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collezionista zonanazionalitànote
ac70 TorontoCanadaI have included some pictures of the play field restoration with this title. The pictures show the same section of PF undergoing the various stages of restoration. Namely: depopulated original state of PF, after magic erasure clean, after colour touch ups, during clear coat application, clear coat dried after 3 weeks (notice the orange peel effect), clear after sanding, then waxing, and finally all back together. The final shot really shows how the clear gives a wet mirror finish, especially on the darker colours.
adm1476   Sanford, NCUSA
andrewmbaines   YorkUnited KingdomPretty good condition. Mostly working, just something sticking that prevents it counting properly. Will find it in the end! Have owned since my days as a student, over 25 years ago. One of the early ones with the long section indicating number of credits.
atpcfiaim  Tacoma, WAUSATraded a Gottlieb Hit the Deck for this Atlantis. Recently installed a Ron Webb backglass. Playfield restored by the previous owner. He did a fantastic job. I really like Atlantis and don’t miss Hit the Deck. Update: New coin door and hardware installed. New rings, cleaned and waxed May 2022. Paint and stencil kit ordered for cabinet respray. Cabinet respray complete. Cleaned up a lot of beer and Coca Cola damage inside the cabinet. Cabinet looks better but I resisted the urge to add additional detail around the coin door so it remains as Gottlieb designed it.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
bakerhw  Michigan, MIUSACabinet repaint, complete playfield repaint and clearcoat, backglass repro from bgresto. All mechanicals cleaned and adjusted. New pop bumpers, all new rings and lamps. All functions working. Plays fast and clean.
balligator  Lincoln park, NJUSAAll original classic wedgehead in fantastic condition. Recently shopped out; plays and looks great.
ballystern   ValenceFrance
ballytableking   Sharon,pennsylvania, PAUSA
bark   Minneapolis, MNUSA
bdonegan2  Simsbury, CTUSAWas longing for this game for a long time. Great theme but similar layout to Centigrade 37 (and 300). I was actually disappointed I did not like it more after looking for so long. Resold it almost immediately.
bellystyle   Reno, NVUSA
bernie35   VancouverCanada
bhumos Palm springs, CAUSA
bicyclenut  Fresno, CAUSAFinished restoring this game. It is now playable and setup in my gameroom
bigdaddy56   TurnhoutBelgium
blitzburgh99   Kingwood, TXUSA
blutarsky   Leawood, KSUSA
bodean   Jefferson city, MOUSA
brenna98  Wind point, WIUSAplayer condition game. Fully working. Sold for $1400
brewmeister_us   Tampa, FLUSA90% original. Nicest unmolested one I've ever seen.
bribo13   Ortonville, MIUSAJust picked up 4/22/12, great shape, back glass and play field are GREAT, just needs to be done thru and cleaned up. a very nice example of this great wedge head. UPDATE, Cleaned all the stepers, re built flippers, cleaned, waxed and new rubber, thing plays like a dream, looks super nice. shiny and clean, plays fast, a life time keeper. unless ?
budman  Mccutchenville, OHUSANick Raschilla complete and beautiful restoration. Wade Krause playfield and Ron Webb back glass. I have the original which is very nice.
bullypin   Havertown, PAUSA
bwohl7 Miami, FLUSA100% Mechanically restored, works wonderfully.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
cedric  AllexFrance
cjs001   Fort ann, NYUSAFlawless original backglass, flawless playfield plastics, playfield 9.5/10. I just need to service it to get it into top running shape.
ckcsm  Lansdale, PAUSAI have a Wade Kraus playfield ready to go into this machine. Matched cabinet colors & performed touch-ups, now working on playfield. Update 4/20 - restore is complete
cupinwiz   Champaign, ILUSA1975 Thoroughly restored,HOT! another great Gottlieb.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
darrt268  Trivoli, ILUSANice condition - Also one of my favorites in my younger years.
dave58 Albemarle, NCUSA Game is in really solid condition, but needed lots of TLC! Playfield was stripped of all parts with everything cleaned,polished, etc. A new plastic set, acorn nuts, ballgate assy/stop and pop bumper caps were added to a beautiful original playfield. New siderails, coin door, plunger assy.,coin plate, strike plate and legs and levelers from PBR have made for a very nice looking game. Also has a beautiful original backglass. Gameroom record is 102,840(3 balls). Sold for $1995.
dgpinball   AbbotsfordCanada
dino5   MontrealCanada
dirtflipper Shakopee, MNUSAser# 07444 Sold 5/2013.
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 07225
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 07245. Rebuild started 04/05/2014. Rebuild completed 5/18/2014. This one is the keeper.
dirtflipper  Shakopee, MNUSAser# 07394 Rebuild started 12/14/2013. Rebuild completed 12/31/2013 (Instruction card has been added). Sold 5/2014.
djhp1   Lombard, ILUSA
dlefoye LimigesFranceRefait récemment.
dlefoye  LimigesFrance
dlefoye  LimigesFrance
dmagic198   Canton, ILUSA
doghouse   Gibsonton, FLUSANew Wade Krause PF
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
efmoyer Grantville, PAUSASold!!
elduderino   Crawfordsville, INUSA
em-pinman  Saginaw, TXUSANew Reproduction Playfield purchase scheduled in 2016- Update: Done, but but not being installed in this game. Game will hopefully be going to TPF 2017. Update: Game sold in 2016 without new playfield, but may buy another game in the future and install my new reproduction playfield. Game did not go to TPF 2016.
emplayer   KemptvilleCanadaFinally got an Atlantis, been looking along time for this title, in nice original condition with good back glass and playfield, nice that all paper work included.
enzo  TarnFrance
equalizer   Richmond, VAUSA#07591
erico201   WinnipegCanada
expedition   GatineauCanada
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
faju78   ArnouvilleFranceEntièrement restauré mécanique et esthétique chromes neufs
fanuminski1 Circle pines, MNUSAPlayfield cleaned and waxed, replaced all rubber, made another lower plastic for the upper corner (mine was cracked where a lot of them are), and backglass triple acrylic sealed. Playfield glass probably should be replaced. playfield touchup done and it plays great.
fastrmacr Denver, COUSA
fatherandson   Freedom, WIUSAWill restore to order
flipperheinz  ErfurtGermanyplays fine
franckflip65  ToursFrance100% fonctionnel Carillon présent À vendre
fris   CenturionSouth AfricaPositively addictive. Similar to 300 and others but I like the drop targets.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
gelbwurst   GeisenbrunnGermany
geneuken   Titonka, IAUSA
glen28462 Louisville, KYUSA
gosepin   Champaign, ILUSA
greenacres0802  Rome, PAUSAThe 2+ year quest is over. I have the crown Jewel of my collection. Thanks Adam for the pay it forward deal on this machine. Found a local electrician who dabbles in bingo and EM's Hooked me up and I have my centerpiece In full working order. This game brings back allot of great memories.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
hammerhead   MelbourneCanada
hammerhead   MelbourneCanada
heatbag   North vancouverCanadaI was a little over zealous when I bought this one and had it shipped from Winnipeg to Vancouver. The back glass and play field glass are great but that's about it. This is going to be a major restoration, but I think I can do it, and it is a great piece of history. Update: I now have a Wade Krause play field and stencil kit for the cabinet that unfortunately, must be painted. I'll probably never be able to sell it for what I put into it, but then again I'll probably never sell it.
hurl   VéringesFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
inmarin   Mill valley, CAUSA
integ194  Taylors beachAustraliaSerial no 07817. Full resto completed August 2018. Very nice machine and great player.
into pinball   Denville, NJUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
jeffh1658  Westfield, ILUSABought this in Owensboro, KY from Ed. In great shape.
jeffh1658  Westfield, ILUSABought this in the Chicago area along with an El Dorado.
jeffpaletz Minnetonka, MNUSANice original in great condition.
jjscla   Wayne, NJUSAA very nice sample machine. Machine nearly perfect.
joe shelby  Girard, OHUSA
joseallen   São mamede de infestaPortugal
judoratt   Edmonds, WAUSA
jufath   Arnouville les mantesFranceEntièrement restauré : mécanique et chromes refaits
just21  ParisFranceJeu magnifiqque en superbe état. Backglass NOS (new old stock). Plateau en état parfait. Mécanique comme neuve. Très peu de parties au compteur.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
kangourou  LyonFrance
kjn   Kihei, HIUSACabinet has some character, though backglass near mint and playfield in remarkable condition. Plays SUPER silky! Retro LEDs under playfield and tastefully scattered behind backglass... Highly recommend color changers behind palace. (Located in home arcade on the mainland.) Very unlikely to leave my collection.
kovalski3   Manahawkin, NJUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
leckmeck   Afton, MNUSAGreat game, looking for another.
leckmeck  Afton, MNUSAPicked up June 2014 in Lincoln, Nebraska. S/N 06856. Previous owner bought it from a YMCA in 1980. With over 99k plays on the meter, it must have been on free play for the kids. Still, the playfield is largely intact, though filthy and swirled. Much better are the coin door and backglass, the latter being original and 99% perfect. The cabinet is scratched to bare wood in places and has some graffiti, but is still pretty good. August 2020 update: I just completed a 220-hour cosmetic and mechanical restoration job on it. The finished game—replete with a Wade Krause reproduction playfield—is now installed in the game room. Hooray!
lenub  Oxford, PAUSA
lenub   Oxford, PAUSA
lenub  Oxford, PAUSAsample game with the half moon credit wheel. sn#01089 need a sample bg if you have one let me know
leosac  Wilkes-barre, PAUSA
leporello  TorreillesFrance
lermods   Allentown, NJUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
mark62   Commerce twp., MIUSA
menacefire   Naples, FLUSA
mikeo   Overland park, KSUSA
monty613   OttawaCanada
mratlantis   Boston, MAUSA
mruanejr  Westwood, nj, NJUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
onemoretime   Inuyama aichiJapan
ottogd  BramptonCanada
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
patrick_louisa La baieCanadaEn excellente condition, besoin de quelques retouches estétique FAITES VOTRE OFFRE
pherfect   University place, WAUSA Wade Krause Playfield installed. Plays great!
phillips88 Sewell, NJUSAFantastic original machine. Backglass 9.5+, Playfield 9, Cabinet 8.5-9 with typical knicks and scratches, no hero carvings. Flippers and pop bumpers rebuilt, new drop targets, plastics, posts, and coin door. Plays 100% and ready to go! $2,500
phillips88 Sewell, NJUSA
phillips88  Sewell, NJUSAI go back and forth between Abra Ca Dabra and Atlantis as my favorite machine. A top 3 wedgehead by far and one of the most challenging! This one is my keeper.
pierre-benoit  Montréal, québecCanada
pinball jim Lincoln, NEUSABeautiful game, excellent condition with new coin door and legs. $2,350
pinball-koenig  MackenbachGermanyRestored! Like new
pinballfundi   JohannesburgSouth Africalooking for a good home
pinballtom   Salem, ORUSA
pinballtom   Salem, ORUSADouble - Traded for GTB Sheriff
pinbater9   Richmond, VAUSA
pinbee   Romney,, WVUSA
pinchic28   Palmyra, VAUSALEDS what am great game
pincushion  San antonio, TXUSAPicked up this nice Atlantis from Ken Head in September 2014. It was set up at TPF 2014
pindude152   GatineauCanada
pinfella   South plainfield, NJUSA
pinfix18  Farmville, VAUSA
pinhead52  Southlake, TXUSAVery nice cond. game. pf a little rough, cab and bg very good.
pinhead52  Southlake, TXUSAPicked up locally. Plays very good, average 8 on condition
pinhead52  Southlake, TXUSAGame awaiting for a repaint, very nice pf and bg.
pinhead52 Southlake, TXUSArecent aquire, pf swap due up
pinhead52  Southlake, TXUSA
pocketscience  SydneyAustraliaRepro PF from Wade installed. Repro BG (correct half-moon credit version!) Plays like new now.
pumpyblue   OttawaCanadaAll it needs is a little clean up and very very few parts to make it close to the original. I want to thank those who both help and informed me more about this pinball machine.Any extra info,details,the more I get the more fun it is. thanks to all
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
quintus  PibracFrance
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
raames  Liberty, MOUSAMostly restored. Needs a new back glass.
redknight Riverside, CAUSA
rloring  Newtown, PAUSARestored with a Wade Krause playfield reproduction
robdal1234  Grande prairieCanada
rockfantasysteve   Middletown, NYUSA
runbikeskilee   Catonsville, MDUSA
rvalkenburg   Cinnaminson, NJUSAFully rebuilt, new playfield plastics, no playfield wear
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
schwism   Edmond, OKUSA
scott1958   Kansas city, MOUSAThis one is pretty nice, the original backglass is in great shape. Playfield is pretty good, but I have a Wade Krause playfield that will be installed down the line. Cab repaint still under consideration. An absolutely fantastic game.
scotts   Dallas, TXUSA
sdezy   Long jettyAustralia
sissy264  Huntington, WVUSAThis machine is in mint condition and plays well. Our family has had this game system for years and it has been in game rooms for each person we have passed it down too. This machine has given us alot of enjoyment and has been very well kept and played regularly, it has never been stored anywhere and was always in the homes occupied by our family, and it does play very well. Best offer to a good home.
southshoremarine   Mentor, OHUSA
specialwhenlit  Green lane, PAUSAMint Playfield with NOS plastics. Mint Cabinet with NOS backglass and NOS coin door. Game is zero timed. Nick Raschilla Restoration
sponson123  Media, PAUSA
stashyboy  High falls, NYUSAbeen looking for this game for too long! Plays fast and hard. Restoration complete!
steveb   Paramus, NJUSA
superfuzz   New brighton, PAUSA
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
takodani   Hugo, MNUSA
tandem2   Gibsonia, PAUSA
tinyrodent  OttawaCanada
tmc   Maple ridgeCanada
totene   MarseilleFranceje recherche un plateau avec au moins les décors, ou les décors seul
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
vitty  Minnetrista, MNUSASer#: 06864. Purchased 02/20/2016. Machine came from a Brainerd, MN area resort. Cabinet is in decent shape with the worst of it being the front and a slight split at the lower left seam in the head. Backglass has some minor flaking mainly in the yellows. Playfield should clean up well.
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
wesailors4   Polk city, IAUSA
whaleboy  Timonium, MDUSAGot from my uncle and have played this one and off for 25 years
collezionista zonanazionalitànote
znet  Voorhees, new jersey, NJUSAAtlantis, in my opinion, has one of the most successful playfield designs in all of pinball. I rank it among the best wedgeheads and also among the best single-player drop target games. Also, I like the playfield's colorful artistic design. Nevertheless, I replaced the bland white posts with opaque blue, opaque green and opaque yellow ones (plus a hidden opaque red and opaque one). Also, I swapped 2 white rubbers for blue ones (bottom left and top right) and installed colored sleeves on all bulbs because I prefer the aesthetic effect of this colored post, muted colored lighting and colored rubber combination. To each his own, I suppose. I don't typically deviate from the original posts; but, this game seems to really benefit from the swap. The coin door has been replaced. New legs have been installed. All of the plastics are original, including the often-fractured right slingshot plastic with its extended fin. That fin is nearly always broken. There's a factory-drilled hole underneath the fin. As I recall, the prototype had a nail in that hole. The stationary and drop targets are original. The playfield inserts show almost no wear. The only visible wear spot appears above the right flipper. The aprons are in nice condition. The cabinet is in excellent shape, with just a few scuffs and a nice patina. I purchased this game based upon 2 very blurry photos and had it shipped so I was anxious about its condition. Overall, it has turned out to be a nice all-original example of this game. I rate the playfield, backglass and cabinet a solid 9. Gameplay is fast and the flippers are strong. Since about 2010, it has been tough to find this title with a good original backglass and a decent playfield, probably because the game was popular in its day. Many collectors buy the Wade Kraus repro playfield. Of course, doing so requires a cabinet repaint, new posts and a backglass repro to maintain uniformity of newness, in my opinion. As anyone viewing my collection can glean, I much prefer original cabinet graphics and the patina of age to my games. To that end, this example of Atlantis fits in well with my line-up. Atlantis is one of those very successful designs which keeps me coming back for another dive.

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