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collezionista zonanazionalitànote
87xr4ti   PittsburghUSAMachine is 90% Complete. Plays great!! Has Network card, Very Large CPU Fan w/Arctic Silver heat Compound , plastic protectors, Stainless Steel SOL assembly, UFO LED kit, All Bolts polished, New Monitor, Mars Dollar Bill Scanner and 266Mhz processor.
8ballchamp   NidderauGermanyBought with SWEP1 kit. Housing in very good condition.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
abendix   Cottles bridgeAustralia
actarus007   Santa croce di magliano 
action76   Flowood, MSUSA
adelheid   LinzAustria
adolfo_2   MadridSpain
affarefatto   Firenze 
ag1209  MünsingenGermanyNice machine. Computer and monitor are working perfectly. Software 1.5 installed. Screened cabinet with only few marks = no damage on the legs. Mirror blades, saucer mod (UFO Pinball).
agusta   Avon, COUSAUS version. Mint condition. V.1.6 ROM. Nucore 2.25 Full LED. - S/N 53370108214 - Mfg. Date: 06/18/1999
ahannon   VilvoordeBelgium
airiq   BriveFrance
aladinice  NiceFranceetat huo
alamdq  Mar del plataArgentina
albel75 Candelo (bi) Full leds with custom blades Sell or trade
alepage  SheffieldUnited Kingdom
alessandro22  Napoli 
alex kid   AthensGreece
alex777   BelgradeSerbia-Montenegro
alexccll  Roma 
alexis88  MelunFrance
alexskillshot HazebrouckFranceDéjà vendu
alexvl72   Verona 
algrande  CalgaryCanada
alien   MitchamUnited Kingdom
alveolus   Oklahoma city, OKUSA
analogkidd1   Dallas center, IAUSAFull LEDs, perfect playfield, pinball pro speaker upgrades.
and75   Grottaferrata 
andream   Varese 
andrew77  Bergamo Flipper particolare ma molto divertente, in condizioni quasi perfette
andrew791   Follonica 
andrew80  Merate 
andyharsh   Salem, OHUSA
andymac   Roma 
arcade  Beaumont, TXUSAPurchased New in the Box. A perfect 10. Also purchased the Star Wars Kit new as well.
arcade4all   VantaaFinland
arcadefan   EssenGermany
area-52   AttiswilSwitzerland
arkanerd   Ham lake, MNUSA
arnoldbabar   Omaha, NEUSA
arpman   Hagerstown, MDUSANucore
arsenio_lupin_69 Milano ciao, è senza vetro,PC,bobine flippanti ,alieni. se interessati per pezzi di ricambio fatemi un offerta...........VENDUTO A DARIO
arsenio_lupin_69 Milano Vendo perfetto. elastici nuovi, tutto a led escluso qualche flash e luci rosse con cappuccio (sul piano led comet). flippanti nuovi, sostituite pastiglie,battenti e cannelli. aggiornato alla versione 2.23 e sostituiti condensatori scoppiati. gambe riverniciate di rosso. decal side interne. piano gioco sistemate le gemme rovinate con insert decal. protezione piano vivak. motor shaker autocostruito. manuali. cassetta soldi nuova. decal testata sostituite. plastiche perfette.sportello gettoniera nuovo.addio
arsenio_lupin_69 Milano Perfetto2.2
arsenio_lupin_69 Milano Da controllare qualcosina, piano non perfette, decals da rifare. 1.8
ashbo   SpaldingUnited Kingdom
asp1310   LjubljanaSlovenia
astec1800   AltenhaßlauGermanyRFM Saucer Kit, Tranlitemod with LED Tube,
astrofilo   Avezzano Difficile, cavolo, difficile se vuoi il massimo.
athena  SomptingUnited KingdomRunning on the mypinballs extended code version!! Latest PC with new monitor, led saucer mods and UV mod all fitted! Has been stripped down, cleaned and leds and new rubbers fitted. Cabinet and PF has some are related battle scars. More pictures available just ask. More pinballs for sale
ausymick  AdelaideAustraliaLCD upgraded, great machine
autobox   CsongrádHungary
avo   SiegenGermany
avspinball   Reno, NVUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
b1gman   LeedsUnited KingdomShaker motor added, awesome effects with this now in the game.
badbilly27   Prospect heights, ILUSA
badtz  Saint etienne du rouvrayFrance
baigomax   Belluno 
balintfr  HarkanyHungaryNice condition HägerstenSwedenThis is my first revenge from mars. A game I bought together with two friends. HägerstenSwedenMy second RFM that i bought and owned with my three friends at LD
bally1992ify  ChibaJapanThe maintenance that is finished by advice and the cooperation of the pro shop of Tokyo, Japan
ballycollector   DbNetherlands
bamsefar1  FetsundNorwayReturned to seller and money back....
bamsefar1  FetsundNorwayBought this one in 2007-08. Found it advertised on "FINN"- the dominant ad-web-page in Norway. Bought it; trusting the description given by the seller. The machine however was a "cat in the bag"-buy. Managed after alot of time to have the machine returned to the seller. This process kind of made this machine a "turn off" for me. So I have owned Rfm; but hardly played it; utfortunately. Is it any fun ? You tell me ;-)
bananajoe  ZürichSwitzerland
bananajoe ZürichSwitzerlandfunktioniert einwandfrei 2500.-
bananajoe   ZürichSwitzerlandComputer Startet nicht, Netzteil oder PC defekt.
banzai  AberdeenScotlandIn great condition with very bright monitor. Lovely machine to play
baptur  Boadilla del monteSpain
barry609   OldhamUnited Kingdom3 off
baseball1970   Rochester, NYUSA
bay78  WinnipegCanadaThis is a Playfield only. I can swap playfields and play the game on my Star Wars Episode 1 cabinet. I now have Nucore to swap between games easily.
bay78  WinnipegCanadaWell this was my second container game and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. It is now completely shopped out with white rubber, LED's and new pop bumper wafers, ramp flap, and looks and plays fantastic!
baz999   NottinghamUnited Kingdom
bcgames  Anaheim, CAUSA
beaker   Cedarburg, WIUSA
beasty BostonUnited Kingdom
bejelit   Viterbo 
belle   Reggioemilia molto divertente. condizioni pari al nuovo.
benetnath   IllkirchFrance
benetnath   IllkirchFrance
benhur69  BordeauxFrance
benhur69 BordeauxFranceVENDU
benhur69  BordeauxFrance
benhur69  BordeauxFrance
bentley bear   VikenNorway
beowulf   Verona 
bergemmeloord   EmmeloordNetherlands
berk104   GironaSpain
bhastrhad   SassenheimLuxembourg
biba   IngelmunsterBelgium
bichop  SoueichFrance
bigjym83   La crauFrance
black  MunichGermany
blackbone   Thorigné-fouillardFrance
blackmagic Arezzo Nuovo alimentatore Corsair. Giocabile così com'è, ma il piano deve essere pulito e gli elastici sostituiti. Richiesta 1300 euro.
blamer Sassari 
blkmach  Silverdale, WAUSABeautiful pinball 2000 machine. need monitor work.
blowback1976  CalgaryCanadaComplete kit for my Star Wars Episode 1. Completely shopped, new rubbers, cliffy protectors, and new mantis scoops. Willing to trade, but goes with Star Wars.
bob_e  Milford, MIUSA
boerni   SchweinfurtGermany
bondto   HeinolaFinland
borgonovi   Sao jose do rio pretoBrazil
borzo   Massa manca il pc e il traslite.... se ce l'hai contattami. per il resto e come nuovo, ottimo flipper piano nuovooo!
boubi   UgnyFranceCarte informatique défectueuse
boutss   NancyFranceTrès sympa finalement ! J'adore.
braido  TimbucktwoCanadaHUO machine, UFO led mod, LED's on playfield, Ultimarc video amp, cliffy protector, Alien Abduction lamp as topper, Awesome game!
brandaris  's-gravendeelNetherlands
brianhanifin   Santee, san diego, CAUSA
brigante82   Bari perfetto 100%
brightmy   Reading, PAUSA
bubble   Milano 
buyitaly   Lecce 
bvd88   Cosenza 
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
caccess   Mineral wellsUSAExcellent Condition
cad974  Saint pierreFranceFull led and silicone.
caiopaiola   FlorianópolisBrazil
calacak   Westerville, OHUSA
cap_y  ZürichSwitzerland
cece034  MarsillarguesFrancebon petit flipper en complément du hit AFM ! content de le découvrir
ced41   BloisFrance
ced54   TortugaFranceSuper flipper, un des meilleurs pour moi
ced54   TortugaFranceUn super Flipper, Plein d'humour ;-) que du bon ;-) Son génial!
cedric38 LyonFrance
cenobyte   SprundelNetherlands
cerru85 BrissagoSwitzerlandOriginal playfield stripped, cleaned and refurbished. Cabinet with new decals. LCD conversion & full LED (Pinballbulbs). Translite with LED stripes. New Dual Core PC and game version 2.3, with shaker motor! Price proposal / prezzo proposto: 3'700 Euro, ritiro in Svizzera (Ticino).
chadtower   Plainville, MAUSA
charlyhy   ClaveysonFranceJe recherche une vitre de pinball 2000 d'origine très propre
charlymatic   Corrales de buelnaSpain
charlymatic   Corrales de buelnaSpain
chicho   MartinezArgentina
chris15  WeyerFranceEquipé d'un écran plat lcd, leds installées sous les inserts du plateau, miroir latéral.
christophenathan   LuxembourgLuxembourg
chucky   VierzonFrance
cicciogiochi   Barcellona 
ciukinoino   Treviso impeccabile bellissimo
cliffy   San ramon, CAUSA
cloud9   Burnsville, MNUSASUPER CLEAN. Has LED Saucers and legs re-sprayed red to match trim & buttons.
clytor   Richmond, VAUSA
cobra99  CalgaryCanadaKids like this game. NUCORE, LEDs, Saucer mod installed
coinoperator  ArnhemNetherlands
colocole   Leander, TXUSA
cooky ParisFranceFull led, new rubber (all), nice cabinet and playfield.
corrado38  PortugalPortugalVENDU
cost  Agnone (is) 
cotcho   NamurBelgium
crapou  MendeFrance
cronos39   Lons le saunierFranceUn pti RFM fonctionnel a 100% . Ecran et prisme fonctionnel . Decals neuf. Plateau superbe avec led :) conversion Du CRT par LCD d'ici peu pour alléger la bete
cudabee   BorgercompagnieNetherlandsnos plastics waiting for this game. Has been played quite extensively, but holds on well.
cumulus68   LapoutroieFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
dagaal   ViennaAustria
dahlman   DegerforsSwedenTD
dallaspinball   Dallas, TXUSAJust picked up this very nice condition single owner game.
damiano27  Guerri 
dani78  Cuneo Revenge stupendo, vetro originale, pc perfetto aggiornato a versione 1.5, piano straperfetto. Monitor crt come nuovo. Vendo o scambio con flipper tommy o dracula.
daniandre  Genova 
daniella-99  LeondingAustria
danschki   TraunAustriaVery nice players pin with clearcoated playfield and nice cabinet
dany67flip  WasselonneFranceachat 09/19.très bon état en dehors des decals de caisse a refaire!
danypinball  Castellina marittima Perfetto in ogni sua parte, nessuna plastica mancante
dark23  Reims and kopenhagenFranceetat collector full led topper présent new décal mod new Flying saucer with led via usa
darklord  FredrikstadNorwayTraded this for Medieval Madness
darkshadow38  ZwolleNetherlands
darthvad AthensGreece
daschero  Saint yzan de soudiacFrance
daubin  GommervilleFrance
dave  Bergamo Da prendere in mano. Valuto di cederlo anche nelle condizioni in cui si trova Piano senza usure, presente il vetro originale Qualche pezzo mancante Da verificare
dave  Bergamo Da prendere in mano. Valuto di cederlo anche nelle condizioni in cui si trova Vetro originale pinball 2000, qualche pezzo mancante Piano bello Vedi foto
davidemessia  Frosinone Et voilà !!
davidlougy   San diego, CAUSA
decibels  BoulocFranceFull LED.Écran CRT d'origine remplacé par un LCD. Partie PC neuve (2011)
demien   Brescia Alternativo molto BELLO!!!
densming   Birmingham, ALUSAAs of 1/2011, no longer in my collection.
deveric   BeynostFrance
deviliann  LédenonFrance
df68   LyonFrance
dgarrett0  Geneva, ILUSASerial # 001.
dgpinball   AbbotsfordCanada
diabolik64   Bologna ok
diamond king   Lodi, CAUSA
diddol79   Follonica 
diecirobi  QuaregnonBelgium
diecirobi   QuaregnonBelgium
diecirobi   QuaregnonBelgium
diecirobi   QuaregnonBelgium
diecirobi  QuaregnonBelgium
diecirobi  QuaregnonBelgium
diegotech Botticino sera Il primo impatto con questo flipper è di poca giocabilità ma poi giocondoci più volte il parere cambia, lo reputo un buon flipper
dimitridc   OudenaardeBelgium
djcult   IngolstadtGermany
dkviking   Sonder ommeDenmark
docpinball   Tonawanda, NYUSA
donalddrummerdon   Pilesgrove, NJUSA
donny75   Modena 
dp  SkopjeMacedonia
dr.diablo  LubinPolandefficient, you can play, send e-mail send photos, 1150 €
dragonheart   BruchköbelGermany
driou34  Le pouget 34FranceFlipper en état collection écran et pc d'origine équipé du monayeur en euro. Excellent jeu avec des animations fun et un super son.
drummers Sabaudia in ottimo stato e funzionante...
dthunder   LaholmSweden
dutchcollector   TilburgNetherlands
dylan1816  La chaux-de-fondsSwitzerland
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
eaglepjq   Lincoln, england.United Kingdom
eagles77  CalgaryCanada
ebdeluxe   Houston, TXUSA
eddie  Monroe, NYUSA
ede  DortmundGermany
edguy24  GrolejacFranceVENDU
editcorp   Rolla, MOUSA
eharan   Tinton falls, NJUSA
ejts12   CuritibaBrazil
el topo   RavensburgGermany
electrojeux   SaxonSwitzerland
elenare   Roma In vendita.
elpelican  LimogesFrance
el_eloy  AlcañizSpain
em-fan  HerrenbergGermanyVery nice machine in good condition. All original parts, with some minor pimping - alike LED saucers. NO LEDS or Convolux yet. Nothing broken. Plays extremely fast and smooth.
emi   Fiuggi Venduto
emiliano   Verona 
emiliano   Verona 
enkaho   SouthFranceOriginal CRT and Computer - V2.2 - 6 ball trough upgrade kit from
enricoto   Lanzo torinese 
epb0   LardyFrance
eroilmigliore   Nervesa della battaglia 
etnagame  Catania 
evertonian1972  BudapestHungary
extraball   WettingenSwitzerland
ezio56ge   Recco Ha il cassone rovinato dall'umidità, ne sto cercando uno in ordine, se qualcuno ha la disponibilità mi contatti, grazie.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
fab22   RevelFrance
fab31   ToulouseFranceTrès beau plateau et décal de caisse en cours de changement.
fab5condor   SteffisburgSwitzerland
fabio79  Vedelago 
fana1313   SiraultBelgium
fastrmacr  Denver, COUSANuCore CPU/ George Gomez signed plastics
fatlil   WitneyUnited Kingdom
fcorth   RoprazSwitzerland
fedegiochi  Lecce 3473677602
ferloflipa  Santiago de compostelaSpain
fernando93v  AlcañizSpainFor sale Revenge from mars. Playfield and cabinet in good conditions. Ilumination led. New sideboard. Tv and glass original!
ffrank  BathgateScotlandsorry to have sold/stunningly good condition/all round cabinet/playfield/furniture/gameplay,
fifi50   Saint loFrance
fightcox   SavonnieresFranceTrès bon jeux
fightcox SavonnieresFrance
fil44  44000 - nantesFrance
fino Montevarchi Venduto
finokiss  Kirchheim unter teckGermanySpecial version with lightning green legs + siderails + many mods. Very Good condition.
fishbeadtwo   Federal way, WAUSA
fishbulb  Weston-super-mareUnited KingdomFully Working superb cabinet and playfield, Has had the monitor upgraded to a LCD screen, so no screen worries, and it is For Sale
flakmopeden  MalmbergetSwedenSold to a very nice guy from LuleÃ¥ Sweden
flashman  WinnipegCanadaThere's something really different about this pinball, but I just can't put my finger on it. Oh yeah it's really heavy.
flibustino   AngersFrance
flip13800   IstresFrance
flipnogood   NeuchâtelSwitzerland
flipperhuhn   NeulengbachAustriaPictures and Information on my Website!
flippermatt   BorlängeSweden
flipp_alex   BoråsSweden
flovis Saint-maurice-sur-dargoireFranceBel exemplaire, très joli plateau. Equipé tout led. Fait parti des tout premier sortis ( janvier 1999 )
flugs MontechFrancePC d'origine - Écran TFT - Vente ou échange contre DMD
folio  HelsinkiFinland
forceflow   Saratoga springs, NYUSA
forever pinball   MazirotFrance
foxprosz   KerepesHungary
fr3ak   FriedrichsthalGermany
fras Tezze sul brenta Piano perfetto, monitor e vetro originale. Completo di manuali!
frdesimo  Battipaglia 
freddyspp   EchzellGermany
fredo56   Saint philibertFrance
freeman98 Monte carloMonacoAmbiance déjanté et gameplay simple et efficace ! Digne successeur de l'AFM !
freeman98  Monte carloMonaco
frisen   WittenbachSwitzerland
froesius   LemgoGermany
frondelius KatrineholmSweden
funworldgr  HeraklionGreeceupgrade to 24 lcd screen! I prefer the classic screens rather than pinball2000 screen.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
galally   Marysville, WAUSA
galally   Marysville, WAUSA
game on pinball  Torino 
garyd56   North attleboro, MAUSA
gaspgian   Bologna PARI AL NUOVO
gcg   Seattle, WAUSAOzzie's Bar
gelbwurst   GeisenbrunnGermany
general custer  Como Tenuto benissimo, da pulire e rivedere qualcosa a livello di switch.
general custer  Como Altro esemplare, tutto da sistemare, sia computer che elettronica e monitor. Playfield bello ma da rivedere i bersagli e alcuni dettagli. Cassone sano ma decals con tagli verticali.
general custer  Como Comprato a scatola chiusa, non ho nemmeno provato ad accenderlo. Il computer era smontato perchè da riparare, quindi di sicuro ha dei guasti e andrà revisionato, oltre che pulito.
generalgman   CalgaryCanada
geoninja   FontainebleauFrance
gerric   Mantova 
gerritcriens   GroningenNetherlands
ghe_riccardo Monza Completo, perfetto , bellissimo. Solo il monitor ha i colori un po' sfasati e tendenti al verde.
ghiandalf  Milano 
ghiandalf   Milano Full painted red, perfect playfield with protector, monitor and PC as new, original glass, cointaker led, mods
giampitt   Venezia 
gianglen   RiminiSan Marino
giddy  BrisbaneAustralia
gieffe   Napoli I sell fully functional pinball
gilbi  ThionvilleFranceFully working orginal CRT Screen and Computer, Video Amplifier added, Full LED, Martian LED Eyes MOD, Varnished playfield with Playfield Protector, MyPinballs unofficial ROM 2.50, DIY Convolux (Full set in Green/Red ! contact me if you need one), New Cabinet/Backbox decals, New T-molding, New flipper buttons, Shaker, Side Art blades, Coils Heatsink/Cooling Fan, Custom UFO Topper
gillou2301   DalhundenFranceFonctionne, plateau nickel mais nécessite restauration. En cours...
gilly_wings   PoitiersFrance
gioc73   Saint germain en layeFrance
giuselom  Cittiglio 
gjtorres   São carlosBrazil
glas claes   LerumSweden
glauses   CalgaryCanada
glowpix   SaltburnUnited KingdomBought the playfield, daughter board etc to swap with my SWE1 - just waiting for a second prism card to arrive then it's all go!
gms   WinnipegCanada
gosepin   Champaign, ILUSA
gpo sarl   ReimsFrance
grasshopper   Springfield, MOUSAFully restored. Restored cc playfield, pin box software, cabinet restored,new artwork and cc.
greg75  EgerHungary
gregtopf   River edge, NJUSARevenge from mars, not working.
gregtopf   River edge, NJUSABeautiful machine. Looks to be HUO, but cannot confirm. Intact goodie bag. Crisp monitor. The best one I've owned!
grendal  Ravenna Adesso è in sala giochi a Cervia. Un pò mi mancherà!!!
gripacop   MaasmechelenBelgium
groovr   ängelholmSweden
grs57   Petit-rederchingFrance
gruntis   De rooyAustralia
grusom   BergenNorwayDirty. Nice Cabinet and PF. Will be like new.
gto   LaholmSweden
guillaumix  La baule-escoublacFranceNew decals set, Full led, Adding a VGA adapter for TV monitor, New plastics set and plastics protectors, Cliffy set, Target Decal Set, Decal door, Mini Saucer GREEN LED KIT, Martian Figure w/ RED LED's, New black metal parts: Legs set - Bolts - Levelers - Side rail set - lockdown bar - Door.
guizmo35   Brains sur les marchesFrance
gunske   HeppenBelgium
gustavlatort  Tricase Un restauro fatto ad arte . Non può mancare in una collezione.
gwalton   Adamstown, PAUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
hal-9ooo   LavalCanadaGreat pin, best bang for the buck !
hall76  BoxholmSwedenVery nice playfield but cabinet have scratches.
hall76   BoxholmSwedenParts missing. Not nice condition
hall76   BoxholmSwedenNice condition
hall76  BoxholmSwedenConverted to LCD screen
hamburgerman   Houston, TXUSA
hamburgerman   Houston, TXUSA
hammerhead   MelbourneCanada
hans17   DrachtenNetherlands
hansh   HerrljungaSweden
harryvi   VilleperrotFrancedot flyer
hein   RecklinghausenGermany
henryjames   Lecce 
herby777   KufsteinAustria
hertig GrännaSweden trade with Williams/Bally of all ages.
heryworm   Johnson city, TNUSA
hiphop   OttawaCanadaLooking for a Creature From The Black Lagoon pinball machine trade against my Revenge From Mars, Based on condition cash would be added.
hitchhiker   AarauSwitzerland
hollygames   WaxenbergAustria
holmis   LillehammerNorway
holoholo   Ober-rodenGermanyLCD, LED
hope   ZurichSwitzerland
hornisse69   CologneGermanyRestored. TFT Inside. Next Stepp- New Decals
horriblehager  Harrisburg, PAUSA
hoschi  Baden agSwitzerland
hunterman80   LyonFrancePlays perfectly. Has a video enhancer card. Monitor and image is sharp, bright, and clear. I have installed translucent red flipper bats and a few new post sleeves but other than those items everything is original and extremely clean i will accept 3100e
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
imeh   Virginia beach, VAUSA
indian lerri  Milano piano e plastiche in ottime cond,cassone con segni
indy66   MannheimGermany
infofcp   BattenheimFrance
integra2004  BruchsalGermany04.11.2015 Full Restoration, New Cabinet + Decals, Full LED
integra2004  BruchsalGermany17.07.2018 The second RFM. New Monitor (Arcade no TFT), new Pinball 2000 Glass, Leds, Translite Mod, Mezel Mod, all Ball Lanes in high gloss, new mechanics. Install new Game Version 2.0 plays mutch better.
ivancicognani   Emilia romagna 
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
jaco   Bassano del grappa 
japdos   ValladolidSpain
jaras_pl ElblagPoland
jaras_pl  ElblagPoland
jazman   New berlin, WIUSAPurchased out of Greg Freres' personal collection. No serialization located as it was a test game sold to employee. Has NuCore conversion with LCD.
jbsilvauk  Sao pauloBrazil
jbwiz   Dallas, TXUSAUses Nucore, LED monitor and Great Lakes Modular mounting bracket.
jc_pins   Colorado springs, COUSAHUO
jdkdeluxe   GoirleBelgiumGerman version (in English) with 2.23 ROM. Flippers recently rebuilt.
jepie   Le vesinetFrancemagnifique avec LCD
jeremiggy   CepoyFrance
jeroenh   VeldhovenNetherlands
jessss  AmsterdamNetherlands
jimjob   Long island, NYUSAHUO
jimwilks   Carlisle, ontarioCanada
jman  Itajubá - mgBraziltotally restored
jmk   MontreuxSwitzerlandComme neuf avec le translite 3D de Planetary Pinball
jod89 Ennis, county clare, irelandIreland
jodini   Omaha, NEUSA
joemagiera   Evanston, ILUSA
joffrey EstairesFrance
john199   HarrogateUnited Kingdom
johncamomilla   Pianiga 
johnrt   TrondheimNorway
jokern   AvestaSweden
jonathanmorrison   Woodinville, WAUSA
jones   St andre de cubzacFrance
jordano8   BuderimAustraliaMachine is in excellent condition with Nucore system and LCD installed
jorgete   MadridSpain
jozo   CiovoCroatia
jp78 RoyanFranceBel exemplaire , plateau 10/10 caisse 9,5/10 Fonctionne parfaitement , écran plat 22 pouces et système nucore , full led , pinblades , convolux , soucoupes avec leds rgb, doigts de flips , plus différents mods vendu 3300 euros
jpedras   Rio de janeiroBrazil
jukidrums  JaénSpainNew decals, full led.
jungleplay   BrestFrance
jur   BruchköbelGermany
jura   TrollhättanSweden
jurgen2704   ElewijtBelgium
juzzo72 Salerno eccellenti condizioni, piano di gioco perfetto, completo, revisionato, gomme nuove, pulito, perfettamente funzionante
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
k0balt LombardiaSwitzerlandVeramente troppo facile
kallegari   CuritibaBrazil
kapsig1   Pasadena, MDUSA
karl   OsloNorwayThis is not in very good condition. Needs a lot of work
karschwe  SchattendorfAustriaUpgrade with Flatscreen and PC, Art Blades.
kattana   Baia mareRomania
kenhahn   Hahn, MAUSA
kenz   InverurieScotland
kimkat911   YerresFrance
kloom00   V.Netherlands
kmkrueger   Eldridge, IAUSA
kobe   Sao pauloBrazilWith NUCORE Inside!
kos71   La ciotatFrance
kovacsi  MezokovesdHungary
ksarcade   Dunbarton, NHUSA
kukku  Creazzo Flipper messo benissimo tutto a LED
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
las63 Les martres-d'artièreFrance leds écran lcd neuf , plateau verni , caisse etc..... 1 ans de remise en forme
laz   StockholmSweden
le danois  ReimsFrancej'adore ludique et prenant
leaving_wand  Saltsjö-booSweden
leif  LaholmSwedenNucore. Got sideart but not changed
leif  LaholmSwedenPinball 2000 computer with Revenge board in computer box. new CPU fan and battery.
lek   UmeåSweden
levez  QuebecCanadaWilliams/(Nucore demo) Revenge From Mars/Star Wars Episode 1 combo 2 games in 1 + jukebox
levis   São pauloBrazil
lexzizu   Cagliari Cerco aiuto per verificare/riparare scheda prism
liga-kueste   Bremen / niedersachsenGermanyMichael K.
liga-kueste   Bremen / niedersachsenGermanyUwe
lio   LerumSweden
lionsfan   Land o lakesf, FLUSAVideo amp installed for popping out colors.
lisaron  Odessa, MOUSAThis game looks almost new. Have not had time to work it over yet with new LEDS and wax. Not many games on this machine. The game plays but it always plays 4 players. A computer guy is going to check it out for me.
liti   BudakalászHungary
lod BorlängeSweden
loianthony  Saint georges de chesnéFrance
lordbj   AucklandNew Zealand
lorenzo99   EvionnazSwitzerland
louiske123   MachelenBelgium
lovetarget CherengFrance
lucasprimo   UberlandiaBrazil
luckypin   NijverdalNetherlands
luigi_ccnb   GanderkeseeGermany
luis19 AlcañizSpainMáquina de colección. Full LED, iluminación rgb en altavoces a ritmo de la música, gomas siliciona transparente, mod ilumicion platillos cromados, pintura al horno en pata, lock y puerta, monitor led de 19pulgadas igual tamaño que el original, ordenador alternativo con amplificador de potencia de sonido, vinilos exteriores y interiores nuevos, cristal original de pinball 2000. Envío fotos y vídeos a los interesados. Precio 3200
luiss80   Volpiano 
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
m4carp  NarberthUnited Kingdom
ma-ched LondonUnited KingdomWas working fine up until a year ago. Screen comes on but CPU doesn't boot up. I have had offers so I know it is fixable, I am just seeing what people are willing to pay for it. Please contact me if you are interested or if you have any inside knowledge as to what's wrong with it.
mac   KristianstadSweden
madeindortmund   DortmundGermanyI love the humour on this one. Needs some little work to be done to some switches and the sound rom. It all works but sometimes the switches do not register. I already know why and will fix it asap.
maestroluky  Mondo bello minimo 1500
mag   Castiglione torinese 
magilla   Alessandria (al) 
magniez christop   DuclairFrance
mainelycoasters   Sabattus, MEUSA
maki14   érdHungary
malibu ss  WinnipegCanadaPlayfield/Translite only.Has LEDS in GI and inserts
mandrack   AngoulemeFranceTrès beau plateau plateau Pas d’'insert abîmé, lles trous d’insertion de billes sont en très bonne état. Aucun plastiques cassés, soucoupes neuves / Équipé led / Mécanique batteurs neuves. / jolie Caisse, décals fronton moins jolie / élastiques neuf / Ventilateur Pc neuf / entièrement démonté et nettoyé.
mann.thomas  DarmstadtGermany
mantadoc   JuelsmindeDenmark
manu57   ThionvilleFrance
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74  MikkeliFinlandWith leds
mara74 MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
marcaandrea   Corsico Metto lo schermo lcd e diventa spettacolare
marcinkg  KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPolandI'm looking for orginal glass !!!
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg  KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marco-g Rimini flipper divertentissimo anche per gli amici che di solito non giocano con i flipper! sostituito il tubo catodico con un monitor LCD da 19". grafiche del cassone originali e perfette; piano bellissimo protetto con makrolon
marcoape Galatina in ottime condizioni.perfettamente funzionante.vetro originale schermo lcd. vendo a 2350.
marcos   Champaign, ILUSA
marcosxx   Palermo il mio primo flipper !!!
mark2511 BilbaoSpainIn very good conditions
mark532011   Lynden, WAUSAplays great. Has original monitor and computer
markdw   TorontoCanada
markjbevan   WombourneUnited KingdomLovely condition, fully working, and freshly re-decalled :)
marko4194   Martinez, GAUSA
marks-pinball   Cincinnati, OHUSA
marmion  BadenstedtGermanyLED Inserts / Martian LED Mod / Saucer LED Mod / Cliffy Hole Protector
marteen   HajdúszoboszlóHungary
marvin944   HarlingenNetherlandsVery good condition, original.
mastercello   HochdorfSwitzerland
masteur   RoquevaireFranceFaire proposition
mate04  Padova 
matsod   MölndalSweden
matt08  MetzFranceMieux que neuf, soucoupes rotatives, Topper abduction, mise à jour 2.24, 6 billes, shaker, knocker
mattbolick   Winston-salem, NCUSA
mattes711   DülmenGermany
mattes711   DülmenGermany
maukka   TervakoskiFinland
mauriceman   Pittsburgh, PAUSA
mauriexpand   Galatina Please for pictures and price contact me.
maxrex   Biella 
maxrpm  Chicago, ILUSANuCore, LCD, LED, Custom speakers with subwoofer, Remote Power switch, Bill Ung Saucers. Old Translite was brittle and fell apart.
mctdragon   AnnoeullinFrance
mdeslaur   LevisCanada
menace   AuroraCanadaRunning Nucore w/ CRT
merccat   Fresno, CAUSA
messi1986  Aidone 
metalcrusader   JönköpingSwedenGreat condition. Playfield in good shape. Lots of parts been chenged out to new.
michael kranz   BremenGermany
mikah  OrimattilaFinlandown led set :) better than any store. Like new playfield. Bright screen. Up 2500€.
mikeljodt  VitoriaSpainnew glass blue leds in center of playfield for big vision of game. updated last version manual and schematics originals very good condition new bateries on prisma card...etc ...
mikierpiu  Tufara valle 
mikierpiu  Tufara valle 
mimicool  EschertSwitzerlandDémonté et nettoyé complet, élastique et boules neuves, cibles et switch neufs, full led
miro70   Novi sadSerbia-MontenegroALL PINBALL ARE FOR SALE AS ONE PACKAGE :)
mission65   KentUnited Kingdom
mistertwang   Gujan-mestrasFrance
mizar73  Messina flipper da sistemare!!
mizar73  Messina 
mlbarreira  LisboaPortugalTop original RFM. Gomez/Sheats Project 2000 "Pinball Will never Be the Same". Excellent playfield with playfield protector.New original cabinet decals with new red t-mold. New ATX power supply. New cpu fan. Video amplifier. All metal parts powder coated. Noflix Plus playfield kit. Pinballbulbs for GI and flashers. Star posts led light white warm
mnyeti420  Inver grove heights, MNUSAAll LED lights, new rubbers and pinballs. Ultimarc video amplifier installed. Side blade graphics and custom color shift t-molding.
monster-bash  GoianiaBrazilSold! running NUCORE.
monsterbash   CascaisPortugalfully restored.
monsterbash1   Grand island, NYUSAPurchased NIB
moo   ValenciennesFrance
moonnight   Vicenza Perfetto.... Perfetto in tutto... Schermo cassone sono fantastici e non ha un minimo striscio...... A molti non piace , mentre a me il fatto di interagire con lo schermo mi diverte molto
morango  Haren groningenNetherlands
mordario Milano Perfettamente revisionato
mordario   Milano Totalmente revisionato
mordario  Milano in ottime condizioni generali
mordario  Milano In ottime condizioni ancora da revisionare
mordario  Milano Totalmente revisionato a nuovo
mordario   Milano funzionante e in ottime condizioni ma da revisionare
mordario   Milano funzionante e in ottime condizioni ma da revisionare
mordario   Milano 
mordario   Milano 
mordario   Milano . Già prenotato
mordario  Milano Totalmente revisionato e a LED installato ultimo software 2.24
mosh   BavariaGermany
mosh   BavariaGermanyGREAT! - Beautiful Pinball machine in unrestored original condition!
mr mic   LidköpingSweden   Salerno 
mrjuke1   HamburgGermanyneue Beine und Bildschirmschutz
mrkegflex   Beavercreek, OHUSA
mrtenn   GustafsSweden
msbaldwi   Vancouver, WAUSA
mse   FreisingGermany
mseigno   LimogesFranceWith NUCORE and 22 LCD
msh  KorsbergaSweden
mssony   São pauloBrazil
mssony   São pauloBrazil
mtaboada   São pauloBrazil
mtdouble   St. petersburg, FLUSA
mucha  LubskoPolandRestoration, playfield painted clear lack (2K), led lighting noflix plus), monitor led (converter gbs-8200)
muchacho  Limetz-villezFrancesoucoupes neuves, tremplin neuf quelques led. bel exemplaire.
mungabart  AchelBelgium
mv8ball  CaterhamUnited Kingdom£1750 (has TFT screen conversion)
mvo0   UdenNetherlands
mwong168   TorontoCanada
mypinballs   OldenburgGermany
mzuccon  São pauloBrazil1999 - Led & 21' VGA Kit, Topper by Rinaldo
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
nairolf   MelunFrance
nakuakaben  NancyFranceKit Led install, Martien Led, Saucer Led in futur...
nandaccio Roma 
nappis  MonninkyläFinland
nascar2   5012 schönenwerdSwitzerland
nascar2   5012 schönenwerdSwitzerland
nascar2   5012 schönenwerdSwitzerland
nathan27140   GisorsFrance
ndv  Verona Flipper molto divertente !!! Ha il PC originale, scheda madre sistemata effettuato RECAP condensatori, completo di Prism Card. Monitor originale con tubo catodico con colori molto brillanti Le decals laterali del mobile sono rovinate, acquistato set completo da sostituire !!! Rif. 006
necman  GeithusNorwayMy 5. pinball machine, purchased February 2014.
necman  GeithusNorwayMy 6. pinball machine, purchased April 2018. Rmf again:)
nerino   San marino 
nettunoz  Torino Divertente, secondo me sottovalutato. Alla fine venduto perché troppo "videogame"
networkprofi71   AuersthalAustria
ngiovas   Clarkston, MIUSA
nick   StenungsundSweden
nicolas dl  ReimsFrance
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceEn bonne etat 1000
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceRéserver Cédric 2.6k
nighthunter   Esch/alzetteLuxembourg
nitschepinball   GelsenkirchenGermany
noby01   WelsAustria
nolan   ParisFranceVery Nice
nolan  ParisFranceNucore
nollan   FouesnantFrance
nordi   Casoria e un grande flippper
noworrys   KalmarSweden
nwojedi   WisconsinUSAeverything has a price. :) 4000 all original plays great,
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
odelyrius   örsjöSweden
ohaerter   SindelfingenGermany
olive00   EssonneFrance
oliver recsei   SiófokHungary
oliver recsei   SiófokHungary
omary74   Brembate 
only68s   Bakersfield, CAUSA
onoffracing  Bourgoin jallieuFranceFull restoration
orion1279  Padova Revenge quasi unico direi: PC e CRT originale con Software 2.22; aggiunto Knocker fisico, Shaker fisico, ablitato alle 6 palline, sideblades, led al 90%, makrolon e palline nuove.
oscarspa   JaénSpain
outhole  NrwGermany
overkilll  LisbonPortugalWorks 100%, with original glass, perfect playfield and no broken plastics. Price - 1.200 €
overkilll  LisbonPortugal
overkilll   LisbonPortugal
overkilll  LisbonPortugal
overkilll  LisbonPortugalWorks 100%, with reflection film on glass, perfect playfield and no broken plastics. Price - 1.000 �
overkilll  LisbonPortugal
overkilll  LisbonPortugal
overkilll   LisbonPortugal
overkilll   LisbonPortugal
overkilll  LisbonPortugal
overkilll  LisbonPortugal
overkilll   LisbonPortugal
overkilll   LisbonPortugal
overkilll  LisbonPortugal
overkilll   LisbonPortugal1300 €
overkilll   LisbonPortugal
overkilll   LisbonPortugal
overkilll   LisbonPortugal
ovvvi   BucharestRomania
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
p.personale  Teramo secondo me un collezionista non puo' non avere l'ultimo modello prodotto dalla williams
p.personale  Teramo perfettamente funzionante,revisionato anche il computer
p.personale  Teramo Da restaurare anche se funzionante.Il piano e' conciato un po' male. Sostituito il piano e il monitor con un lcd da 19''. Ora e' molto meglio.
p.personale  Teramo Preso per ricambi,rimesso in funzione e girato a gianni.
p.personale  Teramo Grazie Luca x il prezzo di favore, sostituito il piano con uno quasi nuovo.
pabo61   SolothurnSwitzerland
padawanman BrignolesFranceDans ma caisse de STWEP1 avec Nucore
paf_prod  Neauphle-le-vieuxFrance
paf_prod  Neauphle-le-vieuxFranceTrès bon état, full led, écran d'origine, très lumineux et bien contrasté. Très beau plateau sans usure. Belle caisse, mais pas neuve.
paobao   Empoli 
paolo1964  Milano Tutto perfettamente funzionante qualche piccolo segno sul case.
papajoe  MainzGermany
pascal   ReichshoffenFrance
patelrock  Lac-meganticCanadaa ton of leds (99%), new translite, new rubber, nice playfield No issues Loocking fo Tommy,TFTC, Fish Tale, Apollo13
paulob  Marrazes - leiriaPortugal1000 + Shipp - Very good condition
paulobranko   LisboaPortugal
pavannj Thiene 
pavannj Thiene 
pavannj  Thiene 
pbal   BudapestHungaryBudapest Pinball Museum
pblover   Catania 
peekb   Glenville, NYUSA
pegas43 CeljeSlovenia
pelle   HelsinkiFinland
pellew   UmeåSweden
perfect point  WhitecourtCanadaJune 4th 2021 for $3500
performante  Napoli da revisionare si accende ma non parte la partita.
pershing3110  Oestrich-winkelGermany
petaco  GijónSpainHUO
petitcurieux   Bray-sur-seineFrance
peza   JonkopingSweden
pezize   77France
pgthielen   Little canada, mn, MNUSAGame was professionally restored by Pinball Warehouse and sold to me in 2015. I love the game but only having room for one pinball, I'd consider trading this plus cash for: LOTR, WOZ, The Hobbit, or GOT (Prem/LE)
phantasize   RandersDenmarkMy first machine
picchio62   Portoferraio 
picchio62   Portoferraio 
pierre2000   Entraigues-sur-la-sorgueFrance
pimpmyflip   Bosc-le-hardFrance
pimseb   Berg-sur-moselleFrance
pinball junkie  Kanata, ontarioCanadaFun game, especially the mother ship mode and hologram parachuting aliens, but you can't have them all. (At least I can't!)
pinball-house   ZamoraSpain
pinballark  KalmarSwedenLooks like new after some minor restauration of the cabinett I did as soon as I got it in my basement.
pinballcat2   DevonportAustraliahad the choice of buying this or a MM for the same price back in 2001 thought it sounded cool and was newer Doh....
pinballgeek   CheshireUnited Kingdom
pinballhouse Catania Flipper in eccellenti condizioni,richiesta 1.200€. Pinball machine in excellent condition, request € 1,200.
pinballireland   LimerickIreland
pinballmaniabh   Belo horizonteBrazilWith Nucore and LCD.
pinballmuseum   CracowPoland
pinballnewbie   Brady, VAUSA
pinballs  Wald-michelbachGermanyA perfect machine with protectors and some Super Bands. Software v1.6. 2/8/13 - 6/26/14
pinballs Wald-michelbachGermanyVery nice, clean machine. Plays very well, has new rubbers, screen, new pin2k glass, mirror blades, art blades, a bunch of manuals and promo plastics, uv illuminated eifel tower and leaning tower of pisa, 1A decals on cabinet and backbox, black t-molding, PU LEDs, video converter, translite mod, chrome ufos with rotating leds in red, Data cable and Eee PC for Updates... Software v2.10 - 03/03/19 to 09/28/19
pinballsfan Remedios de escalada buenos airesArgentinacabinet mint , playfield 9 points , electronics 10 points beutifull working pinball machine like new
pinballzz   Manteca, CAUSA
pinbarcelona   BarcelonaSpainFully restored. Playfield protector, sidedecals, led lighting, target decals, pisa and eiffel tower figures, new cabinet decals, custom topper, leg protectors, custom glass cover protector. With original PC and CRT display.
pinbertl   Enzersdorf an der fischaAustria
pinbitch   WarendorfGermany
pincycle   VöcklabruckAustriaEquipped with Campers Flux LED's
pinhead1  BudapestHungaryNice original game!
pinheadbe   NivellesBelgiumSome modding done. Mostly added some parts that are missing in the final product, hence it is obvious they were intended to be included: Fourth spot (top right), more flashers. Most of the inserts are now lit by LED bulbs, but GI remains classic bulbs. Under cabinet LED strips for added special effects on some events. Better illumination on top of backbox. Better cooling of the overall backbox. "SOL" hole and through-hole protectors. Things to come: New translite with LED illumination and effects to replace the fluorescent tube. Better cooling of the CPU (with alarm in case of fan failure); this should allow slight overclocking of the CPU that would smooth the screen animation on some modes. Probably switching to white rubbers in replacement of the black ones.
pini   PressbaumAustria
pink panther   CologneGermanyPrinted cabinet! One of 200!? No decals! Nearly perfect PF. Comes from a US-Casern in Germany.
pintech   ChristchurchNew Zealand
pkg  La chapelle-basse-merFrance
planetebob  GovenFrance
playmaster  Hawesville, KYUSAHas LEDs
playmaster  Hawesville, KYUSA
pm22  BarrieCanada
pokefred  CarquefouFrance2500€
pozze   Treviso ....e la sfida continua....
precisionpin   NijverdalNetherlandsIn really nice condition
prenki  NeumarktGermany
prezes   JaworznoPoland
primo  Torino In buono stato generale,vetro a specchio originale: tutto funzionante, compreso il monitor tv. Piano di gioco e fiancate del cabinet sono OK. Miglior offerente a partire da 1000 euro.
pstudart   CampinasBrazil
ptjim   Pacific northwest, WAUSABought NIB from distributor, in perfect condition.
punkyas  TolosaSpain
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
q-bert   NiersteinGermanyFully Restored with LED,Soundupgrade and other funny Stuff ;)
qsin   PaliæSerbia-Montenegro
quincy  Milano Mint conditions.
quintus  PibracFrance
qwerty1979   StockholmSweden
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
r.marbre   Vitry-le-françoisFrance
r4mses  PatrasGreece
rafa   FlizeFrance
ragnor  Eden prairie, MNUSA
ramonlojo   VigoSpain
ramtoy   Narni praticamente come nuovo ha 600 partite nello storico di sistema aggiornato alla versione software 1.5
rcarlson   Hemet, CAUSA
rdalla   BarueriBrazilAdquirida do Sr. Harrison de Almeida Machado (Darth) em 14/09/2020.
recycler  AndechsGermany
redknight Riverside, CAUSA
regis  CaruaruBrazil
renarcade   BarcellonaSpain
renatobru  Velletri (rm) € 200
rfm2000 MelbourneAustraliaRedecaled cabinet. new crt, plays perfectly
riceandpeas   KentUnited Kingdom
riceandpeas   KentUnited Kingdom
richards_pinball   Marche 
rico29   PlouescatFrance
rignault  SaulieuFrance
rinpoli   GuarulhosBrazil
riverinapinball   JuneeAustraliaGood Working Condition, not mint. The cabinet could do with a sand and respray.
rob6462   Otisville, NYUSA
robhorror  La pocatièreCanadaLeds, topper, decals cabinet neuf, état exceptionnel.
robhorror  La pocatièreCanadaHUO, à l`état neuf, quelques mods ajoutés. Ma deuxième RFM, je m`ennuyais beaucoup de cette game.
robotronjohn77  Raleigh, NCUSA
rocknpinball   SouthportUnited Kingdom
rom82   Arcade Piano bellissimo e decal enon in buone condizioni €800
rom82   Arcade Non funzionante ma perfeetto
rom82   Arcade Flipper in perfette condizioni
rom82   Arcade Piano in buone condizioni decal con molte crepe
romain145   NiceWales
ronado   ForbachFrance
rossz   LilleFrance
rouge rabbit   Big lake, MNUSA
rroollii   HartbergAustria
rroollii   HartbergAustria
rudy1977   WiltzLuxembourg
runner90   Potenza favoloso
ruse  MontelimarFrance
ruszip2   Manhattan, KSUSA
rvdv   Corona, CAUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
saec   MadridSpainFor sale in 2500€ or trade. 100% working. Original glass.
salmal   Buenos airesArgentina
sanch   KecskemétHungary
sarcis  LillersFrance
saroboxer86 Catania Led bulbs. New flippers. New rubbers. Very nice Playfield and cabinet. Original display.
saroboxer86   Catania 
sasa89   Salerno Vendo o scambio prezzo 1500€
sasa89   Salerno Vendo o scambio prezzo 1500€
sasa89   Salerno 
sasa89   Salerno 
sasa89   Salerno 
sasa89   Salerno 
sasa89   Salerno 
sasa89   Salerno 
sasa89   Salerno 
sasa89   Salerno 
sasa89   Salerno 
sasa89   Salerno 
sasa89   Salerno 
sasa89   Salerno 
sasa89   Salerno 
sax021   Novi sadSerbia-MontenegroAll games are being sold as one lot!
sbp   Osaka-shi, osakaJapan
schudel5   Kalamazoo, MIUSA
scottrogers  Windsor, COUSARestored with new side art. Great playfield with a few toys.
scottward15  ReadingUnited KingdomAwesome rfm fully working with new mypinballs computer conversion with new Lcd TV, flippers rebuilt, black flipper bats green superbands, fully led playfield in great shape with little wear cliffy fitted to hole, just would need the cab redecalling to make mint would trade for a jm or looking for a paragon, sorcerer, swords of fury grand lizard etc £1800 ono
scottyhoag   Castaic, CAUSA
sdonati   Asigliano vercellese Perfetto !
sebiz60  CompiegneFrance
sebw   Chemnitz (saxony)Germany
seeburg19   Oroclini / cyprusCyprusBeautiful machine, like new!
sergiocalheiros   Sao bernardo do campoBrazil
seshpilot   Birmingham, ALUSAAmazing, like-new condition. Cabinet and playfield are pristine. Monitor has amplifier circuit to make picture extremely bright. Beautiful.
sfa   WetzlarGermanyNUCORE/TFT
sfm-313   LuxembourgLuxembourg
shawee  EstavayerSwitzerlandfull led
shootagain91  Paris + hossegorFranceCollector Quality !!!
shootagain91  Paris + hossegorFranceFull resto, new decals, playfield protector, new cpu fans, new battery, full leds and many many more... 5000€
sid0815   ChemnitzGermany
sid0815  ChemnitzGermanyConversion Kit
sidgametech   São bernardo do campoBrazil
silverball   BergenNorway
silversmurfer   WalkernUnited Kingdom
simenpacman  KristiansandNorwayLooking for new PF glass and decals
simo78 Canneto sull'oglio Piano e cassone in ottimo stato. Monitor CRT originale.
simo78  Canneto sull'oglio Piano e cassone bellissimi. Crt e vetro originali. Gioco molto divertente
simonesmax   Monteu roero 
simonlindsay   AshbourneUnited Kingdom
simpleman81   Parma 
sinatra  KongsbergNorway
skov   HorsensDenmark
skuggemannen   OsloNorway
skycrane   Viterbo 
smcbrien   BrisbaneAustralia
smepelle   BollnäsSweden
snakeeye   NyköpingSwedenNeeds restoration, and will not be sold until finished. Cabinet a little worn(not uncommon). but in all very playable.
snakeeye   NyköpingSwedenLED, plays well. set up at home.
snakeeye   NyköpingSweden
snakeeye   NyköpingSweden
snakeeye   NyköpingSweden
snakeeye  NyköpingSweden
snakeeye   NyköpingSwedenScreen changed to LCD
snakeeye  NyköpingSweden
snakeimp  BudapestHungary
sofy  Roma Perfetto
sofy   Roma Ottimo stato
sofy   Roma Discrete condizioni
sofy   Roma a presto le foto
sofy Roma Bellissimo .....perfetto di piano e cassone
sonambulo   Palamós, gironaSpain
souka   Epinay sur seineFrance
southcoastslam  WorthingUnited Kingdom
space ace   Teramo Revisionato completamente piano perfetto e anche il cassone ok
spedygonzales  Cento PERFETTI
spedygonzales  Cento TENUTO MOLTO BENE…
speedy  CanlyFrance
spiderman  BerneSwitzerlandVery nice HUO Pin with LCD Monitor and super sound.
spieterse   SprucegroveCanada
spinball   Padova 
splatrat   FremantleAustralia
sseacord   Hummelstown, PAUSAAlso have SW:E1 playfield kit (in storage) that I sometimes swap.
sstaffan   LuleåSweden
staaij   NijmegenNetherlands
starfighter2   Derry, NHUSA
starflip   MendeFrance
ste.mss  Treviso il mio primo flipper
steeve64200 ArcanguesFranceA vendre Flippper Bally Pinball 2000 Revenge from Mars 3D (année 1999) Excellent état. Toujours suivi par professionnel.
steff   EschdorfLuxembourg
stegrey   LiverpoolUnited Kingdom
stevetnj   Franklin park, NJUSA
stevie694  BlackpoolUnited Kingdom
stocken  RocknebySweden
stp  GöteborgSwedenJFO,STP,BOZ,CKR
superpillo  Milano Perfetto. Meraviglioso. Adrenalinico. L'ultimo Bally/Williams.....
supersam   NeversFrancevendu à Jérémy
supertato75 Torino Pinball 2000 Revenge from Mars
svante   StockholmSweden
svsseb   AvignonFrance
sword Milano flipper venduto a Roberto. pinball sold Roberto
sword Milano Venduto a Emiliano, andato in Svizzera
sylang   CaenFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
tadpole17   Rumford, MEUSA
tanman   HalifaxCanada
tanulovezeto  SzegedHungary
tay  Bassano del grappa 
taz turbo  SouthportUnited KingdomFlat panel fitted using original hardware.
tazmania72  Le mansFrance
tbird   VasterasSweden
teesalo   NokiaFinland
tennisbum81  Las vegas, NVUSA3,000 cash game is located in las vegas nevada!!
terminator   EskilstunaSwedenIn great condition. Rebuilt monitor, shopped playfield (early 2009), hole protector. Bad side art, but we have NOS side art for it.
teskem   Itapecerica da serra-spBrazil
tetrocool   MicherouxBelgiumEchangé
tglover   HamiltonCanada
thearcademan   SetúbalPortugal
thebaro   Brescia sempre molto carino da giocare..soprattutto dopo una bella partita al suo predecessore AFM! Piano perfetto e decals al 90%..a presto le mod!
thecam   Piacenza Sostituito monitor crt con lcd è messo filtro per migliorare i colori
thefunfactor   KamloopsCanada
thelowest78  Varese Il ricordo di tante estati presso la Salagiochi Laser di Albenga che ha chiuso fine 2012. E' proprio lui....
theo22   Mael carhaixFrance
thepita007  Fl, FLUSARecently cleaned it up and replaced alot of parts. New Monitor, New computer PSU, New CPU Fan, New Light, New Rubbers, Cliffy Protector, New Coils, New Flipper Assemblies, Ton of new switches, New Light Bulbs and more! Game plays great!
thomas b   StuttgartGermany
thomazpom   BenhamouFrance
thot   VillacerfFrance
tiberium  VellefauxFranceVery Nice condition.
tibo NiortFrance
tiki   SamanoSpain
timdog78   Bismarck, NDUSA
tng25   Tacoma, WAUSA
tof26   LarnageFrance
toguesh   OrleansFrance
toktotte   SkellefteåSweden
tommyc   Houston, TXUSA
tompav  Portland, ORUSA
toni  Salerno 
toni  Salerno 
toni542   BarcelonaSpain
toniox ToursFrance*****VENDU*****
tony spark   Saint maximin la sainte baumeFrance
tonyx   Galatina Please for pictures and price contact me.
tophat   BudapestHungary
torro   WedelGermany
totomix  Verona Revisionato e perfettamente funzionante. Chiedo 1.700
totos4all   AlbufeiraPortugalen cours de restauration
tp-pinball  TullingeSweden
tp-pinball   TullingeSweden
trailmaster   Loveland, COUSA
trasan   KalmarSweden
triple a   ZürichSwitzerland
tschimmi   ViennaAustria
tsiotas  Bologna 
tugdual  Sablé-sur-sartheFranceCool ce flipper
tugdual   Sablé-sur-sartheFrance
tviste  NyköpingSweden
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
unichord  Portogruaro 
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
vaillini   King george, VAUSA
vakaobr   MontijoPortugal
vampi  HudiksvallSweden
vengeance   KeswickCanada
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
viimne   VästeråsSweden
vincewheeler  ZoetermeerNetherlandsAmazing condition, has Video mod
vincz  Pinball cityFranceFull Red Candy color for this RFM Invasion remodded Nucore installed with 15hz vga frequency for CRT monitor Vga additional card, new decals, leds Coin door colored by pinballdreams
vivix   EstrablinFrance
vlnfnc   Turriaco 
vollgas   LindenGermany
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
waffen_spain   MadridSpainHave to love the game cos I really love the theme, my first 2000 game.
waingro   TorsbySwedenA fun game in nice condition. Decals 7/10 and playfield 8/10. Plays great!
wanzman  BottropGermanyGive me your melons...
wanzman  BottropGermanyI've sold it for the Indy, now I have a second one
wasteman   San giovanni in persiceto Ne ho 2!!! uno in ufficio e uno a casa... lo adoro!!!
whaler   Corpus christi, TXUSA
whatchapopo   Port des barquesFrance
wilhugh   CalgaryCanada
wistiti  TorhoutBelgiumVery nice machine with very good playfield, ramp, plastics, ... but cabinet needs some attention.
wovou   CampsasFrance
wvpinball   Charleston, WVUSAlove this game. Artist autographed
wylcot   Loriol sur dromeFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
xadhoom76   Verona 
xianek WarsawPolandAmazing condition. After complete overhaul. Put together by taking parts from 2-3 other machines + new rubbers, etc. 11600 PLN.
xianek  WarsawPolandMy RFM #2 (This time I have an LCD monitor...). Overall very good original condition with my custom Translite (improved colors and contrast).
xkane47   CharnyCanada
xvincent76   DijonFrance
xymox   MarseilleFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
yellowflate  Cagliari January, 1999/ 4 Players Production: 6,878 units (confirmed) Successor to "Attack From Mars. The first game released under the Pinball 2000 (PB2K) concept. The last pinball game made under the "Bally" label
yoy ParisFranceNucore with SSD disk for fast boot - Full LED - Original Pinball 2000 Glass - Brand new Lockbar - All pastics are perfect - Playfield in great condition (only very small marks on some inserts) - Hole Protector
yoyokopter   Aix en provenceFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
zarnet   BundabergAustralia
zebz   NeuchâtelSwitzerland
zigzagzag   StavangerNorwayRunning NuCore with RFM version 2.24 on a LCD screen.
zik   GroßröhrsdorfGermany
zioferro   Bologna 
zsciaeount   St. louis, MOUSA
zsvennyz  KristiansandNorway
zsvennyz   KristiansandNorway
zsvennyz  KristiansandNorway
zsvennyz  KristiansandNorway
zsvennyz  KristiansandNorway

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