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ultimo aggiornamento: 19/07/2020
  Collezionista: fuza
Zona: Smolensk, Russia (trova sulla mappa)
Specialità': Elettronici con display dot-matrix
Iscritto dal: 05/06/2016
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nome flipperDBmarcacondizionilo venderesti?notefotografie
ATTACK FROM MARS Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiOne more pinball was fully restored. Condition was not bad, but too much small things to fix. Playfield have few spots where image was scratched until wood. As result this pin was repainted, new decals on it. Everything in this machine was cleaned. Fully restored playfield, this is original playfield back from 1996 :) New color dmd. All rubbers was replaced, everywhere put LED. So as result this game got new life after 21 years from moment of release.
DINER Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMai  
DOCTOR WHO Bally (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMai  
FAMILY GUY Stern (USA)Montato, giocabile!Lo scambierei
HOOK Data East (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiAfter full restoration. Video review will be available soon. All electronics was fixed. Put LED bulbs on playfield and changed rubbers, of course. Whole cabinet was repainted and i put new decals on it. This decals made it by myself! if you need it for your pinball, please contact me. Also i reclearcoated and restored all playfield, made hole protectors, reproduct all plastic parts and made new stickers on playfield targets, made mirror blades and made speaker LED mod. (if you need all this stuff it also for sale) If you have any questions about this restore project, let me know
IRON MAN Stern (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiVault Edition, 1 of 300 which were produced in 2014  
JACK*BOT Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMai  
LAST ACTION HERO Data East (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMai  
MAVERICK Sega (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMai  
NBA FASTBREAK Bally (USA)Montato, giocabile!MaiAfter full restoration. Video review will be available soon. All electronic was fixed, new display, all bulbs replaced on LED, all old rubbers changed on transparent rubbers. i repainted whole cabinet and put new decals on it. I drew this decals by myself for this project. This is not scan, i drew all this lines and elements from original decal. it takes a lot of time, but this is reason why i got this awesome decal quality, all colors pure, without noise, i try to do best as i can and i hope i made this decals awesome. Let me know if you need this decals for your cabinet. it's available for sale. Warning message on backside of backbox made by paint, it's not a vinyl decal... After this i made my own topper for this machine. i never had it in hand and made topper from pictures which i found in internet, when i finished my topper have the same sizes like original topper. New chrome legs, also i add chrome on coin door and all metal parts on cabinet. it's looks fresh and shine, i really like it and will be use it on my future projects. Playfield was reclearcoated and fully restored, all plastic parts was reproduced, all ramps and metal parts was polished, add miror blades on each side and this pinball looks like new. if you need all this stuff which i made for this project, plastic, decals, topper and other awesome features, let me know, it's avaliable for sale. if you have questions and comments about this or other projects - you are welcome
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Stern (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMai  
POPEYE SAVES THE EARTH Bally (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMai  
RADICAL! Midway (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMai  
RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT Stern (USA)Smontato, funzionanteMaiAfter restore. Perfect condition, playfield was clearcoated, leds everywhere, all parts was cleaned.
STAR TREK VENGEANCE PREMIUM Stern (USA)Smontato, funzionanteMai  
STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMai  
TEN STRIKE Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMaiThis is not original Ten Strike from Williams. This is remake from Benchmark
THE FLINTSTONES Williams (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMai  
THE SIMPSONS PINBALL PARTY Stern (USA)Smontato, in attesa di restauroMai  
THE SIMPSONS PINBALL PARTY Stern (USA)Montato, giocabile!Dipende
WHIRLWIND Williams (USA)Montato, giocabile!Lo scambiereiAfter full restoration. Cabinet was cleaned, repainted, with new decals on it. Playfield restored, all inserts removed sanded and put back in one level with wood surface. All graphics on playfield restored and after that playfrield was reclearcoated. All metal and wires was cleaned, rubbers and lamps replaced. New playfield plastic. All electronics was fixed. All boards cleaned and serviced. New LED Alpha numeric display.
WORLD POKER TOUR Stern (USA)Montato, giocabile!Lo scambierei  
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GRAND PRIX Stern (USA)Venduto   
GRAND PRIX Stern (USA)Venduto   
THE SOPRANOS Stern (USA)Venduto After full restoration. First two pics displays condition of this pinball machine when i got it. Then - after restore. Repainted cabinet, new decals on it. Clearcoated playfield, restored plastic parts and put led everywhere. Also install color dmd and miror blades in inside of cabinet.
THE SOPRANOS Stern (USA)Venduto For trade on something/ Obmen na to chego u mena net.  
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Commenti sulla Collezione di fuza lasciati dagli altri utenti
 Da r4mses il 13-12-2016 alle 18:18:
Excellent hook bro one of a kind
 Da thetreasurechest il 07-12-2016 alle 18:01:
What a really wonderful and great job you did, My Friend, on The Hook pinball! !
Huge and heartiest Congratulations!!
I want to do the same on mine!
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