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Collezionista: klokkie
Zona: Zandvoort, Netherlands (trova sulla mappa)
Specialità': Elettromeccanici di qualsiasi epoca
Iscritto dal: 18/04/2017
21 flipper
ultimo aggiornamento: 01/02/2021
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nome flipperDBmarcacondizionilo venderesti?notefotografie
A-GO-GO Williams (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiFull working with only some cleaning at the playfield
ACES & KINGS Williams (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiChanged from location. Now with a business friend who is having a good competition with the family. Happy that it is used as it should be. Will be later put in the gameroom/museum when this is ready.  
BALI Bally (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiGot this bingo machine from someone who was not using it anymore. Good for the collection in the game room  
BIG CHIEF Williams (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiCollected the Big Chief and some more work added for the collection. Happy with the pin because playfield is dirty but good looking. Backglass needs some more work.Put the Big Chief together but needs a good clean and some soldering to get it working. The soldering is ready at the main board and now cleaning the score reels and back box. Some plastics need to be remade . The Big Chief project is finished and it is working on all items. Happy to have it in the collection
CABARET Williams (USA)Smontato, funzionanteMaiFirst pinball and memories from my childhood when my parents were running an Arcade bussiness.
CAMELOT Bally (USA)Smontato, funzionanteMaiCamelot made for the German market, with nice looking playfield.
COSMOS Bally (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiBackglass broken. Looking for one in the future  
CUE-T Williams (USA)Montato, giocabile!Maithe cue-t is home. The backglass is an 8/10 and the playfield a 8/10 also. The cabinet outside is painted in some silver grey paint so need to be redone. The head is ready and repainted in it's original colors.Did a first test with new paint, worked great. The cabinet is also repainted and the Cue-T is now put together. Finishing the details and cleaning . She is working after cleaning all switches and adjust them so the faults are out. Funny machine to play and the add ball looks easy but is not.
FAN-TAS-TIC Williams (USA)Smontato, funzionanteMaiFound a second back glass in better condition. Nice game to play. The old one will be used for restoration testing.
FLIP FLOP Bally (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiCollected together with the Mariner and Big Chief , the playfield is really nice with a small amount of work ( cleaning and some bumper units ) the backglass is really looking good. Love the machines layout and graphics.
GAY 90'S Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiPut the Gay 90's together and put it in the line up with the Strato Flite and Camelot. It is in the office at the moment but it needs some work. When purchased the owner told me that there was a burning smell from something and it was buzzing loudly. This means some work but sounds not to difficult. Playfield is pretty bad at the bottom , this is a point of attention.
GRAND PRIX Williams (USA)Montato, da riparareMaiThe game plays correct for 1 player but gives troubles when 2 or more players , needs to be solved.
HONEY Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiPlayfield and backglass are really nice. Cleaning the cabinet started a bit to see what is under the dirty brown ?? paint. I was happy surprised how easy the paint came of without damaging the original graphics. Quite a job but very promosing.
JACKPOT Williams (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiThe cabinet is painted in base white and now the file for the graphics is ready to be made . Painting will start soon. The first painting tests are done and now making the final stencils for repainting the cabinet. Color mixing is the next challenge. Made the final file for the stencil production, the two colors are made in several layers to get the stencils made by a cnc cutter
MARINER Bally (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiThe Mariner was collected together with the Big Chief and Flip Flop. The playfield is really looking good but the backglass is fantastic. The flaking is minimum it is a 9 , very happy with it and fits aboslutly in the collection. The dream of a little private museum is getting more and more in shape. Photo from the backglass will follow.
OXO Williams (USA)Smontato, funzionanteMaiWorking 100% . Is special bought for the wife, special year 1973
SCREWBALL Genco (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiCollected the machine on May first with the mobile home ( small vacation ) Playfield very nice, some flaking in back glass. Cabinet is re-painted so needs to be brought back in the original colors. Good restoration project. Cleaned the head and the original drawing is back, looking very nice. Also found an original ball shooterhousing for it in the USA , my sister who works now and then in the states did bring it back for me and it is looking good, no awesome. Screwball put together and the restoration will continue. Amazing and stupid that people re-paint the cabinet with some strange looking graphics and special when you see the original drawings. Cleaned one side of the cabinet and see the original graphics. 95% cleaned 1 side but already looking better then the overpainted cabinet
SERENADE United (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiMade a couple of legs from maple wood for the Serenda. Legs fit very well. Schematics never arrived ( paid to Pinball Mike 29 USD for nothing ) no further business with this guy. Another transformer found so the film projector transformer will be returned, with the new transformer the Serenade also came to live. The door lit has arrived and it fit into the machine, coin slide is in and now cleaning it (85 years old ) and make it fit into the door. The restoration continues. Scoring and instruction cards found and a simple print made for the first time. The point caps are also moutend on the playfield. New set rubbers are installed. Cleaning the mechanics under the playfield and the back box. Working on the backglass at the moment , making the computer file from the scan and prepare everything to get it screenprinted. That is the challenge.Half way the computer file for a new backglass
STRATO-FLITE Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiThe backglass coming original with the machine when i bought it is very poor. I am working on a computer file to make a new one but in the mean time i did found a much better one. This one is also not perfect but a real lot better then the first one. Happy for now.
STRUGGLE BUGGIES Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiWill be collected later this year  
STUDENT PRINCE Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiThe Student Prince is still waiting for a further restoration on the playfield. The cabinet has been cleaned and the brown ??? folie is removed . This was guite a job.
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JACKPOT Williams (USA)Venduto The Jackpot is playing at a new owner.
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Commenti sulla Collezione di klokkie lasciati dagli altri utenti
 Da wizardblom il 10-08-2021 alle 06:56:
Nice collection with a lot of work still going on...
 Da surfchamp il 17-08-2018 alle 03:22:
Great looking collection!
 Da bladis il 24-06-2018 alle 09:41:
Like it! Go on with your restorations.
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