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76hangglider  Foothill ranch, CAUSAFinally I have the 2nd of the (3) games I want most. I traded the Rancho to another member to have him repaint the B&A cabinet. It came out perfect! Thanks Nate!
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airtorg  Louisville, KYUSA
ampegjet   Pikeville, KYUSAEm version , very fun and fast for an older game
collezionista zonanazionalitànote  HägerstenSwedenthis game were bought, restored and sold in 1982, many years later, in 1994, I bought back the game, and sold it again. I really wish I didn't sold it.   HägerstenSwedenThis is the third time That I have owned this game. I bought and owned it in '82 with a close friend, restored it and sold it to a another close friend. Bought it back in '94 from my friend, restored and sold it to some other good friends, bought it back from them this spring ('16) now it will remain in my collection.
ballystic  FontainebleauFrance
boris10  BorisBelgiumLooking for a new back glass, looking for a chime bell, looking on how to restore the playfield..and looking for rubber feets, lightbulbs, rubbers...
boris10   BorisBelgiumLooking for à specialized tech since it won't work.. I bought it to repair mine and this unit is in better cosmetica condition, but the inside is différent (Belgium / the Netherlands) à clue ? Thanks. Boris
bowarrow  White salmon, WAUSA
bowarrow  White salmon, WAUSA
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captain b zaar   BodenSweden
capt_bud   Cheyenne, WYUSAFully restored.
cherokee97  Aixe sur vienneFrance
chief   Pace, FLUSAThis one is in Austin awaiting pick up and a looksee!
cigarette1   Cleveland, OHUSA
codazafa   Murfreesboro, TNUSA
copewarr  Olathe, KSUSABackglass in great condition Some wear on playsurface Counter for player 3 a little finicky
craigjohnson   Rome, NYUSA
crankin850  Carroll, OHUSA
cudabee   BorgercompagnieNetherlandsis in working condition and needs a clean up.
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david83grimaud  GrimaudFrance
davidlougy   San diego, CAUSAHad game repaired recently. Still needs to be shopped.
dgpinball   AldergroveCanada
dimitridc   OudenaardeBelgium
dimitridc   OudenaardeBelgium
djhp1   Lombard, ILUSA
dubble07   ZutendaalBelgiumIn very bad condition. Needs complete rewiring. All help appreciated. High Res Pictures of internal wiring would help a lot
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electrojeux   SaxonSwitzerland
em-fan  HerrenbergGermanyNice game, that had not been played in 20 years. 4th owner only - with low game count and never been unprofessionally repaired. Thus a role model for what was original at the time. Was not at all functional when acquired - with broken net filter, rubbers in pieces only 2 bulbs working any more. Now restoring to good condition again using exactly matching contemporary original, cleaned parts as much as possible rather than new parts. Quite some cleaning, repairs and restores done already - others under way or planned.
em-fan   HerrenbergGermanyVery nice playfield and perfect backglas. Just aquired and this will be a gem onnce cleaned.
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faale  OsloNorway
falconfixer86261   Indianapolis, INUSA
fanofpinball   Milton, WAUSA
ffpmturner   Clearwater, FLUSA
fmx   Velsen-zuidNetherlandsWorking on restauration, problems with scoring sequence 500/3000 points.
frank   DoetinchemNetherlands
fretei  SarpsborgNorway
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gigido   Tarzana, CAUSA
glas claes   LerumSweden
gorgar  GifhornGermanyMachine has been fully shopped. A lot of work as usual. Very, very nice EM-machine from Bally! Searching for the "single red post" from Grec Kmiec! Found it!
gripacop   MaasmechelenBelgium
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hotlivewire  Quincy, ILUSAHad to find a buy the EM version to go next to the SS version. They look great
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jaybird   Seattle, WAUSA
jeanphil011  DisonBelgium
jetcom1121   Navarre beach, FLUSAPicked up in Gulf Breeze, Game was originally in Aladdin's Castle at University Mall in Pensacola in 1977.Game is in great shape,Excellent backglass. Just needs to be shopped out when I get caught up on my other projects.
joelany  BensheimGermanyVery Nice machine, perfect backglas. Nice restoration keeping all original, fully working. Playfield good original condition, all original, covered by clear coat. Cabinet also all original and good condition for its age. Plays nicely. Available, can be shipped internationally.
johnboytwo   Altoona, IAUSANeeds $500 worth of restoration.
jtjsys   Euless, TXUSAIf I cannot find a decent playfield and a decent back glass, I am going to retheme this one. Do you have these for sale?
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karl   OsloNorway
kjn   Lahaina, HIUSADEEP QUARANTINE SHOP JOB, Resurrected from the dead, absolutely everything cleaned and adjusted. Backglass mint, player’s condition playfield and cabinet but overall good for it's age. Plays unbelievably smooth, great fun!
klaxxon   VancouverCanada
kse-23   Mountain view, CAUSAPurchased through eBay on 6-9-15 for $306.01. STI picked it up at Alexandria, Virginia. Doesn't work. PP repairing, June 2017.
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leffe   JakobsbergSweden
lscruggs12754   Spartanburg, SCUSA
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mac   KristianstadSwedenSold 1993.
madihr  Edinboro, PAUSA
magnotron  HeusenstammGermany
marca   VilvoordeBelgium
mezik   CracowPoland
mfroomin  Fremont, CAUSA
mikeydread  StockholmSwedenLove this pinball ! Played it for the first time when i was 16 back in 1977. Young love never dies....
mr. stargazer   Den haagNetherlands
musikman   Akron, OHUSA
mv8ball   CaterhamUnited Kingdom
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natethegreat38   Fullerton, CAUSAComplete Restoration on this game. Looks brand new.
nicovolta   Roanoke, VAUSA
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outhole   NrwGermany
ozobol   SalzgitterGermany
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
pabo61  SolothurnSwitzerland
perry1670   Broadway, VAUSA
pinballmuseum   CracowPoland
pinballtom   Salem, ORUSADouble
pinballtom   Salem, ORUSA
pinballtom   Salem, ORUSATriple
pincalendar  Edgerton, WIUSAPlays great, fast and fun. Cleaned up to be a nice game.
pinfella   South plainfield, NJUSA
pink panther   CologneGermanyNice EM
pinon   BréhalFranceDOC COMPLETE
pinsforsale  Shelburne falls, MAUSAFor Sale. 1975 Bally Bow and Arrow Full Cabinet Repaint. Very nice original Playfield with nicely done touch ups where needed. Not clear coated. No mylar. Beautiful original Backglass, near perfect. Mechanically restored to play as it should. One of the first games I really fell in love with. More machines from my collection to be listed. I am not a Pinball Flipper... the machines I will be listing are from my personal collection. All reasonable offers will be considered. I have been collecting for some time and I have had my share of disappointments. I will describe the machines as best I can, honestly, so you know that what you see is what you are going to receive if you purchase a machine. A short video of the game functioning is available upon request. Please look at the photos carefully and ask any questions you might have. All sales are final. Thank you.
pm22  BarrieCanada
pmoore66   Cannonsburg, MIUSAPicked this up with my Soccer. Decent price and I do like the title. Needs some adjusting and the plunger is giving me fits.
polyacanthus   Saginaw, MIUSAPlayfield restored and clearcoated.
powdernoid  York, PAUSA
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rannet8   Damon, TXUSA
redbug77   Salem, ALUSA
redknight   Riverside, CAUSA
rschar   Livermore, CAUSA
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same player   NantesFrance
schorsch   UnnaGermany
schorty  StadeGermany
sdm  Seattle, WAUSA1975
sid0815   ChemnitzGermany
strangeways   MelbourneAustralia
stubbens  HallstahammarSweden
superdave  Otterburn parkCanada
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tadpole17   Rumford, MEUSA
tbags  Pawtucket, RIUSA
tetrocool   MicherouxBelgium
tglover   HamiltonCanada
thijs   ‘s-hertogenboschNetherlands
thomy   KatowicePoland
tlk   KovlandSweden
todd  OshawaCanada
tthorsen1970   Waynesboro, PAUSA
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vjm28   Pinson, ALUSAFound in Alabama
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wesimmons  Chesapeake, VAUSAMachine kept in very good shape, all original, has all parts, kept in storage.
wishiwas   Anna, OHUSA
wreckitralph   La grange, KYUSA
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zesurfer  Saint-jean-de-luzFrance
zfabi   MainhausenGermany

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