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collezionista zonanazionalitànote
.cri   OlotSpain
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
185joker   Seregno 
1975david   Bergamo 
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
5701pin  ViennaAustria
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
a.stebel  BarrieCanadaPlays, have a bunch of new parts to install, including playfield, backglass, plastics.
aakatz1  Geneva, ILUSAGame is a sample/pre-production game. Absolutely love this title! In great shape, with no damage on Playfield. Cab is good, but is decaled and these are starting to wrinkle by the legs. Undercab lighting installed which serves this game well! Also have lighted shooter rod. Legs, side rails, and lockdown are painted purple and clear coated.
adolfo_2   MadridSpainFull led, playfield protector,80% chrome mirror.
aeon ElverumNorwayExcellent condition. Clearcoated playfield. New cabinet decals. New DMD. Prototype BackBox Purple Scroll Set. Original manual. Plastic protection. Flipper Fidelity Speakers with Subwoofer. Installed beautiful inner cab decals (blades) that fits the pinball perfectly. Ball Trough Magnetic Jam Protector. Transparent flipper Super-Bands. Custom scorecards. White Pin-Butts casters. Nice legs. Plays great. Suggested price NOK 60000.
again MontelimarFranceDMD COLOR LED, Full leds,Néon OK, 100 % Fonctionnel, Decal caisse OK, Envoi sur palette, emballage soigné. 6200 €
aglo   LuxembourgLuxembourg
akltm1  BremenGermanyGreat condition! Clearcoatet playfield, mirror blades, playfield + backbox leds, new licensed cabinet decals, all metal parts polished, ColorLED-DMD
akront  MontelimarFranceenfin Fini !
aladinice   NiceFrancemagnifique exemplaire d'un des plus beau Bally ! cette BG est magnifique ! j'aime le dot sous le plateau ! que du bonheur question game play !
alessandro22  Napoli 
aletoronto   JaguariúnaBrazilComprei com alguns problemas elétricos que foram rapidamente ajustados. Mandei foto dela para o criador John Popadiuk! Achou o máximo e disse que a cor azul era a preferida dele! Também toda com LED. Linda!
alex777  BelgradeSerbia-Montenegro
algrande   CalgaryCanadaVery nice playfield, absolutely beautiful cabinet
alucinoff   MadridSpain
andrea11   Roma 
andrew77  Bergamo Cassone perfetto, piano restaurato e "laccato", plastiche e rampe perfette!
andrew791   Follonica 
andrewdreams  GranadaSpainMods y leds,perfecta.
andymac   Roma 
andypuk  BirminghamUnited Kingdom
anejo68   Terni 
arcadehd  Oklahoma city, OKUSAA repair made to the upper playfield
argos   WindachGermanyPin needs some work, will clearcoat the playfield, install new decals, maybe I will make a chrome edition
arkuz  Champaign, ILUSABought this brand new after seeing it get made in the factory tour. Love the art, unique for the industry. Game play was also decent. Got a bit tired of the sound though, a bit too hyperbolic. This specimen was in perfect condition, sold it when regrettably clearing out my first collection in 2001. Would be worth three times what I paid now, wish I could have anticipated that.
arnaud leclercq   Leuze en hainautBelgium
arnoldbabar   Omaha, NEUSA
arrow67   SaverneFrancetres belle caisse, très beau plateau, pas d'usure. Set de plastique neuf, neon bleu.
asp1310   LjubljanaSlovenia
aston ParisFranceSuper beau full Led Échange possible
athena  SomptingUnited KingdomOriginal Cabinet and playfield. Scrolls present. Has had some very nice mods added. Plasma ball, panther, bell mod in back box, flashing ball in cage, purple legs, leds, inside cab decals, replaced the mini playfield with new one, volt overlays fitted.
atipicpinball  EysinesFranceTrès belle caisse et plateau. DMD color. Équipe de leds. Mods maison. Transfo tht du tube neuf + son ci Rom 2.0 home édition. Cloche dans le fronton. Leds verts sous la caisse et boutons de flips. Blades miroirs. Disque plasma 3 couleurs. vitre anti reflets
attilak   Lumberton, NJUSA
autobox  CsongrádHungaryLike that new! Beautiful collector's piece. It was always in use at home! The Cirqus Voltaire is in my doughter's room.
avida   Cso:mo:rHungary
avo   SiegenGermany
avspinball   Reno, NVUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
balintfr  HarkanyHungary
ballycollector   DbNetherlands
ballystic  FontainebleauFrance
balmashie   Fort wayne, INUSAGet game! Has mods. Cabinet is in perfect condition. playfield is in great condition.
banzai  AberdeenScotlandI great shape and also fitted LED's, looks great. Mid way through being shopped
baseball1970   Rochester, NYUSA
bdelas1978   Mont saint aignanFrance
beaker   Cedarburg, WIUSAHUO....what a great game!
ben91  EvryFrance
benhur69   BordeauxFrance
benja   SønderborgDenmark
bertone   HamburgGermany
biba   IngelmunsterBelgium
binghanem   DubaiUnited Arab EmiratesNeed some cosmatic touches only
binos Neauphle le chateauFranceFull resto, all is new, playfield nos new ! Apron custom Chrome... 7.5k euros
bluevegas  Elk grove, CAUSABeautiful game! Has the scrolls, LEDS, plastic protectors, Pincab protectors, Bell in the backbox, target decals, and the upgraded ringmaster.
bluice   Bo 
boaz   ToulouseFrance
bobbuzz   St. louis, MOUSAI'm the second owner. This game was never on route. It's pristine!
bok-tapok  LahtiFinlandSuperb condition. 4500€
bomber777  PlymouthUnited KingdomMight possibly part exchange for a good AF or similar
bondto   HeinolaFinland
borgonovi   Sao jose do rio pretoBrazil
bouli  Luxeuil les bainsFrance
brigante82   Bari Vendo stupendo ed introvabile flipper 7000€ non tratabili
bsbdmd83   Chapel hill, NCUSA
buba   Milano Divertiti Matteo
buba   Milano 
bubble  Milano 
butch35712  Saint-eustacheCanadaull leds cdmd clearcoated playfield with toppe
bznhvx   Kokomo, INUSASample game. Perfect HUO.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
cadillacmusic   Cleveland, OHUSASample machine.
cafesix   ParisFrance
caholopes   Porto alegreBrazil
camel   WinterthurSwitzerland
cami   ParisFrance
captive_ball   Houston, TXUSANIB purchase, HUO
ced54   bout-de-brousse creekFranceFlipper atypique, une perle pour tout collectionneur, état d'origine. Superbe machine qui possède sans aucun doute une âme, Full chrome.
ced54   bout-de-brousse creekFranceX2
center10  Florence, KYUSAIf you are intersted, contact me ASAP. It won't last.
charlymatic   Corrales de buelnaSpain
cheese_wizardpq  North hatleyCanadaOne of the beautiful game I saw. All leds. Very good / Pristine condition. No scratches on playfield or Cab. ColorDMD, Ringmaster blue eyes mod. Pinblade decals. topper. cliffys everywhere. Purple undercab lithing. Green light flipper buttons. New blue Diamond shape shooter rod. All legs, rails and lockbar purple powder coated. PDI glass. Pink starlights in slings. 3 post lights added. let strip under apron. it plays like a NIB.
cheese_wizardpq  North hatleyCanadaI did a full restoration on this one. New Mirco playfield.Powdercoated. ColorDMD, Ringmaster blue eyes mod. Pinblade decals. topper. cliffys everywhere. Purple undercab lithing. Green light flipper buttons. New blue Diamond shape shooter rod. All legs, rails and lockbar purple powder coated. PDI glass. Pink starlights in slings. 3 post lights added. let strip under apron. it plays like a NIB.
chihuadog1   Clarendon, VTUSABeautiful shape
cholm   GothenburgSwedenNormal condition as this previously has been owned by a pinball operator. Everything works, nothing is missing or broken. Cabinet has been thoroughly cleaned out. NOS Cabinet decals and a NOS Plastic set has been installed. Addons: ColorDMD (LED with colorized ROM), Prototype Ring Master, Blue Eyes LED kit, Simba mod, Trim kit (purple siderails, lockdown bar and legs). Ringmaster protector, Purple metallic flippers with white rubber, Custom Illuminated Apron. Noflix LED Plus kit installed, Backbox Purple Scrolls, Non Glare Glass. Selling price 7000€
choub  AblancourtFrance
chris15   WeyerFrance
cirqusvoltaire20  Montgomery, NYUSA
claudio.sp  São pauloBrazil100% Original. Pristine Condition. Clearcoated Playfield. Mods added. Purple Ringmaster with blue leds eyes. Simba with blue led eyes. 100% working without errors. 100% Led lighting.
clintgilbert2   Garland, TXUSA
cobra63000 CourpièreFranceA vendre sans le néon possibilité d'envoyer par transporteur sur palette à vos frais ou échange contre centaur I plus argent  LimeiraBraziltudo 100% como nova!  LimeiraBraziltinha 2, 1 vendida!
cprod   VichyFrance
cudabee   BorgercompagnieNetherlandsChallenging game with a lot going on...
curtmiller   Miller, TXUSAChrome, LEDs, Color DMD, Great condition
cwarch   Loveland, COUSA
cycochris   AucklandNew Zealand
cyrus  AbidjanGhana
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
d3nny77   Cordenons Il flipper che più mi è dispiaciuto vendere.
daftgames   Randazzo Il flipper più bello del mondo
dalbo75  IpsachSwitzerlandcollector condition, speaker upgrade,led, mirrorless glas, chrome siderails + lockbar // can send pictures by whatsapp
danielebossa81  Teramo Pinball great condition full led Ottime condizioni piano molto bello nessuna laccatura tutto originale,cassone ben tenuto e schede in ottime condizioni valuto scambi con Monster Bash
danjan   örebroSweden
dannyboy   BarnsleyUnited Kingdom
darko   KoperSlovenia
darthvad AthensGreeceThe game is in perfect condition. The ringmaster eddy board has been upgraded with the pinbits board in order to register all the hits. I would trade this pinball for Tales of the Arabian Nights or I would sell it for 2.300 Euros.
dave   Bergamo Esteticamente il piu' bello...
dave_s10s Barrie onCanadaAll LED's, Purple legs, new glass, very clean game.
davidemessia   Frosinone No comment................Sicuramente brillerà come gli altri :solo questione di tempo...
daytonztt   Dayton, OHUSA
derroland   SchwabachGermanymy first pinball, bought in 2008 with leds an SW.
derv   LannionFrance
deviliann LédenonFranceSold to Lucky
diddol79   Follonica 
didgy35 VitréFrance
diegotech Botticino sera Veramente bello, devo finire il restauro.
dino5   MontrealCanadaPerfect cabinet. Playfield in very good condition. Traded this one for the AC/DC Luci. I'm missing it already..
dj dns   Locust grove, VAUSALed's, color dmd,
dp  SkopjeMacedonia
drano TorontoCanadaCollector quality CV. I reaplced a few plastics and a ramp. It came with purple powdercoated trim and legs and several mods, including prototype scrolls. A fun playing pin and a true pinball experience!
druidaa   SalamancaSpainFull restored.
dsf   Banja lukaBosnia-Herzegovina
dutchcollector   TilburgNetherlands
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
eagles77   CalgaryCanada
eas   UddevallaSweden
ejts12   CuritibaBrazil
ekthoren   Green bay, WIUSA
elrey   BarcelonaFrance
elwoodbe   CourcellesBelgium
eneatoluzzo  Perego Restauro completo. Laccatura semiopaco piano. Led playfield e testata. Pulizia fondo cassone. Lucidatura rampe. Revisione elettronica. Cassone in buono stato. Funzionante e testato. Solito collaudo meticoloso degli switch. Neon funzionante. Colore arancio. Un pezzo interessante per via delle uniche cornici che montavano in Origine i cirqus prima che decidessero di non metterle piu. Si rompevano durante il trasporto perché non le attaccavano probabilmente.
eneatoluzzo   Perego replica
epb0   LardyFrance
erik0202  Pesaro 
eroilmigliore  Nervesa della battaglia Perfettamente funzionante , decal coloratissime display come una farò xeno ! Piano con leggerissima usura sul volt ma deve ancora essere pulito .
essen  EssenGermany4200EUR
etta   Como 
evelyn  Confrancui Funzionante in buone condizioni solo da pulire il piano e cambiare i gommini 6,0 k
ezio56ge   Recco Quasi perfetto, alcune piccolezze da sistemare, ma niente di grave. Prossimamente foto.....
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
fab31  ToulouseFrancetres beau modéle avec un tres beau plateau
fab5condor   SteffisburgSwitzerlandPrototype Game, #33/200
fabboss   Bollate join the cirqus!
falaip77 Cuneo  Decal cassone/testata nuove originali australiane, full led nolfix, totalmente cromato legs,siderail,gettoniera,lockbar,specchi laterali,shooter,rampe,cestello jackpot sotto ringmaster,ecc...,RINGMASTER PROTOTIPO,elettronica perfetta,plastic set nuovo,illuminazione bianca su sfondo e verde sotto cassone,mod simba,mod illuminazione traslite,mod campanella dentro traslite, post illuminati nolfix,PIANO PERFETTO NON LACCATO. scrolls topper. solo x veri collezionisti! solo scambio solo con titoli top. per soldi accetto offerte sensate.
fandeflip   ToulouseFrance
favtastic   Fort collins, COUSA
fedemilano   Cesano maderno 
fernando   BoituvaBrazil
fernando93v AlcañizSpainfull restoreed. working 100%. playfield in very good cabinet decals.full leds. very nice
finman   Bloomingdale, ILUSAHUO
finokiss  Kirchheim unter teckGermanyVery good original condition, LED'S + SW.
flip69   LyonFrance
flipnogood   NeuchâtelSwitzerlandsample game
flippato79 Treviso Pinball good condition , Cabinet is very good 8/10 , Playfield ok 8/10 display ok but not working boom balloon , only pick up and payment in cash € 3800
flipper-jukebox Guidonia PIANO PERFETTO NON LACCATO , schede matchate, tutti manuali originali perfetti presenti , decal nuove originali australiane , led Nolfix plus, chrome legs, chrome siderail, chrome gettoniera, lockbar a specchio, specchi interni ,chrome shooter, plastic set originale impeccabile, neon multicolor , dmd led color, led strips viola sotto cassone, scrolls topper & mod campanella. Meno di 1000 partite come da contatore annesso!
flipper-jukebox   Guidonia 
flipper50 AarauSwitzerlandIt's a sample game - original state. CHF 7'500.- (fix)
flipperheinz  ErfurtGermanyfound this in mansfeld/germany
flippest   LilleFrance
flower  Salerno perfettamente funzionante 65k
fmeissonnier   CanetFrance
foneit  Fucecchio 
forever  PaleyFrance
fr3ak   FriedrichsthalGermany
fr3ak   FriedrichsthalGermany
francescoba  Gizzeria 
franck73 Monopoli Non spedisco, dont't shipping
franckenstein   78France
fras   Tezze sul brenta 
freddy   Cisterna di latina (lt) IN RESTAURO..
freddyspp   EchzellGermany
freebee  DeventerNetherlands
frg   KirchheimGermanyVery nice original condition, no wears at ll (very little at the ringmaster hole). Plays very well. Also a WPC95 classic.
frg   KirchheimGermany
frisen  WittenbachSwitzerland
ftrmech   Hamilton, OHUSAAlthough this machine is fine the way it is, I will drop a NOS playfield into it and freshen up the side art...this is a reimport and will be restored to a like new "export".
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
galaxy   MontréalCanadaHUO CV. Beautiful example of a Cirqus Voltaire. Mods, blade art, cliffy's, LED, protectors all around. Mint playfield.
gamearcade2006 Brindisi 
gap  PerthAustralia
garbinator  OsloNorwayHUO! Excellent condition. Clearcoated playfield. New cabinet decals. New DMD. Prototype BackBox Purple Scroll Set. Original manual. Plastic protection. Flipper Fidelity Speakers with Subwoofer. Inner cab decals (blades). Ball Trough Magnetic Jam Protector. Transparent flipper Super-Bands. Custom scorecards. White Pin-Butts casters. Plays great. Can ship on pallet.
gaspgian   Bologna Praticamente Perfetto!
gastoon   CabrisFrance
gator PartilleSweden
generalgman  CalgaryCanadaVery nice example. Will pull the playfield someday to have clearcoated. Invisiglass.
ghigos Milano 
ghigos   Milano 
ghigos Milano 
ghigos  Milano perfetto in ogni sua parte. vendo 6000 euro
gilberto juba  Bauru spBrazil
giltech   Belo horizonteBrazil
gipo   Roma 
gjtorres  São carlosBrazil
gogo81   GaillacFrance
gordonbowar  Aurora, COUSABryan Kelly Restoration
gregbenz   LondonCanadaCC playfield, New Cabinet, New Cabinet decals etc etc
gregtopf   River edge, NJUSA
gregtopf River edge, NJUSASample game, so has unique elements. Premium LEDs throughout. Blinkers in backbox. Game totally torn down. Playfield polished, parts tumbled. New coil sleeves throughout. Flippers rebuilt. New ringmaster, broken plastics replaced. Home ROMs installed. Looking for a nice quick sale if possible!
grs57  Petit-rederchingFranceBeautifull original game. With Custom Illuminated Apron...
guicobra   Poços de caldasBrazil
guigui58  ImphyFrance
guillaumix  La baule-escoublacFranceNew decals set, Full led, New plastics set and plastics protectors, New ramps, Cliffy set, Topper BackBox Scroll Set , Side decals, Target Decal Set, Door decal, Green Jewel Shooter Rod, New Reproduction Part, Mods (Blue Eye LED Kit - Simba Mod w/ LED's), Full Chrome parts: Highly polished chrome Legs set - Side rail set - Backbox hinge set - lockdown bar - Door - Shooter Assy - Buttons (start)
gunske   HeppenBelgium
guppy  LiegeBelgium
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
hammerhai2   PfalzGermany
harold   ChristchurchNew Zealand
harryfotter   Marche 
hashman   MelbourneAustralia
head   BalassagyarmatHungary
hekovala   KajaaniFinland
henryjames   Lecce 
herve   ParisFrance
hidravi  VillenaSpain
hidravi   VillenaSpain5100 €
hiesicheesy   GelsenkirchenGermanyLooking for an Indiana Jones (WMS) in good condition
hocuspocus   Aix en provenceFrancePerfect condition with dmd color, surround kit, playfield protector, new Ramps, new plastic set, new backglass, full leds
holmansteve Brussels , brussels capitalBelgiumVery Nice CV for sale Game has new cabinet and new decals, including new legs plates, Chrome trim, lock bar receiver, new ground braid, new coin door, nuts, bolts etc.. original playfield in excellent shape, no wear and extremely minor ghosting. Volt rollovers look great. New flippers and coils. They are a little beefy but I can put the original coils back in. Game was shopped pretty well, subways ramps, plastics, light boards, all cleaned. 100% leds
holmansteve Brussels , brussels capitalBelgiumVery Nice CV for sale Game has new cabinet and new decals, including new legs plates, Chrome trim, lock bar receiver, new ground braid, new coin door, nuts, bolts etc.. original playfield in excellent shape, no wear and extremely minor ghosting. Volt rollovers look great. New flippers and coils. They are a little beefy but I can put the original coils back in. Game was shopped pretty well, subways ramps, plastics, light boards, all cleaned. 100% leds
hporto  CampinasBrazilNew cabinet decals, fully restored with lacked playfield and led's all over.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
ibicus   LiègeBelgium
indigocc  ølstykkeDenmark
ink   BoråsSweden
inmarin   Mill valley, CAUSA
istrianac   PulaCroatiaSOLD !!!
iure   Rio de janeiroBrazilLooks like New! 100% leds from Pinball Life and Cointaker. Mad ringmaster from Marco. Eddy board from pinbits
izs-49  BudapestHungary100% It's in my living room...:)
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
jackbot  Cagliari Bello come aspetto, ma mediocre come gioco.Nella prima partita che ho fatto, ho completato tutte le modalità. Revisionato e pulito. Il neon è stato ricaricato. Mobile con qualche ritocco nel cassone. Piano in condizioni molto buone.
jaco   Bassano del grappa 
jagman  Stratford on avonUnited Kingdomsuperb near mint machine full led
james  Torino Le foto sono state effettuate prima del restauro: sono state sostituite tutte le plastiche con un nuovo set originale, tutte le lampadine ed il piano è stato lucidato. Prossimamente caricherò le foto del flipper messo a nuovo. Elettronica perfetta, zero errori, decal perfette!
jantequera   Madrid- spainSpainvery nice example of CV. My 5th. pinball
jbrady65   Pleasant hill, IAUSA
jcablett HuddersfieldUnited KingdomPerfect. Few inexpensive fixes needed but amazing condition otherwise.
jct Sanary-sur-merFrance
jeffreynero   EpinalFrance
jerry57 TeterchenFrance
jimjob   Long island, NYUSAHUO
jimwilks   Carlisle, ontarioCanada
jman   Itajubá - mgBrazil
joao_sto _andre   Santo andreBrazilLike New ,Home use only,Green/Yellow X-PIN Display,Ultra Bright Leds (playfield,G.I.,Backbox),Original purple topper,metal bell(just like the prototype),Purple neon !
joemagiera   Evanston, ILUSA
joffrey   EstairesFrance
jokerpoker  NowraAustraliaFully restored CV. Clear coated playfield like glass. Full PDI chrome kit inc legs,side rails,lockdown bar, hinges, upper glass chanel, lift chanel. New plastics set, new ramps. Rebuilt flipper kits. New cabinet decals and clear coated over the top. Just a really nice game that is even more amazing with the extra work. Lasserific topper and Titan bands throughout. Sold for a very nice offer.
jonathanmorrison   Woodinville, WAUSA
jordano8   BuderimAustraliaPrestine mint condition with chrome trimmings, mirror blades and prototype scrolls
jorgeslk  Povoa de varzimPortugal
josecivera   ValenciaSpain
josephmachines Rockford, ILUSASample CV in beautiful condition. This is the gem of my collection but I'm downsizing so unfortunately I need to move this one. This Sample CV has chrome siderails and lockdown bar, color dmd, full leds on PF and backbox as well as a cliffy for the ringmaster (uninstalled), also has flipper fidelity subwoofer and backbox speakers installed. The cabinet looks very nice with no fade that I can see and the playfield looks great as well.
jozo   CiovoCroatia
jrohn   Atlanta, GAUSA
jukidrums  JaénSpainExcellent condition, full led.
julien42  Saint etienneFrance
jumbosinbad360  RushdenUnited KingdomFantastic condition, Colour coded leds in all the inserts and backbox. Home rom (2.0H) installed. Mega bright (4xsmd)leds installed in the G.I
jump   LuzernSwitzerland
jumpytnt Milano flipper bellissimo, full chromo, neon blu nuovo , laccato, deca nuove esterne ed interne, gettoniera cromata........come nuovo.......Luci sostituite...... Lo scambierei .....davvero molto bello. ..
jumpytnt  Milano Cirqus molto bello , piano originale mai toccato , cassone originale , soltanto leddato e ripulito . Molto bello e divertente . Restituito al suo primo proprietario ...... un amico!!!!!!!!!!
junior brasil   São pauloBrazilnovinha!
justlikeme   LondonUnited Kingdom
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
k5steel   Dixon, CAUSAGreat playing game with LEDs!! And extras
kbclauss   BergenNorwayLED - Very nice condition
kelleyseiler   Hagerstown, MDUSA
kenghis123  WinchesterUnited KingdomSample game no. 144 - original parts kept from sample game, including early Ringmaster, but set up as final Ringmaster. Completely refurbished and renovated to collectors' standard, with LED lights etc. (Later PCBs installed, but original working boards kept). Can use 1.4 or 2.0H ROMs.
kenshiro90   Velletri bellissimo ha anche il suo topper originale
key  Rogno Finito: rimesso a nuovo.. perfetto!!
kindler   South croydonUnited KingdomAT FLIP OUT LONDON AVAILABLE FOR FREE PLAY
kioski2012 Firenze Perfetto in tutto bellissimo 4500€
kleberbiotipo  Santo andréBrazilNew toy. I just bought...05/10/2014
kletmarjet  AlostBelgium
kletmarjet  AlostBelgiumNice playfield will be sold in a few weeks/months not really my thing
kobe   Sao pauloBrazil
koluda   GørlevDenmark
krazy bastard   Tampa, FLUSAPlay field destroyed by yours truly!! Awaiting CC NOS playfield from PFR.
krazy bastard   Tampa, FLUSAExcellent Condition!! Thanks Mole!
kts500  KurikkaFinland
kungfucop   VancouverCanada
kurgan999  KruševacSerbia-MontenegroFinally arrived. One of the best examples around ,mirror blades, clearcoated pf, fully led / moded/ chromed/ powder coated ..... etc. Dream come true for my and my brother.
kykyka24 Antonne et trigonantFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
lash   BocholtGermany
lbencsik  GödöllõHungary
leberry   ElcheSpain
leeds   LondreUnited KingdomLike new ,thank you noblejuan
leeriley  LeedsUnited Kingdomsuper minty immaculate condition full led colour dmd, new manny cabinet with new decals , topper , chrome everything , art blades , powder coated legs wow pinball love it
legui Le cannetFrance
legui  Le cannetFrance
leigh  MelbourneAustralia
levez  QuebecCanadahuo, my favorite!
levis   São pauloBrazilTudo original e não necessita restauração de nada.
limpida1  Vicenza Dmd color, playfield protector, new décors, side mirrors, anti reflect glass, manual, mod led eyes panther, mod plasma,full led,topper. Original playfield & cabinet decals.
lod BorlängeSweden35000 Skr or 3800€.
loianthony   Saint georges de chesnéFrance
lolloso2017   Roma 
lolomap78  VernouilletFrance
lombardi  São pauloBrazil
lorenz38  GrenobleFrance
loule  Aix en provenceFrancefull led etat neuf
loveflipperostia   Ostia 
lth   SedanFrance
lucky Milano (VENDUTO/ SOLD) Completamente revisionato e ripulito in ogni sua parte - Playfield originale non laccato, in perfetto stato di conservazione ( scritta volt non usurata o rovinata ); è presente playfield protector e cliffy protector RINGMASTER + specchi laterali e button protector oltre a diverse mod. Full led, neon a tre colori e led a luce blu su occhi ringmaster, decal originali bally. Ho installato game rom versione home, tutte le rampe sono state sostitute con delle nuove... Pinball semplicemente superlativo, musiche, luci e giocabilità unica nel suo genere, davvero molto molto bello, una delle perle di casa Bally. Vendesi € 7000, 00 + spese di spedizione. Possibilità di spedizione con pallet in tutta Europa. Completely overhauled and cleaned in all its parts - Original unpainted Playfield, in perfect state of preservation (written non-worn or damaged volts); there is playfield protector and cliffy protector RINGMASTER + side mirror and button protector, as well as several mod. Full led, three-color neon and blue light led on ringmaster eyes, original bally decals. I installed game rom version home, all the ramps have been replaced with new ... Pinball simply superlative, music, lights and unique playability of its kind, very very beautiful, one of the pearls of the Bally house. For sale € 7000, 00 + shipping costs. Possibility of shipping with pallets throughout Europe.
lucky1   EttlingenGermany
luckypin NijverdalNetherlandsPin is in excellent condition! Shipped to New Zealand.
lunicajd  SostanjSlovenia
luxbigmac   LuxembourgLuxembourgRefurbished
luxury  San giovanni la punta 
lxl   BoråsSweden
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
macetienne  DommartemontFranceA VENDRE 5700€, SANS COLOR DMD LED (le vrai) et glace sans teint, 6200 avec la totale, COLLECTION ENTIERE A VENDRE CAUSE MALADIE INCURABLE En très bel état d'origine Photos par whatsapp
macklane   LiegeBelgium
magilla   Alessandria (al) 
magod MadridSpainRESERVED! , Serious buyers only please. New head cabinet decals, New neon, New gearbox, 100% restoration. Perfect playfield. 5000€ + Shipping. Ask for detailed photos if you are interested, abstain curious. Experience sending pinballs abroad
maizlish   Park city, UTUSAJust added to the growing collection!
majesticpinball   ChelmsfordUnited Kingdom
malonsopinball   MadridSpainIPD Nº 4059
malu  Frosinone 
mara74   MikkeliFinland
maranho   São pauloBrazil
marcelopix   PinhaisBrazilPERFECT ,ORIGINAL
marcinkg  KolobrzegPolandIn my privat collection. Almost ready for tournament PLAZA PARK PINBALL PARTY VI - 19-20 August 2016 in my city.
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marcolu  Lucca Come nuovo
markdw   TorontoCanada
markdw   TorontoCanada
markpin   PetropolisBrazil
marks-pinball   Cincinnati, OHUSA
marlboroman  MontrealCanada(HUO)..Perfect playfield with NO ghosting anywhere, Scrolls topper,Pinball decals targets, Pinballpro Cirqus Voltaire speaker kit, chrome mirror blades,full playfield LED,purple powder coated rails,legs and coin door.... A perfect example of a mint CV
marmion  BadenstedtGermanyMirrorless PF Glass / Metal PF Rearmolding /polished lockbar / DMD Saver Board / LED Inserts / Metalic Purple Flippers/ Buttons/ Launch & Starposts / Ringmaster Blue Eyes LED Mod / Purple Legs/ Chrom Bell Mod/ Pinbits Protectors
marrone  Altamura 
marrosi   Milano 
martin911   DebrecenHungaryLooks like new
maserati  West derehamUnited Kingdom
massa92117   San diego, CAUSA
mat44 AncenisFranceDmd color, playfield protector, new décors, side mirrors, anti reflect glass, manual, mod led eyes panther, mod plasma. Original cabinet decals.
matt76 Heugleville-sur-scieFranceFull full restauration. Plateau vernis, set décor complet, toutes les rampes plastique, billes, legs protector, vérins, boulons, lance Bille, Sideboard mirror blade, élastiques silicone, néon, transfo néon, decal de caisse complet,cibles, plots, rom mise a jour( réal knokers et nouveau vidéo mode ) batteurs, kit batteurs, boutons de flip translucide lumineux, foureaux,plots, toutes les pièces inox et la visserie polis, led (GI, insert, backglass)..... 5400€ .
matthewra   TorontoCanada
maverik  Vicenza 
max77   FribourgSwitzerlandVery good condition, Collector! Très beau! Tout est fonctionnel. Caisse 10/10 Fronton 9/10 Plateau 10/10 Etat général 10/10.
mbello   Sao pauloBrazil
mcanongia   Rio de janeiroBrazil
memar  MeiringenSwitzerland
menace   AuroraCanadaHUO
mgraves   Milton, onCanadaMy first pin. You know, the "I'll only just have one pin" pin. LED'd.
micjac  EnschedeNetherlands
mikaelzzz   HaboSweden
mikah   OrimattilaFinlandLike new
mikeljodt VitoriaSpainhad it all original parts from bally, not reproductions, set to play, and i have one playfield more, that i can buy in pack with machine or only....
miro70  Novi sadSerbia-MontenegroALL PINBALL ARE FOR SALE AS ONE PACKAGE :)
mission65   KentUnited Kingdom
mitche96  Noisy le grandFrance
mlbarreira LisboaPortugal "Electrifying Excitement!"! Perhaps the most beautiful pin ever. Popadiuk is the Man! Very nice playfield with protector; almost no ghost on inserts. Original cabinet in excellent condition. Green Xpin. Backbox purple scroll set. Coin door chrome mirror. Lighting kit from Pinballbulbs. Bally polished mirror-finish chrome legs. Stainless steel lock bar without welding points mirror polished finish. Side rails mirror polished finish. Trim back playfield glass "high gloss".Ball Cup Bracket "Mirror Finish Spiegelblech".Skinny Ringmaster Proto. Mirror blades. Under cab light green. Ringmaster trough light mod. Backbox bell mod. Cliffys shooter lane protector. Nvram. Game Rom 2.0 Home(G11). Sold to Italy.
mlbarreira  LisboaPortugalNice original CV,very good cabinet, nice playfield. Sold to Poland.
mlm   TorontoCanadaCQ
mmt   PixboSweden
mnmopar  Roseville, MNUSA
monsterbash  CascaisPortugalPart of my WPC collection! fully shopped and restored... as new!
monsterbash   CascaisPortugal
monteverde100   älvkarlebySweden
moo   ValenciennesFrance
moon   LeuzeBelgium
mordario   Milano Totalmente revisionato a nuovo. Total led, mirror blades, cassa in perfette condizioni. Opzionato Raoul
mosh   BavariaGermany
most71   Bergamo venduto a james
moyo25  Avon, INUSA
mr mic  LidköpingSwedenThis game is Sold!
mr. wiz   Fenton, MIUSA
mrbluefishy   EssexUnited Kingdom
mrcleanhead   Cleveland, OHUSASample #166
mrjones  TelkiHungaryFully LED-ed with high power pinball LEDs. Prototype backbox scrolls, new backglass and real bell in backbox, bi-color neon, target decals added.
mrkegflex   Beavercreek, OHUSA
mrtenn   GustafsSweden
msn22   ChristchurchNew Zealand
mssony   São pauloBrazil
mufcmufc   The middleUnited Kingdom
musiker-73   Höchstädt an der donauGermany
mwong168  TorontoCanadaThis completed my JPOP trilogy and has a clear coated playfield by Bill Davis too :)
mypinballs  OldenburgGermany
mzuccon  São pauloBrazil1997 - Led Kit
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
namsan  Le blanc-mesnilFranceLot of videos about CV Mod and more on my Youtube chanel (see my profile) ||| Completely restaured with new parts, playfield completely disassembled to cleaned, looks like brand new ||| Flame polishing plastic ||| All ramps/plastic are crystal clear ||| All metal parts and guide on top of playfield was polished for a miror effect ||| Chrome Edition / lockbar, Siderails, Ball Shooter, legs, Chrome Molding ||| 100% LED ||| Scrolls Topper ||| Mirror Blade ||| 6 Mod's : Ring Bell, Simba, Ringmaster flashing blue led eyes, Plasma mod, Ringmaster trought light mod, Menagerie Ball light mod ||| Inside the cab completely repainted ||| Playfield Protector ||| New speaker kit ||| Target decals ||| Green exotic neon ||| COMING SOON, Xpin Green DMD ||| Illuminated Starpost ||| Chrome coindoor and hinge pivot and more ...
napayno  San jose, CAUSACleared playfield.
nappis   MonninkyläFinland
nedi   KangasalaFinland
nedi  KangasalaFinlandFor sale 3590 euros
nedi KangasalaFinlandTop condition! 5250 €.
nedi  KangasalaFinland5000 €
nedi  KangasalaFinlandExcellent condition! 5200 euros + shipping
nerino   San marino 
nerovincio78   Bari 
new york pinball   Wantagh, NYUSA
nick   StenungsundSweden
nick   StenungsundSweden
nico170781   64000 - pauFrance
nico51   ReimsFrance
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceChange
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceTres beau Cirqus Voltaire
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceEchanger
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceFlipper comme neuf, plateau vitrifier,+ mods,decals super beau, ect...echanger Reserver J M
nicolas du 33   Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceBelle caisse et beau plateau Vente ou echange
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFrancePlateau vernis 3 couches, miroir, full leds, mods panthère led eyes ect... Réserver Mika
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceTrès beau plateau, équipé full leds, et mods....
nikonesca   ToulouseFrance
noitbe11  Montigny le bretonneuxFrancePrototype with red board. Different playfield, mini playfiled, plastics and so on...
nolan   ParisFrance
nolan  ParisFranceFull led Very Very nice Trade VS Acdc premium
nolan  ParisFrance6000 € Neon blue top top top Full led Electronic 10/10 original Full led Very Very nice Trade VS TRON/MM/mustang LE/Avenger LE/Hulk LE/KISS LE/Metallica LE Cash +/-
nollan  FouesnantFranceje l'ai entièrement refait début 2013. pied, décals de caisse, vernissage plateau, remplacé toute les pièces fatiguées ou douteuses. Il est comme neuf. Pour moi le number one de par sont originalité.
nordi   Casoria 
nwojedi   WisconsinUSAModed to the gills. Color changing LED's in white inserts. 5 color Neon (only one of it's kind) $9600
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
oliver recsei   SiófokHungary
orazio  Busto arsizio Software release 2.0V
oscarspa   JaénSpain
ottotrattore   BpHungary
ottotrattore   BpHungary
outlander   DowntownGermanyHUO Voltaire in awesome condition
overkilll  LisbonPortugal
overkilll   LisbonPortugal
overkilll  LisbonPortugal
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
p.personale   Teramo Anche questo frutto di uno scambio per pirati dei caraibi.Da pulire e rimontare ring master.Piano perfetto
p.personale  Teramo RESERVED TO GEORGE Appena ritirato, frutto di uno scambio con i pirati.Il neon ed il flipper funzionano perfettamente, in attesa arrivo decals volt e plastica rig master, il resto e' perfetto! Aggiornato le foto con le nuove plastiche e le decals.
p.personale  Teramo Da sostituire il display ed alcune plastiche.Piano in discrete condizioni. Sempre grazie ad Ivan
pa   LamorlayeFrance
pabo61   SolothurnSwitzerland
pacmike HuyBelgiumremis a neuf sur plateaux dmd color full led miroir lateraux vitre anti reflet tout est ok 6800 €
parcogiochi  Ladispoli perfetto.€6500
pat01  RepentignyCanadaled only!
pbal   BudapestHungaryBudapest Pinball Museum
pbgixxer   Grapevine, TXUSA
pedrettigaming Bergamo  In vendita o per scambio. For trade or for sale. Great condition.
pedrettigaming  Bergamo In vendita o per scambio. For trade or for sale. Great condition.
per1968   StockholmSweden
pershing3110   Oestrich-winkelGermany
petaco   GijónSpain
peter1968  KaisserslauternGermanyexcellent condition Cirqus Voltaire pinball machine. Playfield is completely perfect . Cabinet is in very good condition too; the small sides for the head I touched up and filled of my favorite price 6100 euros pick up or shipping
phantasize   RandersDenmark
phigby  Otisville, NYUSAin nearly perfect shape. just replaced insert bulbs with led's. looks sharp
philip12   Saint-affrique 12400France
pickaboo   StockholmSweden
piersimone  Roma Restauratissimo
pimpmyflip  Bosc-le-hardFranceflipper CV, restauration complètes full CHROME (pied , porte+ décal , inches , leche vitre , side rail , lock barre ) full led 100% + flash full restoration ,les rampes sont neuves et touts les plastiques aussi, glass anti reflet , dmd color , miroir de caisse, topper perso , plot illuminé vert violet et bleu sur tout le flip , décals du fronton neuf , apron illuminé + personnalisation et beaucoup de MOD
pimpmyflip   Bosc-le-hardFrance
pin up girl   VictoriaCanada
pinball-collect   BudapestHungary100%
pinball-mania   BaicoiRomaniaWPC n°46 - storage - need full restore - very beautiful original playfield
pinball.junky  Kenosha, WIUSANice example with Bell mod in Back Box
pinball3  Gipf-oberfrickSwitzerland
pinball79   EindhovenNetherlands
pinballbart  LichterveldeBelgium
pinballbrother   Perugia 
pinballcat2   DevonportAustralia
pinballfreak  Cheyenne, WYUSANice is said to be HUO. Purchased from (TeeKee) Anthony Daly
pinballmaaseik   NeeroeterenBelgiumVery nice CV. Original playfield.
pinballmaniabh   Belo horizonteBrazilWith ColorDMD, HUO
pinballmaniac40   Houston, TXUSAColorDMD LED display, NVRAM, playfield and backbox LEDs, Tilt Graphics gameblades installed
pinballpool  BorgholzhausenGermanytotal chopped, playfield with epoxy coated, very nice game
pinballwiz   Verona, NJUSA
pinballwiz59   Lancaster, PAUSAWe bouught this game from Doug Huse of Let`s Play Pinball at the York Whiterose Pinball Show. This game is in mint condition.
pinbally_1968   OisterwijkNetherlands
pincycle VöcklabruckAustria
pinkroom  Brescia è troppo bello , divertente e fa bella presenza in casa. Non si può non averlo!!
pinlawyer   Phoenix, AZUSALucky-Charms LEDs, custom 3-stage neon, custom shooter rod, gorgeous, Mad (purple) Ringmaster.
pinobsessed   LondonUnited Kingdom
pinoffski  WollongongAustraliaHave New Back glass & Cabinet Decals (not fitted) LOOKING FOR A MIDDLE WIRE RAMP AS MINE IS BROKEN . Have put in Cointaker leds , new coin door , Plasma Mod and new bling side rails and hinges .. Mirror Blades restoring another playfield to put in this
pinssale Albany, GAUSA
pintracen  HoofddorpNetherlands
pinwiz   SydneyAustralia
piovra   Lamporecchio Convertito completamente a led perfetto piano 10/10 cassone 10/10
pitpinball  GnieznoPoland
pittfall   FrankfurtGermanyPERFEKT
planeta9999   ValenciaSpain
plusdebrol   CasteauBelgium
poindextra   OttawaCanada
poissonrouge  Bray-en-valFrance
ptjim   Pacific northwest, WAUSARe-imported from Germany, still with Dmark placards. Still had factory plastic protection on side rails and in near-new condition. Plays perfectly.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
quincy  Milano As new. Purple neon.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
raisu   AugsburgGermany
raphc43  Puy en velayFrance
rb14   FristonUnited KingdomNeeds a bit of TLC but really, what a game.
rcscoringpro   Elm grove (milwaukee), WIUSA300 total plays, even smells new. I rarely play it, it's too nice. Bought from a guy that lived right near the Bally factory and got this on closeout for $1800. I wish I only had to pay $1800.
rdalla   BarueriBrazilNew Playfield!
remo  Tempio pausania 
rena62   Monza 
reno66  Bologna Flipper acquistato dal mio amico DAVIDE 4 anni fa,che dire .... Tenuto benissimo e tutto originale,neon azzurro (bellissimo) oltre che raro,funziona perfettamente da allora con zero errori alla sua accensione !!
rentall911   Brunswick, GAUSA
rhaegal   Saint tropezFrance
ricardo.spassos   PeruibeBrazil
ricardoipc Natal - rnBrazilMaquina toda original... com bordas e topper especial, além de leds nela toda e toys diversos.
riceandpeas KentUnited Kingdom
ricoh  BeogradSerbia-Montenegroeverything is for sale, only kit
ricos  PetrópolisBrazilToda original e em ótimo estado. Extras: borda importada e rigmaster rosa especial. Toys dversos , side arte e Leds nela toda, Só venda R$ 18.000.
rinpoli  GuarulhosBrazil
rjsoeps   KatwijkNetherlands
robhorror  La pocatièreCanadaHUO, color DMD, chromed, et quelques mods ajoutés, État Collectionneur
rolling03  VichyFranceTrès beau plateau et caisse d'origine, Pas de ghosting. Mods, Mirror Blades...6Ke
rom82   Arcade Piano perfetto e decal perfette
rom82   Arcade Cabinet very good condition !!! Playfield is new and plastic new € 3600
rom82 Arcade Decal in buonissime condizioni piano bellissimo perché era protetto dal mylar , lampade e gommini nuovi , smontato e pulito , perfettamente funzionante anche il neon ! € 3500
roro74  AngersFrance
rosagioo   AubagneFrance
rossz   LilleFranceAttends sa restauration de fond en comble pour être aussi beau que ses copains... mais joue parfaitement en attendant!
rudy1977   WiltzLuxembourgPlay field was completely stripped, placed a protector on it and got a whole new plastic set. Backglass is also new. Looks great!
runer71  PorsgrunnNorwayThis machine is working , but need some work to bee " as new again". So i will start working on this machine soon.
runner90   Potenza spettacolare
ruse MontelimarFranceBelle exemplaire, pied neuf ,bouton lumineux,bumper led,carte impecable Full led plateau et fronton,cible retro eclairer
ruse  MontelimarFrancePlateau restaurer 4 couche bi composant Set de decor,bumper,moteur mr loyal et mr loyal Et beaucoup de petite pieces neuf
rvdv   Corona, CAUSAgame was sold
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
sabel   FenstadNorway
samje  LilleFrancela machine est complète. le terrain de jeu est également en bon état 4000 Euro je suis de lille.
sanch  KecskemétHungaryFully restored.
sander   PiershilNetherlands
sasa89   Salerno 
sax021   Novi sadSerbia-MontenegroAll games are being sold as one lot!
schnuffl   Karlsdorf-neuthardGermany
schudel5   Kalamazoo, MIUSA
schudel5   Kalamazoo, MIUSAHUO sample game serial number 00005.
scoma1994   Keller, TXUSA
scrato   OsnabrueckGermany
sega  Lorez le bocageFranceTrès beau full Led Échange possible
seiman  NiederbippSwitzerland
selectotel  ParisFrance€3700 box cond : 9/10 upper box cond : 7,5/10 (décalqs) playfield cond: 9/10 good électronic, méchanic, électric cond euros coins original manuel & keys full inspection & repairs : (solenoids, bulbs, rubbers, etc) cash payment, local pick up nearby Paris France
sensfreak   Ottawa, onCanadaGreat condition.
serjio66   Umuarama, prBrazilLed Kit
sethman   Hazleton, PAUSA
sexyhusband  Tampa, FLUSARed Neon, no issues or errors. Recent LED upgrades and very well taken care of. Real bell mod in Back glass ( can be reversed easily) Playfield is ...Beautiful!
silverball   BergenNorway
simgob74  Trebaseleghe Flipper da Collezione estrema! Piano Perfetto assolutamente originale non laccato!, Full Chrome, Specchi, Decal Nuove Australiane, Tante Mods, Full Leds, Ringmaster Prototipo! Topper originale, Un Cirqus così è quasi introvabile! Meccanica ed elettronica perfette.........completo di manuale Originale.......chi vuole mi viene a trovare e si fà una partita al TOP!
simgob74   Trebaseleghe Flipper assolutamente originale con piano restauro vorrà tempo!
sinatra  KongsbergNorway
sjoertum   DbNetherlands
skycrane   Viterbo Veramente un gran bel flipper.
skycrane   Viterbo 
skypilot   Canfield, OHUSA
sladetihcax  CanberraAustralia
sleazius   SydneyAustraliaOriginal machine, low wear.
smc   GrenobleFrance
smcbrien   BrisbaneAustraliaAAA+++ condition - perfect machine.
snuif  VelpNetherlandsGameblades, playfield protector, full LED
sofy  Roma Bellissimo cirqus, perfette condizioni, sostituire qualche plastica interna....resto tutto ok dispone anche di topper....non è in VENDITA E NON SCAMBIO. Spero che almeno non mi rompono più le scatole...capito.... Non c'è l'ho con nessuno, solo con uno in particolare...👌 spero di si
sofy  Roma Cirqus bellissimo, restaurato,decal nuove, cassone perfetto, totalmente cromato, piano laccato....cambio con MEDIEVAL MADNESS, DA VALUTARE DIFFERENZA
sofy  Roma Belllllo.....ottime condizioni...tutto ok
someoneelse  MunichGermanyHigh-end, better than new condition.
space ace   Teramo 
spazzman90   Portland, ORUSAOwned this for ~6 years. No wear or cabinet damage. Have a NOS backglass and decals.
spedygonzales  Cento tenuto molto bene. con kit lampadine a led !! fantastico!!!!!.. aggiunto specchi laterali..
spiderman3   VillemarechalFrance
spilleman   MernDenmark
squeck   UlmGermany
sseacord   Hummelstown, PAUSASample Playfield!
stefano75  Brescia Un pezzo che non può mai mancare in una collezione.
stefy_fabio  Capua Ringrazio l'amico MlBarreira per avermelo dato.
stephbob  ChatouFrancePlayfield protector, plateau nickel, néon un peu dégazer mais fonctionnel decals caisse moyen.
stephenusa   GothenburgSweden
stevenp   New york city, NYUSABought NIB, original owner, still pristine and plays great! Some colored bulbs (slings, Marvel inserts)
stevetnj   Franklin park, NJUSA
stp   GöteborgSwedenSTP/BOZ
strangeways   MelbourneAustraliaFull resto in 2011
suhy_pl   OpolePolandJust arrived from Lisbon, lovely machine... Thanks Miguel
suicyco   HelsinkiFinland
sunshine   MönchengladbachGermany
superbest79  Amandola Il flipper è perfettamente funzionante.Ho inserito le foto del piano.STUPENDO.Gradirei scambiarlo più che venderlo.
surfinvet   Santa ans, CAUSALED's
svante   StockholmSweden
swirvin   WinnipegCanadaBought it a few months back. Just set up to play recently.Working out a few bugs
sylvain42   St chamondFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
t3mpest  PortimãoPortugalOriginal playfield, original neon light, restored.
t5low   AscotUnited KingdomVery good condition, plays perfectly.
t800   ParisFrance
taftsummerset   CanberraAustraliaFull PDI chrome and CC pf, a beautiful addition to the collection.
takodani   Hugo, MNUSA
talesfrompinball   Bergamo 
tandem2   Gibsonia, PAUSA
tanulovezeto   SzegedHungary
tarruella   Villena - alicanteSpain
tay  Bassano del grappa 
tazioo  Carate brianza 
tbrioux   Charleville-mezieresFrance
techno-power Bad pyrmontGermany2017-2018
tehashix  TervilleFrance
templar   Torino 
teo76   Sesto calende 
tesusnavas   Savigno Bellissimo tutto originale. Piano e Cassone praticamente perfetti.neon blu (rarissimo) contentissimo che sia tornato in collezione. Grazie giampy sei il migliore.
tetrocool   MicherouxBelgiumÉchangé à Embourg
thepenhollows   Royal oak, MIUSA
thesilverball  Milano LIKE NEW IN BOX Full restauration with ONLY originals spare parts. (photos coming soon)
thierryland  Saint briceFrance
thomas_c01   DillingenGermany
thunderbirds  Mont saint aignanFranceFlipper en état neuf : Le plateau neuf d'origine (CCC. 25 septembre 97) non verni , a été monté avec une caisse d'origine en parfait état. Pour ce flipper exceptionnel , presque tout à été remplacé.
tiberium   VellefauxFrance
titio kleber   CalonioBrazilMy daughter's machine, she loves it.
tlacuj01   Le brassusSwitzerlandWonderful Pin......amazing game. One of my favorite
tof26   LarnageFrancemagnifique cirqus , un des plus joli et atypique
toko   StockholmSwedenNear Mint
tomasoverijssel   OverijsselNetherlandsNever been restored, condition is excellent. Leds mounted under PF
tommi  Urbino Restauro finito.....piano e testa completamente a Led, modifica Ring Master,elastici trasparenti,gambe,bulloni e palline nuove,protezioni gambe,flipper viola. Decals perfette....le foto parlano da sole !!!!!!!! Era tutto dovuto.....x questo grandissimo gioiello....senza dubbio uno dei più belli e divertenti Flipper mai prodotti nella storia !!!! Scambio con Theatre of Magic o Attack from Mars
toms HazebrouckFrance6000
toni   Salerno 
toni542   BarcelonaSpain
tonio51   GergyFranceDes élastiques neufs
tonio51   GergyFranceDes élastiques neufs pour remplacement , merci , faire offre
tonio51   GergyFranceDes élastiques neufs blancs pour remplacement , merci , faire offre
tonnerremeca   MontremFrance
tony spark   Saint maximin la sainte baumeFrance
tonymadrid   CestasFranceMagnifique flipper, Atypique et original.
tonymadrid  CestasFranceFlipper très très fun
tonymadrid   CestasFranceUn flipper exceptionnel qui a été restauré par le Maître Christopher Hutchins, mieux qu’un flipper neuf en carton, en posséder un une fois dans sa vie c’est un pur bonheur , intergénérationnel et intemporel, c’est un régal pour les yeux. An exceptional pinball machine that has been restored by Master Christopher Hutchins, better than a NIB pinball machine, owning one once in a lifetime is pure happiness, intergenerational and timeless, it’s a feast for the eyes.
toxy   West sussexUnited Kingdom
tr7purdey Marsac sur l'isleFrance10/10 Ah celui-là j'ai été le chercher en région parisienne chez un collectionneur particulièrement soigné. Il a été entièrement restauré et il est plus beau que neuf. Je ne m'en séparerai pour rien au monde !
translogic   Huntington beach, CAUSA
tsbarber  MelbourneAustraliaThe best machine l have brand new top to bottom insane
tschimmi   ViennaAustria
tsv1860  MunichGermanyVery great original condition with a few modifitcations like leds, subwoofer, mirror blades...
tth  HamburgGermanyPerfect condition, PF clearcoated, LED ColorDMD, ConvoLux
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
unicorn   BillèreFranceMon premier flipper
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
varom   LilleFrance
vega   PouanceFrance
vermelho   PiracicabaBrazil
vespucci1994  Palermo vendo tutti e tre insieme a blocco. consegno io personalmente, cosi' potete vederlo prima di acquistare se e' tutto ok
vespucci1994 Palermo 4000 trasporto e consegna gratuito
vespucci1994  Palermo 4000 trasporto e consegna gratuito
vicpin   VictoriaCanada
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
vittoriomanalese   BudapestHungary
vivierois  ViviersFrance
voxtech  Tampa, FLUSA3rd owner HUO game. Perfect cond. 2.0H Game EPROM
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
wappy   BallainvilliersFranceEn super état, plateau très beau et belle caisse, un grand merci a mon ami
wdpvideo   Harrison, ARUSARestored
weird ed   Torino 
weiszi85  BudapestHungary
wennieboy   Mount albert, ontarioCanadaComplete tear down cleaning, and detailing of playfield in progress. Post pictures shortly
wguilbault  Burrillville, PRUSA
whatchapopo   Port des barquesFrancepas eu le temps d'y jouer XP
wingwalker   MarkeBelgium
wizard   BurgdorfGermany9,5/10
wovou   CampsasFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
xianek  WarsawPolandFull high-end restoration and custom paint. A masterpiece!
xvincent76 DijonFrance
xvincent76 DijonFrance
xyz_dave   LiverpoolUnited Kingdom
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
yellowflate   Cagliari 
yetiman   North richland hills, TXUSA
yohanboy ParisFrancefull original 7500€
yunkjard   LuzernSwitzerland
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
zaftax  DromeFrancetrés beau cirqus voltaire et ambiance de folie ,equipée de leds ,quelques mods
zaker   Rilhac-ranconFrance
zakmckrakken  BalernaSwitzerland
zsozso  GyõrHungary6000
zsvennyz   KristiansandNorway

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