon préféré
fewkes  NarbonneFrance
finokiss  KirchheimGermanyLimited Edition, completed with figures from 1st Edition. Perfect condition, HUO, LED + SW.
fishbulb   Weston-super-mareUnited KingdomMINT machine picked it up with just 900 games from new looks a nd plays as though it just came out of the box, you will never find a better one anywhere!
fishbulb Weston-super-mareUnited KingdomLovely machine, fully upgraded with LED's Plays perfectly, with no faults or errors
fishmugger   Escondido, ca 92026, CAUSA
fitzroy   JönköpingSwedenLE
flashman  WinnipegCanadaThis game is HUO and also in pristine condition.
flip13800 IstresFrancePlayfield protector, pinbits diverter, siderails, pieds neufs, boutons dorés, anneaux dans speaker panel, leds, batteurs remis a neuf, 100% fonctionnel dot parfait
flip13800 IstresFranceBeau plateau et belle caisse / Plateau demonté et nettoyé/ Anneau sans usures / Vitre anti reflet, Speaker decal, side decals, haut parleurs lumineux avec mod Anneau, side rails avec ecriture elfique neufs, pieds/verins neufs, lockbar neuve, figurines Path of the Dead et plusieurs figurines officielles en +, leds anti ghosting, cliffys protectors, decal Shire, bobines speciales LOTR, mécanismes batteurs remis a neuf...
flip69   LyonFrance
flip77   VillemarechalFrance
flipperdoktor   HollabrunnAustriaLimited Edition
flippertom   BaalBelgium
flovis Saint-maurice-sur-dargoireFranceUn flipper en bel état, Stern tournament topper avec texte défilant, mod gollum. Echange contre Aerosmith, GB, Totan, CV, Cftbl, IJ stern, Apollo 13, Diner... ou vente 4800 €
flower Salerno venduto
fo  Broni Bellissimo flipper sia per le sonorità che come è fatto il piano di gioco. Veramente bello da giocarci incluse le raffigurazioni del display. Il piano è immacolato. led multicolori montati ---- Beautiful pinball is for the sound that is made as the game plan. Really nice to play with including the representations of the display. The floor is spotless. multicolored LEDs mounted
folio   HelsinkiFinland
forever  PaleyFrance
foxicp   ChateauneufFrance
foxprosz  KerepesHungary
franck73 Monopoli Vendo Flipper in perfette condizioni sia di piano che di cassone, praticamente pari al nuovo, scambierei con Medieval Madness - Cactus Canyon - Cirqus Voltaire se in buone condizioni,con differenza economica da parte mia..... Non spedisco
franckie   StockholmSwedenHUO
fred8   KarlsruheGermany
freddyspp   EchzellGermany
fredo62   62France
fredo62   62France
fredot BondigouxFrance
freeman98  Monte carloMonacoDécals de sides, full cliffy & leds, Pinsound et subwoofer sous caisse, shaker, mods path of the dead, oeil de Sauron & l'anneau de feu by Deniro, décal et leds speaker pannel, topper résine, convolux, ect...
frg   KirchheimGermany
frg   KirchheimGermany
frisen  WittenbachSwitzerland
frosty   MelbourneAustraliaHUO 300 games since new
ftrmech   Hamilton, OHUSA
fubar   CambridgeUnited Kingdom
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
gamearcade2006  Brindisi 
gastoon   CabrisFrance
gateninety   NivellesBelgium
gator  PartilleSweden
gdspin   Polk city, FLUSAAdded a few customizations, like a clear acrylic ball plunger ball handle with a "Ring" embedded in it. Added shaker motor with new PAL chip.
geix93  Biella 
gelbwurst   GeisenbrunnGermanyLike new in Box
general custer  Como Bellissimo esemplare, piano intonso e cassone con lievi segnetti. Funzionante, revisionato e pulito.
gerbil72   Jacksonville, FLUSALE
ghiandalf  Milano Perfect cabinet and playfield with Makrolon. Some mods.
gianni74  Massa e cozzile Fantastico,assolutamente da collezione,perfettamente funzionante,non presenta nemmeno un segno di usura ne sul piano ne sul cassone.....
giggi1  BodelshausenGermanyoriginal with some small damages on the decals
giorgio86   00049 velletri ( roma ) 
gipelo   GrenobleFranceFull LED, new side rail, new legs, new magnet
gipo   Roma 
gis81   ValdurenqueFrance
gis81   ValdurenqueFrance
giwi04   HönigsbergAustriaIts HUO
glauses   CalgaryCanada
gluthecat   ColomiersFrance
gnance   Spokane valley, WAUSA
goldslot Messina 
gopinball  MoscowRussia
grasshopper   Springfield, MOUSA
gregg   Baltimore, MDUSASneaky little hobbitses
grs57 Petit-rederchingFrance
grusom   BergenNorwayBought 2018. Was playable in the club house of the Bergen Pinball Club. New rubber, LED, mirror blades, 4x army of the dead, Gandalf White on the horse and more.
gtv6   WervikBelgium
guigui58  ImphyFrance
guillaumix   La baule-escoublacFranceHUO, New / Perfect. Full led, Backbox Lightning Kit, Plastics set protectors, Cliffy set, Topper Led Balrog , Ring shooter rod, Target Decal Set, Door decal, Gold mirror blade set, Shaker motor Kit Stern Rev B, Full Brass: Highly polished brass Legs set - Side rail set - Backbox hinge set - lockdown bar - Door - Shooter Assy - Buttons (start).
gun001  Den helderNetherlandsHere I have this awesome condition lord of the rings pinball machine! This machine was fully shopped out.. wax cleaned , new rubbers, super bright leds, cliffy protectors , color changing speakers with ring acrylic . I also upgraded the speakers , added a shaker motor and much more ... the cabinet and playfield is in good condition, also want to mention that everything works. 4600eur perfect condition
gupalm Spain, MNUSAperfect, restored, working
guppy  LiegeBelgium
gus9058   Fox lake, ILUSA
gutter6232   Coloma, MIUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
h2so4trinker   MarburgGermany
hack-tarus AmenucourtFranceRefait à neuf complétement, plateau neuf, 4 rampes neuves, shaker, led dans backglass ....etc. playfield new 4 ramp new shaker new mirror new amry of the dead new led in bakglass ....
hanbee   KirchlengernGermany
happy jo  Neunkirchen 66538Germany
happy jo  Neunkirchen 66538GermanyCabinet and backbox near perfect, Potd figurins from playalong, black mirrorblades with gold ringwords, target decals, shire decal, 3 extra figurines (Witchking, Ringwraith and Sauron), Palantir mod from Jayspinball.
hardtarget   RostockGermany
hashman   MelbourneAustralia
hassanchop  LisboaPortugal
hawknole   North port, FLUSAHUO, a beauty.
head   BalassagyarmatHungary
henkie-61   HoensbroekNetherlands
henryjames   Lecce 
hensteeth2go  GlasgowUnited Kingdom2004 (May). Beautiful HUO condition unblemished cabinet And perfect play-field. Plays better than new. A game which can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. The Game play is target rich with a very busy dot matrix display with voices and music from the Three(3) films. The game looks huge when fitted with polished stainless mirror blades. Collection/payment in person only. RESERVED.
herve  ParisFranceLOTR fully restored, varnish cabinet perfect (better than new looking), full led, led back box,full candy gold painted, playfield perfect, premium rubber, custom shooter, side mirror,led button, everything is like new.
hiesicheesy   GelsenkirchenGermany
higgy89   AuxerreFrance
hitchhiker  AarauSwitzerland
homerchey   Cheyenne, WYUSA
hornisse69   CologneGermany
hougie   Jeffersonville, INUSA
hp   HedaredSwedenRestored
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
ibarakuro  BesanconFranceLord Of The Rings version LIMITED 2009
idtattoo   Plymouth, MNUSA
iflyifr   Kirkwood, MOUSA
illuminami   Verbania pallanza 
incomer   HuddersfieldUnited Kingdom
indigocc  ølstykkeDenmark
indy500   SintraPortugal
ink   BoråsSweden
itsmarkda   S.f. bay area, CAUSA
ivanko48   Den helderNetherlands
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
j m   KalmarSwedenPlays great
jacekp   WarszawaPoland
jagman   Stratford on avonUnited Kingdommy second lotr, missed my first one, superb condition, mirror blades and a few lighting mods
jak   Pittsburgh, PAUSAHUO, Bought NIB
jamespin  Grand rapids, MIUSABeautiful hou with mods. Hello, I am selling my perfect huo LE with mods. I am in Grand Rapids, MI USA. Asking $7900.
jamjam   Allentown, PAUSA
jansen253 BerlinGermanyThis is a Bally Williams Monster Bash that I purchased brand new from American Vending Sales in Elk Grove back in 1997. It was stored in a friends basement for the last 18 years. It has fewer than 200 plays, and remains in PERFECT, FLAWLESS condition. Has original locks/keys, manuals, extra parts, everything that came with it new. Even has the decorative head corner pieces (not shown) still new in box.”
japz  AmsterdamNetherlandsPlays great. NOS playfield awaiting installation!
jasonpaulbauer   Columbus, INUSA
jbsilvauk  Sao pauloBrazil
jcraigcx   Mckinney, TXUSAHUO LoTR. Awesome game.
jdubbbs   South side detroit, MIUSAFirst Run HUO w/ all the white toys
jean-louis  VillejuifFrancePF and cabinet are not perfect. Rather a player's game than a collector game, but the game plays great. My son's favorite. Le plateau et la caisse sont marqués. Plus une machine de joueur que de collectionneur, mais elle est parfaitement jouable et complètement fonctionnelle.
jeboy   KarlsruheGermany
jedi4242  Cornwall, peiCanada2003 model. Shaker installed.
jehrlich73  New york, NYUSALE.. Less than 100 plays
jenjensen   Chester springs, PAUSA
jets BeauvaisFranceHUO full Led!
jets BeauvaisFranceBeautiful Lord, like a new. Only trade with money VS Deadpool premium, Jurassic Park premium Stern or Elvira Premium. Trade 1/1 VS DP or JP Pro.
jgmackay   Camas, WAUSAHUO with less than 400 plays
jhi   NoSweden
jimwilks   Carlisle, ontarioCanada
jlbintn   Charleston, TNUSA
jmn   SundsvallSweden
jmn   SundsvallSwedenA perfect LOTR, I did regret selling. However I have a new one now that never will be for sale
joao_sto _andre   Santo andreBrazilColorDmd Display,ultra bright leds ,Cliff hole protector!
joelany  BensheimGermanyShaker installed. Very nice Inner cabinet decals installed. Cab some scratches. Playfield is a player one. Additional brushed and clearcoated perfect playfield, also cab decals. Pin will be restored with decals and new playfield soon
johndelnj   Pequannock, NJUSA
johngravenews   LondonUnited Kingdom
johnny16   Bismarck, NDUSA
jokern  AvestaSweden
jokerpoker  NowraAustralia HUO 1st run machine from my friend in Melbourne.Still like the day it was NIB. Very Happy to have this machine in my collection. One of Stern's best.10 years old and only 480 total plays.....Wow. Fitted mirror blades, white rubbers the odd led, speakerlightkit and acrylics, Found a Matt McKee topper. Pinball Pro speaker upgrade, target decal set, custom shooter rod, love the deep rule set on this game. Such a fantastic machine. Back traded to a mate for an Immaculate Flintstones.
jonathanmorrison   Woodinville, WAUSA
jordanb   VernonCanada
jozo   CiovoCroatia
jsyjay   BournemouthUnited Kingdom
jtschoen   Kenosha, wi, WIUSAHUO game. I am the second owner.
jukeman   HamburgGermany
jukidrums  JaénSpain
jump   LuzernSwitzerland
jura   UppsalaSweden
justanotherone  DriffieldUnited Kingdom
justanotherone  DriffieldUnited Kingdomexcellent condition with a few mods
juzzo72 Salerno 100% ok, cleaned, new rubber, all light bulbs are ok. Playfield have mylar. Shipment in europe 280 euro
juzzo72 Salerno revisionato e perfettamente funzionante, pulito e gomme nuove. Numeri di serie uguali su tutte le schede. Manuale incluse
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
k0balt   LombardiaSwitzerland
kamaca MordellesFrance
kamol   RouenFrance
karanic Roma 
karl   OsloNorwayFF speakers, Gold side mirror blades, backbox led kit, playfield Led kit, Path of the dead mod, brass plunger, New NOS Playfield with extra touch-ups and extra clearcoat just installed. Looks very shiny. Brass coin door, sword with leds over two towers ramp and a new crystal ball mod that looks a lot better than the original
karl   OsloNorway
karschwe   SchattendorfAustriaVery nice flipper, beautiful cabinet, Playfield without damage, all plastic undamaged, some modification, gold and chrome parts, Flipper Fidelity Soundsystem, LED, Shaker, Pinsound, Color + original Display.
kaston1573 Abilene, TXUSAVery nice Lord of the Rings. Added some LEDS for effects.
kello   JönköpingSwedenColorDMD, LED OCD
kenshiro90   Velletri 
key   Rogno 
kguenther6   Burlington, KYUSA
kharris   Currituck, NCUSA
kickers00   Chales, PRUSAPerfect
kike  EssenGermany
kinou89 AvallonFranceCome from Japan, Shaker, led backbox with flash animated, new display panel custom and Pinsound Inside ! 5 500 €
kirk332   Queensland, little mountain, 4551AustraliaGreat condition and plays 100% perfect. Has a shaker motor, LED's, speaker lights, more mods to come. Colour DMD
klemens   ZeissingAustriaVery nice game, new PF and Plasics set, some modifications
kletmarjet  AlostBelgiumLOTR LE like new HUO
klr2014   RotterdamNetherlands
kontiki  Emilia romagna Bellissimo flipper sia per le sonorità che come è fatto il piano di gioco. Veramente bello da giocarci incluse le raffigurazioni del display. Il piano è immacolato...
kruuger WinnipegCanadaVery nice game, shaker motor, some tastefill leds but not overdone, Pinbits plastic protectors, Cliffy's, & other extras. I bought an LE, so this one is for sale minus the color dmd.
ksultana  Hoevenen, belgieMalta
kur194 Saint-nazaireFrancevendu
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
landy.86   Castell'alfero (at) Cpmpletamente convertito a luci a Led, luminosissimo e molto divertente...
larsbert   UlmGermanyPerfect Playfield. New ramps. Color-DMD
lash   BocholtGermany
laureline   BonnetableFrance
lbhpinball   BergenNorwayNice.Led and some other mods.Very nice original playfield.Cabinet very nice.Plays fantastic.
leberry   ElcheSpain
leberry   ElcheSpain
leberry   ElcheSpain
leeriley   LeedsUnited KingdomGreat condition few mods
legui  Le cannetFrance
leigh  MelbourneAustraliaLimited Edition
lermods   Allentown, NJUSA
liga-kueste   Bremen / niedersachsenGermanyJürgen
liga-kueste   Bremen / niedersachsenGermanyDuffy
liljeqvist  PåskallavikSweden
lilrocky   Nags head, NCUSA
lionsfan  Land o lakesf, FLUSA
liti  BudakalászHungary
lod BorlängeSwedenBought from Reno66 in Italy. Very serious and perfectly packaged. Many thanks.
lod  BorlängeSwedenNIB Limited Edition one of/500
lod  BorlängeSweden
lolo2976   Le houlme 76770FranceThe best
lolodu47  TonneinsFranceun must a posédé
lolomap78   VernouilletFrance
lopez   MionsFrance
lordavatar   ThannhausenGermany
lordoftherings  Alameda, CAUSA
lorenz38   GrenobleFranceeu en prêt à la maison
lostinthezone   Washington, DCUSA
loveflipperostia   Ostia 
lpierrick  EaunesFranceMon 2ème STERN. Un thème génial pour un super jeu. Plateau nikel. Décals intérieur. Speaker light kit. Mods personnages et Shooter rod : "EPEE". Topper. New TRANSLITE !! Décal Speaker panel.
luckypin  NijverdalNetherlandsLimited Edition!, Signed Playfield.LED. Perfect condition, as new...
luckypin   NijverdalNetherlandsSold to my pinball friend in Nijverdal. Member for the "Twentse Flipper Vereniging"
luis19 AlcañizSpainHello I sell LOTR in prefect condition. Full Led, interior decals, new gold, etc.. Used English version with central and lateral stops.
luis19 AlcañizSpainLort. Vinilos en muy buen estado, sólo marcas de tornillos y nada descoloridos. DMD nuevo led rojo. Altavoces iluminados y decorados. Shaker motor. Varios postes de ilunacion adicional para resaltar zonas y muñecos. Patas, lock, raíles, pintura texturizada negra. Raíles labrados y con retro iluminación. Pegatinas de protección en el bosque. Plástico decorado leyenda. Vinilo decoración cabezal
luxbigmac   LuxembourgLuxembourgLimited Edition. Bought NIB in March 2012
lyonsden   Tucson, AZUSAHUO. Lives up to the hype.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
m4carp  NarberthUnited KingdomLE version, colour dmd, speakers lights, figures, pinstadium, shaker, ring plunger, sword, led ocd, topper, too much to list.
mab487   Austin, TXUSA
macklane   LiegeBelgium
mag   Castiglione torinese Scambio con williams bally
magdi  La chaux-de-fondsSwitzerland
magniez christop   DuclairFrance
mago bago Pescia bellissimo perfettamente funzionante senza un segno!!valuto scambi con top titolicome medieval,monster bash,cactus,ecc ecc oppure ottime offerte !!!perfect and working this beautifull lord of the rings
maio54 Salo' 
maio54   Salo' 
malibu ss  WinnipegCanadaColor DMD,LEDS in inserts
malu Frosinone  Praticamente perfetto nessun graffio piano eccellente cosa dire spettacolare
manix74   Cherasco Bellissimo di piano decal originali in buone condizioni, completamente a led , specchi interni, piano bellissimo con macrolon vendo a 4800
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74  MikkeliFinland4700 euros, very nice condition.RESERVED
mara74   MikkeliFinland3700
marcel147  HuddersfieldUnited KingdomThis is a great low use HUO in excellent condition having had under 2000 plays at present.
marcoe3c   Milano 
mario-super   GrazAustria
mark2511 BilbaoSpainThe pinball machine works perfectly. Inserts have leds and the cabinet have Half-Moon kit enhances. The price is 3900€. The machine can be sent to any country.
mark9   LincolnUnited KingdomLovely condition HUO, late run UK model without skill posts. A Stern classic, sound, animations and rules are all superb.
markdw   TorontoCanada
markkeegan Seattle, WAUSA
markv  UusimaaFinlandAsking price 5500 EUR + shipping costs. Includes a lot of mods and extras: custom painted with "gold" color by a professional, better Stern siderails installed (offers now protection for the buttons), Stern shaker installed, Backbox led lightning, Palantir Mod, topper (Sideshow Collectibles - The Treachery of Saruman), color-DMD, Orthanc LED Mod, Shire decal, Riding Gandalf installed instead of the surfing Gandalf (Surfing Gandalf will be a part of the sale of course as well), army of the Dead + mounting kit + Path of the Dead deflector, the Ring-badges for speakers, sting shooter rod, "Golden" flipper buttons and bats, figure mounting set, sideblades, leg-protectors, cliffy protector on shire and shooter lane, path of the dead deflector installed, undercab lightning (green).
massa92117   San diego, CAUSANIB Limited Edition model
matt elder   Unknown, IAUSABought this one NIB. Great game!
matt elder   Unknown, IAUSAA beautiful HUO example.
matt76  Heugleville-sur-scieFrance
matth-matth NantesFrance
matth-matth   NantesFrance
memar  MeiringenSwitzerland
memphis777  Atoka, TNUSA
memphispin   Millington, TNUSA
miami   RioBrazil
michbat  HouplinesFranceOn y revient toujours avec plaisir.
mick406 Bowling green, KYUSAThis is the LE version, #7 of 500 made. Bought NIB December 6, 2010 Shaker Motor Added. You will not find a nicer looking pin. It looks newer than new! It has many features added, such as under cabinet lighting, lighted topper, leg protectors flashing 'eye', expensive LED's all over. This pin is immaculate and works perfectly. It has very few games on it. I only want to sell so I can buy the new Medieval Madness remake. Asking price: $6,400.00
mickadese   BrisbaneAustralia
midnight   Bologna 
mikah  OrimattilaFinlandCleaned, ready to play soon, all caps and bridge refs are under upgrade.
mikah OrimattilaFinlandNOT installed: Macro playfield protector, Shaker support, Shaker, New softwares. No wear at playfield, ring and gold rings for the speakers, Chrome inner metals. Game is 4500€ / 4750€ with extras. Very good condition. Looking For Avengers Pro.
mike in p-hill   Pleasant hill, OHUSA
minelli1   Firenze Forse il mio preferito ......
mission65   KentUnited Kingdom
misterflip   NemoursFrance
ml500   PommeroeulBelgiumLike new
mlbarreira LisboaPortugalVery fast game,with immersing and euphoric action. Deep ruleset with amazing sound and music. "There and back again" is so nice!. Great game restored to excellent condition. Original cabinet in good condition. Beautiful playfield. ColorDMD. Stern speaker system from Flipper Fidelity, 10"subwoofer. Separate volume control. Siderails and Hinge pivot set "LOTR". Gold plated wire ramps. Pinblades and speaker panel by PinGraffix. LOTR lighting kit from PinballBulbs. Speaker light inserts. Undercab light red. Orthanc led mod kit. Palantir ball mod. Path of the Dead mod. Ring flasher mod. Custom hand cast LOTR Frodo sword shooter rod. Vuk overlay. Cliffy protector set brass plated. Cliffy switches slot protectors. Topper. Nvram. Game Rom v10.0, Display Rom v10.0. Sold to Austria.
mmt   PixboSwedenVery nice, Sweden sold pin.
monkeyboypaul RiccallUnited Kingdom£5,000 GBP. Non-skill post version, HUO, NVRAM, ColorDMD - LCD, playfield is covered by a thin layer of Mylar, Jay’s palentir mod, Comet Warm White 2SMD frosted LEDs with LED OCD board, metal work custom powder-coated in antique gold, arcade upkeep backbox led panel (half home made, half product),cabinet in lovely condition, Speaker lights and ring inserts, 10.02 ROMs.
moo   ValenciennesFrance
moosmann   DornbirnAustria
mordario   Milano 
mosh   BavariaGermanygood player pinball, only minor scratches, playfield still in very good condition
most71   Bergamo venduto a redibutz
most71   Bergamo venduto a Davide
most71   Bergamo ceduto a Paolo
mpp1977   São pauloBrazil
mr tilt   MelbourneAustraliaThis is the Limited Edition Gold machine
mr.worf   Groß-gerauGermanySehr guter Zustand, 03/2019 renoviert (Reinigung, komplett auf LED, silikon Gummis schwarz, Pinsound-Board.
mrkegflex   Beavercreek, OHUSA
mr_chippen  StockholmSweden
ms   AlingsåsSweden
mssony   São pauloBrazil
mtbpinball   Harleysville, PAUSA
mucha   LubskoPoland
mucha LubskoPolandThanks
mufcmufc   The middleUnited KingdomHUO stunning game
murry007 Rome signori della macchina palla anello perno per la vendita. Contattatemi per maggiori dettagli. ancora in buone condizioni.
mv1313   BoråsSweden
mv8ball   CaterhamUnited Kingdom
mv8ball   CaterhamUnited Kingdom
mwong168  TorontoCanadaI still have yet to see the movies but sure the call outs and animations play true to it. Great game and some pretty darn long ball times even for me.
mxzini   PragueCzech Republic
mxzini   PragueCzech Republic
mypinballs   OldenburgGermany
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
naldkydo  Chaumont en vexinFranceMon précieux reste mon préféré dans le jeux. A la maison depuis lontemps
nanar-lenflur   Orry la villeFrance
napayno  San jose, CAUSAHUO.
nappis  MonninkyläFinlandHUO, Custom plunger and Balrog topper with lights. Path of death mod. Plastic and Cliffy protectors. Clear button protectors. Bought totally new ring and sword ramps. Habitrail brass mod. Newly gold plated wire ramps. NVRAM installed.
nascar2   5012 schönenwerdSwitzerland
nathanp   Lenexa, KSUSA
nedi   KangasalaFinland4300 €
nedi   KangasalaFinland
nedi   KangasalaFinland
nedi   KangasalaFinland3850,-
nedi  KangasalaFinland
nedi KangasalaFinland4975 €.
nedi  KangasalaFinland4590 €
nedi  KangasalaFinland4590 €
neophyte   EdmontonCanadaHUO...Ablaze Premium Ghost Buster LEDs, McKee topper, target decals, sword decal, mirror blades, shire decal, full cliffys, speaker light kit, plastic protectors, Path of the Dead Deflector, POTD figures, LOTR key chain, custom shooter rod, upgrade flipper coils, a REAL knocker, shaker motor.
nerino   San marino 
nick   StenungsundSweden
nicolas du 33 Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceVery Wonderfull Very Nice Pinball to equiped mirrors and of armed the deaths with light shaker sword and additional characters to equip full leds with cliffy of protection and kit gold side rail lock bar legs Sell is 4600€
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceBelle caisse beau plateau. Usures au niveaux des batteurs. Echange Réserver Jean Paul
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceBelle caisse et très beau plateau sans usures.Fred
nicolas du 33   Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceReserver J-M
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceMagnifique Lord full Gold full mods ect....
nicolas du 33   Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceréserver Willy
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceJolie plateau, belle caisse sans accrocs, billes et serrure neuve ect... Batteur fourreaux plongeurs et buté neufs. kit Gold ( Side rails + manchette + vérins + boulons )
nicolas du 33   Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceTres beau plateau Pat
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceTrès jolie plateau, playfield protector, decal intérieur, mods palentir, kit bobines lords ect.... Réserver Templier
nicotl Henin-beaumontFranceNice playfield & backglass / Very nice game ! VENDU
nihonmasa   Le crêtSwitzerland
nman   Atlanta, GAUSA
nmeun87007  Reedsburg, WIUSALove the in depth rules. Thought i knew how to beat the game, then i looked at the rule sheet and realized i was way off. Looking forward to hours of fun.
nmeun87007   Reedsburg, WIUSA
nobrain LompretFranceA marvelous game but unfortunatly my wife didn't like it (too noisy). I had to sold it.
nobrain  LompretFranceEverything is working well. Need a deep clean before enjoying this marvelous game.
nolan   ParisFranceLimited édition
nolan   ParisFrance
nollan  FouesnantFrance
nollan FouesnantFranceEn bon état générale, caisse usée autour des boutons et quelques griffes d'usage. Beau plateau vernis, pas d'usure, anneaux entre les batteurs très légèrement retouché. Entièrement révisé (bobine, batteur neuf) 100% fonctionnel, 100% led, afficheur led multi-couleurs neuf. 4700 euros
nordi   Casoria il migliore dei stern..........
november  Houdain lez bavayFranceYOU SHALL NOT PASS
noworrys   KalmarSwedenLtd
nuke   Ava, MOUSA
nwojedi   WisconsinUSAHUO, still have the box it came in, perfect in every way. $6000
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
ogc17   La rochelleFrance
oise64   Fiskå(vanylven)NorwayFull led,silikon rubber, New balrog motor, beautifful pinball with a lot of mods mirors blade,path of the dead with led light and figures, gandalf the White with blue ligth
oise64  Fiskå(vanylven)NorwayBeautifull L.O.T.R,no wear on the playfield, no wear round the cabinet and back box,H.U.O,non glare glass, color DMD,display decal,shooter rod with ring,gandalf the White with blue ligth and soon I will add new topper and mirror blades from tilt graphics,now the topper is installed and is beautifull, soon I will add the sword(Sting)over the ramp with led and a brand new path of the dead led kit
olddragon   Cincinnati, OHUSALow plays, HUO
oldscrew70  ParisFranceSelling a friend. Minty LOTR for sale. Works perfect and looks amazing.Full LED, Low plays. 3900€
olivier91000   EvryFrance
omo   TrondheimNorway
oneil   ParisFrance
onemoretime   Inuyama aichiJapan
onepunchman   ParisFrance
orbit   TemseBelgium
orf   OtterupDenmark
oropuro  Wenatchee, WAUSA
overkilll LisbonPortugal100% working, new side rails with button guard, with all plastics. Price - 3.700 €
overkilll  LisbonPortugalWith leds, playfield protector, playfield perfect, side rails with button gard. - 6000 €
overkilll   LisbonPortugal5500 €
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
p.personale  Teramo funzionante ,piano in buono stato,Qualche plastica rotta,display da sostituire.Un ringraziamento a Roberto per avermelo fatto pagare come un rottame
p.personale  Teramo Grazie a luca che me lo ha trovato,aggiornato a led
p.personale   Teramo E' il migliore della stern,ed appena lo si trova in vendita si compra.....
p.personale   Teramo In arrivo
pabo61  SolothurnSwitzerlandGold Edition (1 of 500)
pale  UmeåSweden
papeur   NimesFrance
paragon66x   Cedar rapids, IAUSAHUO
parcogiochi  Ladispoli completamente restaurato display,led,decals piano ....
pascal b   BeynesFrance
passioneflipper   Tivoli 
patinbert   PenestinFrance
patryk   WarszawaPoland
paully   Paradise valley, AZUSABought new home use only.
paulohotline  WinnipegCanadaOne Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them!
payne  BrunoyFranceperfect playfield, ring and plastic set. Post equipment: shaker. vitrification of the play field done. The Hobbit Smaug Edition will be there by the end of July
pb  SalisburyUnited KingdomImmaculate HUO, manufactured in 2005. LED's fitted. UK model without skill posts. Lots of extra figures, ring plunger. --price deleted after request by webmaster-- would secure this game.
pbatt   Austin, TXUSAHUO
pellew   UmeåSweden
petaco   GijónSpainHUO
petdezso   BudapestHungary
pha   OttawaCanada
phantommark  WinnipegCanada
philip van beirs  PuursBelgiumTRADED
philip van beirs  PuursBelgiumPlayfield in perfect condition with all new plastics, cabinet has little wear. With nice lighted topper.
philip12   Saint-affrique 12400Franceplateau neuf + playfield protector
philippe94   WissousFrance
pianock   NeuwittenbekGermany
pianoman   ChemnitzGermanyarbeiten daran
picchio62  Portoferraio macchina seminuova, a giocato pochissimo condizioni ecellenti
pichi   VilniusLithuania
pikijussi   KuopioFinland
pin-head  Niceville, FLUSA
pinaholic   Nyc, NYUSAI have a routed game, a routed LE and a mint HUO machine that I bought from the origial owner.
pinball79   EindhovenNetherlands
pinballark   KalmarSwedenTotally restored with a 2-layer clearcoat on the playfield. Plays perfect. Great cab...Yes, it´s like new and I love it! :-) Sold Aug-13
pinballbart   LichterveldeBelgium
pinballbart   LichterveldeBelgium
pinballdaddy   Plainfeild, ILUSAManufactured March 2004, all toys and clear and correct colors, bright no blurr and bought in fall 2013 with only 545 plays on it. NIB. All the toys and correct. This game is excellent and is being used to practice championship pinball tournament play for Papa A.
pinballpool   BorgholzhausenGermany
pinballwiz59   Lancaster, PAUSAI bought this game from a guy in North Carolina. It was a home use only game that he bought new in the box. This game is beautiful with all the figurines.
pinbot17   Muskegon, MIUSA
pinchik88   Perham, MNUSA
pincycle   VöcklabruckAustriaIts working great and in nice condition
pinflip   CalgaryCanada
pink panther   CologneGermany
pinlawyer   Phoenix, AZUSABrass-pimped, HUO, perfect
pinnow66  Marietta, GAUSA
pinoffski  WollongongAustraliajapan 2006 build date
pin_-_k   Lakeside, TXUSAWinner For Best Modern/DMD Pin, Texas Pinball Festival 2012
pioneer  Port macquarieAustraliaMy 1st 90s machine. Actually, 2003. :-) Fantastic to play. I want more!
pippoflipp   Messina 
planeta9999  ValenciaSpain
playedataritoday   Verona, NJUSA
plusdebrol   CasteauBelgium
poissonrouge  Bray-en-valFrance
polarbear  HoornNetherlands4k
popop_122   Clermont ferrandFrance
poup  AvoineFranceNIB
prada   Cervia ra 
prada   Cervia ra 
precisionpin   NijverdalNetherlandsVery nice condition
prenki   NeumarktGermany
printis   Houston, TXUSA
ps_  U väsbySwedenGreat machine. Never sell.
purre   SollentunaSwedenSerialNo: E176411
purre   SollentunaSwedenHUO. excellent condition.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
quarter grabber   Smiths fallsCanada
quincy  Milano Buone condizioni generali, perfettamente funzionante.
quinino   Viterbo 
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
radibutz  BrittnauSwitzerland
ragnor   Eden prairie, MNUSA
rainbow Roma perfetto a breve le foto!!! 3200 euro intrattabili esclusa spedizione!
rainbow  Roma Perfetto a breve foto 4600 euro esclusa spedizione.
rainbow Roma PERFETTO di tutto prezzo 4600 esclusa spedizione!
rainbow Roma Perfetto modello pro, piano spettacolare, scambio o vendo a 4900 intrattabili esclusa spedizione, a breve foto.
rainbow   Roma Lord of the ring pari al nuovo scambio esclusivamente con un Tales of Arabian night Williams in buone condizioni aggiungo 1200 euro anche in differenza, contattatemi, altri titoli Nn mi interessano, manderò foto a chi é interessato..
rainbow Roma Lord Of The Ring pari al nuovo tutto al led, un vero spettacolo.Scambio con INDIANA williams o THEATRE OF MAGIC,o XMEN purschè siano belli, in questo ultimo caso differenza a me!!!!
rainbow Roma perfetto con MAKROLON montato tutto al led manuale, vendo o scambio esclusivamente con WD o INDIANA JONES williams in perfette condizioni! Richiesta 4600 euro intrattabili esclusa spedizione.
ramarapins   RamaraCanada
raphc43  Puy en velayFrance
rapido   Lorez le bocageFrance
rarellan   VinhedoBrazil
rcarlson   Hemet, CAUSABought new in box - HUO
rd09031972  SydneyAustraliaLIMITED EDITION # 240 12/2009 100% ORIGINAL MINT CONDITION ZERO PLAYS
rdalla  BarueriBrazil
redknight Riverside, CAUSA
remicafe   BeynesFranceà l'écran dans mon bar
renatobru Velletri (rm) Flipper Stern, the lord of the rings, come nuovo, smontato per la prima volta, funzionante, piano nuovo perfetto
reno66  Bologna Arrivato oggi,è perfetto come mi aveva detto l'amico Davide che me lo ha venduto assieme al Family Guy,penso di non venderlo a meno che non sia una proposta interessante,fara'coppia fissa con il Gold,piano immacolato e decal in ottimo stato,debbo solamente cambiare una plastica,una pulita generale infine nella mia game room!!! Arrived today, is perfect as he had told his friend David who sold it to me along with Family Guy, I do not sell it unless it is an interesting proposal, will make 'going steady with the Gold plan spotless and in excellent decal was, I should only have to change a plastic, a clean general finally in my game room!
rfrysztak   Naperville, ILUSAExtensive playfield and lighting mods. Custom built topper.
rgaires BejaPortugalFor sale or trade(spider, ironman, tales of the arabians, mb + €) restaured, all clean, new rubbers, leds, 100% working.
rhaegal   Saint tropezFrance
ricardoipc  Natal - rnBrazil
ricco   Le mansFrance
riceandpeas   KentUnited Kingdom
ricky1976  Catania Il mio tesoro! My treasure !
riviera65   FalkenbergSwedenNIB, Limited edition
robbigk   Lavagna 
robey99   Macedonia, OHUSAClear Coated.
rom1  DunkerqueFranceLord of the ring , perfect condition ! Playfield like new , play 100% , all of figure , playfield protector , full led , new armor ...
romchik  KrasnoyarskRussia
romchik  KrasnoyarskRussia
ronj   Boston, MAUSAHUO not one scratch, shaker
roony68   's-heerenhoekNetherlandsBest pin ever!
rounder  Cesano di roma quanta attesaaaaa!!!!
rubberfist   QuesnelCanadaOriginal owner. Mint condition.
rubberfist007   QuesnelCanada
ruben  KarlskogaSwedenHome Use Only in mint condition. Bought NIB November 2007 and after a few years storage I finally opened the box. Low number of played games. Never moved since box opened.
runer71  PorsgrunnNorwayThis is a HUO machine from 2006. Just got it home soo i will ad some pictures soon.
ruse  MontelimarFranceBonne etat general full led
ruse  MontelimarFranceLord restaure + quelques mod Speaker led,palantir et lanceur custom Plateau verni 6 couche ,inox poli,aimant et anneau neuf Shaker,mirror blade,armee des mort,elastic,billes,plots,foureau,eos,guide lane neuf,set decal,protection bouton,pied et boulon gold,verin neuf
ruse MontelimarFrance270 euro
rushseven   JöhlingenGermany
russmyers  Linwood, PAUSA
rvdv   Corona, CAUSALE version
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
s.allende   AachenGermany
sandbar  Gilroy, CAUSAThe blade sticks sometimes and won't drop the held ball into play. Anyone run into this problem. Very intermitant.
sander   PiershilNetherlands
santeh   Tampa, FLUSA
sasa89   Salerno 
sasa89   Salerno 
sbp   Osaka-shi, osakaJapan
scerik  Simpsonville, SCUSAExcellent condition. No wear on playfield. Cliffy's everywhere. Color DMD. Shaker motor. Palantir mod. Side blades. Custom gold/black powder coated rails and legs.
schmuykel   GifhornGermany
schnuffl   Karlsdorf-neuthardGermany
scooter388   Royal oak, MIUSA
scottward15   ReadingUnited Kingdom
scylla   LondonUnited KingdomHUO w many mods. Mint condition. Game located in Madison, Wisconsin
sealclubber  Lansing, ks, KSUSANIB LE: Installed figures, shaker, plastic protectors, backbox flasher mod, projected Palantir mod, lighted POTD figures.
sebiz60  CompiegneFrance
seiman   NiederbippSwitzerland
shadowolph   Cincinnati, OHUSA
shamu   AarauSwitzerlandrestored in 2015, plays perfectly. New playfield, plastics, ramps new and decor gold plated.
shanemcnally   St. paul, MNUSA
shaven wookiee   TrowbridgeUnited KingdomThis is the only pin the girlfriend approves of. I plan to use this opening to get a this space
shirleyknott   Sexual ealing, londonUnited Kingdom
shootagain91  ParisFranceCollector Quality !!!
shooter  Madison, ALUSAMy own custom topper
simo78  Canneto sull'oglio Piano laccato ma in ottime condizioni, cassone bello
simpson   BellheimGermanyO
singrey VolgogradRussia
singrey  VolgogradRussia
singrey   VolgogradRussia
sirius12 Capdenac-gareFrancesuper état comme neuf équipé cliffy
skyrail  PerthAustraliaGold limited edition in immaculate condition less than 500 plays
slam_tilt   BramptonCanadaHUO
sleazius   SydneyAustraliaHUO, mint.
sleipner VimmerbySwedenHelt ok skick! 30000SEK
smc GrenobleFrance
smokedog   SaskatoonCanadaHUO.
snapperjoe   Perth australiaAustralia
snurdley   Cincinnati, OHUSA
sofy Roma Veramente un bel flipper👌
sofy  Roma flipper in ottime condizioni.....piano con piccolo resto ok
sofy   Roma Belloooo
sofy Roma Bel lotr......
someoneelse   MunichGermanyHUO
spadge   WakefieldUnited Kingdom
spedygonzales  Cento perfetto.......... kit led. più specchi laterali dentro cassone. . aggiunta di qualche drago..
spedygonzales  Cento Tenuto bene .. funzionante al 100%
speed   Lake charles, LAUSA
spilleman   MernDenmark
spud   Port macquarieAustralia
sseacord   Hummelstown, PAUSALove the movie, love the game. Both are very long though :-
stack   Lyme regisUnited Kingdom
stack  Lyme regisUnited Kingdom
stef54   UrsySwitzerlandTrès bon état, beau plateau, belle caisse, full leds.
stephbob  ChatouFrancetrès bon état, toutes les figurines présentes, équipée led.
sternonly   Den hagueNetherlands
steve smith   Richmond, VAUSAHome use ONLY!! With Arwen plastic protected.
steve78  Como PERFETTAMENTE FUNZIONANTE IN TUTTO, PIANO PERFETTO E NON LACCATO, CASSONE IN CONDIZIONI ECCEZIONALI, PLASTICHE PERFETTE COME NUOVE, GETTONIERA COME NUOVA, RAMPE ORO COME IN ORIGINE, PERSONAGGI TUTTI PRESENTI E TUTTI CON LE LORO ARMI E OGGETTI VARI (UNO DEI POCHI), MANUALI, COMPLETAMENTE A LED, COPRI CASSE CON ANELLI IN ORO, FINITURE CON INTAGLIO ISCRIZIONE ANELLO IN ORO, BUMPER E FLIPPANTI ORO, MIRROR BLADES, PROTEZIONE CLIFFY, . MODS: bastone illuminato di Gandalf, Rè dei morti illuminato, luce verde sotto mini playfield, luce rossa nel fondo del campo di gioco, luce rossa foro vulcano, fiamma illuminata con anello originale, occhio Sauron su torre, luce UV retro "shoot again", luce RGB sotto la torre di Saruman, luce sfera Palantir RGB, inserimento dei due personaggi mancanti Nano ed Elfo (trovati originali della stessa serie di quelli già presenti), plastica trasparente personalizzata con Gandalf il grigio. VENDUTO !!
stevenp   New york city, NYUSALE version bought NIB with some mods: glass Palantir ball; warming bg light filter; clear "gold ring" ball shooter rod; expanded layout of action figures; colored bulbs; shaker motor; original sword ramp guide.
stevie694  BlackpoolUnited KingdomHUO - LOTR. Unmarked, spotless cabinet & play field. For sale. It's based in Blackpool, Lancashire. I am the 2nd owner since the table was purchased brand new.
stewa.jeff  Harrisburg, NCUSARarely used at home. My personal gift to myself years ago. Perfect condition. May need a fuse for the ring to hold the ball, but other than that, it is perfect.
stlc1   Reno, NVUSA
stp  GöteborgSweden
suhy_pl   OpolePoland
sunnybell69 Tampa, FLUSAEverything works 100% * Playfield is in LIKE NEW / EXCELLENT condition with NO areas of wear. * Backglass/translite is in EXCELLENT condition. * Cabinet is in EXCELLENT condition. * DMD display is bright with no screen burn. * All boards are un-hacked/clean/no acid damage.... new batteries installed. * This classic solid state pinball works 100% and has been tested working fully for over 60 games. * Pinball is complete and has all parts. * Comes with copy of original owner's/operator's manual. * Both locks are present, and keys to locks included.
sunshine   MönchengladbachGermany
superhuman  CordemaisFranceGreat Game ! One of my favourite
superhuman  CordemaisFranceAMAZING MODEL / BETTER THAN L.E EDITION
superjackpot  MississaugaCanadaHUO
supermario7   San severo 
supermulti   St.katharinenGermany
superpeach  PontacqFrancemon petit bijou !!
supersam   NeversFranceDMD color
svante   StockholmSwedenBought NIB. Mint condition of course.
swenlarsson   älvdalenSweden
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
tazmania72  Le mansFranceModèle parfaitement fonctionnelle, pile déporté, decal de caisse côté gauche à subit les UV, plateau légère usure sur les 2 captures. Quelques décors plastiques de cassé.
tehashix   TervilleFrance
templar   Torino great playfield,great condition.
templar  Torino I can change with simpson stern or sell for 3000. Great playfield.
teo76  Sesto calende Cassone molto bello,appena consumato tra i flippanti
testabriel  TourchFrance
thecroquetkid  ScarboroughUnited Kingdom
thegreatnelski   Vero beach, FLUSA
thepita007 Fl, FLUSAPurchased at estate auction. Strongly believe it was HUO but lack documentation. In Collector Quality Condition
thomas_c01   DillingenGermany
thompsdc   Xenia, OHUSA
thunderbirds Mont saint aignanFrancemodèle HUO , sans usure aux boutons...Comme neuf . Tous les décors sont intacts et les rampes sont dorées d'origine sans usure . Equipé de carte pinsound , mod anneau éclairé ( made by 2Niro ). Prix 5900 euros
thunderchim   Riverside, CAUSAHUO 2009 Limited edition / bought new / mint
tienou45  OrleansFrancePlateau démonté, pièces nettoyées unes a unes, playfield protector, cliffys, leds de chez flipperled. Cartes power et cpu revisées par Restorpinball. Carte led de l'anneau et carte dot matrix neuves.VENDU.
tikiaaron   Portland, ORUSALooking for playing tips.
timberman   BolidenSweden
timmtaler   StuttgartGermanyhuo, very nice condition, anti-reflective glass, playfield protector, shaker, color dmd, sideblades
tkaye   HamiltonCanadaSOLD
tktlwyr   Pembroke pines, FLUSA
tlacuj01   Le brassusSwitzerlandMy first Stern..... Let see if I would be convinced. Pics follow
tmc   Maple ridgeCanadamy favorite game, dale doesn't know what he's missing
tmick73   Moose jawCanada
tobstar79   BremenGermany
tobstar79   BremenGermany
tobstar79   BremenGermanyMy first one
toddvolk   Riverside, CAUSA
toktotte   SkellefteåSweden
toktotte   SkellefteåSweden
tom59   LilleFrance
toni  Salerno 
tonic  NidauSwitzerland
tony spark   Saint maximin la sainte baumeFrance
tonymadrid  CestasFrancec'est un modèle GOLD Limited Edtion acheté NIB et maintenant HUO
tonymadrid  CestasFranceexcellentissime flipper, avec un bel écran couleur en HD (THE LAST COLOR DMD SIGMA HD), Comme dirait "Fred" Le LORD, C'est le Médiéval de STERN
tonymadrid   CestasFranceUn des meilleurs STERN, que dire, le Médiéval de chez STERN "Emblématique"
tonytirol Telfs tirolAustria
tonytirol   Telfs tirolAustria
top   OsloNorway
torqua  Vicchio Praticamente pari al nuovo da veri collezionisti.
toyboy6   Canton, MIUSANIB LE! Awesome.
trailmaster   Loveland, COUSA
transcards   Varennes sur allierFranceLIMITED EDITION, le dernier numéro fabriqué, 500/500 , NIB toujours dans son carton jamais ouvert.
translogic   Huntington beach, CAUSABought NIB
trinity9   Sacramento, CAUSALove this game... start to finish.
triumph   Fort mitchell, KYUSAOutstanding, deep game; probably will never sell it. HUO game, too.
tstocka   Northfield, OHUSAHUO Game
tth  HamburgGermanyGold Edition, HUO, extra clearcoated, shaker, original signed by Gary Stern, George Gomez & Chris Granner, ColorDMD, special BG illumination incl. flasher, full LED, PinSound, Convolux
tura   HeerlenNetherlandsHuo, shaker, path of the dead mod, Tom Wibble one ring shooter rod, Palantir mod, shire mod, etc.
tuxedomask23   CalgaryCanada
tyson99   NorrköpingSweden
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
umeuffe   UmeåSweden
uncleivi   Conegliano 
upwinded   SindelfingenGermanyColorDMD ; Shaker ; Black Mirror Blades ; Convolux Yellow ; Army of the Dead ; Ring Visor Mod ; Palantir Mod
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
val72ua   KievUkraine
val72ua   KievUkraineNot complete game: without translite, transformer, speaker panel etc.
varom  LilleFrance
vengeance   KeswickCanada
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
vincevfl  BlonaySwitzerlandPerfect.New Playfied NOS,Cliffy's, DMD color , Pinsound , Shacker ,Anti reflectiv Glass playfield & Backbox
vincz  Pinball cityFranceHUO game incl. shaker and LE rom edition + Pinsound and Colordmd
vista   FontainebleauFrance
vladimir  BeglesFrancePinball in very good conditions, Leds, Rubbers, clean and fast, 100% working, no errors. I can send pics if user is really interested. Thanks
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
waloum   Romorantin lanthenayFrance
walter73   ZwettlAustria10/10
wappy  BallainvilliersFranceMerci mon ami
wappy   BallainvilliersFranceLOTR LE, dmd color, army of the death, pinsound etc.....
wdpvideo   Harrison, ARUSASo beautiful. Play field redone and looks like glass. Custom mods and hand painted figured. Shes never going anywhere.
weird ed   Torino 
werewolf  Varese Flipper fantastico, complicato arrivare fino alla fine, posso giocarci per ore senza stancarmi. Perfettamente funzionante Comprato dall'amico Most71
wetwillie   FeldkirchAustria
williamball   AntwerpBelgium
williams41   Saint aignanFrancenettoyage à prévoir
windoesnot   LeylandUnited Kingdom
winfred   DrunenNetherlands
wisefwumyogwave   Fort myers, FLUSA
wistiti   TorhoutBelgiumGood condition overall.
wistiti   TorhoutBelgiumPin in NIB-condition (cabinet + backbox: 10/10, playfield: 10/10...) Speakerinserts and speakerlight-inserts installed.
wistiti   TorhoutBelgiumPerfect playfield Legs, lockbar, hinges, siderails, ... black with golden flakes. Very beautifull pin.
with  KoldingDenmarkS/N: E179173 DK HUO.
wizard   BurgdorfGermanyLE Bought it NIB
wonder1   PerthAustraliaStill in the box NOS, LE model.
wrohner   Raleigh, NCUSA
wspy   LongueuilCanadaHUO
wyopin   Rock springs, WYUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
xflyx   Zielona goraPoland
xvincent76  DijonFrance
xvincent76   DijonFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
yellowflate  Cagliari per ora nn lo vendo ^_^
yoyokopter   Aix en provenceFranceMon précieux ......
yrool   SäterSwedenWery nice
yrool  SäterSwedenReal nice . Got almost all mods you can get on this one hehehe. Balrog topper and more cool stuff. Pricer 4800 Euro
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
zaftax DromeFrance1er lord inserts et gi fulls leds
zaftax  DromeFrance2ème lord d’origine , très bon flip ! avec pas mal de multibilles
zaker   Rilhac-ranconFranceEtat collector !
zarnet   BundabergAustralia
zarnet   BundabergAustraliaGold Edition
zed57fr   MetzFrance
zed57fr  MetzFrance
zkormany   NeussGermany
zoltan   ZürichSwitzerlandLE No. 27 / Standort: Flipperclub Muri AG
zsciaeount   St. louis, MOUSA
zsvennyz   KristiansandNorway
zsvennyz   KristiansandNorwayNice game With brand New PF, and mods for about 2000$.
zsvennyz   KristiansandNorway
zsvennyz   KristiansandNorway
zsvennyz   KristiansandNorway
zsvennyz   KristiansandNorway
zzm   UmeåSweden

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