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collezionista zonanazionalitànote
abauman49   Warren, MIUSAIn my basement "pub" Tony's Flying Pig Pub.
airiq  BriveFranceUn des dernier électro mécanique Gottlieb, jeu assez simple mais complet (cibles tombantes, spécial, extraball, bonus). Un bon flipper convivial et fédérateur. Assez bon état, 100% fonctionnel avec un plateau très propre. One of the last electro mechanical Gottlieb, fairly simple but complete game (falling targets, special, extraball, bonus). A good, friendly, pinball machine. Fairly good condition with a very clean playfield.
alexuche  UchizyFranceFlipper fonctionnant à 100% Échange possible contre electronnique bally ou williams.
alix22   ChabeuilFrance
andronicos  EngomiCyprusRecently serviced works perfectly. very good playfield, minor scratches on the cabinet
arguel   CournonterralFrance
atlanta_paul   Acworth, GAUSAComplete game, cosmetically decent. Sold to Daniel-son, time for you to leave.....
ats136   Finleyville, PAUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote  HägerstenSweden
benhur54   Pagny sur moselleFrance
bernarda   ParisFranceEtat collection
bke1 AdelaideAustralia
bladis  LogroñoSpain
blind dog fulton  Mustang, OKUSAExtremely nice original!! Absolutely no wear at the kick-out holes. I was trying to get MUSTANG, since I prefer the 2 player games over the 4 player games because you get more artwork on the back glass of a 2 player machine, but I could not pass this up due to its condition.
bonin   Dole 39100Franceil est en super état, et fonctionne plutôt bien quelque petit réglage de temps en temps et ça repart
bronco  ToursFranceComme Neuf fonctionne à merveille conseil nettoyer les connections à la feuille Canson propre, efficace et sans dommage pour les connectiques
broncoman   MelbourneAustralia
budski   Morton, ILUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
cavemud  Farmington hills, MIUSAanother great game, looks great
cinnabar   VejbyDenmarkNice condition
corral  AgnieresFrance
culik   ItuBrazil
cyberpat59   VredFrance
cyberpat59  VredFrance
cyr46110  VayracFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
david83grimaud  GrimaudFrance
djg  PoznańPoland
doctor_coley   CopenhagenDenmarkPlayed on daily and fully functional. Looking for schematics.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
edthof34  Grünau im almtalAustria
electrojeux   SaxonSwitzerland
eric-antoine  PlaisirFrance
erwan   Sablé sur sartheFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
faju78   ArnouvilleFranceEntièrement restauré mécanique et esthétique chromes neufs
fbonna6   ToulouseFrance
filmguy   North hollywood, CAUSAmaking some mods to it
filofilato   Italy 
frank   DoetinchemNetherlands
frankie898   Willoughby hills, OHUSAJust picked this up on 5/5/13. Just got the playfield broken down for some cleaning.
fs00   DreuxFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
gazeur01 IssouFrance
ghostri   VilamacolumSpain
glas claes   LerumSweden
gorgar  GifhornGermanyBronco and Fast Draw in line: two very strong Pins from the late Gottlieb EM-Era with a lot of fun for players of all kind.
greg k   CarcrossCanadaFun Game. Needs a little work. But other than that it is perfect.
grusom   BergenNorwayVery nice EM.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
harryvi   VilleperrotFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
jaba   Shell coveAustralia
jc68270   RuelisheimFranceMon premier flipper, acheté en 1982... Je l'avais repeint entièrement à cette époque pour le customiser (et aussi, parce que la peinture d'origine était en mauvais état). Il faut que je le repeigne entièrement à l'origine un de ces jours...
jeffpaletz  Minnetonka, MNUSA
jenmy   Salles d'anglesFrancene s'initialise pas ! comment faire un reset ?
jerry1957  ParisFrance
jerry57   TeterchenFrance
jerry57   TeterchenFrance
jibmums  Long island, NYUSAVery nice condition, was in previous owner's western-themed basement for forty years.
jipeg   Mirebeau-sur-bezeFranceBRONCO Numéro 5278 / Compteur 149700 parties
joelany  BensheimGermanyfully redone! very good original playfield. cabinet fully brushed.
jon73044  Guthrie, OKUSANice machine, very good back glass, a damn lot of moving parts!
jufath  Arnouville les mantesFranceRestauré esthétique et mécanique
jukidrums  JaénSpain
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
kangourou  LyonFrance
karl   OsloNorway
kentwin  PlouvornFrance
korbell02  Len, ILUSApayed $250 for it cleaned all contacs new rubber playes good need new back glass
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
lamieristoff   Les herbiersFrance
lemonde  MarrakechMoroccomodèle 1977, entièrement révise et remis à neuf, se trouve à casablanca au Maroc
liacollu BarcelonaSpain
lolive   AngoisseFrance
lolodu47 TonneinsFrance
luis1923 MatosinhosPortugal
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
magnotron  HeusenstammGermany
mariomario   MysłowicePoland
marty22   LoudeacFrance
matsholmqvist   GothenburgSweden
mighty81   MontaiguFrance
mjhale22  Cambridge springs, PAUSAPicked up for $400 in Altoona, PA on 2/1/20. First project machine. Took a decent amount of troubleshooting to get up and running.
montauf45  OrléansFrance
morten   KoldingDenmark
mosh   BavariaGermany
mv8ball   CaterhamUnited Kingdom
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
nightskater3 Cs, ILUSAGood condition, Some back glass wear
nuttycivicsi  RothesayCanada
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
oldpinguy  Westfield, INUSAnow in my daughter's home out of state
oliverrrrr   ChavignyFrance
onedoc  Watertown, SDUSAIt has played since we owned and have owned it for a number of years
oscarspa   JaénSpain
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
pabo61   SolothurnSwitzerland
papik   DraguignanFrance
paul55  Flemington, NJUSAGreat back glass and Playfield
peter62   BethuneFrance
pinbot17  Muskegon, MIUSA
pinjost   ViennaAustria
pinon   BréhalFranceDOC COMPLETE
pinus   Aveiro 3800Portugal
pm22   BarrieCanada
printimus   BytomPolandAll my machines are under constant maintenance of the experienced technician. They may have some wears and other imperfections associated with their age but they work well and with no mechanical flaws. I consider selling my machines as I need space. I would prefer to sell the entire collection in one transaction. If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
raphc43 Puy en velayFrance
reddway   Fremont, MIUSA
redknight Riverside, CAUSA
renoud  LyonFrance
rentall911   Brunswick, GAUSA
rocha   LouaillesFrance
rockburch   Burch, SCUSA
rossz   LilleFrance
roxbra LiestalSwitzerland
rstwarren   Johns creek, GAUSAIn good condition. Plays, previous owners (10 years ago) painted the outside, and I have taken off old paint from one side and front.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
saint-marc   ParisFrancesuperbe état
same player   NantesFrance
satanas   AllassacFrance
schudel5  Kalamazoo, MIUSA
scottpin   Elkridge, MDUSASold to the Fre state pinball association!
scrambler   NiederweningenSwitzerland
screenpl  TucholaPoland
silver1  South charleston, WVUSA
silverballdfw  Plano, TXUSAI picked this up from a collector. It was restored a few years ago and has the metal cabinet. He put a NOS (not perfect though) glass in it and it has a nice playfield. May already be sold/traded. Not really my theme.
sofasurfer   OsterhofenGermany
sonath  LilleFrancea vendre
spanishsilver   Litchfield, NHUSA
squale  CaenFrance
sremag   Spokane, WAUSABought this game Feb 2019. What a mess. AX and BX relay contacts bent and touching. Burned coils for player 1 from play-field contacts being stuck closed and energizing 100's and 1000's numbers in score reels. Relay for 100's in back head burned out because of stuck contacts. Game over, front door coin lock out and hold relays weak and burned out from hours of use. Free ball relay contacts bent and not working. Motor switches dirty and out of clearance. Bonus unit, player unit and ball unit, filthy dirty and out of phase from someone not knowing what they were doing. Tons of dust, grim and time took a little toll. Now fully cleaned, vacuumed out and waxed play-field, bulbs and bands are completed. Have brought it back from 100% dead to 70% in four evenings thanks to parts, coils and relays from PBR. I am doing a video on you tube to show just a few things i have done.
strangeways   MelbourneAustralia
superdave  Otterburn parkCanada
superemmanuel  TorcyFranceETAT COLLECTION
superoxy   ZuerichSwitzerland
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
tanman   HalifaxCanada
tantor  PoitiersFrance
teco   BellinzonaSwitzerland
thx13800   Loveland, COUSAMINT HUO pin.
tinab   DraguignanFrance
todd   OshawaCanada
todd   OshawaCanada
tugdual   Sablé-sur-sartheFrancebg magnifique
tugdual   Sablé-sur-sartheFrancemanque le carillon
tugdual  Sablé-sur-sartheFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
vampire   FredrikstadNorway
vampire   FredrikstadNorway
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
waloum   Romorantin lanthenayFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
xabi   L'isle jourdainFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
yeti.b  ChaponostFrance
yoyo72   RouenFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
zim57  SarregueminesFrancesold !
zim57  SarregueminesFrance

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