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collezionista zonanazionalitànote
.cri   OlotSpainWuau !!!
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
17al3x17 Vaux sur merFranceDémonté et restauré entièrement, Tous fonctionne parfaitement. Plateau Neuf, Plastiques Neuf, Passage en full Led 4 smd +Flasher Led , Décals Neuf sous Licence, Pieds Chrome, Divers Mods, Vitre neuve, ...
17al3x17  Vaux sur merFranceDémonté et restauré entièrement en 2017, Tous fonctionne parfaitement. Plateau Comme Neuf ( sous licence ) + Playfield Protector, Plastique Neuf, Passage en full Led 4 smd, Décals Neuf ( sous licence ), Kit élastiques Neuf, Kit Chrome, Divers Mods, Kit HP amelioré, Pin2DMD à installer , Vitre neuve, etc
17al3x17  Vaux sur merFranceDémonté et restauré entièrement. Tous fonctionne parfaitement. Plateau Neuf, Plastique Neuf, Passage en full Led, Décals Neuf ( sous licence ), Kit élastiques Titan Neuf, Kit Chrome, Divers Mods, Kit HP Flipper Fidelity, Pin2DMD, Vitre anti reflet, etc Magnifique exemplaire :-)
185joker Seregno 5500
1975david   Bergamo 
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
5701pin   ViennaAustria
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
80s90s   HarlingenNetherlands
85txaggie   Kitsap, WAUSAMMR LE - Gold Trim
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
abukede  Paços de ferreiraPortugalFULL restored, like new... playfield painted and clear coated, all metal parts cleaned and polished, all plastic parts cleaned and polished, all cables cleaned, etc, etc
abys  VersaillesFrance
acpmr  SillaSpain
adamper   AvestaSweden
adamross  Los angeles, CAUSABRAND NEW!
adie161265  Ellesmere portUnited KingdomRemake of the classic Williams game
aeiodad   WallaceburgCanada
aeon   OsloNorwayBrand new Remake of Medieval Madness Standard Edition in pristine condition. PDI Optical anti-glare playfield glass. ColorDMD with updated DMD graphics. Transparent yellow plastic protection kit. Plays like brand new. Because it is. ;-) All guests of all ages love this machine.
affaripergioco Roma Funzionante al 100% tutto originale da revisionare e pulire è stato fermo molto tempo, decal cassone con qualche segno mancano le ali al drago qualche plastica da sostituire e piano da sistemare RAMPE E GIOCHI TUTTI OK scambio scambio alla pari con questi due titolti addams + scared o proponete voi ma di livello. Working 100% all original to revise and clean and a lot of time Standstill, truck decal Some plastic to replace and playfield by placing RAMPS AND GAMES ALL OK exchange with THESE game Addams + scared or propose to you but level.
affaripergioco  Roma Perfect lots Merlin mod trolls .. Full Led new original plan and lacquered, mirrorbalde, topper shield, chrome gold ramps FANTASTIC! Perfetto tantissime mod Merlino troll .. Full Led piano originale nuovo e laccato, mirrorbalde, topper scudo, cromature rampe gold FANTASTICO!
affaripergioco  Roma Original preserved --- origininale conservatissimo
ag1209  MünsingenGermanyNon-reflective glass, new coindoor, gold-plated ramps, many new playfield parts (plastic ramps, moat, castle gate...).
again MontelimarFranceTout d’origine DMDCOLOR Leds sous inserts Pas d’usure plateau et aucune retouche 100% fonctionnel Caisse et fronton très propre Prix 7800€
agral  MerignacFranceJuste au top, mods archer orc full led etc.. bref un must.
agusta   Avon, COUSAS/N 50459101461 - MFG DATE 8/20/1997
agvp   Melrose park, ILUSA
akltm1  BremenGermanyPerfect condition. Clearcoated playfield, completely revised, lighted Backplex, original cabinet decals, PinballPro-Sound, invisible playfield glass and LCD ColorDMD.
aladinice  NiceFrancein mint condition ! great machine beautifull and secure ! l'original avec "williams" monté dessus pas une copie ! le must des must
alamdq   Mar del plataArgentina
alby777bg  Bergamo 
alessandra guido   Galatina Please for pictures and price contact me.
aletoronto   JaguariúnaBrazilPlayfield novo e agora com protetor... Nenhuma bola passou por cima dele ainda!!!! Toda com LED.
alexsmendes NiteróiBrazilTraded for Catacomb + ca$h
algrande   CalgaryCanadaall chromed, clear coated playfield, custom apron, almost every mod out there, it's stunning!
alvin15   FrancfortGermanysuper nett. danke juan
amg   WissenGermany
amoruccio  Ferrara Flipper funzionante al100% cassone e piano originale. Ancora il mylar sul piano di gioco.. tenuto bene conservato...
anasser  BarueriBrazil
andrea11   Roma 
andrea1975   Sordio in attessa di restauro a presto le foto
andrew77  Bergamo Perfetto
andymac   Roma Arriva tra poco!!!:-) PERFETTO!
andypinball   Roma Pari al nuovo mirrorblade led tantissime mod impeccabile!
andypinball   Roma Fully restored
anejo68   Terni non lo vendo
anke  HannoverGermanyNr. 16 Proto Price 13000€
antonioparri   Siena 
anve   HakadalNorway
arakirit   Le vernetFrance
ariale  Buscate all amico Filippo, Spero tu sia contento dell tuo MM .
arnaud78   EponeFrance
arrow67   SaverneFrancele plateau à besoin d'une petite restauration car malheureusement comme beaucoup de MM il a de l'usure au dessus des batteurs.
asp1310   LjubljanaSlovenia
asp1310   LjubljanaSlovenia
aston ParisFranceRestaurer entièrement reserver
asusturf Gessate Piano riproduzione 10/10. -- Parti usurate plastiche gommini gambe nuovi 10/10 -- Cassone originale ritoccato dove era necessario (No adesivi) 6/10 -- Lockdown bar nuova 10/10 -- Led luce calda -- Schede no acido 10/10 -- Non ce manuale -- Rampe dorate 9/10 -- Elettronica ok. Nessun errore 10/10 -- Meccanica funzionante 10/10 -- Display ok 10/10 -- Prezzo 9000 -- No scambio
attackfrommars80 Roma sell - pinball in good condition with full mylar decal box original conserved see photo write me for other pinball game delivery all europe in secure pallets tanks
audioplay   HamburgGermany
avspinball   Reno, NVUSA
ayim  HullUnited Kingdom
azaque   CartagenaSpain
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
babysha  LyonFranceHello, i'm building MM from an original cabinet and playfield. looking for parts, like transformer, playfield parts etc !
backrush   Charlotte, NCUSA
badbilly27   Prospect heights, ILUSA
balintfr  HarkanyHungaryNice condition
ballofsteel  MadridSpain
bally.liege   Vaux sous chevremontBelgium
ballyclown  YvetotFranceSold 6500 euros.
baltes Crepy en valoisFranceA vendre tres beau medieval 6500€ a prendre sur LYON
baltoii ReusSpain Original machine, 100% restored. Lacquered furniture and board with car lacquer. DMD in full color. Máquina original, 100% restaurada. Mueble y tablero lacado con laca de coche. DMD a todo color. Mi whatsapp 669435627
bamsefar1   FetsundNorwayCost me equivelent to two new Stern machines. Was it worth it ? Hell yes :-)
bananajoe  ZürichSwitzerlandPrice is 13k CHF Can be packed by us ready for dispatch Transport must be organized by the buyer. Photos can be sent via whats app.
baptur  Boadilla del monteSpain
baseball1970   Rochester, NYUSA
bay78  WinnipegCanadaCancelled my pre-order of MMR because of the opportunity to buy this original Medieval Madness. It has a new Mirco playfield (2nd version with the right colors) fully shopped with white rubbers and mantis protectors. Also has the ColorDMD. New decals and looks and plays great.
bcgames  Anaheim, CAUSAnow has color dmd
beasty  BostonUnited Kingdom
ben91 EvryFrance
ben91  EvryFranceMagnifique exemplaire !! Caisse refaite, plateau neuf et vernis, chateau troll rampes plastics décors bobines cibles tout est neuf, leds de qualite ... Le medieval, y a pas à dire c'est vraiment un jeu TOP.
bertone   HamburgGermany
beto_fernandes  SaltoBrazilComprada do Culik em 2016, totalmente restaurada em 2019 pelos mestres Zé Luiz e Eric. Máquina perfeita!
bgn   BruchköbelGermany
biba   IngelmunsterBelgium
bicyclenut  Fresno, CAUSA
bigbossfan   Wasaga beachCanadaMMRLE
bil  LorientFrance
bilko1340  ChelmsfordUnited KingdomBeautiful, original machine.
bill220  St-imierSwitzerlandCaisse d'origine dans son jus, plateau neuf NOS williams, playfield protector, leds.
bindorius  Livorno 
binos Le tremblay sur mauldreFrance
binos Le tremblay sur mauldreFranceVery nice Medieval Madness to sell. Looks completely new, repro on nba basics. New PROMS (profanity). Playfield, plastic ramps, set of plastics, full troll assemblies, full castle, translite, cabinet decals : all genuine new. Full led (quadri leds) playfield + backbox. Metal ramps new gold 24 K. Of course Legs, siderails, gummis, balls, new. Additional Mods: - green leds in skull eyes - red led in troll eyes - plexi backboard- merlin etc. (Pinball near paris) Options: - DMD color : +400 € instead of original one. Mod: merlin, chevalier etc in option. Price 9500€
binos  Le tremblay sur mauldreFrancefull resto, new decal genuine, set decor new, playfield new, full chrome ... Dmd color, gold mirror blade etc
binos   Le tremblay sur mauldreFrance
binos  Le tremblay sur mauldreFranceReconstruction complète à partir de zéro, tout est neuf sur le flipper !! La caisse, les cartes électroniques, le plateau, les éléments de plateau, les rampes les plastiques chateau etc etc... full chrome (pieds,lockbar, hinges, miroir interne). Ecran led couleur. Apron custom. Un flipper pour personnes exigeantes ! Prix 14k
birdman  HalifaxCanadaMMR with mirror blades, shaker, invisglass, color chip, lermods dragon, XL display and enhanced sound upgrade
bkfiv   Chesterton, INUSAMM Remake Standard 2nd owner
blackbone   Thorigné-fouillardFrance
blue marlin   MontpellierFrance
blueeyesxx  Blaton 7321BelgiumReal gold has been used on all the ramps (coating) !!!
boardingdave123   CoaldaleCanada
bob cusp   São pauloBrazil
bob cusp   São pauloBrazil
bobbyconover   Seattle, WAUSA
bok-tapok  LahtiFinlandWith add-ons.
boko57  StockholmSwedenRestored and in great condition with the following options: big upgrade of the castle, trolls upgrade with red LED Eyes, ColorDMD color display, Non Glare pinball glass, 3D Translite, Speaker upgrade from Flipper Fidelity, New gold legs, nuts, brackets, rails and lockdown bar, LED in playfield and backbox, LED rings in bumbers, Blackout Mod Board from, Catapult mod, Catapult ramp mod, Start button shield, Some example on the restoration: Restored cab and backbox with new decals, new Castle and door, new ramps on playfield, new plastic on playfield, new Castle Base Bracket, new Coin door, new lock bar lever guide assembly, new speaker panel and display glass, restored flipper mechanism, new start button, launch button, flipper buttons, new coil sleeves, protectors on all places, high glossy balls, latest ROM, etc etc. *** I am interest to trade to a Twilight Zone pinball and money. *** Sale is maybe possible. ***
bondto   HeinolaFinland
bop-martin  AalenGermanyFantastic condition like new. With 2k-clearcoated playfield.
borgonovi   Sao jose do rio pretoBrazil
borgonovi   Sao jose do rio pretoBrazil
boschetto007  BremenGermanyMM pinball machine for sale. The pinball is 100% in good condition and works perfectly.the game is perfect. just two very small invisible scratches. Playfield is original and fair. The price is 7300 euros. Buyers can come and have a play Shipping. Buyer pays for the shipping. Buyer can as well organise pick up with their shipping company. I can as well do the organisation. The game will be professionally palatalized and packed. Thank you
bouda MagescqFranceplayfield protector , kit chrome neuf(lockbar,siderails,pieds), mecanismes batteurs neuf, posts neuf , elastiques transparents , full leds double SMD sous globe ( inserts , GI, flash et fronton), serrures neuves ,ailes dragon , Mirror blades , decals aprom et trappes neufs , chateau custom ( peint a la main) , rampes polies effet chrome
bouda MagescqFranceMédiéval Madness completement restauré en état collection : plateau NOS neufs vernis , caisse neuve ( repeinte décales neufs) , décores neufs , rampes platique neuves + rampes metal ré-goldé , full chrome , mirroir latéraux , colordmd , mods ,backglass , vitre anti reflets , mods, etc… exemplaire original plus beau qu'un remake exemplaire collection ! Prix : 15000€ échange possible
boxersdrool   Rockwall, TXUSAOur 4th Game..
bprijs27   GeerdijkNetherlandsRestored like new
brianhanifin  Santee, san diego, CAUSANeed gate assembly for Catapult entry area.
brio90   BerlinGermany
broher   BrasilBrazil4
bruceclark   North wales, PAUSABought "new-in-box" - a home-use-only game!
brucipher   Lancaster, PAUSAMedieval Madness Remake LE - Black trim.
buba   Milano Divertiti Matteo!
buba   Milano 
bubin   BrocSwitzerland
buenorj  RjBrazil
bundy  SandvikenSweden
bznhvx   Kokomo, INUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
cableguy918   North chicago suburbs, ILUSA
cactus   ReigoldswilSwitzerland
cactusxav   EpernayFranceétat neuf, restauré mieux qu'a l'origine
caesar   Milano 
caholopes  Porto alegreBrazilMinha Medieval Madness é uma das mais belas máquinas que eu conheço. Arte original do caixote, tudo 100%, com exceção da asa do dragão que quebrou e eu retirei. Os trolls acendem luzes nos olhos. Vou adicionar vários mods que já estão comprados, como o topper de dragão, o troll, o Merlin, os arqueiros e o fundo de raios. Quando estiverem instalados posto as novas fotos. Máquina fantástica!
caiphn   KamloopsCanadaRemake.
cajoeter   BredaNetherlands
calacak   Westerville, OHUSA
calagan44  NantesFrance
calvin12   Bolingbrook, ILUSAabsolutely perfect original game.
cami   ParisFrance
captainronaldo   Long beach, CAUSA
cbo69   LyonFrance
cbr900rr   Olathe, KSUSA
ced41   BloisFranceJeux 10/10 Jeu entièrement restauré dans les ateliers de Bernard Loose Kit chrome pieds side, porte DMD color Kit HP Pinball Pro Vitre A/R Shaker pinshaker commandable par le BT du téléphone Ultimate Merlin RGB Dual Archers lighted Chateau Pinwize full options Orc lighted by Pinwize Double headed dragon by Pinwize full options Coin door decal Transparent Plexiglass backboard Pinball Decals Interactive light kit fot backboard plexi Pinball Decals 3D Translite Pinball Dreams Tralls eyes lighted by Pinwize HP led rings Boutons lumineux Sword topper flipper by hooked on Pinball Topper intéractif par Tiltopper Alimentation déporté pour les mods Start button shield mod by hooked on Pinball
ced54  TortugaFranceBelle exemplaire d'origine, vendu à un collectionneur qui en avait très envie !
ced54  TortugaFranceEntièrement restauré par mes soins, finition extérieur Full Chrome ! Hinges, Sides rails, Manchette, Pieds, également les 3 rampes que je trouve horriblement moches en gold sur cette machine une grosse faute de gout selon moi, aussi la porte, tous les plots, les boutons de flip + le bouton de lancement bille et enfin la catapulte en chrome. Plateau neuf avec grade de finition supérieur et vernis céramique super costaud ! 11 plis de bois avec surface en hêtre massif, sous licence WMS, le tout protégé par un playfield protector V2, niveau finition avec un original rien à voir (trou bien centré etc ...) photos à l'appui dans mon dossier de restauration. 100% Leds de qualité. Gros travail sur ce flipper avec en plus la réfection totale des trolls qui était hs ! les deux (cages soudures 'j'en ai profité pour les renforcés', contacts spécifiques neufs, trolls yeux leds orange), panne lampe flash, panne lampe commandé, panne écran dot ! etc etc Bref ... la liste est bien longue. Quand on aime on compte pas ! on est sur du très lourd :-) Best WPC 95 MM Williams !
cedric   AllexFrance
cedric4   MontaubanFrance
cerru85  BrissagoSwitzerlandOriginal playfield in a good shape. Cleaned and shopped. Playfield protector. Cliffy protectors for playfield, catapult, merlin hole, drawbridge and outhole. Latest EPROM. Full LED. PIN2DMD.
chancegino   MiltonCanada
charlymatic   Corrales de buelnaSpain
cheese_wizardpq  North hatleyCanadaMMR number 213. NIB I added the double headed dragon mod. Green troll mod above left ramp. Merlin mod. Archers mod (one on each side). Skull mod on the castle. King of Payne mod. Trolls in playfield with red led eyes. Gold mirror pin blades. Red light flipper buttons. Sword flipper bats mod. Princess with red medallion mod (custom). Topper. PDI glass from Pinball decals.
chobin Lombardia In fase di scambio con altro flipper di mio interesse. Medieval Madness in buone condizioni, piano smontato, pulito e lucidato, elastici e lampadine nuovi,plastic set nuovo, adesivo di classic arcade a coprire due angoli pergamena usurati. Scambio solo con Addams gold con placca e certificato. Medieval Madness Very Good condition, playfield clean and wax, new lamps and rubber, new plastic set, decal classic arcade to cover waer in the scroll, only exchange with addams gold with certificate and palque in similar condition.
chris8   AntibesFrancei think's i refit this one this spring that' my favorite games
chrismo1   LeverkusenGermanyPerfekt restored
ciaoturbo  Rovigo 
cid   Sao pauloBrazilNewly restored by Belluzzo.
claudio.sp  São pauloBrazilAll Original. Pristine condition. Clearcoated Playfield. Mods added. Trolls with Glowing eyes - one Red and one Blue. Lighted Mod Castle with red skulls eyes. 6 Knight figures. Light up Dragon Addon Kit - the mouth lights red, the eyes light green. 100% working without errors. 100% Led lighting. Gold plated wire ramps.
claudius  WeinsbergGermanyGehäuse komplett geschliffen, neue Decals. Lockbarverriegelung neu verzinkt. Backbox ebenfalls neu. Wurde vom Vorbesitzer gemacht, leider ohne Protektoren, sodass sich die Decals an den Beinen leicht verzogen haben. GI und gesteuerte Lampem mit LEDs ausgerüstet, original ColorDMD LCD. Playfield Protector, Merlin Mod. Burgtormechanik neu revidiert, Beine sehr schön, ohne Rost. Funktioniert Einwandfrei. Spielfeld sehr gut, aber nicht perfekt, da es noch das Originale ist. Alles in Allem ein sehr schönes Gerät. Festpreis: 8500€
clc   OeuillyFrance
clemens1411   GallspachAustria
cliffy   San ramon, CAUSAFull restoration. New repro playfield, cabinet work and decals, replated wire ramps. Added Mike Chestnut gold (brass) siderails and lockdown bar and PinballLife gold legs
clonem   São pauloBrazil
coinoperator   ArnhemNetherlands  LimeiraBraziltudo 100% como nova!
cpelotti  Bologna Completamente restaurato portato a condizione pari al nuovo. Mint condition
craigc   Elmhurst, ILUSA
crucser   NackterhofGermanysagenhaft, sensationell,KULT
cssan1966   São paulo - spBrazil
ctremblay   WarsawPoland
cudabee   BorgercompagnieNetherlandsOne of the best games made ever, i guess.
cupkafamily   Louisville, OHUSALE #438 of 1000 in Black Purchased Directly from Chicago Gaming Company through Planetary Pinball
cverdavoir   Vaux sur seineFranceÀ l’échange contre godzilla LE. Très beau medieval madness original, pieds verrins boulons Side rails neufs. Plateau en très bon état, tout fonctionne parfaitement. Équipé dmd color LCD
cyrus  AbidjanGhana
cziani   ChurSwitzerland
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
dandrimontp WasquehalFranceTrés trés beau Flipper et excellent ! Plateau avec 7 couches de vernis. Figurines médiéval supplémentaires.
danes77   Veneux les sablonsFranceEtat collector,DMD COLOR,decals de caisse et plateau neuf,APRON PINBALL DREAMS.
dani74   Firenze 
dani78  Cuneo Riservato filippo.medieval con piano stupendo. pergamena perfetta. tutte le rampe nuove, nuovo castello, decal esterne nuove originali australiane, nessuna imperfezione, rampe metalliche dorate a nuovo. side,lock,gambe e staffe testata cromate. come tutti i miei flipper piano rigorosamente non laccato!!!! Piano a led. Per ora non vendo.valuto solo scambi con flipper super top.
daniele345  Bergamo 
danielfortesque  PionsatFranceCollectors condition - perfect condition - Fully restaured - perfect cabinet decals all original - perfect playfield - antireflect-glass - full leds cabinet and fronton - mirrors inside - all leds colour associated - pinwize mods : green arch mod , damsel mod , double head dragon mod ( eyes leds - flame in mouth led ) - Merlin mod - original knight on horse left ramp - damsel in opening - small personal mods - etc Pictures in HD on request
danjan   örebroSwedenAbsolutely top class condition. New playfield (ceramic coated), new ramps, complete with LED:s (Noflix Plus, flashers, GI etc.)
dannyb62   Hartford, WIUSACompletely Restored All The Way Around! New Cabinet Artwork. Clearcoated Playfield, New Shaker Motor, New Ramps, New Plastic Set, New Castle, New Color DMD, New Chrome Coin Door, New Chrome Lock Down Bar, New Chrome Side Rails, New Chrome Hinges, New Chrome Legs & Leg Bolts, New Speaker Kit With Sub-Woofer, Many New Playfield Parts & Decals, Inside Mirror Blades, Cointaker LED's. Many New Mods, New Glass, Cliffy & Mantis Protectors. Professionally Shopped Out & Completely Serviced. Looks And Plays Better Than A Brand New Pin From 1997
dannyboy   BarnsleyUnited Kingdom
dannyelmonarca   Phoenix, AZUSA
dany64   MontréalCanada
darklord   FredrikstadNorwayVery nice Condition, traded my Revenge from Mars to get this machine.
darthvad   AthensGreece
daubin  GommervilleFrancerestauré à neuf plateau réimprimé par pinmodzshop caisse refaite pieds, linge, lockbar chrome side perso chrome set decors et covolux neuf rampes neuves château neuf pin2dmd 15K
dave  Bergamo Piano smontato e affidato a Pinball-Dreams per il restauro(che ringrazio per lo splendido lavoro),era già bello ma lo volevo impeccabile.Riportato a nuovo anche il cassone,montato decal originali australiane.Nuove rampe,fossato,biglie,tasti dei flippanti e launch ball.Cromatura gambe,siderlane,gettoniera,snodi testa e viti,ferma vetro superiore.Rampe di ferro dorate 24k.Vetro nuovo.Full led colorati.Smontato le 3 schede della testa per pulizia,non c'era nessun pasticcio sui connettori ne acido sulla cpu.Rimontato tutto e testato,0 errori nel check.Manuali presenti.Gioca da paura...
davidgarcia   MéruFrance
davisaz  Chandler, AZUSABought Nov 2001 - Excellent condition and everything works. Added LED's to playfield in 2014.
dayhemous  RybnikPolandAfter over a year, I've changed the Arabian Night's for this. Not for sale atm, but who knows what will happen in the future. Original, mint condition, absolutely one of the best out there
dbishop1982   SidcupUnited KingdomExcellent condition with mirror polished and chrome trim. Mods galore
dcbpinball   Kansas city, MOUSA
degen   UmeåSweden
degen   UmeåSweden
demeire   OrangeFrance
depernet  NancyFranceflipper entièrement neuf ..restauration complète ,plateaux neuf vernis ,rampe neuf , bobine, batteurs, dmd colors .pied, lock bar,sid rail chromer,led ...
derroland   SchwabachGermanyAwesome original condition. goldplated wireramps, SW.
dg  Miranda do corvoPortugalThe Best Pinball ever!!:) Gold Wire Ramps.
dgarrett0  Geneva, ILUSAGreat condition, plays great.
dgpinball   AbbotsfordCanada
diddol79   Follonica 
didi12  LilleFranceterrain de jeu d'origine presque sans usure. Quelques petites fissures claires normales autour de quelques inserts sur lesquels j'ai ajouté du Mylar pour les protéger (facilement amovibles). S'il était à nouveau effacé, ce terrain de jeu aurait l'air neuf, ou tout simplement jouer et profiter car il est en excellent état tel quel.
diegotech  Botticino sera Veramente molto bello.
dieterm   Avon, OHUSA
dimitridc   OudenaardeBelgium
dino5   MontrealCanadaPerfect playfield. Cabinet in very good condition.
dirkhermans  AntwerpBelgiumOriginal playfield and cabinet Full Ledd, new coated 24K golden ramps... Bought in Tirol was 15 years in private collection.
djs   NorwichUnited Kingdom
dmode   AlborayaSpainRestored
docrings   Atlanta, GAUSA
dominic544   BrestFranceJe viens de terminer la restauration. ce sera bientôt parfait
doodbird   Wellford, SCUSA
dougr  Virginia waterUnited Kingdom
dp  SkopjeMacedonia
dragonheart   BruchköbelGermany
drano  TorontoCanadaMy third machine and my first full restoration. This was my Everest. Paid a lot for it and threw a lot more into it. All new decals, re-plated everything, chrome trim and legs. Did a little playfield restoration and automotive clear coat.
drenngur  MojaSpainRecently refurbished, changed lots of bulbs for LED's - fully cleaned and working smoother than ever!
droico  Bagnolo in piano Medieval tenuto perfettamente dall'amico Corvette che me lo ha ceduto ad un prezzo da amico! Grazie Corvette !!!
druidaa   SalamancaSpainFull restored.
dsf   Banja lukaBosnia-Herzegovina
dsf   Banja lukaBosnia-Herzegovina
dsf   Banja lukaBosnia-Herzegovina
dutchcollector   TilburgNetherlands
dzrossi   Millington, NJUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
eas   UddevallaSweden
eaterpinball   TorontoCanadaClearcoated with Gold 24k! No glare glass.
eax11   Inverigo 
ebjimmyg  West chester, PAUSA
eharan   Tinton falls, NJUSAMedieval Madness remake LE - bought NIB
ejts12   CuritibaBrazil
eldritch   KalmarSweden
electrojeux   SaxonSwitzerland
eli2  LilleFrance7600 euro
eliagavi  San prospero HUO, got fully restored, like new from the factory with Comet pinball leds. 100% Original without mods. A work of art like this requires no modifications. Playfield: 10 Plastics: 10 Decals: 10 Interested? then make me an offer so ridiculous, i'd be forced to consider it!
ellebi   Padova Sua maestà ⚔MEDIEVAL 🏰 MADNESS⚔ Il flipper per eccellenza , non poteva mancare nella mia collezione privata. Con molta pazienza e tanto cercare sono riuscito a trovarlo. 😃 Meraviglia per gli occhi, perfetto in tutto e dappertutto. Super🔝 : Nuove decals australiane, Varie cromature: Coin door, Cash box, Lock bars, Cerniere, Side rails, Trim, Gambe, Pover cord cover, Backbox lock plate. Playfield protector Vivak 0,5 mm, Shooter lane protector, Button protector, Rampe dorate, Catapult arm - gold, Mirror blade a specchio, Elastici in silicone extra flux, Merlin hole protector, Lighted merlin 🧙‍♂️ mod, Troll 🧌 mod (2 circuit RGB), Double headed dragon 2.0, Full combo kit special (Shield 3D 🛡️ start button, Castle entrance shield, 2 swords), Archer 🏹 mod red led arrow, Full led e altre mod minori. FANTASTICO TRANSLITE  Alternativo versione Limited Edition creato da Brian Allen, su licenza ufficiale da Williams! stampato inverso su vetro acrilico spesso traslucido. Il Translite  illustra i sei Re di ognuno dei Castelli da distruggere nel gioco. Il Conte di Ego, Sir Psycho, Francois De Grimm, Lord Howard Hurtz, il Duca di Bourbon, e ovviamente Payne! Ha aggiunto un mucchio di tributi al Santo Graal di Monty Python. Un translite molto bello, dettagliato e dai colori vividi. E' dotato di un certificato di autenticità firmato e numerato dall'artista. Limitato a solo 250. Versione : 55/250 Schede originali stesso numero di serie, no acido. Super topper, Led red sotto e dietro cassone ecc...
elmax75  BléhariesBelgiumRemake version upgraded to Royal edition (GI, DOT XXL, Topper, custom armor kit)
elrey   BarcelonaFrance
elwood   AuroraCanada
elwoodbe   CourcellesBelgium
emi  Fiuggi LE - Golden coated - SOLD
emiliano  Verona 
emy760  Artena The king
eneatoluzzo  Perego  Il restauro prevederà: cambio piano con uno nuovo originale (importato dall'america, acquistato durante fiera di Chicago) lucidatura di ogni singolo pezzo eventuali ritocchi del cassone (ci sono solo pochi graffi qua e la) controllo di tutta l'elettronica e meccanica in maniera scrupolosa (più passaggi della pallina sugli switch durante i test e accensione e spegnimento del flipper in diverse giornate, ...) gambe cromate nuove led (caldi) (in modo da mantenere lo stesso look dell'originale ma in modo da avere una durata maggiore) led per testata, G.I. e inserts plastiche ove rotte cambiate con altre originali nuove (ho in giro un kit completo originale medieval)
eneatoluzzo   Perego replica
enzetto   Ascoli piceno 
epb0   LardyFrance
ericlebaron   Mareil le guyonFranceperfect/collector - original playfield clearcoated '2Niro' - gold - dmd color - light apron
ericlebaron Mareil le guyonFranceFull re-creation from scratch of pinball MEDIEVAL MADNESS, similar to original (Not a remake) Pinball like new, everything is NEW (cabinet/playfield/wirings/trafo/plastics parts/metal parts/switchs/ targets/ bumpers/trolls/castle/ramps,.......) Electronic boards new, pinsound, color led DMD, chrome siderails/lockbar/hinges/inside blades/legs, light custom apron, non reflective glass, leds, light slingshot posts. For sale Price 13.5k€ Pinball near Paris, shipping possible but direct test/play/removal prefered
ericmf91   Saint etienneFrance
eroilmigliore  Nervesa della battaglia Flipper totalmente restaurato perfetto In tutto , kit totale led , rampe dorate , gambe cromate , siderails e lockbar cromati , decal originali e in perfette condizioni , piano laccato ma non ritoccato , tutte le plastiche originali e schede perfette senza nessuna minima riparazione !! € 9500
error777   Sao pauloBrazil
error777   Sao pauloBrazil
esli  Sao pauloBrazil
etta   Como DMD colour
evelyn   Confrancui 
evh   TorontoCanadaFully restored original. Super nice. Powdercoat Blue rails, legs and lockdown bar. ColorDMD.
ewelknievel  LangenthalSwitzerland
extraball  WettingenSwitzerland
extraball54   NancyFrance
ezio56ge   Recco Funziona perfettamente, ma ci hanno giocato molto e ha bisogno di amorevoli cure e restauro. Prossimamente....
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
fab31   ToulouseFranceTres beau plateau sans usures ,posts et cibles éclairés ,full leds ,topper
fabr1   SepteuilFrance
falaip77  Cuneo Medieval Madness!! in condizioni perfette, decal cabinet nuove originali australiane, full crome, siderail, lockbar, legs, gettoniera, specchi laterali ecc...,illuminazione aggiuntiva sfondo e sotto al cassone, ridorato rampe, full full full Mod!!, apron illuminato by pinballdecal,pin2dmd, IL PIANO RASENTA LA PERFEZIONE NON LACCATO, full led nolfix plus.schede perfette. manuali completi presenti. installato kit cromato button protector + staffe rotazione testa con logo medieval madness!! Topper e vetro nuovo antiriflesso! vendo o scambio con jjp limited o collector vendo x soldi a 14k Opzionato mio caro amico
falco 12   AlmaCanada
fana1313  SiraultBelgiumJuste le meilleur des meilleur pour moi. on y joue très souvent quand on l'a et on se défoule vraiment, tout ce que l'on attend d'un flipper. Le thème est Génial, Gameplay, Esthétique, Ambiance au top, Merlin, les trolls, les rampes, Les tours qui bouges, la catapulte, pont levis "TERRIBLE", Il est plus que beau, il est vraiment MAGNIFIQUE. La circulation de bille est très agréable. Il y à toujours eu un engouement particulier autour de ce titre assez extraordinaire et le comprends maintenant pourquoi, vu la qualité du jeux, rien de surprenant. Ce flipper est quasiment parfait. Incontournable pour un collectionneur...
fandeflip   ToulouseFranceBeautiful 10/10
fanuminski1  Circle pines, MNUSApicked up 6/13/21 clear coated PF, new mechs, powder coat rails/bar/coin door, upgraded sound system, reflowed boards etc.. building a topper for it.
fariboul95   SaintinesFranceMedieval madness en parfait état.
fastrmacr  Denver, COUSAColorDMD
faudas   San mango piemonte 
faust  EnschedeNetherlandsAn original prototype nr 13, personal game of Greg Freres and now in the collection! Very rare to see a prototype and also in this condition.
favtastic   Fort collins, COUSA
fb   Bergamo 
fcampos  Santo andréBrazilmaquina com playfield restaurado by Daniel Z, adesivos novos, caixote em bom estado, e toda no led, exceto os flashs. R$ 16.500,00
fedemilano  Cesano maderno 
fedeweb  Bergamo Restaurato e perfettamente funzionante
fernando   BoituvaBrazil
fewkes   NarbonneFrance
fishbulb  Weston-super-mareUnited Kingdomcolour display, great condition for a completely un-restored machine, all playield inserts have Led's
fitzroy   JönköpingSweden
fjn   GothenburgSweden
flashman   WinnipegCanadaYeah I took the plunge and got a MMR produced by Chicago Gaming Co. This pin is HUO and was only 3 weeks old when I purchased it from a friend in Winnipeg. I debated over looking for an original but in the end if I was spending that kind of cash on a machine I preferred one that was new and flawless with a few notable upgrades over the original. Currently it had all the Mantis and Cliffy protectors, color LCD chip, shaker motor and the Barrel Spotlight mod which lights up the middle of the playfield and trolls. Now I really can see what the fuss is all about. Another grail pin for the collection ....., Yes!
flibustino   AngersFranceCaisse d’origine très bon état, plateau impeccable. Totalement fonctionnel avec écran couleur. Le graal dans une collection.
flibustino   AngersFranceEntièrement refait en 2019 ! DMD Color, new décals, décors neufs, château peint et vernis, caisse intérieur peinte, playfield protector, full LED, HP neufs, full chrome ( sides neufs , pieds neufs , apron neuf chrome lumineux ) boutons lumineux .
fliperamaxx   Sao pauloBrazilMint condition! Second owner!
fliperamaxx   Sao pauloBrazilAll Led! Excellent condition!
fliperamaxx   Sao pauloBrazilWorking on restoration right now. Will be soon in perfect condition to complete MM Triplets!
flipper-jukebox  Guidonia Restauro super !
flipper-jukebox  Guidonia  Medieval Madness Prototype original NOS playfield , ship in all Europe All restored parts , same new
flipper-one Biella Original Williams. Chromed. New original decals. Gold ramps. Perfect prototype playfield. Noflix plus led in the insert. New rom custom. NVRAM mounted : this pinball DOESN'T NEED BATTERY ! I'm looking for CASH or TRADE with a FEW TYPES of pinball machine
flipper1  Roma 
flipper50  AarauSwitzerlandMint Quality! New IPB Playfield, new Ramps, gold wire Ramps, New Cabinet Decals, new Plastics Set
flippest   LilleFrance
flower   Salerno perfettooooooooooo
fmfreim   Arlington, VAUSARemake with mods
fr3ak   FriedrichsthalGermany
fr3ak   FriedrichsthalGermany
franck81 ArthesFrance
fred33  MacauFrance
fred57310   MontrequienneFrance
freddy   Cisterna di latina (lt) IN RESTAURO...
fredii   Le mansFrance
fredot BondigouxFrance
frg   StuttgartGermanyExcellent original condition. NOS clearcoated playfield. Only very little damage on the cabinet. Some nice decent pimps.
frisen  WittenbachSwitzerland
frisen  WittenbachSwitzerland
frisen   WittenbachSwitzerland
frisen   WittenbachSwitzerland
frondelius  KatrineholmSweden
frosty   MelbourneAustralia
fulltilt   HallstahammarSweden
funworldgr   HeraklionGreecenew rubbers, installed led colorDmD, plays perfect!!
furro66   PerpignanFrance
futika   Sao pauloBrazil
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
galally   Marysville, WAUSAVery nice
gamearcade2006   Brindisi 
gap  PerthAustralia
gapintech   Columbus, GAUSA
garbinator  OsloNorwayThis is the remake. Bought NIB. Shipped from factory 11/11-2017
garfieldje   ZwijndrechtBelgium
garymartin   Lawrence, KSUSAFull NOS restore on the playfield and everything on it in 2001. Under 500 plays since then.
gaspgian   Bologna Piano e cassone sono in buono stato, piano di gioco quasi perfetto, rampe dorate e moltissimi mods interni ed esterni.
gastoon  GrasseFrance
gator   PartilleSwedenVery nice condition.
gbl   WinnipegCanada
gcg   Seattle, WAUSAOzzie's Bar
gdspin   Polk city, FLUSAFun humor. Great gameplay.
gege1215   Pont a cellesBelgium
gelbwurst   GeisenbrunnGermanyLike new in Box
geoninja   FontainebleauFrance
gerardcolbert Newcastle upon tyneUnited KingdomTOP restored Medieval Madness Gold! Only serious buyers please! The asking price is 8000 EURO!!!
germain01 Bourg-en-bresseFrance
ghigos  Milano 
ghigos  Milano Guardate le foto! Rifatto completamente dall amico Nicola che ringrazio. Senza badare a spese! Visto che ne ho in arrivo un altro...potrei anche venderlo .minimo 15 mila euro. Offerte di 14.999,00 verranno rifiutate! Pezzo unico al mondo come me!
ghigos Milano 
ghigos  Milano 
ghigos   Milano 
gianabrother   Rottenburg am neckarGermany100% original
gianni78   Napoli 
gilbi ThionvilleFranceFully refurbished as new ; Full LED, Slingshot LED posts, Color Pin2DMD, varnished playfield, custom illuminated Apron, illuminated Trolls and Merlin holes, double headed Dragon and Knight figurines, illuminated LED under cabinet, new cabinet and backbox decals; Custom translite, convolux, cliffy, anti-reflective glass, ROM 1.09C Profanity installed
gilles89 Clamecy 58500Francework perfect, no fault in test, all leds on playfield, playfied, backbox and body 9/10 electronic 10/10, mirrors side
giorgio86   00049 velletri ( roma ) 
gis81   ValdurenqueFrance
giwi04  HönigsbergAustriaNOW with new Cabinet-Decals and restored Playfield . It plays very good ! ! !
glauses   CalgaryCanada
glhali   Monroe twp., NJUSA
gonratherhof   MainzGermany
gosepin   Champaign, ILUSA
greg75  EgerHungary
gregbenz   LondonCanadaBrand new Cabinet, Decals & Door. New Ramps new Playfield etc....
gregtopf  River edge, NJUSANice original game
grendal  Ravenna Venduto per mancanza si spazio, pentito ancor prima di darlo via. Primo amore che spero un giorno di riavere.
grospaquet31  Le gresFranceTop condition - plateau vernis - full gold- plein de mods
groupbands  WinterwijkNetherlands
grs57  Petit-rederchingFranceFull restored. Mirror blades, gold ramps, LED, sound system, light eye trolls, new ramps and plastics, light posts, Custom Illuminated Apron....
guicobra   Poços de caldasBrazil
guigui58  ImphyFrance
gun001  Den helderNetherlandsCollector quality, professionally restored MM. The Playfield is near perfect. New shaker, new color DMD, new double headed dragon, LED's, chrome side rails, chrome lock down bar, etc. A 10 out of 10 in my opinion. No surprises and everything works. You could shave off this Playfield it is so clear and shiny! This is an awesome example of what a resto should turn out like! The best price ever 7500 euros. Pick up available, shipping optional Qualité de collecteur, professionnellement restauré MM. Le Playfield est presque parfait. Nouveau shaker, nouvelle couleur DMD, nouveau dragon à double tête, LED, rails latéraux chromés, barre de verrouillage chromée, etc. A 10 sur 10 à mon avis. Pas de surprises et tout fonctionne. Vous pourriez raser ce Playfield, il est si clair et brillant! Ceci est un exemple impressionnant de ce que devrait être un resto! Le meilleur prix jamais 7500 euros. Ramassage disponible, expédition optionnelle
gvonm   North mankato, MNUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
hajen77   StockholmSweden
hall76  BoxholmSwedenRemake. Like new, added shaker motor and pin stadium lights
hanktrainer   Manlius, NYUSAOriginal, full LED, near mint condition, original beautiful cabinet, new playfield, a few mods, color DMD, black powder coated armor including legs, trim, hinges, bolts, lock bar and legs. Full LED, custom painted Pin Cup, speaker panel LED lights, pingrafix apron and side blades. I have the original as well.
hansh   HerrljungaSweden
happy jo  Neunkirchen 66538Germany
hard-fm  Marsac sur l'isleFranceEn bon état avec options mods interactif avec le jeu (catapulte et merlin) + personnages.Un must.
hare   StuttgartGermany
harold   ChristchurchNew Zealand
harryvi  VilleperrotFrancedot plateau vernis retouché quelques inserts imparfait mais globalement beau Decors neuf éjecteur de plateau neuf embase de 2 tours neuf rampes neuves Billes elastiques translucide leds vvp neuves post neuf batteurs neuf meca neuve pont Levi complet neuf afficheur couleur neuf fini
harta_1   LindesbergSweden
havana7   MadridSpainPerfección total gracias a mi compatriota juan
helmutzerber   Bloomfield hills, MIUSAPin is absolutely perfect. Completely restored - clear coated playfield, add-ones, replanted all gold parts, etc.... It is breathtaking.
henkelibonk   UppsalaSweden
henkie-61   HoensbroekNetherlands
hensteeth2go GlasgowUnited Kingdom1997 After years of searching for this Grail Pin I was very fortunate to secure this beautiful refurbished cabinet with clear-coated fully protected play-field. Sound-Pro speaker system., full plastic protector set. Synchronized Fully illuminated Thunderbolt effect acrylic play-field back panel (By TomDk). Modified Green swamp lighting to moat, gold plate wireforms. This pin has been cherished over the years and duly refurbished with skill and attention to detail to better than new condition. Plays fast and strong........worthy of all the hype. Collection/payment in person only...... RESERVED.
herakles  BönnigheimGermanyGreat Playing and Looking Medieval Madness, Gold Siderails and Lockbar, New Gold Legs, Color DMD, anti-reflective Glass, Full LED´s, Merlin and Troll Mod, No issues
herve   ParisFrance
herve  ParisFrance
hidravi   VillenaSpainChange for Metallica premium or 6500 €
hidravi   VillenaSpain
hiesicheesy   GelsenkirchenGermany
hlira   Rio de janeiroBrazil
hocuspocus   Aix en provenceFrancePerfect and original playfield, with dmd color, full leds, new plastic set, with playfield protector, original decals in very good condition.
hollygames   WaxenbergAustria
holmansteve Brussels , brussels capitalBelgiumI own this game lets get in touch in if interested contact for more details
hornisse69 CologneGermanyMMRLE Gold, Playfield Protector from the first ball, Flipperbutton protector, sone other light mods, Colorrom, Hole Protectors...the Maschine is like new
hp  HedaredSwedenMMR
hporto  CampinasBrazilNew cabinet decals, lacked playfield ans several mods.
hristro Hrirstrov, CAUSAthis machine is ready to go at a very affordable price. for more information on the machine contac me.
hunico   HunicoSpain
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
ibenaiah   TorontoCanadaCompletely restored. Mint condition. New cabinet decals, clear coated playfield, colour DMD, NOS ramps, Mike Chestnut chromed side rails and lock bar. Too much to list.
imeh   Virginia beach, VAUSARemake
indianapwns   Greensboro, NCUSAMedieval Madness Remake - Under 1,000 plays. Perfect condition.
ink   BoråsSweden
inmarin   Mill valley, CAUSA
isottafox   Firenze 
istrianac   PulaCroatiaSOLD !!!
istrianac   PulaCroatiaSOLD !!!
ivan   MoscouRussia
ivancicognani   Emilia romagna 
ivancicognani   Emilia romagna 
ivanko48   Den helderNetherlandscomplete
izs-49  BudapestHungaryThis is a Medieval Madness "WHITE"...:) Look the different in the last picture.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
jackbot  Cagliari Converted game. Lightly customized. Work in progress.
jackbot  Cagliari 
jagman  Stratford on avonUnited Kingdommint playfield with colour dmd, cab is excellent
jarnie  WarszawaPolandwith LED lightning... the nicest example Ive ever played ! 8500€
jealowe   Bloomington, ILUSAMMRLE
jeboy  KarlsruheGermany6000€
jeffbarrett   Napoli Sua Maestà / His Majesty. Grazie all'amico Luca.
jeffiseverywhere  AdelaideAustraliaNumber 1 Best playing pinball machine ever made, mine is fully restored with mods in beautiful condition, if I ever got rid of this it would only be in a trade for a few rare em titles Not a remake
jeffreynero   EpinalFrance
jerjer   Potomac, MDUSALimited edition remake. Powder blue trim. Open to trades.
jgmackay   Camas, WAUSAHUO second owner
jimakost  CalgaryGreeceSelling for 8000 euro excellent factory condition. Sold game the same day WOW!!
jimjob   Long island, NYUSAHEP
jimwilks   Carlisle, ontarioCanada
jman   Itajubá - mgBrazil
joao_sto _andre   Santo andreBrazilColorDMD Display,Ultra Bright Leds (playfield,G.I.,Backbox),Blackout MOD,Shaker Motor,new speaker panel !
joelany  BensheimGermanyplayers machine. good condition. cabinet strong colours. little wear around flipperbuttons. minimal 3 spots of playfield wear. Inner decals, 3D translite, illuminated apron.
joffrey   EstairesFrance
johncamomilla   Pianiga 
johnson85 BristolBritish Virgin IslandsThis is a used Medieval Madness pinball by Williams and is one of the most sought out pinball machines ever. This pinball is fun for people of all ages and has great features. It comes with an animated castle with a motorized drawbridge which lowers allowing the balls into the castle to complete certain goals. Also has two animated trolls below the play field which pop up during certain game play modes. These extra features provide for a great play. The ultimate goal of the pinball is to destroy the castle and get the high score. This is not a replicate, this is an original Medieval Madness and highly collectible.
jokern   AvestaSweden
jokerpoker  NowraAustraliaFully restored inside and out Dec 2013. Gold class Mirco playfield with 6 coats of clear on top.New cabinet decals. All new ramps, new plastics, new Pinbits plastic protectors, all new purple posts and new purple post sleeves throughout. Re-plated wireforms. Colour DMD LCD. Lasserific topper. Full PDI chrome kit including coin door and upper glass channel. PDI glass, PDI target decal set. Moat protector mod, Pinwize 2 headed dragon mod, light up trolls mod, Merlin mod, Catapult mod, Troll mod plus added figurines. Mirror blades. Custom painted castle, custom purple powder coated apron and power box + transformer base and internal custom painted cabinet internals. All underside metal either re-plated or tumbled. PinPro full speaker upgrade. Speaker acrylics. This game is truly amazing to look at but doesn't shoot well??? Plays like a dog new owner advised of this before he purchased. So MMR maybe for me. Still sold for a great offer!
jokerpoker  NowraAustraliaHUO MMRLE #790 Had to try one of these as a mate bought one and i was really impressed with how smooth it played. I have added Laserrific Topper, Mantis protectors and Cliffy's as well. Light up Red troll with Green eyes from Pinwize. Really nice playing game and NIB smell. Only 124 play when i purchased.Titans, Rock Custom undercab lighting kit and PDI glass to finish it off. Very well made game. I like it but not as much as STLE so i traded this to get my old one back.
jonathanmorrison   Woodinville, WAUSA
jordano8   BuderimAustraliaThe most amazing MINT condition rebuilt by Pinball Dreams in Germany with every trim in chrome and color DMD
jorgeslk  Povoa de varzimPortugalIn perfect state. i searched for years for this machine and i finaly found it...
jorgeslk  Povoa de varzimPortugalBetter then having one of the best pinball machine in the world is having two :)
josefranklim   Maia - portoPortugal
josem_lo  OrihuelaSpainWow the best!
josephmachines Rockford, ILUSA
joy75  Anzio 
jozo  CiovoCroatia
jpedras  Rio de janeiroBrazil
jricci  SorocabaBrazil Evandro Zanette Lucas dm9
jrohn   Atlanta, GAUSAGreat condition for a machine that's been on the street for 15 years. Playfield near perfect. Works great. Got it from an operator December 2012.
jukeboxjanne   DösjebroSwedenThis game is in operating at örloggsbasen in Karlskrona
jukeboxjanne   DösjebroSwedenThis game is in my home
jukeboxjanne   DösjebroSwedenThis game is in operating at interpool in Malmö
jukepin   Port orange/ daytona, FLUSAFANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jumpytnt Milano ......bellissimo, full led, topper bellissimo, decal interne .... Venduto al mio amico Luigi !!!!!!!..
junior brasil   São pauloBrazillindona!
jura   TrollhättanSweden
justlikeme   LondonUnited Kingdom
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
k5steel Dixon, CAUSAExcellent condition with LEDS
karl   OsloNorway
karl   OsloNorwayThe new MM This is the standard not LE, but with updated DMD graphics and yellow plastic protectors it still looks good :)
kaston1573  Abilene, TXUSAI now have one for my collection. It is all cleaned up. Looks and plays great. This machine will be the last to leave my collection. Put in a full super bright LED kit from Cointaker. It looks awesome!
kaype  StuhrGermany
kbclauss   BergenNorway
kenshiro90   Velletri Overall 9/10
kenshiro90   Velletri Overall 9/10
key Rogno Completo, perfetto e funzionante, piano nuovo: siderails, lockbar, sidebolts e legs oro! Full led! Gioca che è una meraviglia!
kidchrisso12   High ridge, MOUSA
kingpinman   San leandro, CAUSA
kinou89  AvallonFrancePrêt
kletmarjet  AlostBelgiumGood overal condition.Inside looks like new
kletmarjet  AlostBelgium
kloggmonkey   Shawnee, KSUSA
kmoore88  Bellevue, IAUSAPurchased in routed condition and then I fully restored it including new CC PF.
kosaprasa   GrosupljeSlovenia
kosta   PerthAustralia
krazy bastard   Tampa, FLUSACollector Quality.
krazy bastard   Tampa, FLUSAPlay field is at PFR.... Im no longer excited about getting it back. I may be dead by then of old age.
krazy bastard   Tampa, FLUSAHUO. Mint Condition.
kringel   BaesweilerGermanyfully restored, perfect condition
kris-seeburg  Sint-niklaasBelgium
kts500  KurikkaFinland
kykyka24 Antonne et trigonantFrance
kykyka24  Antonne et trigonantFrancele plus beau MM de france !!!!! Préparation pinball dreams Médiéval madness neuf tout en chrome! Plus beau qu un neuf sorti du carton!!! : décals de caisse neuf sous licence,caisse et fronton entierement poncé et lissé puis peint en noir int et ext,intérieur ,dmd couleur,caisse poncé en dessous,porte chromée,pied chromé, lock bar chromée,side rails chromé, panel des enceintes Williams neuf,plateau neuf, toutes les rampes gold 24k,merlin, dragon a 2 têtes avec leds ,protection de tout les éjecteurs par des cliffy,toutes les rampes neuves,trolls neufs leds et en plus troll leds,archers leds,catapulte led,merlin, boutons flipps leds, arrière de fronton neuf avec prise chromée, tout les décors neuf,château en option avec les 2 têtes qui s allume,bille neuve, entièrement équipé en led plateau et fronton,,fond du plateau série spécial transparente avec flash,tout les boutons neuf, apron éclairant, miroir sur les côtés,trappes neuves et serrures neuve, vitre anti reflet, etc!!
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
larsbert  UlmGermanyA+++ condition. Renovated by Pinball Dreams.
las63  Les martres-d'artièreFrancerestauré , plateau verni popop122 , princesse , et rampe redoré .
lbayfield   NorwichUnited Kingdom
lbhpinball  BergenNorwayVery good condition.Nice orginal playfield.Orginal nice cabinet,led light.New ramps and legs.Plays very well.Upgraded sound system.Orginal pinball flyer williams,and originals manuals.
lchouky  Paris idfFrance
leberry  ElcheSpainI would accept trade for my MM
leberry   ElcheSpain
leberry   ElcheSpain
leberry   ElcheSpain
lecarpist   St. neotsUnited Kingdom
ledje41   Lamotte beuvronFrancerévisé en très bon état
lee   Pittsburgh, PAUSA
leeus   Greenville, SCUSA
leewong   Hong kongChinaVery beautiful thank you! my friend Noblejuan
leffe   JakobsbergSweden
legacy   Houston, TXUSA
legui  Le cannetFrance
leof   Rio de janeiroBrazil
leonardogit   MauáBrazil
lermods   Allentown, NJUSA
leslautrecois  LautrecFranceMédieval Madness, passé en full Led, topper lumineux, écran pin2dmd color, décoration du panel baffles, side mirors, side rails - réglette et pieds chromés, Ram mise à jour récente, protèges boutons personnalisés (chromés/découpés), tapis protection décoré, mods x 4 (chevalier, hommes en armure, merlin interactif),...
letzi_71   LuxembourgLuxembourg
levis   São pauloBrazil100% restaurada, até todos os metais, incluindo os parafusos foram zincados. Tenho interesse em troca por outro título equivalente ou superior.
levis   São pauloBrazil100% restaurada, PF zero, Rampas zero, toys zero. comprei repetida por estar em ótimas condições.
lfpalhares   Rio de janeiroBrazilFull of toys and acessories.
liga-kueste   Bremen / niedersachsenGermanyLuigi
lmjdad   Clovis, CAUSA
loanguy7171973   Central il, ILUSAVery nice playing MM. Kids really like this theme.
lod BorlängeSwedenFor sale: 7000€ ... Bought from Reno66 in Italy ... Thanks
lod  BorlängeSweden
lopez  MionsFrance
lopez   MionsFrance
lorenz38 GrenobleFranceHuman burgers ^^
loritide   Superior, COUSARemake Royal Edition from CGC
lpierrick  EaunesFranceCollector MM. Plateau comme neuf, plastics neuf, décals neufs sous licence. Armure Gold (lockbar, siderails, pieds...). Mirror Gold. Rampes Gold. Fullleds. Mods : Yeux rouge lumineux pour les Trolls, chevalier, Merlin et Troll. Éclairage led Vert sous plateau des Troll dès qu'ils sortent. Apron lumineux. Speaker inserts + NEW !! = Speaker light kit Bleu. Bouton des flips lumineux ROUGE + LED sous flipper. Kit Keychain entier. Kit élastique "Violet". Topper Maison. Carte = "PINSOUND 2016" pour un son HD + câblage 2.1 stéréo. Echange (Trade) contre AC/DC LUCI, AC/DC LET THERE BE ROCK LE, METALLICA MASTER OF PUPPETS LE, HOBBIT LE ou SE.
lucavr  Verona 19/06/2021 Nuova sede di Verona, questo flipper bellissimo è stato restaurato da Pinhouse, il mio carissimo amico, è un flipper pazzesco veramente geniale e unico di tutti i tempi.
lucky1   EttlingenGermany
luckypin   NijverdalNetherlandsAs new. Many mods, LED
luigi_ccnb   GanderkeseeGermany
luxbigmac   LuxembourgLuxembourgRefurbished
luxury San giovanni la punta 
lxl   BoråsSweden
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
m4carp  NarberthUnited KingdomMMR LE
mac   KristianstadSwedenPerfect condition. Everything new. Like playfield, ramps, rails, sidearts, etc. etc.
mag  Castiglione torinese Finalmente trovato!!! piano stupendo..
mag972 MontelimarFranceRemake LE N° 20, Playfield Protector, écran couleur.
magniez christop   DuclairFrance
mago bago  Pescia piano gioco bellissimo cassone ottimo, solo qualche piccolissimo rigo !! funzionante perfetto!!il prezzo e di 6000€ accetto scambi solo con top titoli e con differenza a mio favore!!!
mago bago  Pescia bellissimo medieval con piano gioco perfetto come nuovo!! cassone molto bello!!! richiesta 6000€ funzionante!! INVIO FOTO SOLO AD INTERESSATI
magod  MadridSpain
mahatma   Firenze Il flipper è stato restaurato a livello elettronico perfettamente funzionante, il piano e tutte le plastiche sono al 100% è molto bello..... Il cassone è un pò sciupato :o(( dovrò trovare qualche anima buona che mi faccia il lavoro delle decals ._. accetto proposte non troppo costose.... Purtroppo lo pagato parecchio da un noleggiatore "ma ne è valsa la pena" lo cercavo bello.......
maki14   érdHungary
mallo122  EngisBelgium
malonsopinball   MadridSpainIPD nº 4032 Totalmente restaurada por STRPINBALL. LED, DMD COLOR, TABLERO LACADO.
malu  Frosinone 
mamio   Rovereto tn Perfetto MM led,makrolon,pin2dmd,led speaker,topper
manix74  Cherasco Bellissimo k16 rarissimo chi c’è l’ha se lo tiene stretto, condizioni come da foto.
mann.thomas  DarmstadtGermany10.000 Euro
manny65   MelbourneAustralia
manojuly   EvreuxFrance
manu95  VaurealFranceFull leds
manube68 ArlonBelgiumvery nice MM with High End Restoration Real Collector, Play very fast, and a great pleasure for eyes ! Full Gold :Lockbar, Siderails, hinges, ramps, legs, coindoor, mirror blades Pinwise Custom: Castle Mod, Double Dragon Head Mod, Merlin Mod, Orc mod , Troll Mod, Tower light Mod, Damsel Mod, Backpanel mod Woofer Flipper Fidelity, stereo HP Flipper Fidelity Pinsound Card Perfect Playfied by Mirco Shaker motor Plastics Protectors Full LED 4 SMD CoinTakers Cabinet Decals perfect Inside cabinet black lacquered + shiny polished Invisible Glass + DMD Anti-glare Filtrer Superbands Rubbers-Sold to Pascal, Thx !
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74  MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinlandHUO, LE 521, Chrome
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinlandHomemade edition
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
mara74   MikkeliFinland
marcinkg  KolobrzegPoland
marcinkg   KolobrzegPoland
marco buccilli  Foligno Entrato da poco in collezione, ho iniziato lo smontaggio per pulizia. 20.03.2018 restauro terminato; aggiunte protezioni buche e piano, rifatti i flippanti. Uno spettacolo. Piano originale non laccato e protetto con makrolon. Il re del flow, il re dei flipper!!
marcoe3c   Milano 
marcopi   Monza Da resturare
mark9   LincolnUnited KingdomLE Remake Edition with black trim. Colour display is amazing.
markeemark   PortsmouthUnited KingdomCollector's condition
marko4194   Martinez, GAUSA
markpin   PetropolisBrazil
markv UusimaaFinlandDecided that its finally time to let go of my MM to get some new blood to the gameroom. Price 9500 EUR + shipping cost. Original cabinet and playfield. A real nice piece considering its age. My MM has: + a shaker + Pin2DMD display + playfield protector + custom black (with sparkles) painted armor (legs, siderails, coin door, lockdown bar, hinges) + Pinball Bulbs' Ultimate LED kit installed + illuminated backboard with LED-lightning + cool castle topper + ledded troll eyes + upgraded dragon + anti-glare display shield on the DMD + keyless lock-system in place + cliffy and mantis protectors installed
markv  UusimaaFinlandOriginal Medieval Madness restored.
marlboroman  MontrealCanadaAll original no decals and not the remake..pinball decals merlin mod,pinball decals archor mods,Pinball decals targets, gold mirror blades, Pinballpro Medieval Madness complete speaker kit, full cointaker playfield and backbox LED'S, pinbits shaker motor.... a perfect example of collector quality.
marrosi   Milano 
marty22   LoudeacFrancemodel remake avec shaker dot couleur translite 3d mods merlin catapulte ect ... échange possible potc jjp le ou BLACK KNIGHT: SWORD OF RAGE le alice cooper le alien le Oktoberfest Pinball on Tap
marty22   LoudeacFranceéchange possible alien ou alice cooper. Hobbit jjp stern LE
massa92117   San diego, CAUSA
matej  PozegaCroatia
mattbolick   Winston-salem, NCUSA
matte78   Cogliate perfect condition, full of mods, mirron, one of the finest MM on the planet. pictures soon
matth-matth   NantesFrance
matthewra  TorontoCanadacomplete reno
maurice_schouten   L'aiaNetherlandsOriginal 1997 MM.
mauriexpand   Galatina Please for pictures and price contact me.
maxbusan   PožegaCroatia
maxinthemoon   Noisy le secFrance
maxtrony  Fontanellato 
maxx  PožegaCroatiaFkiper like new.Led lamps,shaker motor and others
mcanongia   Rio de janeiroBrazil
mcbutch   LuxembourgLuxembourg
meachan_cyc   Sapporo, hokkaidoJapan
medieness   UberabaBrazil
memar MeiringenSwitzerland
metroider  BarcelonaSpain
mfreitas  CasteloBrazilSimplesmente perfeita!
miami   RioBrazilobrigado noble juan francês
michaelsimper73 Newcastle upon tyneUnited KingdomHUO! Perfect condition. Please feel free to contact me for more details and photos.
michbat  HouplinesFranceMM Remake LE
mikepinball   Napoli 
mikespinball  Eugene, ORUSAThis is my Medieval Madness machine I purchased in 2006. I bought this machine from a local coin operator in the Seattle Washington area for $5400.00. I went to a local bar where they had one at to view. When I decided to purchase it they delivered a different one then the one I saw at the bar (this one was in very poor condition), to say I was upset was a understatement, but they made it right with me as they gave me some new parts to off set the machine price I paid. This was alot of money to pay for one machine and one that was in working/nonworking state. The machine was in very poor condition, with the castle gate not working, many switches not operating, the trolls in very beat up shape and just the overall condition of the game was very dirty. I played it only about twice, mainly to check out the functions of the game. I shut it off and started on a full restoration. I completely took apart the machines for restoration. Many new parts and mods were installed from ramps, posts, castle gate, draw bridge, decals, newly power coated coin door, custom back board with 4 flash lamps tied to different flash lamps throughout the game, many small parts, LED's added throughout the game with added new ones to the catapult area, doubled up ones to some of the inserts on the under side of the playfield, custom castle painted by me with LEDs mod I added to the skull eyes and holes in the castle walls (both front and right side castle), double headed dragon with flash lamp, knight kit, damsel with LED mod light above her, green mot light, spot lamp by the flippers and a shaker motor. This was a fun restoration, but took too long as I had to wait about a year and 1/2 for Playfield Renovations to repair and clear coat the playfield. But in the long run it turned out great and the finished product is very fun to play as it is one of my favorites to play.
minimew456   Glen vineUnited Kingdom
mission65   KentUnited Kingdom
misterflip   NemoursFrance
misterflipper  Clermont-ferrandFrance
mistertwang   Gujan-mestrasFrance
miticoboss   Milano NON E' IN VENDITA
mlbarreira LisboaPortugalRestored to excellent condition. New playfield from Mirco. New original cabinet decals. Legs,lockbar and side rails in chrome mirror black. Hinge pivot set "Medieval Madness". New coin door. Side panels by Pingrafix. ColorDMD. Playfield protector. Pinsound. Speaker system from Flipper Fidelity. Separate volume control. New speaker panel. Speaker light inserts. Lighting kit from PinballBulbs. Castle 2.0 from Pinwize. Double headed dragon mod. Door separator plastic. Magic Merlin. This castle is so nice with so many candle lights from inside that King of Payne and Ork mods are not in use for now. Gold plated wire ramps. New ramps. Start button shield 3D. Graffiti custom drawbridge decal. Door separator plastic between the hole and the castle entrance. Trolls light green mod. Merlin scoop light mod. Under cab light blue. Cliffy set protector. Cliffy switches slot protectors. Nvram. Profanity Rom L1.09c (G11).
mlm   TorontoCanadaBeing restored.
mmt   PixboSweden
mnpinball   Cokato, MNUSA
mo   EdmontonCanada
monster-bash   GoianiaBrazil
monsterbash  CascaisPortugalPart of my WPC collection!
moo   ValenciennesFrance
moosmann   DornbirnAustria
morango   Haren groningenNetherlands
morango  Haren groningenNetherlandsrestored as new Shaker sound..ocd board
mordario  Milano Bellissimo. Piano di gioco originale nuovo e laccato rampe dorate decal cassa nuove profili satinati Mirror Blade full LED alcune MOD ancora da montare: topper Merlino troll.
mordario  Milano In ottime condizioni . Già prenotato
mosh   BavariaGermanyGREAT! - Beautiful Pinball machine in unrestored original condition!
mpbola  Petropolis, rio de janeiroBrazilFully restored by JOÃO CARNEIRO, Led Kit, Custom Topper, Side art, 3D BG
mpp1977   São pauloBrazil
mr mic  LidköpingSweden
mr tilt   MelbourneAustralia
mr.worf   Groß-gerauGermanyPlayfield resauriert und 2k Klarlack,schöner Zustand ab 01/2019 renoviert mit Spiegelbleche, komplett auf LED umgestellt und silikon Gummis. Great Maschine   Salerno 
mrcleanhead   Cleveland, OHUSA
mrgibbz   Benicia, CAUSANew LED remake. Limited Edition
mrjuke1   HamburgGermanysehr alte Maschine. braucht zu viel Arbeit
mrmikeman   Ottawa, ontarioCanadaNIB Royal Edition
mrtenn   GustafsSweden
mrwhite   Viterbo 
msl   VantaaFinland
mssony  São pauloBrazil
mssony   São pauloBrazil
mtaboada  São pauloBrazil
mtaboada  São pauloBrazil
mtaboada  São pauloBrazil
mtaboada  São pauloBrazil
mufcmufc  The middleUnited KingdomBeautiful game with no wear and very nice cabinet
mufcmufc   The middleUnited Kingdom
mufcmufc   The middleUnited Kingdom
multiballsminden   MindenGermany
murilofc   Jundiaí-spBrazilColor DMD
murphy84   VelleronFrance
mv1313   BoråsSweden
mv8ball CaterhamUnited KingdomColour DMD
mv8ball   CaterhamUnited Kingdom
mwong168   TorontoCanadaHUO
mxzini  PragueCzech Republic6000 Euro perfect
mypinballs  OldenburgGermany
mzuccon  São pauloBrazil1997 - Led Kit by Marco Specialties
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
napayno  San jose, CAUSAExtremely nice Survivor. Could be HUO.
napayno San jose, CAUSAThis is a nice Medieval Madness pinball machine that was manufactured by Williams in 1997. This is considered to be the Holly Grail of pinball machines by collectors throughout the world. The toys on the playfield include 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 5 single stationary targets, 2 ramps, and a couple of pop up trolls. The flippers have been gone through and rebuilt and are as strong as they were when this machine left the factory. The cabinet is in very nice shape. The playfield is also in very nice shape. I have completely disassembled the playfield, cleaned, polished and waxed the playfield, cleaned and polished the plastics, replaced any burnt out bulbs and flashers, replaced all rubbers, re-assembled the playfield and tested/verified everything on this machine is working perfectly. Look at the last picture to see mirror like finish on the playfield after I waxed it. All playfield lamps have been replaced with color LEDs.
nappis  MonninkyläFinlandKnight add-ons. Dragon topper. Plastic protectors, Cliffy and mantis protectors. Gold plated wire ramps. Noflix leds in playfield and backbox including colored led flashers, troll led eye mod, Pinbits blackout mod, NVRAM installed, Color display
nathanp   Lenexa, KSUSA
nedi   KangasalaFinland6900 euros
nedi   KangasalaFinland
nedi   KangasalaFinlandNew playfield
nedi KangasalaFinland6600 €
nedi  KangasalaFinland7990 €
neilmcrae   Woking, ukUnited KingdomAt Domino Arcade - LE Remake with Full Royal Treatment.
nemike   Dover, NHUSA
nerino   San marino 
nerino   San marino 
nerovincio78   Bari 
ness évreuxFrance13500€ - Caisse d'origine propre (decals sous licence fournis) - Plateau changé avec le set de plastiques et rampes il y a quelques années - DMD color LCD (peut être retiré pour baisser le prix) - Full Pinsound (shaker inclus) - Translite 3D - Speaker panel neuf - Full LEDs Flipperled - Set élastiques TITAN - Set plastics protectors - Set Cliffy's - Rampes métalliques gold (récentes) - Rampe sous plateau neuve - Porte repeinte récemment avec sticker - Plusieurs Mods - Trolls avec yeux leds - Pieds, lockbar, hinges et siderails (à poser) gold neufs. (Peuvent être retirés pour baisser le prix). - Topper Flipperled (non installé) - Apron custom - Sideblades (non installés) - Bouton launch custom - Manuel
netosuzano  SuzanoBrazil
nevus   Shreveport, LAUSASweet sweet MM!
new york pinball   Wantagh, NYUSAHigh End Restoration
nibirudan PerpignanFranceEchange contre Austin Powers (Stern) + World Cup Soccer (Bally) + un 3eme flipper
nickb4141   BromleyUnited Kingdom
nico10   StrasbourgFrance
nico51   ReimsFrance
nico51   ReimsFrance
nico51   ReimsFrance
nicofontaine   Braine-le-comteBelgium
nicogoy   BeaufayFrance
nicolas du 33 Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceI want 6500€ for this Medieval Madness if you are to interest to send I an e-mail. Otherwise why not against several pinball Cordially Nicolas
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFrancePlateau 10/10 Dot 10/10 Electronique 10/10 Ce flipper a participer a de nombreuse salon et finale de flipper : 24H du Mans, finale championnats de France de flipper LNJF 2012 ect... Plateau démonter entièrement a nu pour le refaire a neuf : Switchs, contacts, set de plastiques, batteur fourreaux butté neufs ect... Mods: Château neuf et yeux du crane a leds, dragon + ailes avec nervures neuf et yeux + langue a leds, Trolls neuf et équiper de leds au yeux, personnages et chevaliers poser, decal de cibles ect... Toutes les pièces du flipper ont étaient polie a la machine effet chrome, rampes bien dorées couleur OR, Cliffys sur tous les injecteurs et le château + le mur poser, rondelles translucides sur les slinghots pour un effet plus beau ect... Équiper en leds dessous le plateau et dessus GI normale. Bref une belle bête de compétition pour se qui l'ont vu sur les salons ou tournois en France. Félicitation pour cette achat profite en bien J-M
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceChange
nicolas du 33  Saint-médard-en-jallesFranceVery beautiful pinball made in Pinball Dream Préparation pinball dreams Médiéval madness neuf full chrome : décals de caisse neuf sous licence, caisse et fronton entièrement poncé et lissé puis peint en noir int et ext, DMD couleur 3.0, dessous poncé laqué bois, porte chromée, pied chromé, lockbar chromée, manchette chromé, side rails chromé, oreilles chromé, panel des enceintes Williams neuf, plateau neuf, toutes les rampes gold 24k, protection de tout les éjecteurs par des cliffy, toutes les rampes neuves, trolls neufs leds, merlin, dragon a 2 têtes avec leds , archers leds, catapulte led, boutons flipper leds, arrière de fronton neuf avec prise chromée, tout les décors neuf + double de protections, Mod leds tetes de morts château qui s allument, bille neuve, entièrement équipé en led super flux plateau et fronton, fond du plateau série spécial transparente avec flash simule les éclairs, apron éclairant, miroir sur les côtés, trappes neuves et serrures neuve, vitre anti reflet, etc!!
nightrider   GerolsteinGermany
nikonesca   ToulouseFrance
nikrox2  Medina, OHUSAFirst NIB! Love this game! Bolted to the floor! Can play this one for hours and not get bored!
nikus   Preston, lancashireUnited KingdomBought from UK, very very nice condition
nilesoverly   Columbus, OHUSA
nilser   HamburgGermanyRoyal (Remake)
noitbe11  Montigny le bretonneuxFrance
nolan   ParisFranceTrès beau médiéval Madness Echange contre Monster Bash + tron ou Twilight zone
nolan  ParisFranceVery very nice (decal ,New matrix ,electronic ) original play field (no decal ) new castle complete ,new rampe ,full led Troll led
nolan   ParisFranceFull full restaured like new News playfield nos us Full chrome Castel new full plastic new Full led Troll/dragon/ led Décals original usa new apron Pinball Dreams dmdst32 Colors Trade possible
nolan   ParisFranceFull restored full gold
nolan  ParisFranceVery nice Original play field
nolan  ParisFrance
nolan  ParisFrance
nolan  ParisFrance
nolan  ParisFrance
nollan  FouesnantFranceEntierement restaure Superbe etat
nordi   Casoria il numero 1
noworrys   KalmarSweden
nyo30  Torano nuovo Scambiato
nyo30  Torano nuovo Adesso un bel restauro come dio comanda! pinao restaurato e laccato da pinballmaker87 Aggiunte mod e pin2dmd.. Plastiche nuove, rampe nuove, troll nuovi, ponte nuovo e ovviamente specchi laterali..
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
o-from-do   DortmundGermanyEverything is written and said about this machine!
oemdorp   UtrechtNetherlandsOriginal, only extra 3D backlight additional. No way it will be sold :-)
oilrat  Westminster, CAUSAFully restored, color dmd.
ola  GoteborgSwedenIn very good condition.
olddragon   Cincinnati, OHUSAMMLE Remake; bought new from Chicago Gaming
oliver recsei   SiófokHungary
omo   TrondheimNorwayChicago Gaming Remake version, with color graphics upgrade
onemoretime   Inuyama aichiJapan
onepunchman   ParisFrance
opb71   DresdenGermany
opb71  DresdenGermanyA nice original MM for sale. Everything works as it should. Super, super clean. I post pictures soon. Message if interested.
orf OtterupDenmarkFully renovated with real goldplating on ramps. New ramps, plastics, all optos, all switches and most targets. Original playfield renovated by Pinball Dreams in Germany. Plays like new - looks like new.
oscarharley  AlcañizSpainPlayfield New and full leds
oscarspa   JaénSpainGold Edition, dragon with red led eyes, shaker, gold door, gold all mechanisms under the playfield, subwofer pioneer, spekears pioneer, topper, candylight in all parts of the castlle,
outhole  NrwGermany
outlander   MünchenGermanyPerfect original Williams MM with Pinsoundboard, Catapult Mod, Playfield Protector, 24K golden wire ramps.
overkilll   LisbonPortugalPlayfield complete refurbished and clear coated, a lot of new parts (Ramps, plastics, guide lanes, bumpers, star posts, rubbers, leds). Cabinet all dress up, sanded and clear coated in the bottom and painted in vertical. Original decals with some little wear and damages. In prefect condition to play, works 100%.
overkilll LisbonPortugal
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
p.personale  Teramo Qui le foto di prima e dopo il restauro ,un ringraziamento a Danilo che me lo ha venduto e control che mi ha ceduto il piano laccato.Gran bel flipper.....
p.personale  Teramo clone utilizzando nba.Ringrazio tutti gli amici che mi hanno aiutato,in particolar modo alessandro ed enrico
p51mustang55  Spokane, WAUSAAn original MM from Williams with many upgrades like lighted trolls, color dmd, 3D translite, custom trim and dragon topper just to name a few. It has always been a privately owned home machine. Very well taken care of and in very good original condition. This is a very fun game and has always been a favorite of mine.
pabo61  SolothurnSwitzerlandNew Playfield
papaber StyriaAustria
passioneflipper   Tivoli 
paul70  Zurich/swissSwitzerlandSchöne Medieval Madness Pin in ausgezeichnetem Zustand Spielfeld ist makellos und Kabinett in gutem Zustand nie in Arkade. Ich bin Second Owner ein schönes Beispiel für den Sammler, der den besten Flipper besitzen will, der jemals ein Orginal und kein Remake gemacht hat. Vollständig in Chrom und LEDs gekleidet, überall das Schönste, was ich je gesehen habe. €6500
paul87   LeeurwardenNetherlands
paulob  Marrazes - leiriaPortugalTwo great Medieval Madness
payne  BrunoyFrancecomplete restoration, vitrification, full led, dmd color...
pbgixxer   Grapevine, TXUSA
peaceplant   Johnson, MIUSAcondition is 98% great shape.
pedrettigaming  Bergamo New Entry
pepito78860   Saint nom la bretècheFrance
per1968   StockholmSweden
perfect point   WhitecourtCanadaMMR 716 with gold trim. March 2023 $15,000
perlo00 PaFranceUp for sale is my Medieval Madness Remake # 787 with stainless steel trim. Game works perfectly and looks like it just came out of the box. you can visit my home and try it. I have owned this game for a long time now, has only been home used. just message me
pershing3110   Oestrich-winkelGermany
petaco   GijónSpain
petero0   De haanBelgium
philip van beirs  PuursBelgiumMediëval Madness; the best pinball game every made; Playfield polished, perfectly working and all ramps and plastics are intact. Mirror Blades; Transculent rubbers; Lighted Score Cards and fully with Leds installed backbox + playfield + GI. Troll Mod with yellow eyes installed left ramp. Trade with Cactus Canyon only please......TRADED
philip van beirs PuursBelgiumHigh End Restoration; FULL Gold: Ramps; Golden Mirror blades; Hinges; Coin Door; Side rails, Leggs and bolts ... Fully Customized Pinwize Mods; Full Castle Tower Mod; damsel mod; backboard mod; Double Dragon Head with led eyes; Orc with led eyes; Merlin with Led mod; ... Inside cabinet black satin laquered + coated. Decals perfectly placed by professional. Full high quality leds (cointaker US) playfield and backbox. Dmd anti glare filter. Playfield coated and restored by pinballdreams: All new plastic ramps ; new bolts + nuts and metal parts. Pinball Pro speakers + woofer + Shaker motor,.... Sold to my friend Manu.
philip van beirs  PuursBelgiumOriginal MM in very good condition. Original playfield and decals. Full led.
philip12   Saint-affrique 12400France
phoerber   Gig harbor, WAUSAALL ORIGINAL IN HOME USE SINCE 99.
phosphan   SprockhoevelGermany
pickaboo  StockholmSwedenMods: Merlin Wizard
pig  östersundSweden
pimpmyflip  Bosc-le-hardFranceflipper MM restauration complètes full gold (pied , porte + décal , inches , leche vitre , side rail , lock barre , lance bille ) full led 100% + flash full restoration ,les rampes sont neuves et touts les plastiques aussi, glass anti reflet , dmd color , miroir de caisse gold , topper perso , apron illuminé , plot illuminé rouge sur tout le flip et beaucoup de MOD
pin up girl   VictoriaCanadaextra new play field, good condition
pin-head  Crestview, FLUSAThis is a remake
pinball ib   ThistedDenmarkone of the best machine i have seen
pinball junkie  Kanata, ontarioCanadaVery nice condition. Several medieval men add-ons easily removed, and hand painted castle all done by the talented Mario from Quebec that I purchased the game from. Color DMD, Red led troll eyes mod. Limited Dragon topper with red LED eyes. Polished chrome apron side rails, and legs. 3D back glass. Plexi lightning LED backboard mod coming soon. Never thought I would own my dream pin….
pinball ray   Riverbank, CAUSARemake
pinball-collect   BudapestHungary
pinball-mania   BaicoiRomaniaWPC n°45 - I've got 2 playfield - will be 2K
pinball-mania   BaicoiRomaniaA copy from scratch
pinball3  Gipf-oberfrickSwitzerlandHUO, with special Topper!
pinballbart   LichterveldeBelgium
pinballch   WinterthurSwitzerland
pinballcollector AntwerpBelgiumMedieval Madness Pinball the best pinball ever made. Playfield nice with ultratin macrolon playfield protector, leds everywhere. Cabinet in good shape, no errors at start up, red colored dmd display. Can make video from gameplay. Electronics all perfect; no burnt connectors. New flipper rebuild kit installed. Price 7800euro (no trade with other flipper) Prefer personal collection (shipment also possible if required).
pinballfreak  Cheyenne, WYUSAFully restored to better than new by (Teekee) Anthony Daly
pinballmaniabh   Belo horizonteBrazilWith ColorDMD
pinballmuseum   CracowPoland
pinballnews  ChessyFranceL’original williams! Caisse restaurée avec decals de caisse neufs sous licence, équipé full led, kit plastique neuf. Le plateau est d’origine et les inserts sont touchés c’est le seul problème. Le reste est impeccable. 6800€
pinballpool   BorgholzhausenGermany
pinballslave   LondonCzech Republic
pinballwiz59   Lancaster, PAUSAWe bought this game from Doug Huse of Let`s Play Pinball. It is absolutely gorgeous and in mint condition.
pinbally_1968   OisterwijkNetherlands
pinbertpinball   AlmereNetherlandsMint Condition
pinbitch   WarendorfGermany HUO full chrom
pinflip   CalgaryCanada
pinlawyer   Phoenix, AZUSAWill be chrome-pimped, redecaled, LEDs, clearcoated playfield, custom sound system
pinmeister   Cherry hills village, COUSAHigh End Pins Restoration
pinobsessed   LondonUnited Kingdom
pinsplit   ZurichSwitzerlandPlayfield restored by Pinball-dreams in 2013; invoice 5200 Euro (I have the receipt), mirror blades, 3D-Translite; Colour DMD,
pintracen   HoofddorpNetherlands
pinwiz   SydneyAustraliaNew decals and colour DMD
pin_-_k   Lakeside, TXUSA
pitchie  AntwerpenBelgiumHigh end restoration
pittfall   FrankfurtGermanyPerfect
plusdebrol   CasteauBelgium
pmoscar794 Aurora, COUSAHigh End Upgraded Restoration, upgraded light package, shaker, frame, electronics, restored playing field. Immaculate. Collectors Machine.
poboyz   Valley center, KSUSARemake - LE Black trim version. Awesome.
popop_122  Clermont ferrandFranceplateau vernis, decals de caisse neufs
poup  AvoineFrance
ppw   Sankt ingbertGermanyNice original mm.
preeacher   ToulouseFrance
printimus  BytomPolandGold Edition. All my machines are under constant maintenance of the experienced technician. They may have some wears and other imperfections associated with their age but they work well and with no mechanical flaws. I consider selling my machines as I need space. I would prefer to sell the entire collection in one transaction. If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me.
pugi   FlensburgGermany
pugsotoys   Longmont, COUSAMMR LE number 121, Gold Trim. Perfect condition.
pyla28   teste de buchFrance très bel exemplaire original. mods. écran couleur... 9999 Euros.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
quincy  Milano Completely restored, it's as new. Completamente restaurato e laccato, ora come nuovo.
qwerty1979   StockholmSweden
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
raconnell   Yardley, PAUSANew Machine
radibutz   BrittnauSwitzerland
ragnor   Eden prairie, MNUSA
raphael7946   MontreuxSwitzerland
raphc43  Puy en velayFrance
rarellan  VinhedoBrazil
ravage   ChichesterUnited KingdomMMR Remake
ray78   MünchensteinSwitzerland
rch   CrissierSwitzerland
rdalla  BarueriBrazilComprada através de troca com a Best4All com o Sr. Rogers, entregue Goldeneye 007 e Twister.
redeyes420  Lancaster, PAUSAHUO MM One owner before me, picked it up at an estate sale. whoever owned it, this was there only pin they had.
remo Tempio pausania praticamente nuovo.lo ho comprato da un conoscente tedesco..vendo solo se ottima offerta,invio foto
remy346  ArcachonFrance
reno66  Bologna Il mio secondo MEDIEVAL MADNESS,a differenza del primo e' come nuovo e mai restaurato,TUTTO ORIGINALE oserei dire come appena sballato il piano non presenta la minima usura da nessuna parte (buche comprese)decal immacolate,plastiche perfette,display luminosissimo,rampe come nuove, completo di chiavi e manuali originali!!!Impossibile da trovare!!! My second MEDIEVAL MADNESS, unlike the first and 'like new and never restored, all original as I would say just busted the plan does not have the slightest wear anywhere (including holes) decal immaculate full original manuals and keys! IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND
reno66  Bologna Appena ritirato,il piano di gioco è bellissimo ha solo bisogno di una pulita per renderlo super,completo di manuali originali e perfettamente funzionante! Just retired, the game plan is beautiful just needs to make a super clean, complete with original manuals and fully functional!
rfrysztak   Naperville, ILUSAExtensive lighting and aesthetic mods, including castle, dragon, topper and playfield LEDs.
rhaferl   GänserndorfAustria
ricardoipc Natal - rnBrazil
ricardoipc  Natal - rnBrazilBR: Restaurando e aguardem . USA: restoration and Wait ...
ricardoipc  Natal - rnBrazil
riccodj  California, CAUSA
rickb  Boca raton, FLUSA
rickvillers   MonthyonFranceEntièrement restauré. Il est très beau avec de nombreux mods (Merlin avec boule qui change de couleur, chevaliers, écran LCD…).
rinpoli  GuarulhosBrazil
rischti  StuttgartGermany
riwilliams66   San andrés, buenos airesArgentina
rjsoeps  KatwijkNetherlands
rob t   Riverside, CAUSA
rodneyolsen   Seattle, WAUSA
rom82   Arcade Piano in buone condizioni e decal solo un po' consumate sui bottoni dei flippanti
romchik   KrasnoyarskRussia
roro74   AngersFrance
rossz  LilleFranceResto complète, décals de caisse, plateau vitrifié 2K, plastiques neufs, ColorDMD,... Complete restoration: cabinet decals, 2K lacquered playfield, news plastic set, ColorDMD,...
rrb   Sao pauloBrazil
rubberfist   QuesnelCanadaMMr from Planetary Pinball
rubberfist007   QuesnelCanadaMMr not the original
ruben   KarlskogaSwedenFully restored to perfect condition. Clear coated playfield and new cabinet and back box side arts. Excellent condition and looks brand new!
runer71 PorsgrunnNorwayClearcoated playfield, airbrushed back to protoplayfield, lightning backboard.New plasticset, cabinet freshed up to a very nice condition, got a spare playfield to this one.. 12k usd..
rvalkenburg   Cinnaminson, NJUSAThis is the new Chicago Gaming Medieval Madness Remake
rvdv   Corona, CAUSAhuo, mint !
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
salle44   MotalaSwedenTop condition with nice extras, knights, light in dragon eyes and trolls. All week spots of the game improved (merlin hole, castle gate, moat etc...
sanch   KecskemétHungary
santeh   Tampa, FLUSA
sarapakerche New york, NYUSA
sasa89   Salerno 
saveri81  Pieve di cento Il numero 1 per me!!!placato con vero oro 24 kr a specchio,piano laccato,decal nuove,tutto a led,schede revisionate,e un sacco di mod. ed effetti luminosi extra!!!sfere nere come palle di cannone!sembra appena uscito dalla Williams..per chi piace il genere medievale come me,è fantastico!!!!Gran flipper!!! The number 1 for me !!! placated with real 24 kr mirror gold, lacquered top, new decals, all led, revised cards, and a lot of mods. and extra light effects !!! black balls like cannonballs! it looks like it just came out of Williams..for those who like the medieval genre like me, it's fantastic !!!!
schaedl   MunichGermany
schlauch   MensdorfLuxembourg
schmuykel   GifhornGermany
schnuffl   Karlsdorf-neuthardGermany
schuch   Bietigheim-bissingenGermany
schudel5   Kalamazoo, MIUSA
scoma1994   Keller, TXUSA
scottinsgfny   South glens falls, NYUSA
scramboy11   Las vegas, NVUSA
seb421 BellevignyFrance...non original: à partir d'un fastbreack. Beau modèle sans usure plateau avec chevalier et dragon sur rampes.
sebastien   St étienne de beauharnoisCanada
sebbb  Criquebeuf sur seineFranceentièrement restauré, absolument comme neuf intérieur comme extérieur. plateau vernis. pin2dmd color HD
sebinouse  ParisFrance
sebiz60  CompiegneFrance
sensfreak   Ottawa, onCanadaLimited Edition from PPS
sergiocalheiros   Sao bernardo do campoBrazil
serjio66   Umuarama, prBrazilLeds Kit, 4 horsemen Kit, Glowing eyes Trolls, Glowing eyes/mouth dragon
sfa  WetzlarGermanymine...will keep it
sfm-313   LuxembourgLuxembourg
shamu   AarauSwitzerlandmint condition, plays perfectly
shirleyknott   Sexual ealing, londonUnited Kingdom
shootagain91  Paris + hossegorFranceCollector's condition ! 13000€
shootagain91  Paris + hossegorFranceMedieval Madness Gold ! As new !
shootagain91   Paris + hossegorFrancenew cabinet decals and others... 100% working
sidgametech  São bernardo do campoBrazil
sidgametech   São bernardo do campoBrazil
sidgametech   São bernardo do campoBrazilRestaurada e com leds
sidgametech   São bernardo do campoBrazil
sikvall  UmeåSwedenVery nice condition.
simgob74 Trebaseleghe Tutti lo vogliono, tutti lo cercano, ma trovarlo con il piano in queste condizioni è oramai impossibile! Piano quasi perfetto, originale non laccato! Revisionato completamente, Decal Nuove Originali Australiane, Full Chrome! Tante Mods: Dragone,Merlino, Trolls, Specchi Laterali, Full Led, Completamente Cromato: Gambe, Lockbar, Gettoniera. Topper con Scudi e Spade..............completo di manuale Originale! Solo per veri intenditori!
simgob74  Trebaseleghe Non ci sono parole! Solo per veri intenditori! Le foto parlano da sole.....Il Re assoluto dei Flipper in condizioni superbe..Restauro Top senza badare a spese...
simone81  Rovigo Flipper in ottime condizioni sia di meccanica che di elettronica, zero errori, piano immacolato NON laccato senza nessun segno d'usura, convertito a LED.
simonpax  HennersdorfAustriaTop restaurierter original Williams.
simulatore  Savona 
sirius12 Capdenac-gareFranceMMR avec option dmd couleur a vendre 8700 ou échange possible (petit flip + soultes)
skatervet   Charlotte, NCUSA
sladetihcax  CanberraAustraliaMMR $13950 Negotiable. Added extras include Full Cliffy Protector set Full Marco Specialties Protector set Polycarbonate Playfield Protector Full Plastic Protector set from Pinbits Catapult Mod from Mezel Mods Flipper Bat Toppers from Mezel Mods Pop Bumper LED Rings from Comet Pinball DMD Antiglare Eliminator from Comet Pinball Titan Pinball coloured Silicone Competition rubbers Superbands mini post rubbers throughout Superbands flipper rubbers Coloured Anodised Nyloc Nuts from Marco Specialties Coloured Narrow Plastic Posts from Marco Specialties Felt leg/cabinet protectors Nylon washers for leg bolts Made in the Stern Factory and has the Williams door Still has warranty on electronic boards 1 owner since BNIB and HUO Heaps of photos on my Facebook page OCD Pinball Australia
slavall   Friendship, WIUSA
sleazius   SydneyAustralia3 owner HUO.
smcbrien   BrisbaneAustralia
smepelle BollnäsSweden
smokedog   SaskatoonCanadaNeeds new cab decals, otherwise it's cherry. Plays 100%. Great game.
smokedog   SaskatoonCanada
smokezz   KingsvilleCanada
smyken   KumlaSweden
sofy  Roma Bellissimo medieval....kit led multicolor e molto altro...
sofy  Roma Il secondo medieval...ottimo cassone e piano
sofy  Roma Terzo medieval, bellissimo perfetto
sofy  Roma Medieval....bellissimo piano perfetto...e anche questo a casa........
sofy  Roma Perfetto...bellissimo total led, cromature completa, smontaggio e lucidatura del playfield....decal original...beatiful
sofy Roma Medieval bellissimo, playfild laccato, cromature ..sono stati effettuati dei ritocchi sul piano...kit full led
some1chillin   Sayreville, NJUSA
space ace   Teramo 
spedygonzales  Cento Tutto originale. Piano perfetto.. tutto a led. con aggiunta di 2 draghi sul castello. fantastic....!!!aggiunta di specchi laterali..
spider-man  SplitCroatiaSOLD to my friend Mario!6500e
spider-man  SplitCroatiaBought this Masterpiece! A home use only Medieval Madness!Original flawless playfield with playfield protector..Original sideart,ColorDMD,Mirrorblades,Full Cointaker led kit,anti-glare playfield glass,new plastic set,Transparent plexiGlass backboard with leds simulating lightning effect,custom speaker package with large woofer,powdercoated legs and coindoor..lot of mods will be added soon. Best pinball machine ever made in amazing HUO condition!
spiderman  BerneSwitzerlandThe Pinball is in perfect cond. HUO
spilleman   MernDenmark
spinster   CalgaryCanadaMy first MM in really great condition. Adding a few mods to make it my own.
squeck   UlmGermany
squrlnutz  Lewisburg, WVUSA
stack   Lyme regisUnited Kingdom
staf   BruggeBelgium
stavs   Allentown, PAUSA
stclair   StockholmSwedenperfect
steel cat  DelmenhorstGermany
stefano75 Brescia Finito....a voi i commenti.
stefy_fabio Capua MM n.51459100469 del 08/01/1997 in condizioni perfette, completamente restaurato a led, sul piano applicato decal di ottima qualità, DMD RED, decal cassone originali ed in ottime condizioni, per collezionisti veri! Il top! Vendo 7500€ oppure scambio con Cactus Canyon già restaurato. Posso anche spedire in Europa 250€. MM n.51459100469 of 08/01/1997 in perfect condition, completely restored with led, on the top applied high quality decal, DMD RED, original box decal and in excellent condition, for real collectors! The top! I sell € 7500 or exchange with Cactus Canyon already restored. I can also ship in Europe (250€)
stefy_fabio  Capua Restauro da antologia. Siderail specchio, mirror blade, playfield led, drago gold, buca di merlin blu, jetumper viola, gettoniera cromata, catapulta e rampe gold, DMD led.
stephbob  ChatouFranceRefait à neuf decals, plateau d'origine vernis, décors et rampe neuf ! presque HUO maintenant ! Quel plaisir à jouer ! Par contre jai vendu un rein pour le payer....merci a Nico51
sternee   WalsrodeGermany
sternee   WalsrodeGermany
sterpol   SalvagnacFrance
sterpol  SalvagnacFranceDOT pompé (non remplacé car mérite probablement un ColorDMD) Caisse d'origine non décolorée mais usée au niveau des boutons Usure parchemin Certain décal d'insert sont à remplacer Eléctronique saine : aucune trace d'acide ni de brulure sur les connecteurs
steve78   Como 
steveivan   Aberdeen, MDUSA
stevetnj   Franklin park, NJUSA
stiloso  Sottomarina Flipper sublime
stocken  RocknebySweden
stocky   SydneyAustralia
stof13300  Salon-de-provenceFranceEtat collector neuf
stp  GöteborgSweden
stp   GöteborgSwedenOwner STP/BOZ
stscs   Atoka, TNUSA Purchased from Frank Williamson April 2018 in Helena, Alabama. This is an MMr, not an original. Documented & verifiable HUO (second owner). Sold to operator Eric Stenberg May 2019 (Memphis, TN). This game is currently on location at Memphis Made Brewery.
suhy_pl   OpolePolandAfter complete restoration. Great machine. Better then new...
supermulti  St.katharinenGermanyColor DMD, 24k gold ramps
superpinball   Richmond hillCanadaBrand new MMR, Gorgeous.
sweetmike  TrollhättanSwedenUnder construction...
sweetmike   TrollhättanSweden
sylang   CaenFranceMedieval madness, plateau à changer et decal
sylvain42  St chamondFrancetrès bel état plateau et décors , 100 % fonctionnel
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
t5low   AscotUnited KingdomVery good condition, side perfect, some minor playfield wear around the jet bumpers.
t800  ParisFrance
t800   ParisFrance
tanulovezeto   SzegedHungary
tashellen  Danbury, WIUSACurrently getting new playfield installed.
tehashix  TervilleFranceSuperbe caisse d'origine, plateau neuf.
telenaut  BonnGermanyIn good state. New licenced decals and new licensed playfield with protector.
tem92   Sewell, NJUSA
templar   Torino 
tenderfoot29  TreguncFranceMMR LE avec nombreuses options....
teo76   Sesto calende Monitor a colori
terminator_italy  Vicenza IL MIGLIORE!!! FANTASTICO! revisionato, perfetto, tutto convertito a led. Aggiunte modifiche: Arceri laterali con freccia luminosa + Orco verde con occhi luminosi su rampa sinistra + lampi di luce blu dietro al castello + aggiornato ROM
testabriel  TourchFrance
tesusnavas  Savigno Flipper FAVOLOSOOOO!!! Tutto orginale sia piano che decal del cassone. Nulla da dire. Veramente il numero uno. Devo davvero ringraziare il mitico raffaele per avermelo trovato.
thebaro  Brescia piano da gioco perfetto!sembra nuovo non ha un graffio..bisogna solo dare una pulita generale e una messa a punto di alcuuni particolari..poi è perfetto!
thechief12   Akron, OHUSA100% Working in excellent condition with minor scratches on cabinet. Complete LED conversion.
thegoat913   NycEritrea
therealman10   Aventura, FLUSA
thomas b  StuttgartGermany
thomas_c01   DillingenGermany
thood  Houston, TXUSA
thunderbirds  Mont saint aignanFrance la caisse est d'origine et j'ai refait l'usure des boutons à l'aérographe : L'effet est assez naturel mais surtout , c'est très économique en temps et... financièrement.
tiilt   Mentor, OHUSAMMRLE
timberman   BolidenSweden
timboch  Farmington, MNUSAThis is my first NIB pinball machine. I can't believe I actually own one.
tj   OttweilerGermany
tlacuj01  BelfauxSwitzerland
tlk   KovlandSweden
tobstar79   BremenGermany
tokioguy   Aliso viejo, CAUSAFinally got my hands on this baby. Definitely not going to let mine go now that I have it.
toktotte   SkellefteåSwedenVery, very nice game! New playfield (Mirco, got as most 50 plays on it), new legs + new bolts and cab protectors, new targets, new bumper parts, new rubbers (Titan), new ramps (both plastic and wire ramps), all new flipper parts (except bracket) + flipper opto cards (pandoras), new side rails, all plastic posts/flasher caps and other small plastics are new, new Rottendog driver board, refurbished cabinet and new decals, new gate and drawbridge, all troll parts new (trolls, cage, switches...), all new playfield plastics. Everything picked apart and cleaned. And probably a lot more i forgot! Mods: all protectors i found useful, plexi backboard with light strip (google it, fantastic mod), black mirror blades, Flipper Fidelity speakers + sub, high quality leds all over.
tompellowe   Denver, COUSAFavorite!
tony rodriguez   Brownsville, TXUSA
tony spark   Saint maximin la sainte baumeFrance
tonymadrid CestasFranceBeautiful Médiéval and original playfield, window anti reflection, Playfield protector, 3 mods installed (Trolls leds, cranes leds of the Castle, and Dragon leds). Elestiques and new balls, A jewel in its case, and which intense pleasure to play above every time. Bel exemplaire avec caisse et plateau d'origine, vitre anti reflet, Playfield protector, 3 mods fraichement installés (Trolls leds, cranes du Château led, et Dragon leds). Elestiques et billes neuves, Un bijou dans son écrin, et quel plaisir intense de jouer dessus à chaque fois.
tonymadrid  CestasFrance
tonymadrid   CestasFranceIncontournable et intemporel malgré le thème, un Must.
tonymadrid  CestasFrance100% functional, delivery throughout Europe 100% fonctionnel, livraison dans toute l'Europe
tonypinball LavalFrance
tonyyen   BurnabyCanada
torqua   Vicchio 
tortelvis  Sussex, WIUSACustom lightning bolt legs. Catapult LED mod. Color DMD. Lighted Apron
toto7482   HuyBelgium
totomix  Verona Versione mod
tp-pinball   TullingeSwedenTotally restored , super beautiful
tp-pinball  TullingeSweden
tr8kr   La rochelleFrance
translogic   Huntington beach, CAUSA HEP restoration
transprtr4u   Edmonton albertaCanada
trasan   KalmarSweden
trevormckay42   HalifaxCanadacgc remake
triple a   ZürichSwitzerland
tristan44   Olonne sur merFrance
truck71   BelfastIreland
tth  Winsen (aller)GermanyHUO, Gold edition, clearcoated, ColorDMD, 3D Translite, PF signed by Greg Freres
turbo27   AdelaideAustralia
tviste   NyköpingSweden
twenty  MadridSpaincompletely restored. Protector playfield. Shaker Motor and DMD color.
tyamry  Kent, WAUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
ubbla   JönköpingSwedenMMrLe 909
ulisse18   Faenza 
ulmpharmd   Louisiana, LAUSAActually this is the MMR brand new HUO
umeuffe   UmeåSweden
unigroove   UtrechtNetherlands
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
vanfm   RösrathGermany
vannja2   LaisvallSwedenle with gold trims
vermelho   PiracicabaBrazil
vespucci1994 Palermo flipper restaurato richiesta 5000 € chiamare solo per acquisto 333 4072575
vic  Bracciano Piano e cassone stanno molto bene. Ha un problema con l'elettronica. Sul display appare una scritta che sommariamente dice di essere in corto. E' possibile che sia risolvibile con poco lavoro.
vicpin   VictoriaCanadaChicago Gaming Company
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
videoamusement   San francisco, CAUSA
vincereef   Saint quentinFrance
vincevfl  BlonaySwitzerland MMr Dot color , cliffy's, side rail , convolux , leds, mods trolls...
vincz  Pinball cityFranceFull Chrome with original cabinet decals. Top playfield. incl. blue coldlight , eyes trolls , color DMD. Anti-reflective glass on playfield and backbox
vivierois   ViviersFrance
voxtech   Tampa, FLUSAFinally the grail pin ! As much fun as expected. Put red LED's in trolls eyes & smaller ones in the dragon's eyes. Also put flickering yellow LEDs in castle windows.
vule5321   PotsdamGermany
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
waingro  TorsbySwedenA players game, the playfield needs some love and a complete renovation will be done in the future. The decals are quite nice but will be removed for some new ones as well. Full led kit but will be changed to original when renovated.
waloum   Romorantin lanthenayFrance
walter73   ZwettlAustria
walter73   ZwettlAustria
wappy  BallainvilliersFrancecaisse refaite, plateau neuf' led dans les yeux des trolls', full led et led sous le plateau trade vs ghostbuster premium or LE, walking dead premium or LE, WOZ
wappy   BallainvilliersFranceVersion royal edition & PP Trade possible vs stern LE exemple Avenger+ turtle, or stranger thing + Turtle + cash etc....
wardlow51   Daniels, WVUSA
wdennie   Farmington, NYUSARemake
wdpvideo   Harrison, ARUSAThis is the remake with the color DMD release. It has tons of mods and looks and plays amazing.
welpeo   Padova All original, excellent conditions. I can send a video to interested buyers
whatchapopo   Port des barquesFranceBeaucoup de pièces neuves..
wheelson  HodmezovasarhelyHungary
wil33   BordeauxFrance
william  Lochem/heemskerkNetherlandsclearcoated playfield, nos ramps nos plastics dragon led mod subwoofer
williamball   AntwerpBelgiumFully shopped 2014 huo
wistiti   TorhoutBelgiumPlayfield: 9,5/10 but cabinet and backbox are really worn. Needs new decals.
wistiti   TorhoutBelgium
with  KoldingDenmark
wizard   BurgdorfGermany9,5/10
wizpin   MalagaSpain
wonder1   PerthAustraliaNew playfied and translight waiting to be fitted,work 100%
woodman_2000   Lake forest park, WAUSA
wotan2481   SchorndorfGermany
wspy   LongueuilCanada
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
xscrapiron   Sacramento, CAUSA
xtheblackknightx  Vancouver, WAUSA(2004) Original Williams 1997 version. This is NOT a Chicago Coin Company "remake". Purchased HUO in 2004 from an operator to whom bought four machines, and put this one is his house. I thought I overpaid based on the general absurdity of the price for this title. Time has shown otherwise... Superb condition. If a person is a true collector, not a standard owner, I strongly suggest biding time, be patient, and buy an original game if you ever want the game to retain any sort of proper value in the long run. Don't buy into false advertising. This is not an IPB Big Bang Bar full reproduction. If you just want to "play the game" or simply must "have the game now", it really does not matter. Know why you are buying a game.
xymox   MarseilleFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
yancy   West dundee, ILUSA
yellowflate   Cagliari 
yetiman   North richland hills, TXUSA
yo   RessaixBelgiumParfait état
yolo  RessaixBelgium
yoy   ParisFrance
yunkjard   LuzernSwitzerland
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
zaifer75   FrederiksværkDenmark
zak1602   Bologna Need some small attention in next few months
zaker87   LimogesFrance
zampafelice  San maurizio canavese 
zarnet   BundabergAustraliaComes with new spare playfield, new cabinet decals, topper, mirror blades, extra playfield toys, LEDs. Good condition some minor insert faults on old playfield still plays perfectly. Gold trim.
zephyroy ParisFrancemagnifique medieval madeness, les parties chromes sont repeintes par carrossier pro en bleu roi, plateau vernis par pro (voir photos) caisse en parfait etat. il parrait pratiquement neuf, conservé dans un appartement monté a température ambiante toute l'année. dragon non d'origine (voir photo). Il est unique. j'en demande 10 000 euros a venir chercher sur Paris
zsciaeount   St. louis, MOUSAVery nice shape. Just needs a little tuning.
zsozso   GyõrHungaryNeed some work
zsvennyz   KristiansandNorwayClear coated PF, wiz/troll/archer/ mod, new ramps.
zzzed BudapestHungarysold

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